5 Outdoor Storage Solutions for Spring Cleaning

It’s time for your annual spring cleaning! The fresh start of a new season is a great opportunity to take stock of your current storage setup and figure out how you can improve on it to make your life easier. Want a tip? Don’t neglect your outdoor storage areas!

Yes, now is the time to tackle that unorganized garage, shed, patio, or other outdoor space. Keep reading to learn more about the many types of outdoor storage solutions available and how they can benefit you.

Why Is Outdoor Storage a Good Investment?

Outdoor storage solutions are just as essential as your indoor storage setup. Whether you’re an apartment manager in need of maintenance equipment or an auto repair shop employee who needs additional storage space, outdoor storage is a great way to improve organization while protecting your gear with the proper storage. 

What Are The Benefits of Outdoor Storage Solutions?

StoreMoreStore offers a wide array of outdoor storage solutions to help you get clutter under control. Each of our products is designed to save space, keep your belongings organized, and protect your items from the elements. An added bonus of outdoor storage is that it allows you to keep your items conveniently located right where you’ll be using them.

These are just some of the many outdoor storage bike racksoutside storage ideas that can help you stay organized this spring:

1. Efficiently store awkwardly shaped items.

Lots of equipment and outdoor items can be bulky and awkwardly shaped, which poses a unique storage dilemma if you have limited space to work with. Specialized storage solutions for these items allow you to save space while still keeping these items organized and accessible. For example, bike racks are the ultimate space-saving unit for bikes. Choose from horizontal and vertical options, or select a wall-mounted option for a minimal footprint. Bike racks are also great for places that require storage for multiple bikes, such as sports or gym facilities, universities, apartments, and condos.

2. Keep gear organized.

bin storage organization cabinetFor auto shops with high volumes of car parts or gyms that host outdoor classes, keeping equipment organized is crucial. Bin storage cabinets include many bins inside of one cabinet, ideal for various sizes of parts. They are made with heavy-duty, durable materials, perfect for rigorous environments like a garage. In addition, we offer a variety of configurations, sizes, and accessories like wheels so that you can make the most of your outdoor space.

3. Add additional storage.

Every business can benefit from additional storage––so why not use available outdoor areas to increase your storage capacity? Bulk racks are an excellent option to maximize the potential of your outdoor area, ideal for any workplace with limited space. These units offer high-capacity storage with plenty of room for plastic totes or boxes. Since there is more storage space in one unit, bulk racks can help get clutter under control to free up room for other things as your business grows.

4. Tidy asphalt and other surfaces.

outdoor push sweeperIn addition to organizing your belongings, your outdoor spring cleaning might also encompass tidying up your space. Units like our outdoor push sweeper make it easy to clean surfaces like concrete, asphalt, tile, and commercial carpets. With convenient front swivel wheels, a six-gallon trash hopper capacity, and belt-driven manual power, this sweeper is great for clearing out dust and grime both indoors and out.

5. Protect and store equipment.

When you store items outdoors, a primary concern is protecting them from the elements like rain, dust, sun, and humidity. Our heavy-duty outdoor cabinets are made with weather-resistant steel and filtered vents in order to keep out moisture and dust. Most feature a sloped top and a rain guard to keep water out, while sealed frames lock out debris. That way, your items stay safe inside.heavy-duty outdoor storage cabinets

Plus, with multiple configurations of shelves and drawers available, these cabinets also keep your belongings orderly. These are great for many applications including industrial workplaces looking to store inventory overflow outdoors, commercial spaces with outdoor functions, or public pools and sports facilities.

Why Buy Outdoor Storage From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that great storage solutions shouldn’t be limited to the indoors. The team of experts at StoreMoreStore can help you find outdoor storage solutions that save you space and keep you organized. If you have more questions about these outdoor storage ideas or any of our products, feel free to reach out to our customer service experts today. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.


6 Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Six Types of Warehouse Storage

Warehouse storage consists of goods of all shapes and sizes for purposes that vary from overnight delivery to long-term storage. Consequently, there are many different storage methods in warehouses, each with its associated equipment and each optimized for a different usage scenario. 

Here is a review of the most common warehouse storage solutions and the recommended products to implement them.

Bulk Racks

warehouse storage bulk racksBulk racks, also known as static shelving, are general-purpose warehouse storage racks for items of many dimensions. Bulk racks are most popular for warehouses that stock their shelves by hand rather than by forklift and need to store and pick items in variable quantities rather than by pallet load. 

The main benefit of bulk racks is the incredible flexibility they provide—you can store almost any item of typical dimensions, and pick in small volumes as orders come in. For all these reasons, bulk racks are common in warehouses that serve retail and eCommerce operations. 

There are different types of warehouse racking. Steel bulk racks are categorized as standard, heavy-duty, or high-capacity.

