3 Types of Mail Sorters for Organizing Mail in Your Office

3 Types of Mail Sorters for Organizing Office MailIf you are wondering how to organize mail in your office, one of the best things you can invest in is a mail sorter. And with several different types of mail sorters available, it’s easy to find the one that will best suit your needs!

Stand-Alone Mail Sorters

A great floor saving unit is a stand-alone mail sorter. This large sorter stands by itself just like a typical shelving unit. You can choose from many different types of stand-alone mail sorters. For example some units have a retractable work surface for looking through mail and literature. You can use the surface and then push it back in when you don’t need it anymore.

The shelves on the stand-alone mail sorters come in three different sizes: standard, legal, and oversize. Each shelf is adjustable on 1 inch increments with full support on both sides. You can also easily adjust the shelf even if it’s fully loaded with papers.

Pass Thru Mail Sorters

If you are looking for a way to conveniently pass mail from one area to another, then what you need is a pass thru mail sorter. These dual sided open back sorters allow you to place your mail in one side of the sorter and retrieve it from the other side of the sorter.

For example, you can mount a pass thru sorter in the wall of your mailroom to allow mailroom staff to sort mail into slots from inside the mailroom and employees to retrieve mail from outside the mailroom. This saves time distributing mail to various offices by mailroom personnel. Doors can be added to the pass thru sorters for additional security if required.

Desktop Mail Sorters

Desktop mail sorters are the smaller counterparts of the stand-alone mail sorters. They’re small enough to fit on desks or tables while still offering all the same benefits including:

  • trays slide in and out on tracks making opening heights between shelves easy to adjust.
  • full length name labels that are easy to change.
  • no sharp edges to guard fast moving hands when sorting mail.
  • comes fully assembled – just open the carton, set the mail sorter in place, and slide in the sorter shelves to use.
  • a large variety of sorter color finishes to match any office décor.

These are just three types of mail sorters you can find online at StoreMoreStore. And if you have any questions or want some assistance, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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4 MORE Lateral Cabinet Alternatives to Save Office Space

4 more alternatives to lateral cabinetsBack in October, we told you about four space saving alternatives to lateral cabinets. And based on the popularity of that post, we’ve decided to tell you about four more storage systems you can use instead of lateral cabinets.

Pull-Out Shelving

Pull-out shelving is very simple; each section of shelving pulls out when you need access to stored items and retracts back in when not in use. And even though you’re using shelving instead of cabinets, you can still lock up each section.

As an added bonus, if you have tight spaces like alcoves or wall columns, pull-out storage shelving is a great solution. The shelving fits in these typically unusable spaces and turns them into productive storage areas.

Flipper Door Cabinets

There are many advantages to using flipper door cabinets:

  • Increased storage capacity: offer 60% more folder storage capacity in the same space as lateral file cabinets.
  • Better use of vertical space: extend higher than traditional lateral cabinets to use extra vertical space as storage space.
  • Filing options: you can use a more efficient color-coded end tab filing system.

Box Shelving

In many offices, boxes are just stacked on top of lateral cabinets. But really, boxes should be stored in their own shelving. Box shelving makes better use of space and makes it easier for employees to access the boxes. Not to mention how much better your office will look without all those unsightly boxes piled everywhere.

Roller Shelves

Typically, books and binders are kept facing up, which doesn’t necessarily make the best use of your space Roller shelves, on the other hand, store large books and binders flat on their side. The openings are smaller, but they maximize the number of books that will fit in the unit.

The reason they are called roller shelves is because each shelf has a set of rollers. Books and binders sit on top of the rollers. So that way, when you reach to grab a big, heavy book stored way up high, you have some extra help!

Same as before, you can find all of these storage alternatives to lateral cabinets online from StoreMoreStore! And if you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-786-7667.

