Police Vehicle Gun Lockers | SUV Sedan Trunk Weapon Storage

Police & Security Vehicle Gun Lockers

Firearms, like any other object, can be lost, stolen, or misplaced. Unfortunately, the consequences can be much more dire than forgetting where someone put a key ring. In addition, it’s also – obviously – difficult to keep track of assets (especially those used in the field) when you don’t know where they are. Police vehicle gun lockers are designed to address these concerns all while improving officer and civilian safety.

Officers can mount these lockers into the trunk or rear cargo area of any standard police vehicle including Sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Weapons, ammo, and other gear remain locked and out of sight within the tamper-proof 14-gauge steel locker body. But when duty calls, what makes this locker stand out is its patented quick deployment system. Instead of handling keys or keeping track of PINs, the lockers open with a remote control. This means that officers can open the lockers before they even get to the back of their vehicle – a valuable time-saver especially when lives are on the line. When officers can do their job quickly and efficiently, safety improves for everyone.

Vehicle Gun Locker Features

police suv trunk weapon locker
  • Durable and tamper-proof 14-gauge galvannealed steel
  • Patented quick deployment system
  • Remote open feature for quick access
  • Secure construction and reliable locking mechanism
  • Keeps weapons out of sight even with the trunk or back hatch open
  • Stores weapons without taking up space in the cargo area or trunk bed
  • Protects weapons from dust and weather
  • Manual key included for added security (in case of disabled vehicle or lost remote)
  • Fits most standard police vehicles including Ford Interceptor Utility, Ford Intercept Sedan, Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Durango, Dodge Charger, and more
  • Simple design with standard dimensions make it easy to transfer the lockers between vehicle platforms
  • Secure weapon storage while leaving access to the spare tire
  • Units are available to law enforcement and security-related personnel only

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Vehicle weapon lockers are available to buy online and ship within 15-20 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Tablet Phone Wall Lockers | Storage Cabinets Key Padlock Compartments

tablet-phone-wall-lockersElectronic tablet and phone wall lockers or storage cabinets with key and padlock secured compartments protect valuables from theft while saving space. Unlike others designed to do the same, these provide more security through two locking mechanisms. Due to the added theft protection systems provide, users have more peace of mind about the safety of their possessions. If stuff gets lost or damaged, facilities have limited to no liability since locks are keyed differently.

It should provide many with reason enough to invest in the durable solutions. This includes schools and more which prohibit electronics use to keep everyone safe. Read on if you need more assurance in the units’ ability to meet security and space needs.

Space-saving storage cabinets

To save space, the durable steel storage cabinets with key and padlock accessible compartments allow secure installation to walls or flat surfaces. While hanging there or sitting elsewhere, users have safer access to the floor. System doors open wide enough to allow everyone comfortable access to the interior and anything it holds, helping eliminate injury.

Furthermore, leaning iPads against the interior compartment wall allows students enough space to store wallets, car keys and sunglasses in one convenient place. No one then risks losing anything and jeopardizing their safety while changing classes. Since openings allow independent use, everyone avoids sacrificing personal privacy while on school grounds.

Tablet & phone wall lockers

storage-cabinets-key-padlock-compartmentsThe electronic tablet and phone wall lockers have blank metal number plates to ensure organized use in crowded school hallways. Furthermore, systems include hardware and mounting brackets to simplify installation and speed use.

Construction: Made from with 20 gauge steel body and 21 gauge steel doors durable enough to provide reliable service that lasts.

Mountable: Systems allow wall mounting or can sit on a flat surface to save space.

Openings: Inside dimensions of openings measure 5″ wide by 10″ high.

Lock Type: Locks keyed differently (two keys per door); one master key to allow secure yet convenient access in an emergency.

Assembly: Units ship assembled to allow simple installation and faster use.

Color: Configurations come in a sleek black color that provides a polished look.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

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Tablet and phone wall lockers are available to buy online and ship within five to seven days. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786- 7667.


Rolling File Box Shelving Carts on Mobile Dolly Base

Rolling File Box Shelving

rolling file box shelving carts

Looking for an easier way to transport those heavy archival and file boxes across your facility? Then rolling file box shelving carts are a simple and effective solution that meets all of your needs at a great price.

Designed for durability and ease of use, the carts provide a much faster and safer alternative to heavy box transport than carrying them by hand or loading them on smaller, less practical carts. The dolly base is available with 3 choices of casters and has a 14-gauge welded steel frame that can hold up to 1,200 lbs, making them great for archival and file boxes as well as other items like parts and equipment. This versatility makes them great for material handling, retail, commercial, office, and record storage applications.

