Supply Storage Racks & Carts with Wire Baskets Promote Cleanliness

Wire Supply Storage Racks & Carts

supply storage racks cartsSupply storage racks and carts with wire baskets are now available to facilitate improved organization and access to stored items. Their easy-cleaning construction makes them ideal for use in healthcare applications such as operating rooms, PAR, sterile services, and medical specialty departments, as well as in commercial, industrial, and food storage.

Benefits of Wire Construction

Why should wire construction be your storage method of choice? Supply storage racks with wire baskets promote a clean environment by minimizing dirt or dust accumulation and are easier to clean than solid materials. This makes cleaning up spills hassle-free, helps keep medical supplies and tools hygienic, and prevents stored materials from getting dusty and dirty.

racks carts with wire baskets promote cleanlinessAdditionally, the wire basket shelves are adjustable and can be mounted in three different standard positions to achieve your ideal access position. The supply storage racks are available in single- or double-sided configurations depending on what your storage needs are. A starter unit must be purchased first, which can easily be added on to with adder units as your storage needs increase. The racks are available as freestanding storage or can be outfitted with wheels for easy transport. More features include:

  • Hanging basket shelves available in 11-7/8″ and 17-7/8″ depths, as well as 17.375″ and 35.5″ widths (back of baskets are 7.375″ high)
  • Shelves are adjustable along three standard positions: flat, 10 degree slope, 30 degree slops
  • 125 lb. loading capacity for each basket
  • Chrome finish
  • Optional dividers and sloped top dust shelves (sold separately)
  • Optional caster kits

Buy Supply Storage Racks & Carts Online

Supply racks with wire baskets are now available to buy online at StoreMoreStore. If you need additional assistance, would like more information, or just want help deciding which configuration would work best for you, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Save Hospital Space with Automatic Stacking Bed Lifts

Hospital Bed Lifts

stacking hospital bed storage liftsOne of the fastest ways hospital space is used up is from the inefficient storage of unused or broken hospital beds, gurneys, and stretchers. They’re often stored haphazardly in hallways and corridors, causing fire hazards and making it difficult for staff to maneuver throughout the hospital, not to mention the potential risk of injury. Automatic stacking bed lifts solve all of these problems by using vertical space to stack beds, allowing multiple beds to be stored in a single bed footprint. This makes the bed lifts an ideal solution for storing broken beds in need of repair, since they are stored out of the way but can still be accessed easily by staff. And by removing unused beds from hallways and corridors, you can more easily meet JCAHO standards for hospital bed storage.

If your hospital is like many others, then your storage space is almost always at a premium. And with doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff busy saving lives, it’s not always easy or feasible to take the time to find better storage solutions. That’s why we’re here to help.

How the Bed Lifts Work

stacking hospital bed liftsThe bed lifts are constructed with an innovative and durable design that is easy to use. The first bed to be stored is rolled onto the lift. The user then simply pushes a button and the bed is lifted, leaving open space underneath for the next bed to be loaded. The bed lifts are available in capacities of three, four, and five beds and have a weight capacity of 600 lbs.

A variety of options and accessories are also available so you can tailor your bed lift solution to your needs. Optional accessories include:

  • Platform inserts for narrow bases such as stretchers
  • Roll-down security gates to prevent unauthorized access
  • Anti-microbial paint for increased protection against pathogens as well as mold, mildew, and fungus
  • Preventative maintenance package program

Buy Hospital Bed Lifts Online

Automatic stacking bedlifts are available to buy online at StoreMoreStore. We would also be happy to assist you in deciding which bed lift configurations would work best for you. For additional assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667.


New Product: Modular Stackable Locker Cubes

Stackable Locker Cubes: Customization Without Customized Price

modular stackable locker cubesWhy pay more for custom locker configurations when you could make your own? Even better, what if you could change these configurations at any time? The modular stackable locker cubes, a new product on StoreMoreStore, allow you to do just that with unlimited, easy to assemble configuration options. Multiple door and locking options are also available depending on your storage needs. They’re great for storing bags, laptops, documents, electronic devices, and other personal or business items.

