Wall Mounted Steel Racks for Athletic & Sports Equipment Storage

Storing Sports & Athletic Equipment

wall mounted steel racksWall mounted steel racks provide an easy way to store athletic and sports equipment easily while keeping everything organized and properly stored. Available in five different widths, the wall mounted steel racks can store anything from exercise balls, shoulder pads, rackets, and much more.

The wall mounted steel racks keep your athletic and sports equipment off the floor and safe from damage. Steels racks are available in five widths (30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, and 72″) to accommodate any wall space. They are also easy to install and use by mounting to the wall using four wall anchors. The steel racks are available in depths of 15″, 17″, and 18″.

Storage Ideas

Steel racks are ideal for organizing and storing tennis rackets, as it stores them by the head beam instead of the strings to prevent damaging the strings’ integrity.

athletic sports equipment storage steel rackingThey can also store all types of exercise balls, yoga balls, stability balls, sports balls, and physio balls.

Shoulder pads and protective gear, field equipment, helmets, and other sports gear can also be organized and stored safely.

Steel racks can be mounted in rows or columns to maximize storage space and store more equipment in a smaller area than shelving and other storage systems. With the wall mounted racks, you can utilize your existing wall space instead of your valuable floor space—freeing it up for other uses and activities.


  • The steel racks are manufactured from cold-rolled low carbon steel
  • 125 lb. weight capacity
  • Wall brackets made of .125″ thick cold-rolled steel
  • 72″ wide steel racks include an additional wall bracket in the center for support
  • Discount prices when you buy 10 or more
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Buy Wall Mounted Steel Racks Online

Wall mounted steel racks for athletic and sports equipment storage are available to buy online. Racks can be installed quickly with no professional services needed. However, if you need assistance or would like to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-855-786-7667.


High Visibility All Welded Mesh Ventilated Equipment Lockers

high visibility mesh ventilated lockers equipment tools chemicalsAll welded mesh ventilated equipment lockers provide high visibility, ventilation, and security for whatever you store. The ventilated equipment lockers allow you to store industrial equipment, personal items, chemicals, parts, and more in a breathable, visible, and secure area.

Easily keep track of your equipment, tools, chemicals, and more while still allowing them to remain securely stored in heavy-duty, rust-resistant all welded mesh ventilated equipment lockers. The diamond perforated pattern on all sides allows you to view the contents inside the locker and provide ventilation without sacrificing security. They are great choices for supply rooms since the lockers provide excellent ventilation to all stored contents. Lockers come with four fixed shelves that form five storage levels. A 14-gauge steel door is included and comes with a stiffener that helps prevent warping.


Features of the ventilated equipment lockers include:all welded mesh ventilated equipment lockers cabinets

  • All welded construction (ships assembled)
  • Dimensions: 18″ W x 18″ D x 74¾” H
  • Weight: 161 lbs.
  • Door constructed of 14 gauge diamond perforated galvanneal corrosion-resistant sheet steel
  • Latching handle that includes projecting finger pull, single-point though-door latching that accommodated padlock or combination lock (owner supplied)
  • Locker sides constructed of 13 gauge expanded galvanneal corrosion-resistant sheet steel
  • Door hinges made of 13 gauge 3 ½” 7-knuckle hinges (3 per door)
  • Tops and bottoms made of 16 gauge galvanneal sheet steel (bottom shelf sits 2 ¾” above finished floor)
  • 4 welded fixed interior shelves
  • Platinum color finished
  • Lockers are cleaned and coated with a 7-stage zinc/iron phosphate solution to inhibit corrosion, followed by a powder-coat finish baked at 350°F
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified SM
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty

Buy Ventilated Equipment Lockers Online

Mesh ventilated equipment lockers are available to buy online and are shipped fully assembled for easy installation. If you need assistance with anything, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Locker Room Benches & Pedestals for Changing Room Seating in Rec Centers

locker-room-benches-pedestalsLocker room benches and pedestals are available for changing room seating in rec centers, gyms, country clubs, fitness centers, pools, and more. You can choose from five different types of pedestals to meet your exact requirements including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The bench tops include a solid hardwood maple finish and are sealed with a lacquer to provide protection from humidity, moisture, water stains, scratches, and abrasions.

Benchtop Features

The locker room bench tops are made of laminated all white northern hardwood maple (9 1/2″ wide, 1 1/4″ thick) and finished with a penetrating coat of hot sealer and two coats of high-impact hot lacquer.

It’s recommended that a bench top length of 3′ to 8′ has 2 pedestals, a bench top length of 9′ to 13′ has 3 pedestals, and a bench top length of 15′ has 4 pedestals.