Also included is 5/8″ particle board wood decking, which has a great look at a lower price than plywood or lumber. With its lightweight properties, it also makes the cart even easier to handle and transport. And if you’re environmentally conscious, particle board is an eco-friendly material that produces no waste in manufacturing.

Additionally, these carts come with a volume discount when you buy at least 3. See the product page linked below for more details.

mobile dolly file box carts


  • Sturdy 14-gauge steel construction
  • Angle post uprights punched on 1-1/2″ centers allow easy beam adjustment
  • Four beams included per level
  • 5/8″ particle board wood decking
  • Dolly base has a 14-gauge welded steel frame and 1,200 lbs. capacity
  • Dolly available with 5″ x 1-1/4″ polyurethane casters, 8″ x 2″ rubber casters, or 8″ x 2-1/2″ pneumatic casters
  • Gray baked enamel finish
  • Ships unassembled
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

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Rolling file box shelving carts are available to buy online and ship within 5-7 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Steel Laminate Rustproof Lockers Heavy Duty Bulk Wire Storage Cabinets

Through the years, locker designs have grown to include more than metal ones with a lasting reputation. Today, you can find everything from steel, laminate, and rustproof lockers to heavy duty or bulk wire storage cabinets online. All have an efficient capacity to protect stored materials from theft and tampering.

Furthermore, as more professionals embrace the “working smarter” concept, businesses have made changes to the office infrastructure and tools. Even lockers have more functionality and modern aesthetics. Experts say it’s due to increased demands for privacy, security, versatility and more. Read on to learn about some on the market that best meet these needs.

Economical Steel Lockers

steel budget lockersDepending on the chosen configuration, the ever-popular steel lockers can address affordability, bacteria growth prevention, electronics safety concerns and more. Continue reading to learn more.

Budgetary steel lockers are a good choice to use in schools that often must economize to meet students’ growing needs. Unlike higher-priced alternatives, units feature a no-frills door handle. Simple in design, the friction pull handle includes a padlock lug that fits theft protection padlocks.

Furthermore, the affordable systems have doors with a louvered design that allow airflow. It prevents dust accumulation to keep items secured inside clean. You’ll also find shelves and hooks to hang or store and organize clothing, books, and more on the interior.

All have 6″ legs as a standard but are available without them for a nominal charge. Some other features that help enhance value without adding to the cost include:

  • Aluminum number plates with silver etched numbers provided with hardware to ensure organized use during crowded times. Students then avoid opening the wrong compartment when running behind and can get to class without delay.
  • All locker parts are coated with a seven stage zinc/iron phosphate solution to prevent corrosion that occurs from placing metals under too much stress, which can cause it to crack.
  • The economy-style steel lockers can even have matching closed side and front base plate accessories added if you want a more versatile solution.

Lockers Protect Against Bacterial Growth

steel anti-microbial lockersOther durable steel lockers provide lasting protection against bacteria, mold, yeast and mildew growth due to its anti-microbial powder coating. Furthermore, units provide a safe and sanitary storage environment. Anyone from nursing homes to hospital emergency rooms can use it to secure and organize medical equipment and more. Systems’ compartment doors lock with a personal padlock or optional built-in locks to prevent valuable supplies from being stolen or tampered with.

Like the budgetary steel lockers, these configurations have doors with louvered design. It allows airflow to prevent dust buildup and keep equipment clean and dry. Each includes a stainless steel handle that promotes cleanliness to keep germs from spreading between shift staff. It features a recessed design that adds a seamless look without risking premature breakage or ineffective performance. This style handle also protects the finish from being marred by the user-provided security padlock.

You’ll find shelves and hooks that provide a safe space to hang or store and organize uniforms, garments and more on the interior. Users can even specify that the inside has optional coat rods for a nominal cost if wanting more versatile storage. All units have 6″ legs as a standard but are available without them for a nominal fee.

Steel Cell Phone Tablet & Wallet Lockers

steel cell phone tablet & wallet wall lockersDo you have small electronics and valuables that need secure accommodation while on police patrol, teaching, or swimming at a community recreation center? An increasing number of facilities have sturdy steel lockers to store tablets, wallets, and more. With convenient and secure access to the storage, you can keep cell phones and car keys safe. It prevents everyone from getting distracted or losing personal property while on shift, leading academic lessons, or exercising.

Police agencies, schools, and gyms that still need the storage can choose from many configurations. This includes steel cell phone lockers that can stand alone on the floor or mount to the wall to save space. Those that attach to the wall or sit on another flat surface have doors that are keyed differently to prevent unauthorized access. Furthermore, units include a padlock hasp and key lock that provide more security against material theft and tampering.