A standard rack with welded uprights has dimensions of 8′ W x 2′ D x 10′ 3″ H with three levels of shelves. Decking is an optional extra and comes in particleboard, steel, or wire varieties. A wide span version (dimensions 5′ W X 4′ D X 10′ 3″ H ) is also available for larger items or higher quantities per shelf. These and similar shelves are built to support the most common types of bulk storage and are appropriate for items of average weight such as plastic and paper goods. 

Heavy-duty shelves (3′ W X 1′ 6″ D X 7′ H) are suitable for warehouses that store industrial parts with substantial weight, such as automotive and machining parts. Each reinforced steel shelf can hold 2,800 pounds. 

High-capacity shelves (4′ W X 1′ 6″ D X 8′ H) have five levels and carry 1,900 to 2,300 lbs on each shelf. Shelf sizes range from 36 to 96 inches. These high-capacity shelving units are ideal for small but heavy parts that will be packed densely. 

Architectural Revit Models

Pallet Racking

pallet rack warehouse storageAmong warehouse storage methods, pallet racking is at the opposite end of the speed and quantity spectrum from bulk racks. Pallet racking entails storing items on a pallet and then moving the pallet as necessary. As a storage strategy, it excels at quickly moving large fixed quantities and is often chosen for warehouses that prize speed of operation. The limitation of pallet racking is that it’s hard to deal in quantities of less than a pallet’s worth. But the trade-off of flexibility for speed is often worth it. 

Architectural Revit Models

A pallet racking system consists of pallet racks shelving, pallet rack decking, and the pallets themselves. 

At StoreMoreStore, pallet rack shelves range from two to four levels in height increments of 8, 12, 14, and 20 feet. There are racks to fit pallets that are 40″W x 40”D, 42″W x 42”D, 48″W x 42”D, and 48″W x 48”D. 

Pallet rack decking comes in solid and perforated steel versions, in widths to match your pallet shelves. The load capacity is 3,000 pounds per piece. Raised beam channels are also available to support loads that are not on a pallet.

StoreMoreStore produces plastic, galvanized steel, and heavy-duty aluminum pallets. Plastic pallets are easily cleaned, and ideal for the medical and food industries. Metal pallets support large loads (up to 6,600 lbs on the floor) and will find many industrial applications.

Flow Racks

warehouse flow racksWe’ve covered two different types of warehouse storage systems. Next up is an innovative approach called flow racks. This system uses angled decking equipped with rollers to move packages and pallets from the back of the rack to the front. This separates the input aisle from the output aisle, allowing for uninterrupted picking as items are placed in the rack. 

Because items flow through the rack in the order they are placed there, flow racks promote a first-in, first-out (FIFO) storage strategy. Flow racks are best suited to medium and higher turnover items and are common in perishable goods environments such as the food industry.

Heavy-Duty Cabinets

Industrial-grade cabinetry organizes items of many different sizes in a secure location, protected from theft and environmental wear and tear. StoreMoreStore’s heavy-duty cabinets have either solid or ventilated doors and are fully lockable. Modular cabinets store and organize many parts in a compact space. Available in widths from 24 to 60 inches, these cabinets can support up to 400 pounds per drawer, making them suitable for heavy parts of all kinds.


Mezzanineswarehouse mezzanine allow you to add an additional floor to your storage facility, greatly expanding your storage capacity at a lower cost than typical construction. Mezzanines can be free-standing, rack-supported, or shelving-supported. StoreMoreStore has prefabricated mezzanines in a variety of floor space and height options that meet IBC and OSHA regulations. 

Wire Partitions

In combination with any of the warehouse storage methods described above, it’s easy to add security to your facility by using wire mesh security partitions. These rapid-assembly wire panels prevent theft and unauthorized access to your storage racks. You can use them to create a secure “mantrap” entrance to your warehouse or place your most valuable items behind wire for extra protection. StoreMoreStore has one-, two-, three-, and four-wall options ready to ship.

Get Warehouse Storage Solutions From StoreMoreStore

That completes our review of the main types of warehouse storage. If you have a storage application that doesn’t fit neatly into the products described above, check out our industrial shelving and industrial products categories. These products can store a variety of goods, from the very small to the very large. 

At StoreMoreStore, we believe that every warehouse should be outfitted with a storage system that is fit for its purpose. To speak with our expert staff about choosing products that make sense for your warehouse, contact us anytime at (855) 786-7667 or by email.


5 Benefits of Rolling Track Shelving Systems

track shelving systemRolling track shelving systems are kind of like magic––with the wave of a hand, you can access the exact file or asset you need right at your fingertips. These units feature two, three, or even four shelves on a track framework, making the most of your storage area while keeping what you need accessible.