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Document Scanning: Answers to 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

document scanning services color or black and whiteFor several years now, StoreMoreStore has provided businesses with cost-effective, efficient solutions for storing their documents. So far, all of these solutions have been physical: shelving, racks, cabinets, etc. But now we are offering something new – document scanning services. That’s right, we will now scan your documents so that you can store them virtually and not have to worry about storing any more paper. Welcome to the paperless office. (click here to order your service online now)

Types of Documents We Can Scan?

One of the first things you’re probably wondering is what type of documents can be scanned. Well we can definitely scan more than just 8×11 paper. In fact, we can scan:

  • Drawings (architectural plans, construction blueprints, engineering and mechanical drawings)
  • Photos and Aerial Photographs
  • Maps (geological, topographic, and petroleum)
  • Newspapers
  • Posters, Art Renderings and Commercial Graphics

What Size Documents We Can Scan?

We can scan a wide range of documents in many different sizes. The largest sized document we can scan is 36″ x 72″. And we can handle documents up to 1/8″ thick.

What Format are the Scanned Documents?

Our team will scan your documents at 300dpi and then upload them to a secure server as a PDF, TIFF, or JPG for you to download. Depending on your needs, you can choose from any of these three popular formats. And we have options if you prefer your documents black and white or in color.

Who is Responsible for Shipping?

The customer is responsible for shipping documents to our facility; however, we will pay for return shipping (standard ground shipping by USPS, UPS, or FEDEX in the United States only).

What is NOT Included in Our Services?

There are a few things that we don’t offer as part of our services. This includes:

  • Prep work (Removing of staples, etc.)
  • Image enhancements and manipulation
  • Delicate materials that could possibly be damaged

You can order our document scanning services online directly from our website. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-786-7667.

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3 Small Parts Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized

Keeping up with all the parts in your maintenance and repair facility is a difficult task. And the small parts are the worst because they are just so darn tiny. Unfortunately, you need them to get the job done. So what can you do to make it easier to organize all your small parts? Well we have three ideas just for you.sliding bin shelving 2 rows

Sliding Mobile Bin Shelving

Using bins is an excellent solution for storing small parts. You can label the bins or use color coding for easy retrieval. And they keep parts organized in groups and are easy to move around. However, there is one drawback to using bins: they suck up valuable space.

In the past you might have been resistant to using bins because of their space requirements, but that issue is completely solved with sliding mobile bin shelving. This unique storage system increases bin storage capacity while reducing the amount of floor space required for storage.

What sliding mobile bin shelving does is remove access aisles that would typically eat up all your space. Shelves are stacked one row in front of the other; each row slides back and forth on tracks to give you access to the rows behind it. And you can stack up to 4 rows in front of each other.

heavy-duty mobile drawer cabinet industrial storageModular Drawer Cabinets

Modular drawer cabinets are perfect for maintenance departments, supply parts rooms, warehouses, or anywhere you need to store small parts. Accessories like partitions, plastic bins, and hanging file bars let you personalize how your parts are stored. This way employees can organize their space to best meet their working styles.

The cabinets stand up to intensive daily use and each drawer can hold up to 400 pounds. With hundreds of combinations (some even have wheels to help you move them around your facility), you’re guaranteed to find a modular drawer cabinet that will work for your small parts.

Shelving with Modular DrawersIndustrial Shelving with Drawers

But what do you do if you don’t have enough small parts to justify buying a whole storage system just for parts? You use shelving with modular drawers. This storage system allows you to store large, medium, and small parts all in one unit. It’s designed to store heavy items on the lower shelf level, medium-size parts on the upper levels, and small parts in the drawers.

These are just three ways you can organize small parts. You can find more industrial storage solutions online at StoreMoreStore. Or give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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Use Sliding Bin Shelving to Organize Small Parts

Industrial type businesses have been storing small parts in bins for years. The reasons are simple:sliding bin shelving 2 rows

  • bins allow you to use color coding to speed up retrieval
  • small parts stay put and won’t slip through cracks
  • various size bins will store many types of parts
  • bins are an inexpensive investment

But there is one major drawback to using bins: they take up a lot of space. And if you keep them on shelves that don’t adjust, you’re wasting even more space. So how can you reap all the benefits of bin storage without wasting so much space? Use sliding bin shelving!

sliding bin shelving animationHow Does Sliding Bin Shelving Work?