Management can use the master key to open all locker compartments in an emergency or unexpected facility closure due to inclement weather. Units have blank metal number plates to ensure organized use, plus hardware and mounting brackets to speed installation. All ship assembled to allow simple installation and faster use.

Freestanding Steel Cell Phone Lockers

steel cell phone & tablet lockersThe freestanding steel cell phone and tablet lockers come with sloped tops to prevent users from leaving belongings there. Unable to store anything on it, no one gets injured from items that could fall off. Units also feature hinged doors that open wide enough to allow users ergonomic item access, preventing injury during operation.

Systems include padlock lugs that can accommodate user-provided security padlocks to keep stored materials from being stolen or tampered with. Users can also open and close each compartment independently, ensuring privacy in public spaces. Configurations ship assembled to allow easy installation and faster use.

Steel Phone Wall Lockers

steel cell phone & wallet wall lockersTo save space, mount other mini compartment cell phone and wallet steel lockers to the wall. It frees up the floor, allowing users safer access and facilities to use the footprint in a more productive capacity. Since units can fit many locking options, you have the flexibility to pick the one that meets specific security needs. Choose from:

  • Padlock hasps that can accommodate a user-provided padlock to prevent stored valuables from being vandalized or stolen.
  • Security key locks with optional master keys
  • Keypad electronic locks with pin code controlled keyless access

Furthermore, systems include individual number plates to ensure organized use in crowded military bases, police departments, and factories. All configurations ship assembled to simplify the installation process and ensure faster use.

Attractive Wood Laminate Lockers

wood laminate lockersWood laminate lockers have an attractive look that offices, gyms, hospitals, and more want. These environments feel warmer and more inviting due to its pleasing aesthetics. Furthermore, employees and health club members feel more comfortable using the amenities to secure backpacks.

System doors include a hasp with optional key locks and padlock locks to prevent theft and tampering. Single-tier units’ interior has shelving and coat hook accessories for organized access to your belongings. Double-tier options can include coat hooks to hang jackets or sweaters that users want to keep organized. These items then avoid falling onto the floor while hanging on the back of work desk chairs and creating a safety hazard.

The attractive wood laminate lockers include non-fastened 4″ high black bases in the price to ensure affordability. Configurations have 1/2″ opening between the door and frame on the top and bottom to ensure unresisted airflow. Nothing gets covered in dust while secured inside them, promoting clean material use during retrieval.

Systems allow some flexibility during design with optional accessories. These include matching end panels, fillers, and back panels to cap ends and backs, as well as fill gaps between the wall and lockers.

Laminate Parcel Management Lockers

laminate parcel management lockersOther laminate lockers that have grown in popularity due to an increase in online shopping include those which simplify parcel management. Retailers and more can use them to streamline package drop-off and delivery 24/7.

Consumers or property tenants get notified about mail deliveries through text message or email. Recipients then use a four-digit pin code provided in the communication to open the locked compartment and retrieve the contents. Systems have keyless electronic locks that regulate access to prevent improper package handling.

Rustproof lockers

rustproof lockersMade from galvannealed steel with a powder coat finish, rustproof lockers provide maximum protection against corrosion. Since systems can prevent rust buildup, they’re an excellent choice to use outdoors, in humid spaces or near wet pool areas. All have the long-lasting durability to withstand scratch damage from heavy use in hot or moist conditions.

Configurations have doors with a louvered design that allows airflow to keep stuff secured inside clean and dry. This includes towels and clothing that users need to change into after swimming. Some units have stainless steel recessed handles with gravity lift latching mechanisms secure enough to prevent theft. Others come with a projecting catch pull that can fit a security padlock or built-in lock. A few also include hooks to hang garments that users want organized access to.

Oversized Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets

oversized heavy duty storage cabinetsHeavy duty storage cabinets or lockers come in many styles designed to meet military, police, first- responder, and industrial application needs. Options range from ones large enough to secure bulky duty bags to others that store uniforms and more. Read on to learn the difference between configurations and pick the one that fits your budget and application needs.