Each locker cube comes with pre-punched holes on the top, side, and bottom, which allows them to be easily attached to other cubes in whatever way you need. You could also mount the cubes on the wall by using the slotted keyhole on the back. The stackable locker cubes allow you more flexibility and more customizable storage options (without the customized price) than pre-configured lockers.

The stackable locker cubes come with four door options: solid, ventilated (diamond perforated or louvered), and clear. Ventilated doors are ideal for use in locker or changing rooms or for storing electronic devices, as the vented doors allow for efficient airflow and prevent overheating, odors, and bacteria from accumulating.

Stackable Locker Cube Features

  • 16 gauge steel locker body with continuous piano-type hinges
  • 18 gauge doors available in solid (non-vented), diamond perforated, louvered, or clear
  • Locker cubes come with your choice of lock (padlock hasp or built-in key lock)
  • Available in blue, ebony, platinum, and red
  • Ships unassembled with easy do-it-yourself instructions
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Models & Sizes

Part Number Nominal Dimensions
(W x D x H) Door Type Lock Type SMS-39-HC121212-1PL 12” x 12” x 12” Solid Padlock SMS-39-HC121212-1PL-K 12” x 12” x 12” Solid Key Lock SMS-39-HC121212-1SVP 12” x 12” x 12” Clear Padlock SMS-39-HC121212-1SVP-K 12” x 12” x 12” Clear Key Lock SMS-39-HC121212-1DP 12” x 12” x 12” Perforated Padlock SMS-39-HC121212-1DP-K 12” x 12” x 12” Perforated Key Lock SMS-39-HC121812-1LV 12” x 18” x 12” Vented Padlock SMS-39-HC121812-1LV-K 12” x 18” x 12” Vented Key Lock

Buy Stackable Locker Cubes Online

Modular stackable locker cubes are available to buy online and ship within 7-10 business days. We would also be more than happy to help you decide what type of stackable lockers would work best for you and your storage application. For more information or for additional assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Locking Roll-Down Security Doors for Steel & Wood Shelving

Security Doors for Shelving

locking roll-down security doors for shelvingSecurity is an important part of a large amount of industries. The HIPAA Compliant Act requires physical safeguards of personal health information and medical records, and individual files containing personal or otherwise sensitive information can be found in every other type of business. Locking roll-down security doors can be installed on almost any type of steel and wood shelving units, or even on counter and door openings.

Hinged security doors are designed so they have to swing out into the aisle, which only takes up more valuable space that could be used for something else. The roll-down security doors are unique in that they’re mounted to the top of your shelving and simply roll up and down without the need for extra space in front. This allows you to stack additional boxes or desks in front of the shelving without having to move anything to access stored contents like you would with hinged security doors.

The security doors are available as front-mount or top-mount, the sizes and specifications of which are as follows:

Top Mount and Front Mount Door Box Dimensions Door Height Door Storage Box Dimensions 48″ to 70″ 6-1/2″ x 6-1/2″* 70-1/8″ to 120″ 8-1/16″ x 8-1/16″* 120-1/8″ to 124″ 10-1/8″ x 10-1/8″* * Notes:
  1. Top mount door storage boxes add to the overall height of the shelving (84″ high shelving + 8-1/16″ door box = 92-1/16″ overall height).
  2. Front mount door storage boxes add to the overall depth of the siding (84″ high x 18″ deep shelving uses 8-1/16″ door boxes making the depth of the shelving with door box 26-1/16″).

Additional Featuresfront mount rolling security doors

  • Available in manual operation with key lock or motorized remote control operation
  • Motorized doors come with a toggle switch, key switch, or security keypad operation
  • Available in several colors to match your existing decor
  • Available in widths up to 10′-6″ and heights up to 10′-4″
  • No routine maintenance required

Buy Roll-Down Security Doors Online

Roll-down doors are available to buy online in front mount or top mount configurations and ship in 10 business days. We would also be more than happy to help you decide what size and type of security doors would work best for you and your storage application. For more information or for additional assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Temporary Pistol Storage Lockers & Portable Gun Boxes

With the open carry law taking effect in Texas, many businesses and government facilities may be considering pistol and small firearm storage more than they had before. We offer a wide variety of pistol and handgun storage options to suit your budget, storage capacity, and space needs.