Track shelving is an excellent investment for any office, facility, or workplace looking to make the most of its storage space. From legal offices to automotive shops and warehouses, a sliding storage rack system is a flexible, cost-effective solution for nearly any industry.

What Are The Benefits of Track Shelving?

Because a rolling track shelving system uses a track to add depth, you can store more items in less space. An even greater benefit is that you can access these items with one easy slide. You can enjoy optimized, convenient storage and keep your workplace efficient––all while saving money and time.

Architectural Revit Models

StoreMoreStore offers a wide selection of innovative sliding mobile shelves. No matter which you select, it can increase storage capacity and create a highly efficient organization. The following are just some of the ways that track shoveling can provide businesses with an enhanced storage system that can adapt to your needs:

1. Compact Your Storage Space With a Track Shelving System

high density track shelving systemA track shelving system lets you store large quantities within one compact unit instead of multiple clunky shelves that need to be kept separate if you want to access them. To maximize your storage area, opt for high-density sliding storage like our sliding letter storage shelving. These units offer tons of shelving space within the slimmest possible footprint and turn static aisles into moveable aisles for maximum impact. As a complete sliding storage solution, they deliver high-volume storage needs within one convenient unit.

2. Track Shelving Can Save Money

Because a track shelving system compacts your storage area, it also can help reduce storage space costs. Instead of paying for large storage units or higher rent for a large office space each month, you can make the most of the space you do have by investing in smarter storage.rolling track shelving box storage

Improperly stored items are often damaged or lost. Sliding shelving keeps all of your supplies or inventory protected so that you aren’t burdened with replacement costs for broken or misplaced items. For example, box size sliding shelving offers double or even triple rows of box shelving, letting you store inventory or files in individual boxes that will be kept safe until needed.

3. Boost Productivity With a Sliding Track Storage System on Rails

In your fast-paced work environment, convenience is key. With a sliding track storage system on rails, anything your employees need is just a quick slide away. These units heighten productivity by making it easier to locate the desired item with speed and accuracy. There is plenty of shelving space to store all of your patient files, financial paperwork, or legal documents on legal size sliding mobile shelving.

Whenever an employee needs to access a particular document, they can locate it rapidly, as visual inspection of one sliding unit is more efficient than scouring a long hallway of multiple shelves.

4. A Sliding Storage Rack System Allows You to Customize Your Storage

bin rolling track shelvingAs your company grows, your storage needs will grow, too. The customizable nature of a sliding rack storage system makes it easy to reconfigure. That way, your storage can always keep up with your needs. When you have higher inventory volumes or need more storage space for supplies, you can add another row of sliding bin shelving to your storage area to increase capacity. Since many of these units also feature adjustable shelves, it’s a breeze to adapt existing units to your changing needs, too.

5. Organize Your Workplace With a Sliding Storage Shelves Track

track rolling shelving storageAn organized workplace is a better workplace. Track shelving is a fantastic way to keep all of your essential items organized and properly stored. Letter size sliding mobile shelving is mounted on tracks for ease of access and features plenty of deep shelves for your files, binders, record boxes, and more. You can even add on the optional adjustable dividers for an extra boost of organization. These dividers keep files upright and organized so that you’ll never have to deal with the annoyance of slumped-over piles of files again.

As an added plus, sliding storage has a lot of visual appeal and can help keep unsightly clutter at bay. A well-designed, thoroughly organized office looks more attractive to potential employees, clients, and visitors.

Why Buy Rolling Track Shelving Systems From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that a smart storage solution can help things roll along smoothly in any office. To discover more about our wire mobile shelving, lateral file cabinets, or any of our other storage products, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!


Artwork Storage 101: How to Improve Art Organization

How to Improve Your Museum’s Art Storage

art storage organization shelving racksAs a gallery or museum owner, you might not always have the necessary space to display every piece in your collection. When the time comes to put artwork into short- or long-term storage, thoughtful organization is key. To reduce the likelihood of damage, it is important to know how to store art safely and which types of units are best for your unique needs.

Who Can Benefit From Art Storage?

Art and museum storage is a great option for any individual or organization specializing in the stewardship of art. Galleries in need of fine art storage and museums looking for museum storage can benefit, as well as universities, libraries, private collectors, archival facilities, art stores, and more.

Architectural Revit Models

Why Is Artwork Storage a Good Investment?

Each piece of art in your collection is an irreplaceable, delicate work––and probably the result of a hefty investment! As such, it is critical to protect and securely store artwork. Proper art storage ensures that each piece lasts as long as possible so that generations to come can enjoy it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in proper artwork storage:museum artwork storage carts

1. Preserve and protect your artwork.

An artist worked hard to create the work, and now you must take good care of it. Our artwork storage is specially designed to meet the special requirements of museum and fine art storage, with durable materials that keep out light, dust, and other dangers. The right unit will also protect a piece from creasing and folds.