The first heavy duty storage cabinets or lockers have a larger design that can store and secure oversized items. This includes gear bags that police, servicemen, or first-responders use and suitcases which airport passengers travel with. Users have some flexibility during design since configurations can have optional door styles. These include:

  • Ones with a solid design provide extra security, keeping stored belongings from public view. Unable to see anything inside, no one feels compelled to investigate the contents further. Nothing gets damaged due to improper handling, ensuring efficient performance during tactical missions or medical emergencies.
  • Those with a louvered design allow airflow to prevent dust accumulation, keeping everything clean and dry during storage. Nothing smells stale, ensuring sanitary use with every wear.
  • Others that have a perforated design provide the same benefit, plus efficient visibility to simplify inventory verification. It allows users to avoid touching secured equipment while doing mandatory checks before shift or deployment.

Every durable unit can include optional solid or ventilated diamond perforation side panels too if you want security or airflow throughout. All have lever-type handles with padlock lugs that include a 3-point latching system to prevent unlawful access. Systems have a paint finish applied using a specialized coating process that resists corrosion and improves paint adhesion.

Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Cabinets

heavy duty industrial storage cabinetsOther durable heavy duty storage cabinets or lockers designed to store uniforms, personal protection equipment and more come in many configurations.

Heavy duty wardrobe uniform lockers have the durability to last a lifetime, even under heavy use in industrial oil refineries, labs, and more. Some systems have doors with a louvered design, allowing airflow to prevent dust buildup. Others have an open design and provide the same benefit to keep items stored in harsh workplaces clean.

Do you need some way to discourage employees from leaving belongings on locker tops? Experts can provide sloped tops that prevent users from doing this on designated lockers. No one ends up getting injured, allowing facilities to ensure everyone’s health and safety. For a nominal fee, other locker types can have the same component too.

All configurations have door handles that include a 3-point locking system with a padlockable handle that can fit a user padlock to prevent theft. Some come with hanger rods, wall or ceiling hooks on the interior to hang garments that employees want organized access to. Systems ship assembled to allow easy installation and faster use.

Bulk Wire Storage Cabinets

bulk wire storage cabinetsBulk wire storage cabinets allow affordable, safe, and secure use in condos and apartment complexes. Tenants who live in these communities can use the space it provides to protect seasonal household wares and more. Systems allow air to circulate, preventing stored items from collecting dust during prolonged non-use. Units have an ergonomically formed steel handle with a single-point thru-the-handle latching padlock hasp that can fit a security padlock.

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Steel, laminate and rustproof lockers are available to buy online and ship within two to four weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Adjustable Textile Display Racks | Fabric Swatch Book Storage Hanger Bars

Adjustable textile display racks

Adjustable textile display racks or fabric swatch book storage have hanger bars and shelves flexible enough to organize materials in less space. They’re great to use in bridal boutiques that sell special occasion formal wear. Read on to learn why experts say these shops should have sample squares on hand. It could provide you with reason enough to invest in the durable shelving.

Finding the perfect wedding and bridesmaid dresses through the World Wide Web can be tricky. Reasons as to why can range, but a few include:

  • Poor picture quality. It does not allow Internet users to see the intricate detailing of a gown. Even if you try to magnify an image, it still looks blurry.
  • Colors can vary from screen to screen, too.

Being able to refer the adjustable textile display racks while in-store would save brides-to-be money and simplify the order processing. Bridal parties can see, feel, and try on sample gowns made from the same material. No one ends up putting a deposit down on a dress that doesn’t look or fit as expected. Rather, everyone leaves the shop feeling happy about the purchase they’ve made.

Durable fabric swatch book storage

The durable fabric swatch book storage features an open design that allows airflow to keep sample squares clean. Organized items hanging from flexible hanger bars avoid getting covered in dust during unproductive use. Users must slide samples stored in the small footprint back and forth along rods to get a better view. It helps simplify browsing and referencing while allowing retailers to keep everything organized in less space.

Construction: Made from all-steel construction durable enough to provide years of reliable service.

Uprights: Closed side panel uprights made from 18-gauge steel that provides added durability to ensure long-lasting use.

Shelves: Intermediate shelf can accommodate adjustments on 1-1/2″ increments, allowing users to create optimal storage conditions.

Fabric Rods: Steel fabric rods/mounting brackets accommodate adjustments on 1-1/2″ increments, allowing users to optimize the small-space footprint and prevent damage.

Kickplates: One 2″ bottom kickplate designed to prevent items from rolling under the unit.

Finish: Durable powder coat finish provides a clean and attractive look.

