How to Get More Value out of Your Lateral File Cabinets

The Rise of Lateral File Cabinets in Businesseslateral file cabinet tracks save space and get value

When the copy machine was distributed to businesses back in the 1950s, it enabled office workers to keep copies of their printed materials. In addition, the government started expanding its regulations, requiring businesses to create and keep records.

Not much has changed in the last 60 years; employees are still printing documents and filing paper. And sadly many businesses are still relying on outdated lateral file cabinets to store all this paper.

You might be stuck using lateral file cabinets because people are usually resistant to change. But, there is a way to get more value out of your lateral file cabinets – put them on tracks.

side-to-side moving lateral file cabinets on tracksHow Does Putting Lateral Cabinets on Tracks Work?

Here’s an example: one row of 3 file cabinets is placed up against the wall. In front of these cabinets, tracks are laid down on the floor. Another row of 2 file cabinets is placed on the tracks. To access stored files in the back row, you move the cabinets in the front row side-to-side, getting them out of the way to give you access to that back row.

What Does Putting the Lateral File Cabinets on Tracks Accomplish? lateral file cabinets office storage systems

Saves Space- With the rows of cabinets compacted together in this arrangement, you’re using less floor space to store the same amount of files.

Centralizes Storage- If you have a smaller storage space, putting the lateral cabinets on tracks centralizes your file storage area.

Improves Organization- Because files are stored together, your office is better organized. And frequently used files can be kept closer to employees.

Increases Productivity- Employees will spend less time searching for files in multiple locations.

Where Can You Find Lateral File Cabinets on Tracks?

You can find the lateral file cabinets on tracks from us at StoreMoreStore. We have a variety of different configurations and colors for you to choose from. And if you have any questions or need any help, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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Storage for Your Warehouse: Shelving, Racks & Cabinets

Storage for your warehouse is just as important as storage for your office. That’s why StoreMoreStore offers a variety of industrial storage solutions for your warehouse. All of our shelving, racks, and cabinets are designed to improve organization, increase efficiencies, and save shelving warehouse storage solution

Different Types of Shelving, Racks and Cabinets for Warehouse Storage


Open and Closed Shelving Units: Both starter and adder units that are perfect for storing and organizing all types of parts, boxes, and cartons.

Shelving with Drawers: This heavy-duty steel shelving combines storage for large, medium and small parts all in one unit.

Box Shelving: The shelving is specifically designed to efficiently store letter/legal archival record boxes.

steel bulk racks warehouse large part storageLateral Mobile Wire Shelving: These systems condense your storage footprint by stacking shelving units 2, 3, and 4 deep.


Wire Racking: Starter and adder racks that are a cost-effective storage solution for your warehouse.

Bulk Racks: The racks are ideal for storing large oversize heavy parts and boxes.

Automotive Racks: Multiple types of racks for storing tires, windshields, tail pipes, mufflers, floor mats, and everything else in your automotive facility.

Cabinetsheavy-duty mobile drawer cabinet industrial storage

Heavy Duty Drawer Cabinets: These cabinets are perfect for maintenance departments, supply parts rooms, warehouses, and anyplace where multiple sized parts are stored.

Mobile Drawer Cabinets: The cabinets offer the same storage as the cabinets and include casters, making them easy to move around your warehouse.

Shop for Your Warehouse Storage System Now

Find these and more industrial storage solutions for your warehouse online at StoreMoreStore. And if you need any help or have any questions, call 1-855-786-7667.

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6 Unique Sliding Mobile Shelving Systems

sliding mobile shelving systemsOne of the most popular products at StoreMoreStore is our sliding mobile shelving systems. These systems are great because they are an affordable solution for increasing your storage capacity without using a ton of floor space.

Another great thing about the sliding mobile shelving systems is how many different kinds we have available. With so many different options, you’re guaranteed to find the right storage system for your business.

1. Letter Size Sliding Mobile Shelving

The most popular type of sliding mobile shelving on the store is the letter size. It’s ideal for storing files and works great in healthcare settings, human resources departments, and accounting departments.

lateral wire sliding mobile shelving2. Lateral Wire Shelving

The newest addition to our sliding mobile shelving family is the lateral wire shelving. It’s completely different from any other type of wire shelving on the market today and works very well for storing medical supplies, food, linens, and electronics.

3. Tambour Door Cabinets

One of the most innovative sliding mobile shelving systems is the tambour door cabinets. Typically, you’ll have to add either hinged doors or large rolling doors to secure items, but these cabinets have mini doors built right in.