2. Keep your inventory organized.

Artwork storage helps you manage your collections. If you manage a large gallery with numerous pieces, you need to know where each work is located. When it’s time to set up a new exhibit or show the work to a potential buyer, you need to be able to find it swiftly.

3. Save space in your storage area.

A shelving unit with room for multiple paintings will keep paintings safer and make smarter use of your floor space. In addition, proper artwork storage can save space in your storage area––and potentially reduce costs if you’re able to downsize your storage facility.

How To Store Artwork Safely

Proper art storage requires a specific set of conditions. Fragile pieces of art need to be protected from the elements to minimize damage. If a piece is exposed to too much humidity, light, dust, or other types of conditions, it can be damaged beyond repair. You don’t want faded paintings, torn canvas, or brittle paper, which means you need to create a storage environment that protects your collections from these risks.

Types of Art Storage

works on paper storage shelvesSelecting the proper art storage unit for your collection is essential. Once you’ve established the proper conditions for artwork storage, you’ll want to select a unit that fits your needs. StoreMoreStore’s art racks and wall display panels are available in many shapes and sizes to match your storage goals.

1. Store works horizontally with flat shelving.

Flat shelving neatly stores prints, drawings, documents, and more. Works on paper shelving feature flat, open storage for works on paper. Individual shelves keep your pieces organized and orderly, while non-gassing materials protect against damage. If you prefer an option with drawers, explore our flat plan file cabinets. These units are available in a variety of dimensions, so you can find an appropriately sized unit for your needs and prevent creasing. Convenient label holders on each drawer front make it easy to stay organized.

2. Transport collections easily with framed artwork storage carts.

When you need to move your collections from one storage area to another, between restoration labs, or back to the gallery, framed artwork storage carts simplify transit. Just slide a painting or work into the individual slot, and you can roll right along to your destination. These units feature adjustable dividers that keep the painting upright and allow you to store multiple items on each cart without accidental touching or falling.

3. Organize your works with artwork shelving.flat file museum cabinets

Artwork shelving is a highly versatile storage choice for all types of framed and unframed works. These units keep art shelved and off of the ground, safe from potentially harmful light and dust. When you need to find a specific work for your next exhibit, it’s easy to scope out the correct piece among your collection, thanks to the open shelves that provide excellent visibility. The large––and often adjustable––cubbies offer plenty of room for paintings of different heights within one unit, making great use of your storage space.

Architectural Revit Models

4. Display art safely with art display panels.

What’s the point of having a magnificent work in your collection if no one can see it? Art display panels can keep your art visible, even while safely in storage. You can hang pieces right onto the mesh with art hooks; no nails are required! StoreMoreStore offers both wall-mounted panels and freestanding panels so that you can show off your works in any high-traffic area.

Why Buy Art Storage From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that preserving art is essential. Since 2012, StoreMoreStore’s artwork storage solutions have helped museums, galleries, and more protect their investments and keep artworks safe. We can help your business store art safely, too! To find out how, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.


Golf Bag Storage Ideas for Country Clubs & Resorts

golf bag storage ideasResorts and country clubs with golf courses share a challenge: storing their accumulation of large, valuable golf bags in an organized, efficient manner that’s easy for members to access and maintains an appropriate level of security. StoreMoreStore has met this challenge numerous times with its array of storage solutions for golf bag storage ideas. From simple racks to high-density sliding shelving, we have a product to match your clubhouse and budget.

A major consideration when designing a club storage area is environmental management. Extremes of temperature and humidity will damage golf clubs, so your storage area must be climate-controlled. High heat will weaken the glue that binds club grips and club heads to the shaft, while cold will cause steel club shafts to contract and become brittle. High humidity, if sustained over long periods, will cause clubs to rust. All these undesirable outcomes are avoided by maintaining moderate temperature and humidity levels in your clubhouse storage area.

Golf Bag Storage Ideas

With the preliminaries out of the way, here are a few of our best golf bag storage ideas:

Racksgolf bag racks

Golf bag storage rack systems are easy to install, long-lasting, and available in many different sizes. StoreMoreStore bag racks range in width from four to eight feet and have one or two levels. For example, a small rack holds four bags on one level and weighs 62 pounds, while our largest rack holds 36 bags over two levels and weighs 244 pounds. 

All racks have a steel construction that is simple, durable, and requires no maintenance. Many racks feature adjustable shelves, PVC bag separators, and a variety of powder-coat finish colors. All racks hold bags upright for ease of access and provide excellent air circulation to prevent buildups of moisture and mold. 