Assembly: Units ship unassembled.

warranty: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Made in the USA

Buy adjustable textile display racks online

Adjustable textile display racks are available to buy online and ship within three to four weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Warehouse Strip Door Curtains | Clear Vinyl Industrial Barriers

Warehouse strip door curtains are an easy and cost-effective way to separate environments, save energy, and improve workflow efficiency. Depending on your application, we have both pedestrian and industrial-grade strip door curtains available to buy online.

warehouse strip door curtains

Unlike standard doors, the strip door curtains allow people and machinery to pass through without needing to physically open the door. While “opening doors” may be on your list of non-issues, the extra motions–stop, open, pass through (sometimes after setting a doorstop), and manually close–can accumulate to a lot of wasted time and effort, especially for environments that prohibit doors from being open all the time.

Secondly, warehouse strip door curtains minimize energy loss and keep out dust, fumes, weather, and noise. But for maximum energy savings, we recommend the industrial-grade curtains. Because these curtains have strips with a 66% overlap, they interlock together for a tighter seal that prevents more air loss. In addition to energy savings, the strip door curtains also help maintain temperature control for specific areas. This is particularly useful for cooler and freezer applications.

Additionally, due to its polypropylene mounting brackets, the strip curtains reduce installation time by 90% compared to other products. Once you mount them on the wall or under the door header, just hook the strips on and you’re ready to go.

clear vinyl industrial barrier curtains

General Features

  • Warp-resistant vinyl door strips with concave/convex overlap
  • Rounded strips eliminate sharp protrusions
  • Temperature resistance from -10°F to 150°F
  • Pre-punched strips quickly and easily hook onto mounting brackets
  • Glass-filled polypropylene mounting brackets reduce installation time by 90% and provide extra strength and stability
  • Transparent finish
  • Ships unassembled
  • Fire-resistant and self-extinguishing
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Pedestrian Curtain Features

  • Dual mounting design allows brackets to be attached under door headers (recessed mounted) or to the wall (surface mounted)
  • 8″ wide x .0.08″ thick strips with 50% overlap

Industrial Curtain Features

  • Available with surface or recessed mounting brackets as indicated on models
  • 12″ wide x .120″ thick strips with 66% overlap (4″ on each side) for more secure sealing
  • UV stabilizers protect against fading and yellowing
  • Available with scratch-resistant strip options that interlock for a tighter and more energy efficient seal
  • Outer end strips are orange colored for safety

Buy Warehouse Strip Door Curtains Online

Warehouse strip door curtains are available to buy online and ship within 5-7 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Pallet Rack Guard Panels | Wire Mesh Safety Back Racking

Think about your pallet racks. Now think about how safe they are.

If the answer to that makes you sweat, there’s good news: pallet racks and what’s stored on them can cause various hazards, but pallet rack safety is very easy to improve. One solution is with pallet rack guard panels, which attach directly to the back of your existing rack uprights. This keeps stored items secure from falling or shifting and keeps your employees safe. Unlike netting that is designed to catch falling items, the wire panels keep anything from falling in the first place.

pallet rack guard panels

Each of the pallet rack guard panels has mounting brackets that allow it to attach directly to the rack. These mounting brackets are available in flush or offset options; simply choose the one you want on the product page before adding the panel to your cart. Offset brackets, which are available in 1″ – 3″ or 4″ – 6″ sizes, allow loads to overhang the rack beams to prevent damage when loading. The panels can also be mounted to support posts if you have a standalone system.

It’s easy to combine the panels to reach the height you need by stacking the panels on top of each other. You can install the panels on or above the floor depending on the level of protection you need.

Installing the panels is a breeze. We provide all the hardware you need, and the angle frame design allows clear access to it for installation. However, the assembly hardware is inaccessible from the panel’s exterior so you can prevent any potential tampering or security concerns.


  • 10-gauge welded wire 2″ x 2″ square mesh panels with 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ 13-gauge roll-formed angle frame
  • Custom size panels available
  • Grey acrylic enamel standard finish; also available with yellow, black, red, blue, orange, tan, and white on request
  • Brackets designed for use with tear drop pallet racks; brackets for other upright types available on request
  • Flush or offset brackets (1″ – 3″ or 4″ – 6″ options) attach directly to panels; offset brackets allow extra space between the pallet and the bracket to allow loads to overhang
  • Flat steel stiffeners welded behind mesh for extra rigidity
  • All hardware included
  • Ships unassembled
  • One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Pallet Rack Guard Panels Online

Pallet rack guard panels are available to buy online and ship within 15-20 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Artwork Collection Storage for National State Park Museums

Park Museum Art Storage

National and state park museums commonly include rotating artwork exhibits, which require careful storage and display as any other collection. We have a variety of artwork collection storage solutions available to buy online for your convenience.