Locker Room Benches Pedestal Types

There are five types of pedestals available for you to choose from

Standard Steel Pedestal

  • Color: Parchment
  • 10 gauge sheet steel upright tubes with welded flanges
  • Three holes in base pedestal flange for floor anchoring (anchors not included)
  • Three holes at top flange for attaching to bench top (hardware included)

Stainless Steel Movable Pedestalchanging-room-seating-rec-centers-gyms-pools

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • 16 gauge stainless steel
  • Includes hardware for attaching pedestal to benchtop (floor anchors not included)

Aluminum Movable Pedestal

  • Color: Parchment
  • Includes holes for optional permanent anchoring to floor (anchors not included)

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Pedestal

  • Color: Parchment
  • 6″ diameter top and bottom base flanges with three anchoring holes (includes hardware for attaching pedestal to bench top) (floor anchors not included)

Adjustable Pedestal

  • Color: Parchment
  • Cast aluminum base with 1.5″ adjustable schedule 40 pipe (vertical post)
  • Includes concealed anchoring to floor (anchors not included)
  • Hardware for attaching pedestal to bench top included

Buy Locker Room Benches & Pedestals for Changing Room Seating Online

Locker room benches and pedestals for changing room seating is available to buy online. No professional installers are needed, and benches ship with easy instructions for do-it-yourself installation. We are also happy to help you with anything you need if you give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Anti-Microbial Folding Flex Spring Seats for Healthcare Environments

anti-microbial folding flex spring seatsWhen you’re in a hospital or healthcare facility, the last thing you want to worry about is seating. Not to mention the fact that seating is always limited and can take up a lot of space. The anti-microbial folding flex spring seats are designed specifically for healthcare environments with limited space such as exam rooms, hospital corridors, and patient rooms.

The folding flex spring seats are unique in their ability to fold up into a profile of less than five inches when not in use and can support up to 600 pounds. The seats can be mounted to the wall or floor or can come with fixed or movable bases to best suit your specific needs. There are no hinges or hardware, making them easy to install and maintenance-free. Antimicrobial product protection ensures that your seating stays clean and safe. Multiple finishes, textiles, surfaces, and paint options are available to ensure that the flex spring seats integrate seamlessly into your existing environment.

Flex Spring Seats with Fixed or Movable Bases

Flex spring seats with fixed or movable bases are ideal for applications that require both flexible and compact seating. The seats sit at a compact and comfortable pitch available with fixed or movable bases. The fixed bases feature 22” minimum center-to-center seat spacing that makes them ideal for reception areas.

Wall Mounted Flex Spring Seats

The award-winning wall mounted flex spring seats utilize and innovative folding mechanism that allows the seat to cantilever off the wall. The chair is mounted 6” off the floor to facilitate easy cleaning and its slim profile maximizes space for corridors, patient rooms, waiting rooms, and more.healthcare antimicrobial folding flex spring seating

Floor Mounted Flex Spring Seats

The floor mounted seats combine the features of the original seats with the space-saving benefit of the wall mounted seats. These chairs are mounted to the floor and flush to the wall, sitting at a pitch of 90 degrees. They are ideal for seating in narrow corridors.

Buy Anti-Microbial Folding Flex Spring Seats Online

Any of these seating solutions would be ideal for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and all are available to buy online. If you want assistance deciding which type of flex spring seat would be right for you or if you have any additional questions, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Store Rolled Cables & Reels on Wire Spool Storage Racks

Storing Rolled Cables, Reels, & Wires

wire spool storage racksIncorrect storage of wire spools and cables can cause them to become deformed and damaged. You can store your rolled cables and reels on wire spool storage racks, which will guarantee the safety of spool storage and provide a quick and efficient method of retrieval.

Proper Rolled Cables Storage

Rolled spools generally cannot be stored vertically, as it causes the wire to fall during storage and create miss- or cross-wound wire that can be difficult to unspool and can even break. Multiple wire spool storage should involve a clear separation between the roll layers to prevent damage.

The wire spool storage racks completely eliminate these storage concerns and make it easy to store and retrieve spools of wire, cable, chain, hose, tubing, rope, and more. There is no need for the user to lift the spools, which is especially useful for heavier spools of rolled materials. Rolled cables are simply loaded onto the rack’s adjustable axles that offer maximum flexibility for storing all types and sizes of spools. And once you buy your first “starter” spool rack, you can easily add as many add-on units as you want to make a row.