Sliding Shelving

high density gold bag storageOur most advanced bag storage system is high-density sliding shelving. These shelves slide on tracks from side to side, allowing easy access to all shelves while keeping the total storage footprint compact. Your storage capacity is effectively doubled compared to traditional shelving because no fixed aisles take up space. Another advantage is that you travel less distance to pick up the bags, meaning members can get out to the course more quickly.

Mobile golf bag shelves have two tiers to make the most of your vertical space and come in widths from eight to 24 feet. As an example of the incredible space efficiency of these designs, the 12-foot model with three rows of shelves holds up to 42 bags.

Wood Lockers

golf bag storage wood lockersAn all-wood golf club storage cabinet offers classic looks, ample space, and excellent security. Wood lockers are visually appealing, as golf bags are concealed behind handsome wooden doors, giving your storage area a clean, uniform appearance. Optional base and crown moldings are available to refine the look of the lockers further.

Another advantage to wood lockers is that members can store additional items beyond bags, like golf shoes or clothes. Because the lockers are dedicated to individual members and have key locks, they are among the most secure options for club storage.

Metal Lockers

Metal golf bag lockers offer high durability and security. They feature one fixed and two adjustable shelves for storage of golf accessories, and ventilated doors prevent moisture and mold accumulation. The locker is made of cold-rolled 14-gauge sheet steel for a lifetime of use.golf locker storage


Country clubs and resorts work hard to create a visually appealing setting with a cohesive look and branding. So it bears mentioning that there are several style considerations when selecting a golf bag room storage system. Do you want the bags to be visible or covered up? A rack system leaves the bags out in the open, which is ideal for air circulation but may not be your desired look. Alternatively, sliding shelving minimizes the space required for bag storage and has a modern appearance. 

Meanwhile, wood lockers provide a classic aesthetic. Should your storage solution match the colors of your branding? Racks are available in many different colors. Careful consideration of how you want the storage area to look will help you select the ideal storage method for your club.


Is the bag storage area going to be accessed by members directly, or will it be managed by staff? If your golf bag storage is self-service, you’ll need to put thought into security systems to prevent the loss and theft of expensive and portable equipment. 

You can place the storage area behind keypad access, use a video monitoring system, or locate the storage area in part of the clubhouse that can only be accessed by members. Golf bag storage cabinets or lockers are generally the most secure storage option, as members can place a lock on their individual locker.

Choose a Golf Bag Storage System From StoreMoreStore 

We’ve covered a variety of golf bag room storage systems, from racks to shelving to lockers. Each method has its advantages. Racks are cost-effective, easy to install, long-lasting, and available in many sizes. Wood lockers bring a refined style to your golf bag room and allow for the storage of additional items beyond bags, such as shoes and clothes. Metal lockers are highly secure and durable. High-density sliding shelves are the most modern product, achieving maximum golf bag storage in the minimum of space.

Between all these choices, there’s sure to be a storage method that fits your club’s style, budget, and available space. StoreMoreStore’s consultants are happy to review the options with you and make recommendations suitable for the goals and circumstances of your resort.


Mail Room Ideas: 5 Tips to Improving Mailroom Workflow

5 Mail Room Ideas to Improve Workflow

mail room ideasYou never want to miss an important invoice, a bill, or a time-sensitive letter––as a business owner, you know that misplaced mail can prove costly. That’s why an organized mail center is a key part of any well-run organization.

As you can imagine, it’s vital to maintain a functional workflow in the mailroom. StoreMoreStore’s mailroom sorting systems are the foundation of an optimized mailroom, giving you the ability to sort, secure, and store mail.

Why Are Mailroom Sorting Systems a Good Investment?

A mailroom keeps everyone connected and organized––and a strong mailroom is the backbone of a strong business. An organized mailroom is essential for any business or office, and apartment buildings, university campuses, and more.

Mailroom storage solutions enable you to make the most of your space, keep mail protected, and even reduce costs. By investing in your mailroom, you are setting your business up for success. Plus, mailroom storage is a flexible solution that can grow with you as your needs expand. Select exactly the pieces that suit your needs or pick out a complete set; either way, you’ll likely see quick improvement in your mailroom operations with these mailroom ideas.

Architectural Revit Models

Mail Room Ideas To Improve Mailroom Layout Design And Workflow

A smart mailroom layout design enables employees to work smarter, not harder. StoreMoreStore’s mailroom storage solutions deliver enhanced functionality and capacity so that you can create a more efficient, organized workplace. The following are some great mail room ideas to help inspire you:

1. Maximize your existing mailroom space.mail room bulk sorters

Chances are, you don’t have an entire floor to dedicate to your mailroom. With a smart office mailroom design, you don’t have to! Instead, you can make efficient use of available space. Bulk sorting shelving fits a high volume of mail and packages into one unit, optimizing floor space and potentially saving you money in storage costs. Since you can sort and store more mail in one organized unit, bulk sorting shelving can also reduce the need for additional furniture.