Unfortunately, most paintings are extremely delicate, and a variety of factors contribute to eventual deterioration. Proper storage and handling go a long way toward keeping paintings preserved for the long term. During storage, curators must protect artwork from multiple damaging factors such as light, pests, and improper handling. By practicing preventative conservation, curators avoid costly and time-consuming treatments.

Best Artwork Collection Storage Practices

Some best long-term artwork collection storage practices include:

  • Whether storing a high-dollar art collection or sentimental works that you’d like to display in the future, think about where to keep everything. Then, test the area’s average humidity to ensure it’s moderate. Use somewhere cool and dry that doesn’t exceed 70 degrees, rather than moist spaces.
  • Changes in temperature can cause materials to expand and contract, leading to damage and deformation. This could include wrapping, discoloration, and mold growth that take time and money to eliminate. When in doubt, dark and windowless environments provide the safest long-term preservation conditions.
  • Wipe away any unsanitary dust or dirt that could compromise the paintings’ integrity during this time. Use soft, fresh microfiber cloths rather than harsh products to clean framed work. You can spray wood or metal frames and sculptures with a quality polish, too.
  • Framed items should have cardboard corners to protect it and the structure. Then, place supportive padding such as bubble wrap around the entire work. Secure the layer in place with tape or string. To ensure items have added dust and moisture protection, wrap them in breathable material.
  • Avoid rolling unframed works such as canvas paintings. Despite being an easier and cheaper technique, experts advise against it. If rolled up too long, it could have permanent creases and cracks in the paint. Wrap these in air and water-resistant material and secure them between sturdy foam or cardboard. Then, put it in a protective bag made from breathable material to prevent deterioration due to dust and moisture damage.

Safely Position Artwork Collections

The safest way to position artwork collections during storage depends on the medium. Read on to learn the proper techniques when handling a few specific works.

  • To prevent damage, national and state park museums should place framed works in a standing position rather than one on top of the other. Pieces could collapse from the stress of their own weight if stacked.
  • Unframed works can withstand stacking, but experts recommend storing these works in a standing position too.
  • You can store small box or paper works in drawers but must check for termite and acid secretions first.

Documenting Artwork Collections

Everyone from national and state park museums to libraries, historical societies, airports, and more should document and photograph artwork collections in storage and on display. As an actual record, it serves as a good reference in an emergency or if a theft occurs. It can help streamline insurance claims if you need to file one. To simplify the process, create a spreadsheet with details about the works being stored and label everything accordingly.

Why Artwork Storage is Challenging

Artwork collection storage continues to challenge cultural centers around the world, including national and state park museums not as well known to the public. Many lack the space to store growing collections and only display about 5% of them at any time.  The rest remains hidden in areas that the public cannot access, such as off-site facilities (which cost a pretty penny to rent). Needless to say, it can often place further strain on departmental budgets.

To compensate, museums mainly store paintings by hanging them from storage screens, placing them on shelves, or stacking them vertically. It’s more affordable and increases audiences’ exposure to displayed collections. What works best for you depends on the size and environment of your storage area.

Artwork Collection Storage Applications

Made from sanitary and durable construction, the artwork collection storage can accommodate more than national and state park museums. This includes airports, historical societies, and libraries that display artists’ work. All can depend on the versatile solutions to save space while keeping displayed art organized and safe.

Save Space with Artwork Collection Storage

Users can adapt many along or right to an empty wall to maximize underused space. Some span floor to ceiling to promote better vertical space use. Another occupies the entire perimeter to ensure optimal footprint efficiency. Others fit counter-high bases that require minimal use of the floor to accommodate static cabinets with a space-saving compact design.

Sanitary wire carts have the flexibility to relocate and save space in moments. Personnel then has safe access to the area and can reuse it to accommodate other productive activities. This includes wedding receptions, concerts, family-friendly programming and more. Other contemporary options such as pull-out racks retract in and out of the aisles to provide users more versatile space savings.national state park museum art storage

Artwork Collection Storage Types

Without efficient funding to expand existing footprints, staff must find creative ways to execute proper preservation practices within the available space. You can find some affordable artwork collection storage options safe enough to use in national and state park museums online. As efficient space-saving solutions, all can organize and protect rotating exhibits from deterioration, helping increase the lifespan. Read on to learn how the budget-friendly systems stack up against one another.

Wire Mesh Art Display Panels

Available in wall-mounted or freestanding configurations, wire mesh panels provide proper storage and easy viewing at the same time. Freestanding options allow users access to two screens with space to display more in the same footprint. It promotes better capacity efficiency while allowing patrons more visible access to collections. Systems with wall-mounting capabilities hang high off the floor to save space that facilities can reuse to accommodate more productive activities. All have a non-reactive solvent-free powder coat finish durable enough to protect pieces against environmental factors.

