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Now more than ever, libraries have become necessary resources for their communities. Besides offering books on every subject imaginable, today’s libraries also provide digital resources, internet access, and meeting spaces for people of all ages and backgrounds. That means library storage must meet the multifaceted demands of today’s libraries.

Get Your Library Organized with Custom-Tailored Solutions 

In today's fast-paced, ever-evolving world, they serve as cultural touchpoints, providing a wealth of resources for people of all ages and backgrounds. From books exploring diverse subjects to meeting spaces that foster community engagement, modern libraries are spaces of multifaceted learning and growth. Library storage solutions must be strategically designed, organized, and implemented to meet these extensive demands. 

Benefits of Custom Tailored Library Storage 

The right library storage solutions provide several valuable benefits: 

Compact and comprehensive 

The right shelving solution can utilize space efficiently, leaving sufficient room for furniture and study areas. By optimizing floor footprint, libraries can accommodate more patrons comfortably, helping create a more welcoming and inclusive environment. 

Aesthetic appeal 

A well-organized, modern-looking library can significantly contribute to attracting more patrons. An updated storage solution coupled with sleek library furniture can bring your library up to the modern standard and aesthetics that today's patrons expect. 

Enhanced storage capacity 

Adequate and effective shelving can increase your library's storage capacity, enabling you to offer a wider range of materials to patrons. This expansion not only includes books but also digital resources, periodicals, and multimedia offerings. 

Promotes organization 

The primary purpose of shelving is to keep materials organized. However, custom-tailored solutions take this one step further, creating visually pleasing spaces that make finding and returning materials a breeze for both patrons and library staff. 

With the advantages of custom-tailored storage solutions clear, it's time to consider the products that can help you transform your library into a high-efficiency, patron-friendly space. 

5 Suggested Products for a Better Library 
A-Frame Shelving 

A-Frame shelving takes the concept of adaptability to new heights. The standalone units come with adjustable shelves catering to your storage and display requirements. They blend seamlessly with standard cantilever shelving and can accommodate modified shelves to deal with any changes in inventory or display needs. 

Most A-Frame shelving units feature steel end panels, which are easily removable and replaceable, further increasing adaptability. In addition, selected units can utilize custom end panels made of wood veneer, painted to match the library's frame, shelves, or existing wood elements. 

To top it off, these shelving units have wheeled casters that allow easy movement. This feature means your library layout can change as quickly and as often as your needs do, without any hassle. 

Media Shelving  

Multimedia sliding shelving systems are designed to store CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray disks, and other multimedia. The expandable shelving is available in multiple sizes and configurations and can be adjusted or added.  

Our shelving systems are perfect for storing and organizing library CDs, videos, and more! In addition, these shelves can be mounted on tracks to create a space-saving sliding shelving system for multimedia storage. 

Library Carts 

For a library, being dynamic and versatile is key. Library carts encapsulate these attributes, being double-sided structures with adjustable shelves that maximize space usage and make the distribution of books fast and easy.  

The wheels allow the carts to move freely, facilitating quick reconfiguration of the library space for events, get-togethers, or just a refresh of the layout. An additional benefit is these carts can be reshaped to accept smaller shelves for DVDs, roll-out browsing boxes, or other interchangeable display items. 

Cantilever Book Shelves 

Cantilever Book Shelves provide a perfect solution for space constraints. They utilize vertical space to double the shelving capacity without adding any additional floor area.  

Libraries of all kinds, from school to university libraries and public libraries, can benefit from their flexible design. They make it easy to reconfigure, adjust, and relocate items like books, notebooks, binders, file folders, record boxes, and more! 


Wall-mounted shelves are an innovative storage solution, making the most out of vertical space. Available as single or multi-wide units, the shelf brackets provide individual adjustability, making these ideal for different sizes and types of materials.  

These heavy-duty units are designed to safely and securely mount to wall studs without support from the floor. Wall-mounted bookshelves offer an appealing way to store and showcase materials, adjusting easily for various types of items, from books to multimedia. 

Why StoreMoreStore?  

At StoreMoreStore, we understand that every library has it’s own unique storage challenges and needs. Our comprehensive range of storage solutions anticipates and addresses the complex needs of your business.  

This understanding informs us of our commitment to providing customized solutions that meet the particular needs of your library. 

Let our Specialists Create a Tailored Solution  

Ready to embark on a journey towards unrivaled efficiency and care for your library? Our team of storage solutions experts is eager to assist you in selecting or creating the ideal solution for your needs. 

Whether you prefer to call us, chat with us, or send us an email, we are ready to respond with tailored solutions that ensure your space receives the attention it deserves.  

Reach out to our StoreMoreStore team today and unlock the potential for a redefined and optimized storage system.   

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