Filing System Solutions: Open Shelving, File Pockets & Tabbies Handles

There is More to Your Filing System than Meets the EyeOpen Shelving

There is more to your filing system than the cabinet they’re stored in. A well thought out filing system will not only save valuable floor space, it will also increase worker productivity so that employees can spend more time actually working instead of searching for files. Need an example to understand the difference?

Instead of keeping files organized alphabetically in bulky lateral file cabinets, you can keep them stored on open shelving in redrope file pockets. The open shelving will increase your storage capacity over the lateral cabinets, and files will be visible for easy retrieval. The redrope file pockets have the additional benefit of grouping similar and like files together for even more efficient organization.

Redrope File PocketsWant to know more about Redrope File Pockets?

Redrope file pockets are a great way to keep folders organized. You can group folders together and keep them stored in the redrope file pocket because it has an expanding gusset. This is a great solution for lawyers that have many different files in many different folders that are all part of one case. You can keep each folder in just one redrope file pocket and have the whole case in one easy to access location.

Want Even More Convenience in Your Filing System?Tabbies handles

To make the redrope file pockets even more convenient, you can attach a Tabbies handle. It allows you to pull on it when you are reaching for a file instead of the redope’s gusset. The handle is made of ultra durable Tyvek®, which is the same material used in high quality shipping envelopes, so you know it won’t tear. The Tabbies handles also have space for you to label the contents of the pocket and come in 6 different colors that make for easy file recognition.

Ready to Order these Amazing Products?

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