Configurations have a sturdy, perforated design that provides efficient and clean airflow to keep everything on display dust free. Freestanding options allow independent use to prevent interference with optional art hooks. Curators have more than enough space to organize and secure collections in the available footprint and save on storage costs.  Patrons enjoy twice the visible access to rare pieces often hidden from public view, too.

Flat File Drawer Cabinets

Prevent damage from rolling or folding and store plan drawings, graphics, maps, drafting documents, blueprints, vellum sheets, and oversized documents by storing them in flat file cabinets.  Closed compartments have no space in between one another, promoting maximum capacity usage within the available footprint. It looks cleaner and more organized while helping keep dust and more out.

Units are available with or without bases that have lower shelves to organize reference materials, helping simplify researchers’ work. Systems can accommodate optional components such as security key locks that provide efficient material tampering and theft protection. Label holders located on each drawer front help create instant organization.

Configurations have ergonomic pull handles that allow users easier access to stored collections, helping simplify viewing. Stack systems weighing up to 2,000 lbs onto mobile bases if needing to relocate them due to limited space availability. It frees up the area to accommodate more productive activities. Personnel avoids injury while moving the heavy loads elsewhere in a more efficient timeframe and can do more during the day.

Art Till Shelving

Art tills organize framed and unframed artwork and protect them from light, pests, and deterioration. Users can stack the durable systems up to two high to maximize underused vertical space. Units include adjustable dividers flexible and durable enough to protect stored works within the footprint. Users even have the option to remove the partitions if needing to create larger compartment widths. Models have a non-reactive solvent-free powder coating that safeguards items from harmful environmental factors. Systems’ open front provides efficient airflow to keep nonactive collections clean and in mint condition.

Framed Artwork Carts

With adjustable dividers, these mobile space-saving framed artwork carts allow safe storage and transport for paintings. Flexible partitions allow users to customize the available space based on collection needs and keep everything upright to prevent damage during transit.  Units have all-welded wire shelves versatile enough to provide airflow, light penetration, and more to keep items clean and visible.  Users have comfortable access to stored collections from the rear and front, helping prevent damage and ensure safe handling during retrieval.

Handlers can move the portable storage and everything it holds in moments to save space and simplify cleanup during exhibit rotation. Then, start redesigning the area to match new art installation themes and display stuff less often seen within the same footprint. Facilities expose audiences to more collections from within the available space and avoid an expensive expansion.

Pull-Out Art Racks

artwork collection storagePull-out art racks allow you to store artwork collections while saving space with retractable panels. The easy-to-install heavy-duty art racks anchor to floor without ceiling support. Units have a linear motion design that allows panels to slide out into aisles on an independent basis, leaving others undisturbed. Curators can hang works on each side during this time to ensure better space usage. Patrons must use the convenient and ergonomic pull handles if wanting visible access to collections on display. Staff can add extra panels in the future if needing more space to store growing collections. Screens have a sturdy perforated design that allows efficient airflow to keep everything from deteriorating during storage and while on public display.

Works on Paper Shelving

Works on paper shelving accommodates Hollinger boxes, Solander cases, maps, boards, posters, and other flat works with non-gassing material that protects stored collections. Units include adjustable shelves that users can adapt vertically to ensure efficient space use while keeping everything safe and organized. You can even add hinged doors with key or electronic locks that protect works from theft, dust, and more. Stand the static configurations against an empty wall to maximize vertical space efficiency. All have an open front large enough to provide efficient airflow and preserve the stored items integrity.

Buy Artwork Collection Storage Online

Artwork collection storage units are available to buy online with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Mailroom Sorting Furniture with Slots, Shelves & Folders

Mailroom Sorters

mailroom sorting furniture

If there’s one challenge all industries have in common, it’s this: Everything is constantly changing. Consequently, if you have any hope of keeping up with the competition, you need to know how to continuously adapt your workflow to meet new and changing demands. And surprisingly, this includes your physical space. Because of its reusable design, mailroom sorting furniture is an easy way to achieve workplace flexibility no matter where you go, allowing you to spend less time on organization and more on the tasks that matter to your business’s bottom line.

Because of its modular components, the mailroom sorting furniture is designed to adapt to your present and future needs. This is what makes them such a worthwhile investment, especially when you compare it to built-in millwork. Since ordinary millwork can’t change, it’s often disposed of after an average of 2 1/2 years. What if you install brand-new millwork, only to discover that you have to move offices before its return on investment? Since our mailroom furniture is modular, this is a non-issue. So if you relocate or need a new layout, all you have to do is adjust the components to your liking—no tools required! Also, there is no need to spend on contractors or costly building modifications.