2. Increase organization with designated slots.

When there is a space for every recipient, it is easier to sort the mail quickly and successfully––and mail is more likely to arrive at its intended destination. StoreMoreStore’s stand-alone sorters feature a full unit of mail slots. They deliver maximum slot volume in a single unit, and all shelves are adjustable. Use the label holders and strips to identify each slot, so users can ensure any piece of mail reaches the correct person or department. Available with or without doors, additional shelves, and storage areas, these units are a great choice for any mailroom looking to create a more organized workflow.

3. Lock and secure mail for enhanced security. locking mail slot cabinets

It is imperative that mail and packages get to their intended destination, especially at businesses with confidential mail like law offices or medical facilities. A mailroom employee shouldn’t have to double as a security guard and keep tabs on who exactly is picking up mail. Mailroom solutions that lock, like our locking mail slot cabinets, can protect sensitive mail and boost security. StoreMoreStore’s locking mail slot cabinets feature individual mail slots so that each individual or department has its own mailbox. This allows for faster, more secure mail distribution.

4. Add on to your existing mailroom storage.

If you have an existing mailroom area but need to expand to keep up with growth, it’s easy to supplement with mailroom storing systems. Our modular mailroom casework pieces are a great way to add to your organizational system. Choose from a variety of options like cabinets, tables, and shelves that can integrate into your mailroom. Another beneficial option is a tabletop sorter, available in various legal, letter, and oversized sizes. These units have plenty of shelf space for mail, perfect for offices that need to increase their mail capacity without taking up too large of a footprint.mailroom layout design

5. Create an all-in-one mail sorting area.

When all of your mailroom storage is in one convenient area, it is much easier to be efficient. If you don’t currently have a designated mailroom or are looking to revamp your existing setup, mailroom furniture kits are a great one-step solution. Since they are pre-made and arrive at your door ready to install, they are a quick way to create a complete mailroom with everything you need. We offer a wide array of kits so that you can find the right features for your needs, such as adjustable shelves, cabinets, sorting bins, and more.

Why Buy Mailroom Storage Solutions From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that an organized mailroom is a vital hub of communication for any business. Ready to run efficient mailroom operations? The team of experts here at StoreMoreStore is happy to help you discover office mail room ideas and more. Give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.


What to Know About Different Types of Weapon Lockers

What To Know About The Different Types of Firearm Lockers

firearm weapon locker storageAre you looking for a firearm locker but aren’t sure which unit is right for you? There are many configurations and applications to choose from. StoreMoreStore offers a wide selection of firearm storage and weapon lockers, from wall-mounted lockers ideal for offices to vehicle weapon lockers for mobile use. We created this guide to help you find the perfect firearm locker for your needs.

Who Can Benefit From Firearm Lockers?

Any agency, department, or office where personnel carry weapons, such as military buildings and correctional facilities, should look into firearm locker storage solutions. Law enforcement buildings like police stations can benefit from weapon lockers for police officers while they are off-duty. Courthouses and other government buildings should have space for personnel to store weapons while in court or other weapon-free zones. Even hunting lodges or sporting good stores with weapons in inventory need adequate weapons storage.

Why Should You Invest In Firearm Lockers?

types of weapon lockersFirearms are not like any other office supply, tool, or equipment. Firearm storage has a particular set of standards that must be followed to keep everyone safe. An ordinary shelf or filing cabinet just won’t cut it! The varying firearm locker components and features meet the unique requirements of weapon storage with extra-durable materials, strong locks, and heavy-duty doors. Our firearm lockers keep weapons secure, thereby keeping your facility more secure.

What Are the Benefits of Different Types of Weapon Lockers?

While exploring the various types of weapon lockers available, you’ll notice that each offers a unique set of benefits. Depending on your available storage space and requirements, certain weapon locker features will be best suited for specific applications. These are just some of the many types of secure storage solutions we offer:

Maximize Your Storage with Freestanding Lockers

freestanding firearm gun locker storageFreestanding lockers are an excellent choice for an office space or storage area. These units are available in an array of sizes, configurations, and locking mechanisms. Smaller handgun storage lockers are the perfect dimensions for shorter firearms, so you’re not wasting space with a larger cabinet than necessary.

If you do need space for larger firearms, long arm gun storage lockers and cabinets feature a tall frame, yet only a narrow footprint. These are the optimal height for long guns, shotguns, and more. If your facility stores weaponry, you’ll likely need ammunition storage as well. We also offer freestanding lockers suitable for ammo, designed to keep ammunition secure and separate from the firearms themselves.