4. Sliding Art Panel System

This one is a bit different from the other systems for two reasons 1) it’s meant for storing framed artwork and 2) technically the shelving slide out instead of back and forth. But the sliding art panel system still gets included because the shelving slides (and it’s an excellent solution for storing art collections).

5. Lateral Sliding File Cabinetstambour door cabinets sliding mobile system

The lateral sliding file cabinets aren’t shelving exactly, but they are just like many of the other storage systems on the list. Instead of shelves, you have lateral cabinets. These are the best option when you don’t want to change how you file (i.e. from top tab to side tab).

6. Box Sliding Mobile Shelving

Just like the letter size option above, box sliding mobile shelving is designed specifically for boxes. Anything you have in a box will be easy to store on the shelves. And these work well for both office and industrial applications.

Shop Now for Your Sliding Mobile Storage System

As you can see, there are numerous different kinds of sliding mobile storage systems. And you can find them all online at StoreMoreStore. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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Kanban Nursing Supply Storage | Plastic Bins & Wire Shelving Carts

What is a Kanban System?Kanban System Storing Nursing Supplies with Wire Shelving Carts and Plastic Bins

The Kanban system is based on the first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle. Two bins are set up with nursing supplies, one in front of the other. Products are taken from the front bin. Once the last item pulled from the front bin, it’s placed on the top shelf of the cart. The second bin is moved forward, and supplies are pulled from this bin.

To replenish the supplies, the material handler comes in and scans each of the bins on the top shelf to indicate the items that need to be re-stocked. The count is 100% accurate every time and requires only a few seconds per empty bin.

When the material handler delivers the exact amount needed to replenish the bin, he simply places the full bin behind the front bin; thus, guaranteeing first-in, first-out and virtually eliminating the chances of having expired items.

2 Essential Storage Items for Getting Started with a Kanban System

To get started with a Kanban system, you need two essential storage items: plastic bins and wire shelving carts.

Why Plastic Bins?

The plastic bins are really the heart of Kanban because the two-bin system is what makes everything work so well. Taking it one step further, you can make use of colored plastic bins to increase efficiencies in finding nursing supplies. How is this done? It’s done with color recognition.Buy Plastic Bins from StoreMoreStore

Your eyes can recognize color much faster than reading words. And if certain products are in a bin with a designated color, they’re much easier to find. For example,

  • Blood or circulatory products in red bins
  • Respiratory products in blue bins
  • Urinary products in yellow bins
  • Patient care items in green bins
  • Dressings in white bins

With just one glance, nurses will be able to direct their focus at the product they need.

Why Wire Shelving Carts?

There are a multitude of reasons to use wire shelving carts for your Kanban system including,Buy Wire Shelving Carts at StoreMoreStore

  • Cleanliness: The wire makes it easy to keep clean, which translates to less risk of damage to your nursing supplies.
  • Material Options: With options including chrome and zinc and medium or heavy duty, you can choose the right finish and strength for your storage needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Wire shelving carts are generally less expensive than traditional shelving, making it a sound investment for transitioning to Kanban.
  • Portability: The wire shelving carts are on wheels so they can be rolled around to any area of your hospital, making it easy to move supplies.

Find Plastic Bins and Wire Shelving Carts at StoreMoreStore

If you are ready to get started with a Kanban system for your medical facility’s nursing supplies, you can find both plastic bins and wire shelving carts online from StoreMoreStore. If you have any questions or need any help, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

And you can also check out other storage systems we have for the healthcare market here.

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Wood Laminate Lockers for Golf & Country Clubs

Your Golf and Country Club Needs to Create the Right Atmosphere to Succeed

Wood Laminate Lockers for Golf Club Single Tier Dark BrownCreating the right atmosphere at your golf and country club is essential to your success. You’ve taken the utmost care to provide a top-notch golf course, elegant dining area, and state-of-the-art sports facilities. One of the most frequently visited areas of your facility is the clubhouse locker room. Members gather here at before and after enjoying all of your amenities. It would be a shame if the one thing holding back their great experience was an ugly or unappealing locker room.

