Locker Benches and Pedestals by StoreMoreStore

Complete your locker room project with locker room benches from StoremoreStore. Our line of Locker Room Benches and Pedestals are available in multiple materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and steel. Provides easy installation. We have designed a bench and pedestal to withstand harsh conditions found in locker rooms, sports gyms, and school locker rooms.

ADA Locker Room Benches

Our ADA Benches come in laminate, wood, aluminum, and metal. Our laminated wood benches meet ADA seating area requirements. ADA benches are available in 42″ and 48″ widths with and without backrests. Benches without backrests are designed against a wall, while benches with backrests can be placed in an open area. ADA benches come with two pedestals. Each pedestal has two 3″ diameter tubes with 1/4″ thick welded on base plates and two anchoring holes.

Locker Benches

You will find our line has selections that will meet your needs. Our Standard wood benches (non-ADA) are available in 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, and 8′ widths. Standard benches come with two pedestals. Each pedestal has one 3″ diameter tube with 1/4″ thick welded on base plate with four anchoring holes. Our finishes vary from laminate bench seat finishes with black rubber edge banding. Pedestals are powder-coated black to a choice of hardwood bench seats. Pedestals are powder-coated black.

Gowning Benches offers gowning benches in chrome, wire, and stainless steel construction, allowing you to commit to cleanliness standards and provide ergonomic gowning areas for users. Some highlighted features of our wire gowning benches are:

  • Seats: Front and rear feature a rolled edge, with ends, turned down 90 deg. Electropolished and stainless steel finish available on all seats. 500-lb. weight capacity.
  • Perforated seats: 18″ wide. 3/4″ perforations on 1″ centers, allowing a 40% laminar flow.
  • Solid seats: 18″ wide. 14 gauge type 304.
  • Legs: 1″ (25mm) diameter posts, 18″ high, 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel. 72″ benches consist of six legs.
  • Footplates: 13 gauge stainless steel, triangular. Allows for the bench to be bolted to the floor if desired.
  • Undershelf: Features patented Quad-TrussĀ® design (patent #5,390,803). 14″ x 36″ wire shelf, type 304 stainless steel. 72″ benches consist of two 14″ x 36″ wire shelves with S-hooks.

Bench Pedestals for Locker Rooms

Bench pedestals for locker rooms are available in five different styles. Choose from cast iron, steel, aluminum, or stainless steel to match the right pedestal with your unique application. Some of our types include:

Standard Steel Pedestal (Color: Parchment)

Ten gauge sheet steel upright tubes with welded flanges. There are three holes in the base pedestal flange for floor anchoring (anchors not included) and three holes at the top flange for attaching to the benchtop (hardware included).

Stainless Steel Movable Pedestal (Color: Stainless Steel)

16 gauge stainless steel includes hardware for attaching a pedestal to the benchtop. Does not include floor anchors.

Aluminum Movable Pedestal (Color: Parchment)

Includes holes for optional permanent anchoring to the floor (anchors not included).

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Pedestal (Color: Parchment)

6″ diameter top and bottom base flanges with three anchoring holes (Includes hardware for attaching pedestal to benchtop). Does not include floor anchors.

Adjustable Pedestal (Color: Parchment)

Cast aluminum base with a 1.5″ adjustable schedule 40 pipe (vertical post). Includes concealed anchoring to the floor (anchors not included). Hardware for attaching the pedestal to the benchtop is included.

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