Plus, since they can be positioned anywhere in the room, freestanding units provide flexibility and adaptability. You can add one wherever you have some extra space, and if you need to rearrange or change offices, you can move these units as you would any piece of furniture. Or, expand your storage horizons by combining multiple cabinets or lockers together via system mounting holes.

Store On-The-Go With Vehicle Weapon Lockers

gun weapon suv lockersWhen a law enforcement officer is responding to a call, they need secure yet rapid access to their weapons. Vehicle weapon lockers are specially crafted to mount into the rear of vehicles for convenient and safe weapon storage while on-the-go. These lightweight lockers allow for quick weapon retrieval while on duty, available with features like a wireless remote to automatically open the unit.

During transport, users can rest assured that firearms will stay in place with straps and carpet-lined drawers. All of our vehicle weapon lockers are made with durable, high-quality materials to withstand the tough conditions out in the field.

Our vehicle lockers are even designed for specific vehicle makes and models for a custom fit. For example, the Durango SUV Weapons Cabinet and Riser features exact dimensions for the Durango SUV, but it can also fit in a standard SUV police vehicle if needed. We also offer units intended for Charger sedans, Ford PIUs, Tahoe SUVs, Crown Vics, and many more!

Save Space With Wall-Mounted Lockers

fast access long gun rack RFID access

RFID Access Long Gun Rack

Tight on storage space? Looking to make room for other amenities? Wall-mounted lockers deliver firearm storage right onto the wall, which might otherwise be wasted space. For a seamless look, explore flush-mounted locker options. These units can be mounted directly into the wall for an extremely low-profile solution. Constructed with durable materials and featuring strong locks, flush-mounted lockers are the height of security and convenience.

For a similarly discreet profile with minimal construction requirements, surface-mounted lockers are the way to go. Instead of being installed inside the wall, these units can be mounted onto it, saving both floor space and installation costs.

These units save space and allow for greater accessibility by placing your equipment right within reach. In the event of an emergency or if an officer needs to head out on the field at a moment’s notice, wall-mounted lockers allow quick access whenever you need it. Plus, when you need to check inventory or locate a particular weapon, it’s right there at eye level for an easy scan.

Why Buy Firearm Lockers From StoreMoreStore?

Since 2012, StoreMoreStore has been a leading provider of storage solutions. We’ve helped customers across numerous industries and vertices discover the possibilities of an organized storage area. Our many types of firearm lockers and other secure storage units provide flexibility, security, and durability, so you can focus on serving the public. If you have more questions about weapons lockers or any of our products, reach out to our customer service experts today. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.


What To Look for in Rotary Cabinets: Features & More

Rotary cabinets save spaceThe organized, easy-to-navigate office of your dreams is just a swivel away when you invest in rotary cabinets! With a light push, the interior rotates, doubling your usable storage area with a single unit. Rotary cabinets allow you to store more items while taking up less space and give you easy access to all of your supplies, files, and equipment.

If you’ve been thinking about adding rotary cabinets to your office, keep reading for some advice on which rotary cabinet features to look for when you select a cabinet.

Who Can Benefit From Rotary Cabinets?

rotary cabinet featuresThe list of rotary cabinet uses and applications is almost endless. They are a fantastic option for nearly any setting – every business has files and supplies that need to be organized! For example, pharmacies that need to store prescriptions, legal offices with large quantities of physical files, and small businesses operating out of a tight facility can all benefit from rotary cabinets.

Architectural Revit Models

Why Should You Invest in Rotary Storage?

While they are a practical storage option, standard stationary cabinets are not always the most space-effective. If you are looking for storage that can improve your office by working smarter instead of harder, invest in rotary storage. A rotary cabinet features a clever spinning design that maximizes floor space, boosts efficiency, and keeps items secure. Plus, the majority of our spinning rotary cabinets ship fully assembled – all you need to do is unpack the cabinet, make sure it is level, and start setting up your storage.

Rotary Cabinet Features

how to use rotary cabinets

Rotary cabinets are a flexible, secure option that can fit seamlessly into nearly any workplace. They are a long-lasting solution built with durable materials and include a sturdy base with hardened steel ball bearings. Keep reading to learn more about the numerous rotary cabinet benefits:

Save Floor Space

The unique rotating design of our rotary cabinets allows you to double your storage space in a compact footprint. This is particularly appealing for smaller offices with limited storage areas or expanding offices that want to make room for other amenities. Units like our rotating legal shelf cabinets deliver more file storage in less space, making the most out of your storage area. Plus, rotary cabinets like these are freestanding units, so you can place them wherever is most convenient to maximize your space. If you need to rearrange down the line, it is a breeze to move and reposition these cabinets.