Wood Laminate Lockers Ensure Your Members Have a Fantastic Experience

StoreMoreStore offers wood laminate lockers that ensure your golf and country club gives its members a fantastic experience from the first place they arrive to the last place they leave. The lockers give your members plenty of room for multiple pairs of golf shoes, dozens of golf balls, hats, gloves, shirts and pants without wrinkling or cramming. And with many different varieties of wood laminate to choose from, you’re sure to find the right match for your décor.Double Tier Wood Laminate Lockers for Country Clubs

Additional Features of the Wood Laminate Lockers

  • Lockers are constructed of wood laminate and available in single-tier, double-tier, and four-tier configurations.
  • Door face finishes are available in black, cafe, chocolate pear, or cinnamon.
  • Interiors and shelves constructed from 5/8” stain resistant, high impact, high density thermally fused melamine.
  • Locker frames are constructed of 5/8” particleboard with all exposed edges finished with a black PVC edge banding.
  • Each door comes with a hasp with optional key locks and padlock hasps.
  • Lockers have 1/2” opening between door and frame on locker top and bottom to provide an unrestricted airflow.
  • Number plates (1” x 2”) f or each door (doors are pre-drilled). Plates will be sequential numbered starting at 001 unless otherwise instructed.
  • Doors are constructed of 5/8” thick low-pressure plastic laminate with black PVC edge banding.
  • Individual bases are provided for each locker (black in color).

Shop Now for Wood Laminate Lockers for Your Golf and Country Club

Find the right wood laminate lockers for your golf and country club at StoreMoreStore. And if you have any questions or need help, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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Shoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispensers – Cheaper Than Amazon!

Buy Shoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispensers Cheaper Than AmazonStoreMoreStore currently has a special deal for Shoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispensers! It’s a deal so good – it’s better than the price on Amazon. And you get free shipping from us! This makes it a great time to purchase your Shoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispensers.

What is a Shoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispenser?

If you’re not sure what a Shoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispenser is, watch the video below.

Basically, it’s a portable machine that holds shoe covers and puts them on for you. The dispenser is extremely easy to use; you just rest the ball of your foot in the metal plate, pull back in one continuous motion, and you’re done. The shoe cover is now on your foot and ready to go.

Benefits of the Shoe Inn Portable Bootie DispensersShoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispensers

Take it anywhere: Because the dispenser is portable, you can take it anywhere you want. This is a huge advantage for real-estate agents, construction workers, and pretty much anyone that needs their shoes covered while on the job.

Save your time: Using the Shoe Inn Bootie Dispenser is 4 times faster than manually putting on shoe covers. All that saved time translates into higher efficiency and better productivity.

Prevent injuries: Bending over to put on shoe covers – especially while standing – puts people at risk for injuries. With the Shoe Inn Bootie Dispenser, you won’t have to do that anymore, and any time you can create a safer environment you’ve done right by your employees.

No electricity needed: The dispenser doesn’t need to be plugged in to work, making it ideal for construction sites with no electricity.

Shop Online Now for the Special Deal on Shoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispensers from StoreMoreStore

This great deal on Shoe Inn Portable Bootie Dispensers won’t last forever, so shop now to take advantage of the low price and free shipping! If you need any help or have any questions, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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Vehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers for Police Officer Cars & SUVs

How Most Police Officers Store Weapons in Their VehiclesVehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers for Police Officer Cars and SUVs

Most police officers keep their shotguns/rifles mounted right beside them in their vehicles. While storing guns this way gives officers quick access, most of the time it just makes them uncomfortable because the guns are bulky and take up a lot of interior space. Another problem with storing weapons this way is that they’re in plain sight, which is attractive to thieves. In fact, there have been cases where cop cars have been broken into and guns stolen because they were in plain sight.

Why Vehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers are Better for Storing Guns & Ammo

police officer gun lockers for vehicles keep weapons secureBut what can police officers do? They need their rifles and handguns in their vehicles to protect and serve, and so far, there aren’t any better options, at least not until now. StoreMoreStore offers a revolutionary new product specifically designed for police to store their handguns, shotguns, knives, ammo, and any other weapon safely and securely in their cars: vehicle trunk weapon lockers. These innovative vehicle trunk weapon lockers give officers the security of the trunk and the security of the weapons storage vault.

Features of the Vehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers

The locker is mounted in the trunk of police vehicles with the visible part of the locker carpet covered black to blend in. It opens by electric impulse from either a hidden button or wireless remote key fob. There is also a master key provided with each locker to allow access in case of vehicle power failure. Also, the lock will withstand severe tampering because it is made of hardened steel. And you get all this without using any floor space in your trunk.

Below is a list of the cars and SUVs that can be fitted with a vehicle trunk weapon locker.

Police Cars and SUVs that can use the Trunk Gun Locker

Shop Now for Vehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers from StoreMoreStore

You can buy vehicle trunk weapon lockers online at StoreMoreStore. Our goal is to provide your law enforcement agency with quality products, so if you need any help or have any questions, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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Why You Need Satellite Mail Center Consoles in Your Office

Do You Ever Go to the Mailroom at Your Office?open door satellite mail center consoles

If you work in a large building with hundreds of employees and thousands of square feet, do you actually know where the mailroom is? And if you do know where it’s at, do you dread going there because it’s so far away from your office or desk? The problem is that sometimes you just have to mail something yourself no matter how much you don’t want to. It’s sadly one thing in your office that hasn’t gone digital yet.