Wire Spool Storage Rack Featuresstore rolled cables reels

  • Framework constructed from 14 gauge cold rolled tubular steel
  • Designed to support 2,000 lbs. of evenly distributed weight per axle
  • Can support 6,000 lbs. total weight per rack
  • Dimensions: 36” W x 36” D x 99” H
  • Rack weighs 128 lbs. completely assembled
  • Axle is constructed from 1” schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe
  • Axle adjusts on 3” increments to accommodate a variety of spool diameters
  • Wire spool storage racks come standard with three levels of storage with the option to add up to four 36” extra levels
  • Two tone finish: Marine blue posts, gussets, and sway braces with platinum grey beams, base, and rod support brackets
  • Ships unassembled with easy do-it-yourself instructions
  • 1 year warranty

Buy Wire Spool Storage Racks Online

Wire spool storage racks are available to buy online. No professional installers are needed. We are also happy to help you decide which wire spool storage rack configuration would be best for your specific application if you give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Spinning Wardrobe Towers & Rotary Cabinets for Personal Protection Equipment

rotary cabinetsRotary cabinets are becoming more and more common in offices for storing files and supplies, but did you know that there are multiple configurations of these innovative cabinets that have an even wider variety of uses? Rotary cabinets can also be used as spinning wardrobe towers for personal and office workstation station storage as well as double-depth storage cabinets for personal protection equipment in industrial, healthcare, and emergency applications. To access either side of the cabinet, simply press on the ergonomic pedals and rotate to the storage side you want to access. Rotate again to close and lock the cabinet.

PPE Rotary Cabinets

With adjustable shelves, the rotary cabinets allow you to store all types of equipment safely, securely, and within your industry standards. You can store hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, small to medium tools and parts, safety vests or aprons, boots, binders, testing equipment, records, medical emergency and first-aid equipment, and much more in even less space than static shelving or lateral cabinets.

Features include:spinning-rotary-cabinets-ppe-storage

  • Customizable interiors with multiple accessory options
  • Cabinet locks and individual locking doors for extra security
  • Choice of foot pedals or hand releases to rotate cabinet
  • 30 standard colors available with custom finishes such as antimicrobial or color match
  • 10 heights from 29½” to 92½”
  • Starter widths of 36½” and 45¼”
  • Mobile units available with swivel casters that are easy to roll and maneuver

Rotating Wardrobe & Office Storage Towers

With office storage space at a premium, the rotating wardrobe towers allow you to double your storage capacity in half the space. For example, you can store employee personal items on one side of the unit, and work-related materials on the reverse side. The unique design allows employees to hang their coats and garments while still having enough room for other personal items such as purses and tablets.

Features include:

  • Locking cabinets
  • Interior can be configured with additional shelves, drawers, or locking doors
  • Choose from 30 standard colors
  • Wardrobe heights 60⅞” to 92½”
  • Starter widths 36½” and 45¼”
  • Vertical panel with louvers on both sides
  • Four half-shelves
  • 3-prong coat hook
  • Vertical panel adapter

Buy Rotary Cabinets Online

Rotary cabinets for your unique application are available for purchase online at StoreMoreStore. If you need assistance with deciding which rotary cabinet would work for you and your specific application, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Specialty Automotive Racks for Storing Car & Truck Parts

buy specialty automotive racks onlineOur specialty automotive racks offer a complete solution for storing car and truck parts such as fenders, tires, bumpers, mufflers, batteries, molding, sheet metal, hoods, and much more. They’re more than just storage racks; they’re a complete system that stores and organizes all of your parts for a more efficient parts department.

Unique Specialty Automotive Racks

What makes the specialty automotive racks unique is their ability to adapt to your work environment and are built with flexibility in mind to change with your needs. Included are racks for bumpers and pipes, sheet metal, batteries and tires, and more. Numerous standard dimensions and sizes are available, along with a wide variety of accessories that allow you to create a customized layout without the customized price. The steel framework also allows a wide range of accessories and components to be easily added. The racks come in starter units and are easily expanded with additional add-on units.

Multiple Uses & Configurations

Specialty automotive racks can be configured for many unique uses in your parts department, including:

  • Single & double hanging racks
  • Single & double carpet racks
  • High density floor mat racks
  • Battery racks
  • Tire racks (single or double row)
  • Windshield racks
  • Sheet metal racks
  • Bumper & pipe racks
  • Bumper cover double racks
  • Wall-mounted bumper racks
  • Hanging parts & tail pipe storage racks
  • Molding racks
  • Hood racks

Buy Specialty Automotive Racks Online

We have many other unique automotive storage solutions that are perfect for your parts department, such as modular cabinets, heavy-duty industrial cabinets, and more. All specialty automotive racks are available for purchase online at StoreMoreStore. Do-it-yourself instructions are included with the automotive racks, so no professional installers are needed. We are also happy to help you decide which automotive racks would work best for you and your specific automotive storage application. Call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Wire Mesh Bulk Lockers for Apartment Tenant Storage

wire mesh bulk lockers
Many apartments and condominiums provide storage areas for storing seasonal tenant items and gear, but this can be a challenge for buildings with limited space and an ever-growing number of residents. Wire mesh bulk lockers provide a secure and economical solution for apartment tenant storage that keeps stored items organized and space-efficient. They are ideal for storing any items, including large or bulky items such as bikes, automotive supplies, tools, grills, camping gear, kayaks, sport equipment, and more.