Freestanding Pistol Storage Lockers

Freestanding pistol lockers are available with a combination of small and large compartments, or with a large number of small compartments for storing pistols. With several configurations available, the lockers allow you to maximize your weapons storage for when you need to store a large number of handguns in a small and secure area. The lockers ship fully assembled and ready to use.

  • Modular construction
  • Cabinets are standard 12″ deep
  • All hand gun door openings are 6″ x 14″
  • Full size front door allows inspection of all compartments
  • 16 gauge steel locker body & 18 gauge steel locker doors
  • 1/8″ neoprene liner on shelves

Wall Mounted Pistol Lockers

Wall-mounted handgun lockers can be installed surface- or flush-mounted to the wall in entryways or anywhere that requires secure temporary storage of firearms. Multiple configurations and numbers of compartments are available ranging from two to ten openings. The all-welded modular construction of the lockers provides rugged durability and security for years of consistent use.

  • Each locker compartment is large enough for pistol and ammunition
  • Lockers can be easily added to if your storage needs increase
  • 1/8″ neoprene liner on shelves protects stored weapons and ammunition
  • High quality powder coat paint textured finish
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware
  • Number tags provided on each compartment

wall mounted pistol storage locker sizes

Portable Pistol Storage Boxes

The portable pistol and handgun boxes allow users to safely store and transport weapons without the risk of unauthorized use. Three box sizes are available with convenient carrying handles, each with custom-fitted washable cushioned interiors to prevent damage to stored contents. Your choice of padlock hasps or push-button interlocks are available.

  • Lightweight
  • Carrying handles
  • Your choice of locking devices
  • Fully welded construction
  • Durable textured powder coat finish

Buy Pistol Storage Lockers & Boxes Online

Temporary pistol storage lockers and portable gun boxes are available to buy online. We would also be happy to help assist you with deciding which pistol storage solutions would work best for you. For more information or to receive additional assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667.


OSHA Industrial Guardrails & Forklift Safety Barriers

OSHA industrial guardrailsIndustrial guardrails and forklift safety barriers and brackets are designed to be OSHA compliant and keep employees, machinery, and other assets from being hurt or damaged by material handling equipment. You can choose from a single rail system with an 18″ high post or a two-rail system with a 42″ high post.

Guardrail Post Features

  • Constructed from 9 gauge 5″ x 5″ heavy-duty steel tube welded to a 10″ x 10″ x 5″ thick base plate
  • Integrated fastening system using grade 5 nuts welded inside each post
  • Universal posts can be used for straight runs or 90° corners
  • Hardware includes solid steel post caps, hole plugs, and .75″ x 4″ large diameter anchors
  • 18″ and 42″ heights available
  • 18″ single guardrail heights are designed to protect offices, conveyors, mezzanines, shelving, and racking
  • 42″ double guardrail heights are designed to protect walkways, electrical panels, and exposed work areas
  • Color: OSHA safety yellow
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty
  • Accessories include lift-out rail brackets and 45 degree angle brackets

Guardrail Widths

  • Guardrails added to a post (5″) will equal an even foot increment
  • Rails are constructed from high tensile 10 gauge steel, which has been tested to withstand a 10,000 lb. impact at 4mph
  • Each rail comes with grade 5 bolts for fastening to posts
Length Length With 5″ Post Part
Number 31″ 3 feet SMS-39-GR-03 43″ 4 feet SMS-39-GR-04 55″ 5 feet SMS-39-GR-05 67″ 6 feet SMS-39-GR-06 79″ 7 feet SMS-39-GR-07 91″ 8 feet SMS-39-GR-08 103″ 9 feet SMS-39-GR-09 115″ 10 feet SMS-39-GR-10

Buy Industrial Guardrails Online

OSHA industrial guardrails and forklift barriers are available to buy online at affordable and competitive prices. Guardrails ship in 7-10 business days with all hardware and concrete anchors included. We would also be happy to assist you with deciding what size and type of guardrails and forklift barriers would work best for your specific application. For more information or to receive additional assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667.