With Satellite Mail Center Consoles You Don’t Have To

But there’s a way to make mailing documents much easier for you AND for the mailroom staff (because they’re tired too since they have to collect all that mail from each individual). The answer to your problems is satellite mail center consoles.

Satellite Mail Center Consoles are Easy-to-Use Mini Mailboxes

single white satellite mail center consoleThese easy to use consoles are just like mini mailboxes. They can be placed throughout your company’s building so that employees can easily drop off mail at a convenient location instead of trekking all the way to the mailroom. For example, you can keep a mail console on every floor if you have a really tall building or you can have one for every department if your company is divided. Another option is to add the satellite mail center consoles to your break rooms or copy centers.

Find a Satellite Mail Center Console for Your Office Today

Because the satellite mail center consoles are available in a wide range of finishes, you are assured they will match the décor of any area you choose. And the mail consoles feature a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, so you know they’re going to last.

Best of all, you can shop for the satellite mail center consoles online from StoreMoreStore. And if you need any help or have any questions, just call 1-855-786-7667.

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5 Types of Automotive Parts Storage Solutions

Whether you’re an auto dealer, repair shop, parts center, having the item your customers need on-hand is essential to providing good service. Quickly accessible parts that are kept well organized is not only important for employee productivity, it’s important for your bottom line. StoreMoreStore has 5 types of automotive parts storage solutions that will improve the way you do business.

automotive parts storage solutions

1. Tire Storage Racks

Using tire storage racks is a great way to keep tires off the floor. The tires will be easier to retrieve and inventory will be easier to count. Also, you reduce the risk of employees tripping on tires when they are neatly organized in the racks.

2. Hanging Parts Racks

The hanging parts racks are excellent for storing a variety of auto parts like

  • Fenders
  • Mufflers
  • exhaust tail pipes
  • bumpers
  • windshields
  • car moldings

3. Windshield Storage Racks

Windshield storage racks house both car and truck windshields. The racks will keep the glass windshields safe and secure so that there is no damage to them.

4. Floor Mat Racks

The floor mat racks will organize and efficiently store and display all sizes of automotive mats in the carton and on hanging hooks and rods.

5. Bumper Racks

With both wall mounted and stationary options, the bumper racks are the ideal solution for securing bumpers. Keeping bumpers on the wall makes them easy to lift. The stationary racks are double sided to offer more storage capacity.

Find More Automotive Parts Storage Solutions from StoreMoreStore

These are just some of the automotive parts storage solutions you can find from StoreMoreStore. If you have any questions or need assistance, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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5 Reasons to Use Flipper Door File Cabinets in Your Office

The Pains and Pitfalls of Lateral File CabinetsLateral File Cabinets

Are you tired of the lateral file cabinets in your office? Pulling out the drawers and having them get stuck on the way back in. The fact that no two cabinets are the same color, yet somehow every color is drab and dull. And of course the reason most of us hate them – they take up so much space! There’s something better you should be using instead of lateral cabinets: flipper door file cabinets. Here are 5 reasons you should use flipper door file cabinets in your office.

Why Flipper Door File Cabinets are So Much Better

1. More Storage Capacity: The flipper door file cabinets offer 60% more folder storage capacity in the same space as lateral file cabinets.

Flipper Door File Cabinets  Moving and Opening2. Extra Space Savings: Flipper door file cabinets extend higher than traditional lateral cabinets to use extra vertical space as storage space.

3. Mobile Arrangement: When you put the cabinets on tracks to create a mobile arrangement, you will save even more space.

4. Locking Capabilities: The doors on the cabinet are lockable to secure your stored files and keep you in compliance with HIPAA.

5. Filing Options: With the flipper door file cabinets you can use a more efficient color-coded end tab filing system.

Flipper Door File Cabinets with Color-Coded End Tab FilesAll these reasons add up to one big reason: cost-efficiency. By gaining more storage capacity, maximizing your space, and implementing a better filing system, your business will become more cost-efficient. And who doesn’t want that? Also, how easy is it that you can accomplish all this with a storage cabinet!?

Buy Flipper Door File Cabinets Online from StoreMoreStore

Are you ready to make the smart investment in flipper door file cabinets? Great! You can find all sizes, colors, and arrangements of flipper door file cabinets at StoreMoreStore. If you have any questions or need help, call 1-855-786-7667.

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