What Makes Our Wire Mesh Lockers A Cut Above the Rest

The wire mesh bulk lockers are constructed of SafeMesh™ material, making them stronger and safer than regular expanded metal. The bulk lockers’ 1/2″ flattened expanded metal diamond design keeps fingers out and uses 100% more steel for enhanced safety, strength, rigidity, and security. Lockers are available in single and double-tier starter and adder units in 12 different sizes, so they can easily be expanded as your storage area grows.wire partition lockers for apartment tenant storage

Wire Mesh Locker Features

  • Door with heavy-duty hinges with welded door stops for extra strength & security (3-1/2″ with seven knuckles, made of 13 gauge & welded to door and frame)
  • Optional 1/2″ expanded metal top to add rigidity
  • Door handles formed from one solid piece of steel and welded to frame for extra strength
  • Adder units easily bolt to starter units
  • Double tier lockers include galvanized center shelf to separate upper and lower openings
  • Ergonomic steel handle with latching padlock hasp
  • Optional ceiling panels
  • Ships knocked down with easy do-it-yourself assembly instructions
  • GREEDGUARD Children & School Certified
  • 6 standard starter sizes available with custom sizes on request
  • Includes two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free dock to dock shipping

Buy Wire Mesh Bulk Lockers Online

Click here to check out our available wire mesh bulk lockers and buy online. If you need assistance or have any questions about which locker is right for your unique application, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Pull-Out Art Panel Storage Racks for Hanging Framed Paintings

five panel pull-out art storage racksIf you are like most museums and galleries, the majority of your collection actually lives in storage. And that can be challenging when you have a large collection of framed paintings but very little space to store them in. There is also the added stress that very piece needs to be protected and safe from damage. That’s why we offer innovative pull-out art panel storage racks for hanging framed paintings. The pull-out art panel storage racks are designed to maximize every inch of storage space while keeping your valuable artwork safe and sound.

Benefits of the Pull-Out Art Panel Storage Racks

The pull-out art panel storage racks are freestanding, which makes them easy to install in any area of your museum or gallery storage room. The racks have five panels with heavy-duty braided mesh that allows you to hang your framed paintings on either side, keeping artwork safe and off the floor. Each panel can easily be pulled out from the rack without disturbing adjacent panels. And they roll out smoothly and quietly.

Features of the Pull-Out Art Panel Storage Rackspull-out art panel storage racks hanging framed paintings

  • Art panels pull-out from the rack using the normal egress aisle for access.
  • Aluminum tubular and angle framework with steel wire mesh art panels.
  • Brushed aluminum framework finish with silver/gray powder coat painted panels.
  • Finished painted surfaces will not emit any chemical compounds or VOC’s into the air.
  • Art rack frame includes leveling feet.

Find Our Pull-Out Art Panel Storage Racks Online

You can find these pull-out art panel storage racks for your artwork online at our store here. And if this isn’t the solution you need at your museum or gallery to store artwork, we have many other options that will all save space and keep artwork organized that you’ll find here. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a specialist, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


File Box Shelves: The Right Storage Solution for Your Office

stationary file box shelves office storageThere are many different ways to store boxes. Some are simple and cheap; others are complex and expensive. But only one is the right solution for your office. A solution that is both efficient and affordable. And that solution is file box shelves. (Shop for file box shelves now at StoreMoreStore here.)

Why You Should Choose File Box Shelves

File box shelves are specifically designed for boxes. Each box fits perfectly on the shelf and each shelf fits within the unit. This maximizes every inch of storage space, leaving nothing wasted.

Another advantage to using file box shelves is the protection they provide your stored items. Keeping boxes stored in the unit ensures they won’t be crushed or damaged. Every box remains safe and secure.

mobile-file-box-shelves-storage-solutionThe boxes are also easy for employees to access. By storing the most frequently requested items in the middle of the file box shelves, employees won’t need to reach, bend, or lift to retrieve a box. Not only are you protecting your employees, you’re protecting your business from workers’ comp claims.

Two File Box Shelves Options

Depending on how many boxes you need to store and your storage space, we have two file box shelves options. The first is a stationary file box shelves unit. This unit is ideal for very small spaces, or if you don’t have very many boxes to store. It’s also the most inexpensive option, which is great for limited budgets.

The second option is mobile file box shelves. The mobile set-up places rows of shelves in front of each other. The front rows slide on tracks to give you access to the back rows. While this is a more expensive option than the stationary unit, it’s perfect for offices with more boxes to store. And the mobile file box shelves maximize floor space, so they work in tight spaces and will better centralize box storage.

To learn more about each of our file box shelves options, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.