Sliding bin shelving is an excellent solution for organizing your small parts. The shelving is specially designed for plastic and cardboard parts bins. The way sliding bin shelving works to save space is very straightforward. Shelving units are stacked one in front of the other with the front shelving units sliding back and forth on tracks in front of the back units. The result is a high capacity storage system that stores the greatest number of items in the smallest footprint.

Features of Sliding Bin Shelvingorganize small parts sliding bin shelving

Additional features of the sliding bin shelving include:

  • Each shelf is adjustable vertically in 1-1/2″ increments
  • Units come in two, three, and four deep configurations
  • All parts are powder coated with a textured finish
  • All shelves are supported with 2 heavy duty double rivet shelf supports
  • Each adjustable shelf is rated to hold 250 Lbs. with a total carrying weight of 1,500 lbs.
  • Uprights are made of heavy duty 18 gauge construction
  • Users can add storage capability at any time to meet future requirements
  • Smooth movement with leveling track, heavy-duty carriages and rubber stops
  • Quality construction includes ball bearings and four wheels per carriage
  • Limited Lifetime Manufactures Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Where You Can Find Sliding Bin Shelving

The second best thing about sliding bin shelving (besides the space savings) is that you can find multiple configurations directly from us online. We’ve even created a handy reference chart to help you decided what size and number of shelves you need. And as always, if you need any help or have any questions, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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4 Worth-It Office Storage Cabinets for Your Workplace

Office Storage CabinetsHundreds of people are searching online for workplace and office organization tips. What does that tell us? That we could use a little help getting organized, but we have no idea where to start. One place to begin is with your storage cabinets. Are there better, more modern cabinets you should be using? The answer is YES! Here are 4 office storage cabinets for your workplace that are well worth-it because they will definitely help get you organized – and use less space.

1. Rotary File Cabinets

Rotary file cabinets offer two-sided locking storage for everything in your office including files, office supplies, boxes, binders, books computer media, and more. Because these office storage cabinets have two sides and pivot 360 degrees, they provide almost double the storage capacity of a traditional file cabinet in the same amount of floor space. Also, rotary file cabinets are equipped with a lock to prevent anyone without authorization from accessing stored items.

2. Tambour Door Cabinets

Tambour door cabinets are stylish multi-functional office storage cabinets used for all types of materials – files, books, binders, computer media, and much more. The tambour doors slide into the side walls of the cabinet to avoid intruding into the room’s space. And the cabinets are available as individual cabinets or on space saving sliding track systems.

3. Flipper Door Cabinets

Flipper door cabinets work great for both saving space and ensuring that your office presents a clean, professional appearance. Because the doors flip closed, you can keep any clutter hidden away. And just like the tambour door cabinets, you can use the flipper door cabinets as individual storage systems or put them on a sliding track system.

4. Sliding Lateral File Cabinets

If you’re already using lateral file cabinets but don’t have the enough space to add more, you can just add a row of sliding cabinets. The sliding lateral file cabinets an extremely cost-effective solution to get more storage capacity in a small office space.

You can find all of these office storage cabinets and much more online from StoreMoreStore! And if you have any questions or need assistance, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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4 File Storage Systems Every Business Should Own

business file storage systemsEver since the advent of the copy machine, businesses are storing more paper than ever. And as much as we talk about going paperless, that just doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. So what are you to do with the piles of files all over your office? If you said keep them in lateral file cabinets, you’d be wrong. There are so many alternatives – both big and small – to lateral cabinets that will easily organize all of your paper. Here are the top 4 file storage systems that your business should own.

