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Museum Industry Highlight

As a center of culture, a museum displays historical pieces and is responsible for protecting and preserving them. StoreMoreStore’s Museum storage solutions, like storage racks, shelves, and carts, can help organize and store pieces. 

Exploring StoreMoreStore’s Museum Storage Solutions  

So, who needs customized museum storage solutions? All establishments housing collections of valuable and varied content need efficient storage solutions. They include: 

  • Art museums 
  • History museums 
  • Art galleries 
  • Halls of fame 
  • Private collectors

Our solutions allow artwork, historical collections, specimens, and more to be enjoyed for generations. 

Let's delve deeper into why museums need targeted and customized storage. 

Benefits of Personalized Collection Storage 

Protecting a museum’s collection is central to its mission. These pieces are invaluable – a painting, a historical document, an artifact, each bears a unique tale waiting to unfold. Therefore, every artwork or artifact must be housed in conditions that safeguard its physical and aesthetic integrity.  

Space Efficiency 

Museums, art galleries, and history enthusiasts know that managing space can be a pressing challenge. Increasingly, budget constraints underscore the importance of a strategy that maximizes space. Effective storage solutions can turn every inch of available space into an organized, smart space. A systematic and space-efficient arrangement optimizes costs without compromising the quality of care for the artifacts. 


The diversity of art pieces and artifacts requires that storage solutions accommodate various sizes, shapes, and types of items. Here, customization shines through. A one-size-fits-all approach cannot address the varying needs of different pieces. Therefore, the customization of storage solutions is instrumental in the care and preservation of a collection.

Our product offerings are designed to cater to these unique storage needs. Here's a detailed insight into our key products and their unique benefits: 

Our Top Picks for Flexible Storage 
Pull-Out Art Racks 

Artwork needs a storage solution that protects them while allowing easy access. Our pull-out art panel storage racks provide both. Features include heavy-duty mesh panels, which can safely store framed paintings on either side. The modular pull-out art racks roll on guide wheels, have built-in foot brakes, and slide smoothly for safe operation. 

The breathable screens are available in four different patterns in addition to the standard woven wire and punched screen options. The modular panels are available in exclusive welded wire and aesthetic punched triangle configurations. You can choose which perforation style best suits your hanging preferences for artwork. 

Art Panels 

We offer art panels in two styles: wall-mounted and freestanding. Both wall-mounted and freestanding panels provide space-effective storage and an aesthetic solution for your framed and hanging art pieces.  

The robust wire mesh panels and sturdy mounting brackets or legs keep the artwork safe - from the smallest sketches to the largest canvases. These panels are perfect for museums or galleries that need functional display options without sacrificing secure storage. 

Wall-mounted art display panels hang on walls to provide a safe and efficient place to hang artwork. The wire mesh screens can be combined into configurations of virtually any size and are a perfect way to convert a sizeable unused wall into storage space. Wall-mounted art display panels are a practical solution for storing large works of art. 

Freestanding art display panels consist of two mesh screens combined in a 16-gauge steel frame. The two screens ensure no interference with hooks on either side. The framework finish is a non-reactive solvent-free powder coating with no off-gassing. The freestanding art storage racks are available in a range of colors and are an excellent way to hang and display artwork safely. 

Garment Racks 

Clothing articles need special care, whether they're costumes, vintage apparel, or designer outfits. Our garment storage solutions cater to this need and more. Our garment racks are designed for easy access while maximizing storage density.  

We offer the following garment storage options: 

Locking garment storage: Garment storage cabinets have locking doors to keep hanging clothes stored securely to prevent theft or deterioration from dust and light exposure. 

Mobile Garment Racks: This sanitary shelving solution is designed with adjustable wire shelves that slide into a compact footprint. All have chrome-plated posts and hygienic wire shelving that users can rearrange to create optimal storage conditions. 

Wall-mounted Garment Racks: These racks provide a flexible storage solution and are mounted on your walls. Configurations include adjustable shelf rails to customize the storage levels to meet your specific application requirements. 

Wire Garment Racks: Another sanitary storage solution that keeps garments clean and wrinkle-free, wire-hanging clothing racks are available in stationary and mobile configurations. Create high-density clothing storage in less space than traditional shelving. 

From cabinets with locking doors to dust-free storage and wire mobile garment racks, our solutions ensure your precious clothing collections remain in top condition. 

Box Shelving 

Documents and other smaller artifacts often require specific types of storage. Our Box Shelving units are engineered to provide maximum storage for letter/legal file boxes.  

They are available as stationary single-entry wall units or double-entry freestanding units, providing versatile solutions for your various needs.  

Our single-stack file box storage racks allow add-on racks to attach to starter units and allow easy extensions as your storage needs grow.  

Double-stack file box storage shelves allow the maximum amount of letter and legal boxes to be stored in the least amount of space, freeing up valuable floor space. 

The shelving can be fixed for long-term storage in a particular area or mobile for easily transporting boxes around your facility. 

Why StoreMoreStore? 

At StoreMoreStore, we understand that every museum is as unique as the artifacts in your collection. Our comprehensive range of storage solutions anticipates and addresses the complex needs of your business. 

This understanding informs us of our commitment to providing customized solutions that meet the particular needs of your museum. Your collection deserves the utmost protection and preservation, and our storage solutions are designed to offer just that.

Let our Specialists Create a Tailored Solution 

Ready to embark on a journey towards unrivaled efficiency and care for your collection? Our team of storage solutions experts is eager to assist you in selecting or creating the ideal solution for your needs.

Whether you prefer to call us, chat with us, or send us an email, we are ready to respond with tailored solutions that ensure your precious collections receive the attention they deserve.

Reach out to our StoreMoreStore team today and unlock the potential for a redefined and optimized storage system for your valuable collection.  

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