As soon as it’s delivered, install this sorting furniture in mailrooms anywhere from corporate offices to breakrooms, universities, and more. Additionally, we offer multiple configurations available to buy online with horizontal slots or a combination of shelves and hanging folders. Since each design arrives pre-kitted, it’s ready to set in place for sorting, organizing, and distributing all types of mail, parcels, and supplies. When you have this much convenience, why would you waste time and money with millwork?

Mailroom Sorting Furniture Features

  • Assembly: Ships assembled
  • Backs: Cabinet back is single-panel 45 psi density MDF, 1/4″ thick substrate
  • Body & Edges: .5mm thick high-impact material thermally bonded to exposed edges on cabinet body
  • Doors: 3mm thick ABS material cabinet door edging with concealed and self-closing adjustable hinges
  • Finishes: Laminates are available in multiple solids, woodgrains, textures, and abstracts. Powder-coated charcoal black steel framework. Light gray sorters. Transparent backs. Sorter trays are available in clear, yellow, red, and blue. Dark green hanging folders.
  • Folders: Polypropylene hanging folders include snaps to interlock and a 5″ long magnified label index (white labels included) with rails to suspend folders
  • Frame: Cabinet frame designed to support 1,000 lbs. 12-gauge furniture-grade steel vertical frame and 16-gauge horizontal steel frame
  • Leveling: Non-marring 1 1/4″ diameter leveling guides
  • Modularity: Modular design allows unit configuration to multiple widths/heights. Easily configured on-demand with no tools required
  • Modules: Modules are made of lightweight, high-strength 100% recyclable polystyrene which is non-combustible and non-toxic with zero emissive properties and rated as safe for human contact and food storage
  • Side Panels, Doors, & Shelves: 3/4″ thick, 45-65 psi industrial grade particleboard cabinet side panels, doors and shelves that meet or exceed ANSI standards
  • Sustainability: 100% recycled wood cores
  • Trays: Sorter trays made from high-strength polystyrene with a dish design that allows materials to nest in the tray
  • Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer’s limited warranty on material and workmanship

Buy Mailroom Sorting Furniture Online

If you’re looking for quality and convenience, mailroom sorting furniture is available to buy online with free dock-to-dock shipping in 12-17 business days. Additionally, if you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Workroom Casework Counters & Upper Wall Cabinets

Workroom Casework Kits

workroom casework countersWorkroom casework counters and upper wall cabinets ship pre-kitted and ready to install. Each kit comes with a base cabinet at counter height and an upper cabinet for overhead storage. Additionally, kits come with or without hinged doors on the upper and lower cabinet depending on what model you choose.

What makes these casework kits unique is their visual similarity to built-in furnishings with the flexibility and reusability of modular components. All you need to do is install the cabinets where you need them and reconfigure them as needed. If you need to relocate the cabinets to a different room or a new building, it’s easy to take them with you for reuse so you don’t have to buy new furniture. Also, if you find that your system needs expansion, it’s just as easy to add on to the casework with the design features you need.

Additionally, the workroom casework counters and upper wall cabinets are GREENGUARD® certified and feature recycled materials to support sustainability measures for environmental friendliness.

These casework kits come prefabricated and ready to install, but we can also design custom configurations with a variety of components and materials.

Featuresupper wall cabinet casework kits

  • Constructed of 3/4″ thick industrial grade 40-50 lb. substrate, double-faced melamine
  • 2mm PVC edge banding on all exposed edges to prevent injury
  • Hafele mini-fix cam hidden fasteners connect all panels
  • Base cabinets include a laminate kickplate
  • 1-1/16″ thick high-pressure laminate work surfaces with a 4″ high backstop
  • One shelf adjustable on 1″ increments; cabinets with doors include concealed overlay hinges to allow full access to the opening
  • Available with a wide selection of laminate finishes
  • GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality certified
  • Particleboard and MDF board fabricated from recycled wood waste material
  • Cardboard packaging made from recycled materials
  • All water-based adhesives
  • Meets low VOC standards
  • Powder coat paint used on all metal surfaces
  • Ships assembled; cabinets will need to be fastened together and the countertop and backsplash installed
  • Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Designated models available with quick ship options

Buy Workroom Casework Counters & Wall Cabinets Online

Workroom casework counters and wall cabinets are available to buy online and are available in 25-30 business days (plus 4-5 days for shipping) with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.