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Healthcare Market Highlight

Healthcare heroes do inspiring work supporting our communities and keeping everyone healthy. Creating smart medical storage systems can make staff lives easier by creating an organized, efficient work environment that allows them to focus on their jobs instead of searching for what they need. 

Optimize Your Healthcare Storage with Specialty Storage Solutions 

Healthcare heroes do inspiring work supporting our communities and keeping everyone healthy. Creating smart medical storage systems can make staff lives easier by creating an organized, efficient work environment that allows them to focus on their jobs instead of searching for what they need.  

From organizing patient records to securing essential medications and storing valuable equipment, medical supply storage supports the work of healthcare employees. Our solutions can help healthcare facilities stay organized, efficient, and sanitary. 

Benefits of Specialty Storage 
Organize Your Space 

In the bustling environment of a healthcare facility, physicians and nurses are always on their feet, attending to the needs of patients. In such a scenario, time is of the essence. Having a well-organized storage system saves these healthcare professionals the trouble of fumbling around for supplies or medications.  

Specialty healthcare storage provides a clear, streamlined organization for medical tools, paperwork, and patient items, enabling staff to locate what they need swiftly and efficiently. This improves response times, increases productivity, and allows healthcare providers to focus more of their attention on patient care. 

Sort and Secure Medications 

For any healthcare facility, the pharmacy represents a vital organ; a well-functioning pharmacy ensures patient treatment regimens can progress without disruption. Specialty healthcare storage steps in to streamline medication storage, ensuring each drug is sorted and secured in an organized manner.  

Our storage solutions provide designated spaces for each type of medicine, allowing staff to retrieve and replace medications accurately and quickly. Secure storage reduces the risk of misuse or accidental mishandling of critical medications, enhancing overall safety within the facility. 

Promote a Clean, Sanitary Environment 

When dealing with patient care, particularly in areas that see high traffic or the use of hazardous materials, maintaining a sterile environment becomes paramount. Specialty healthcare storage solutions contribute significantly to this objective. 

3 Custom Healthcare Products to Implement 
Pharmacy Workstations and Shelving 

Our impressive collection of medical workstations help increase profitability by saving money on managing space and inventory. Our pharmacy cabinets represent a unique space-saving design while optimizing pharmacy workflows. In addition, our pharmacy workstations allow for maximum flexibility in your working environment. This system’s design perfectly fits the medical community, from pharmacist workstations to private patient care. 

A few of our highlighted features of our pharmacy workstations include: 

  • Durable construction: Workstations are constructed with high-quality materials, such as laminate and steel. 
  • Kick Plate Integration: Steel kick plate bases with leveling feet protect from wear and tear.  
  • Custom Finishes: Our workstations come in four different color schemes to match your hospital or space aesthetics. 
  • Easy Assembly: Assembly instructions are provided with every material purchase. 
  • Warranty: A three-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty is included when purchasing our products. 
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Lab Furniture 

Laboratory and science casework is crafted with the unique needs of labs in mind, allowing your staff to be organized and efficient. From science laboratories and healthcare facilities to schools and universities, any organization with a laboratory can benefit from lab casework. 

We offer various lab casework furniture, including cabinets, benches, countertops, workstations, shelving, and more. You can purchase one of our pre-made kits that are ready to use. 

In addition to casework, we have a selection of stainless steel cabinets that provide safe storage for lab equipment and specimens. Options include larger freestanding lab storage cabinets or smaller wall-mounted cabinets, providing convenient storage without additional floor space. You can opt for flat or sloped tops, glass doors for visibility, and more customizations.  

Medication & Narcotics Cabinets 

For secure storage of narcotics or other restricted products, medication, and narcotic cabinets have a locking mechanism so that only authorized personnel can access their contents. 

We offer double-door narcotics cabinets. These secure cabinets offer an ideal solution for storing controlled substances, particularly when a smaller amount is involved. These cabinets are equipped with dual locks, each keyed differently, ensuring restricted access to sensitive items. 

The double-lock system enhances security and safeguards medications by requiring accountability. To maintain optimal safety, keys should ideally be held by separate staff members. This way, unsupervised access to the cabinet's contents is virtually impossible, consequently reducing the risk of narcotics theft or misuse. 

The cabinets, coated with powder steel for durability, are offered in a variety of models. Among these options, wall-mounted units are a popular choice.  

We also offer single-door storage cabinets. These cabinets are readily available, providing an alternative to the double-door design. They come equipped with a dual-keylock system for added security.  

Why StoreMoreStore? 

At StoreMoreStore, we have a comprehensive catalog of storage solutions cleverly designed to handle the unique needs of healthcare professionals. We understand that every healthcare institution, like a unique patient profile, has specific needs and challenges.  

Our storage specialists are dedicated to delivering customized solutions catering to the individual requirements of each healthcare provider. Your medical equipment, patient files, and valuable pharmaceuticals require exceptional protection and efficient organization.  

Our storage solutions, designed with healthcare professionals in mind, are structured to provide superior protection, preservation, and accessibility. 

Create a Custom Solution with Our Team 

Our team of storage solution experts is eager to assist you in selecting or crafting the ideal solution to address your unique needs. We recognize that each healthcare facility, whether a hospital, clinic or private facility, has unique storage needs and challenges. 

Whether you want to connect with us through a phone call, chat, or email, we are all set to provide tailored solutions to ensure your medical facility's storage system is perfectly streamlined.  

Don't wait! Connect with our StoreMoreStore team today. 

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