1. Sliding Mobile Shelves

Sliding mobile shelves are the modern answer to the lateral cabinet. The shelves use way less space, can store more than just files, are easy to access, and can be secured with doors. Your holiday decorations can be kept in the back shelves, while all your active files are stored up front. This set-up ensures that stored items are centralized to improve productivity.

2. Mail Sorters

Do you have a bunch of files on your desk? Or a large amount of brochures and forms? Either way, there’s a mail sorter that can store any type of paperwork you’ve got because they aren’t just for mail anymore. Use a small desktop mail sorter on your desk to organize files. Then put a large one in the office to manage brochures and forms.

3. Oblique Shelf Organizers

Have you ever actually used that space overhead in your cubicle, or is it mostly just a junk drawer? With the Oblique shelf organizer it becomes file storage. The compartments hang down to easily organize and store files.

4. Rotary File Cabinets

Double the storage capacity, plus space for other items besides files, AND the ability to lock up: You get all of this with rotary file cabinets. The cabinets can also be used to divide large areas or they fit in tight corners.

Shop for Your New File Storage System Today

If you’re ready to ditch the lateral file cabinets and upgrade to one of these modern file storage systems, you can find them all online at StoreMoreStore. And if you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-786-7667.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Buying More Lateral File Cabinets

office lateral file cabinets unappealing appearanceLateral file cabinets are typically the default storage system most companies use. They’re sold everywhere you turn; they’re usually pretty affordable; and they’re a staple of office storage. But before you invest in more lateral file cabinets for your office, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself.

1. Will More File Storage Really Meet Our Needs?

Offices store so much more than just files. Supplies, boxes, binders, literature, forms, food, computer parts, and product samples are just a few of the things you might be storing in your office.

The problem is that none of those things were meant to be kept in file cabinets. So before you make the purchase, think about all the things you need to store, and if file cabinets are really the right choice.

One alternative that works just as well as lateral file cabinets for storing files but can also store other items you have in your office is rotary file cabinets. The rotary file cabinets have all kinds of accessories that make storing a variety of items possible, and they lock up tight to maintain secure access.

2. Do We Have the Space for More Lateral File Cabinets?

One cabinet here; one cabinet there…you might not think they take up a lot of space, but that’s just not true. If you were to group all your lateral file cabinets together, you could see that the amount of floor space they hog is astronomical.

And with leasing and building costs continually on the rise, lateral cabinets might be costing you way more money than they are worth. On the other hand, sliding mobile shelves will greatly reduce the amount of space you need to dedicate to storage.

By extending your storage vertically and stacking rows of shelves in front of each other, you maximize every inch of available space. And you have better access to all your stored files.

3. Are the Lateral File Cabinets Going to Help Productivity?

Employee productivity is a big deal. If your employees have trouble doing their jobs, then they are more likely to be unhappy. And unhappy workers equals unproductive workers.

So if your employees are opening and closing drawers all day to find the files they need, that’s a problem – a problem that more lateral file cabinets won’t solve. Instead, you might try open file shelving.

With open file shelving, employees can see every file without having to open a drawer and stand awkwardly to read the labels. Also, if you are worried about securing your files, you can easily add rolling doors to almost any type of open shelving.

Just because lateral file cabinets have been the default storage system in offices for years, doesn’t mean you need more of them. Asking these questions will help determine if more lateral cabinets are the right choice. More than likely though, there is another solution that will better meet your needs.

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Lateral Mobile Wire Shelving for Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Lateral Sliding Wire ShelvingBecause of the temperature regulation, refrigerated spaces like walk-in coolers and freezers aren’t cheap, and the spaces are usually very small. But when you have a lot of items to store like pharmaceutical supplies in healthcare industries or food stored at restaurants, you need a way to make use out of every inch of available space. And you also need storage that can handle the cold temperatures. That’s why lateral mobile wire shelving is the ideal storage solution for walk-in coolers and freezers.