See-Through Clear View Lockers & Cubbies for Schools & Businesses

clear view lockersSee-through clear view lockers and cubbies are available in multiple styles and configurations to provide an aesthetically pleasing storage solution that also promotes safety and deters theft. Carbonate locker doors allow easy visual inspection and surveillance of stored contents with your choice of standard padlock hasps or configurable electronic locks that can be programmed for single- or multi-user modes. This makes them ideal for students and staff in schools and universities as well as retail, industrial, and commercial environments.

Clear View Lockers Features

  • 24 gauge steel locker body
  • 16 gauge steel door frames with clear polycarbonate doors
  • Continuous piano-type hinges
  • Stainless steel recessed handles (protects finish from being damaged by padlock) with multi-point gravity lift-type latching
  • Number plates (#1-up) with mounting hardware included
  • Painted parchment finish inside and out
  • Meets UL flammability standards. Polycarbonate is approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC16CFR 1201) U.S. Patent No. D458 064S
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified™
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year warranty
  • Ships knocked-down or fully assembled
  • Programmable electronic locks available for designated lockers
    • Multi-user mode: User can lock and unlock the door with a user-selected code, which is then erased to make the locker available to the next user
    • Single-user mode: User enters a pre-programmed code to unlock and use the locker repeatedly

Clear View Lockers Styleslockers with see-through doors

  • Wardrobe lockers: Includes hat shelf, 1 double-prong ceiling hook, and 2 single-prong side hooks
  • Double-tier lockers: 1 double-prong ceiling hook and 2 single-prong side hooks per opening
  • Triple-tier lockers: 1 double-prong ceiling hook
  • Four-tier lockers
  • ADA lockers: 1 double-prong ceiling hook and 2 single-prong side hooks for 36″ openings
  • Six-tier box lockers
  • Four-wide wall mount lockers
  • 16 person lockers: 1 coat rod

Buy Clear View Lockers Online

Click here to explore our clear view lockers and buy online. Lockers ship knocked-down in 7-10 business days or fully assembled in 12-15 business days. For more information or if you would like assistance with choosing a locker for your specific application, call us at 1-855-786-7667 today.


Electronics & Laptop Charging Powered Storage Lockers

Powered Storage Lockers for Charging Electronics

Powered Storage Lockers with charging stationsElectronics and laptop charging powered storage lockers are a convenient way to charge all types of electronics, including cell phones, notebooks, tablets, and more. The keyless powered storage lockers are ideal for businesses, schools, and universities that provide a secure and effective storage and charging solution for personal items and electronics.

Since the lockers are also keyless and programmable, you can customize their use to your specific application. Lockers can be assigned on a one-time or permanent basis based on an electronic keypad and code.

Each locker includes a channel for concealing aftermarket electrical wiring. Punch-outs in the channels make it easy to install duplex electrical outlets. A top shelf with ventilated sides is included to promote airflow to cool the charging area of the locker compartment and prevent overheating while maintaining security.

Powered Storage Locker Featureselectronics and laptop charging powered storage lockers

  • 16 gauge sheet steel body with diamond perforated side wall vents
  • Welded 16 gauge steel frames
  • One interior shelf with side vents for electronic gear in each locker
  • 14 gauge solid sheet steel doors
  • Continuous piano-type 16 gauge hinges
  • Keyless programmable electronic locks with temporary and permanent modes (more information below)
  • Aluminum number plates with mounting hardware included
  • Painted platinum powder coat finish
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified™

Electronic Lock Features

  • Powered by two AA batteries (included) that provide in excess of 10,000 uses
  • LED light flashes to indicate low battery level
  • Master key override can open locker when batteries are low or dead
  • Two levels of management security provided by 8-digit master and sub-master codes
  • Two lock modes:
    • Day use mode: User can lock and unlock their locker with a 4-digit user-selected code. The code is then erased and the locker is available for another user.
    • Permanent use mode: User enters a pre-programmed 4-digit code to unlock and use the locker repeatedly. The lock does not require a code to re-lock the door.

Buy Powered Storage Lockers Online

Powered storage lockers with electronics and laptop charging stations are available to buy online. The lockers ship knocked down with instructions for easy do-it-yourself assembly in 7-10 business days, or can be shipped fully assembled in 12-15 business days.  For more information or if you need assistance with choosing a locker, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Wall Mounted Steel Racks for Athletic & Sports Equipment Storage

Storing Sports & Athletic Equipment

wall mounted steel racksWall mounted steel racks provide an easy way to store athletic and sports equipment easily while keeping everything organized and properly stored. Available in five different widths, the wall mounted steel racks can store anything from exercise balls, shoulder pads, rackets, and much more.

The wall mounted steel racks keep your athletic and sports equipment off the floor and safe from damage. Steels racks are available in five widths (30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, and 72″) to accommodate any wall space. They are also easy to install and use by mounting to the wall using four wall anchors. The steel racks are available in depths of 15″, 17″, and 18″.

Storage Ideas

Steel racks are ideal for organizing and storing tennis rackets, as it stores them by the head beam instead of the strings to prevent damaging the strings’ integrity.

athletic sports equipment storage steel rackingThey can also store all types of exercise balls, yoga balls, stability balls, sports balls, and physio balls.

Shoulder pads and protective gear, field equipment, helmets, and other sports gear can also be organized and stored safely.

Steel racks can be mounted in rows or columns to maximize storage space and store more equipment in a smaller area than shelving and other storage systems. With the wall mounted racks, you can utilize your existing wall space instead of your valuable floor space—freeing it up for other uses and activities.


  • The steel racks are manufactured from cold-rolled low carbon steel
  • 125 lb. weight capacity
  • Wall brackets made of .125″ thick cold-rolled steel
  • 72″ wide steel racks include an additional wall bracket in the center for support
  • Discount prices when you buy 10 or more
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Buy Wall Mounted Steel Racks Online

Wall mounted steel racks for athletic and sports equipment storage are available to buy online. Racks can be installed quickly with no professional services needed. However, if you need assistance or would like to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-855-786-7667.


High Visibility All Welded Mesh Ventilated Equipment Lockers

high visibility mesh ventilated lockers equipment tools chemicalsAll welded mesh ventilated equipment lockers provide high visibility, ventilation, and security for whatever you store. The ventilated equipment lockers allow you to store industrial equipment, personal items, chemicals, parts, and more in a breathable, visible, and secure area.

Easily keep track of your equipment, tools, chemicals, and more while still allowing them to remain securely stored in heavy-duty, rust-resistant all welded mesh ventilated equipment lockers. The diamond perforated pattern on all sides allows you to view the contents inside the locker and provide ventilation without sacrificing security. They are great choices for supply rooms since the lockers provide excellent ventilation to all stored contents. Lockers come with four fixed shelves that form five storage levels. A 14-gauge steel door is included and comes with a stiffener that helps prevent warping.


Features of the ventilated equipment lockers include:all welded mesh ventilated equipment lockers cabinets

  • All welded construction (ships assembled)
  • Dimensions: 18″ W x 18″ D x 74¾” H
  • Weight: 161 lbs.
  • Door constructed of 14 gauge diamond perforated galvanneal corrosion-resistant sheet steel
  • Latching handle that includes projecting finger pull, single-point though-door latching that accommodated padlock or combination lock (owner supplied)
  • Locker sides constructed of 13 gauge expanded galvanneal corrosion-resistant sheet steel
  • Door hinges made of 13 gauge 3 ½” 7-knuckle hinges (3 per door)
  • Tops and bottoms made of 16 gauge galvanneal sheet steel (bottom shelf sits 2 ¾” above finished floor)
  • 4 welded fixed interior shelves
  • Platinum color finished
  • Lockers are cleaned and coated with a 7-stage zinc/iron phosphate solution to inhibit corrosion, followed by a powder-coat finish baked at 350°F
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified SM
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty

Buy Ventilated Equipment Lockers Online

Mesh ventilated equipment lockers are available to buy online and are shipped fully assembled for easy installation. If you need assistance with anything, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.