How the Lateral Mobile Wire Shelving Works

The lateral mobile wire shelving condenses your storage footprint by stacking shelving units 2, 3, and 4 deep. The front units slide sideways on tracks to allow access to units stacked behind. This set-up will easily increase your storage capacity in much less space.

It’s also easy to keep your items stored on the shelves. Keeping the infrequently used items in the back, and the items that you need constant access to in the front, will help keep you productive and organized.lateral wire sliding mobile shelving

  • Includes floor tracks, wire shelving units, rolling carriages, and hardware
  • All units have adjustable shelves
  • Units are available as standard in chrome
  • Option to upgrade to rust and corrosion resistant zinc and stainless on special request
  • Do-it-yourself installation with only a drill, rubber mallet or hammer, and level
  • Limited one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Limited 15 year manufacturer’s corrosion warranty on zinc finish

Shop Now for Lateral Mobile Wire Shelving

You can find all of our lateral mobile wire shelving for your walk-in cooler or freeze online at StoreMoreStore. And if you have any special requests or questions about using the product, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

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4 Smart Storage Strategies to Get Your Office Organized

storage strategies to get offices organizedWe all pay lip service to organization. But how many of us actually practice it – especially at the office. There’s just so many other things to do that always seem to take priority. Getting your office organized can seem like a time-consuming, budget-busting task. However, with the right storage strategies, you can get organized fast. And do it without spending a ton of money.

1. Centralize Your Storage into One Area

Do you have lateral file cabinets littering your office? If so, you might not be aware of how much space they’re actually taking up. Or how much time your employees spend wandering around searching for items.

The first thing to do is designate one specific area for storage. And if you are afraid that you’re your lateral cabinets just won’t fit in one area, try stacking them in front of each other and putting them on tracks.

More than likely the tracked lateral file cabinet system will give you more than enough room. And since you are using your existing file cabinets, you won’t have to take the time to re-arrange your files or spend a bunch of money on a new storage system.

2. Start Small with Just Your Desk or Cubicle

Changing the storage for your whole office might be too much for you to take on right away. So just like with setting small goals instead of one big goal, you can focus solely on your immediate work area to start.

If you have a large pile of papers on your desk, work to organize them into folders. Designate the items in the folders based on a system that works for you. For example, you can have one folder dedicated to items that need immediate attention, and when you’re done with them, put them in another folder for completed items.

You can even store the folders in compartments in your desk drawers, which is yet another system for grouping items together. This works especially well if loose paperwork isn’t your problem, but stacks of folders are.

3. Use Mail Sorters for Organizing More Than Just Mail

We’ve talked about this one before, but it’s so good, it should be mentioned again: use mail sorters for more than just mail. While they are excellent at storing and organizing mail, the sorters can be used for a variety of other things – organizing marketing collateral, storing forms, storing office supplies, etc. The list goes on and on.

The reason we keep advocating mail sorters is because they are so easy to adjust for multiple types of items and have a labeling system so you know what’s on each shelf with just a quick glance.

4. Get Your Boxes Off the Floor

It may seem like there’s no reason to bother properly storing boxes in shelving, but that’s just a lie we tell ourselves to not have to deal with them. The reality is that storing boxes stacked up on the floor creates many hazards:

  • People injuring themselves to lift heavy boxes
  • Boxes getting crushed under the weight of heavy items
  • Tripping hazards when the boxes aren’t put back in place
  • Possible water damage from boxes being on the floor
  • The risk of mice or other insects having easy access to your boxes

It really doesn’t create a pretty picture. With the right box shelving, you can easily install it with just a couple of tools. And then you just need a few people to help you load the shelves. It will be worth your time when you’re not facing the loss of important client information or a workers’ comp claim.

As you can see, getting your office organized doesn’t have to be a painful task when you have the right strategy. The idea is to get creative with the storage systems you use and to start small. Once you do that, you’ll be organized in no time!