Improve Efficiency

rotary cabinet storage benefitsWith up to 360° rotation, rotating storage cabinets can boost efficiency in your office or facility. No more wasted time spent searching for a particular file or important belonging; rotating storage cabinets increase visibility within your storage area so that it’s easy to find exactly what you need quickly. Rotating letter drawer cabinets provide improved, efficient access to your files, with high-volume storage drawers that make it easy to find the information you need. Plus, these units are designed with latches to prevent the drawers from rolling out during rotation, so you don’t need to worry about the drawers getting stuck.

Safely Store Valuables

From sensitive documents to restricted products, every workplace has valuable items that need to be stored securely. Many of our rotary storage solutions can be equipped with a built-in cabinet lock for a little extra peace of mind. This can also help you save money by minimizing the chance of damage or theft that could lead to excess costs. For example, pharmacy rotary cabinets feature locking cabinets that are ideal for medications that need to be protected. These security drawers can only be opened with a key, so you can restrict access as necessary.

Sort Files

A disorganized filing system causes headaches and slowdowns. Why not avoid those problems entirely? Our storage solutions make it simple to sort files so that they stay organized and are always exactly where you need them. Rotating letter shelf cabinets are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and capacities. When you’re looking for a file, you can simply pivot the shelves and visually scan them to find what you need, which is much more efficient than walking through aisles of shelves. These cabinets can even include roll-out frames for top tab filing, as well as upper shelves for additional binder storage. All you need to do is decide if you’ll sort by file color or alphabetically!

Secure Employee Belongings

One aspect of office storage that is often neglected is storage for employee belongings. Even if your facility doesn’t have a locker room, it’s helpful to create a designated space for employees to keep their items safe during the workday and minimize clutter in the workplace. Rotary garment cabinets are an excellent solution for this issue. They feature plenty of storage for coats, bags, and other items. Some units come with adjustable shelves, locking drawers, and garment hooks. Plus, their narrow footprint won’t take up too much of your valuable storage area.

Why Buy Rotary Storage From StoreMoreStore?

Here at StoreMoreStore, we believe in the power of a strong organizational system. We know it can help save you time, money, and stress – because we’ve seen it happen for our customers! Our rotary storage units, like rotating legal drawer cabinets, can help your workplace stay organized. If you have more questions about rotary storage features, reach out to our customer service experts today. We are happy to offer design assistance and help you select great products that meet your unique needs. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.


How Automotive Storage Can Improve Your Auto Shop

How Auto Shop Organization Can Free Up Work Space in Your Garage

auto shop organization hanging parts storageFrom the front bumper to the rear brake light, cars are intricate pieces of machinery that require large volumes of parts, tools, and equipment to stay functional. Anyone who works with cars, whether as a personal hobby or a professional business, needs auto shop organization solutions to manage all of the necessary supplies and components. 

Who Needs Auto Shop Organization?

If you’re a mechanic or shop owner looking to improve your auto repair shop organization, storage solutions are an excellent way to keep organized and make repairs efficiently. Auto repair shop managers, for example, know that proper storage is essential to keeping inventory protected and sorted. On the other hand, a hobbyist who wants to better their garage storage setup will also benefit from space-saving storage solutions. Whatever your needs are, there is an auto storage product that can make your life easier.

Why Should You Invest in Automotive Storage?

auto shop tire rack garage organizationWhen everything in your shop or garage has a designated storage area, it is much easier to work efficiently. If you need that one specific part to complete a rush job, or if a customer is anxiously awaiting the component they’ve ordered, you don’t want to waste time searching through unorganized piles. Automotive storage solutions help you avoid the stressful search and the headache that can often follow. The investment will pay off in time saved, money earned, and increased customer satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits of Auto Shop Organization?

Smart auto shop organization can make a world of difference in your daily operations. From small part storage to large equipment housing and everything in between, an efficient storage area for each item keeps you organized. StoreMoreStore’s automotive storage solutions make it easy to store parts, protect inventory, boost productivity, and more. The following are just a few of the many benefits:

Clear Floor Space

wall mounted bins garage shop storageStorage systems can keep your inventory organized while using less space. This frees up valuable floor area for projects, work stations, amenities, and more. As the name suggests, wall-mounted bin systems can be installed directly onto the wall instead of taking up square footage on the floor. What would otherwise be wasted wall space becomes a usable storage area, perfect for car parts in varying sizes or awkwardly-shaped tools. Our bin systems are available in an array of sizes and configurations, so you can find the wall-mounted solution that best suits your space and your storage needs.

Stay Organized

Auto parts storage systems give you the flexibility to organize every part in your inventory, from tiny screws to large tires. Rotary bin racks are a fantastic option for any small, loose parts you may have, such as screws or bolts. These racks feature a revolving design that makes it easy to locate what you need. Made from heavy-duty, industrial materials, these bins can hold even heavier parts. Bulky tires can also be cumbersome to store, but tire storage racks are an accessible, efficient storage option. The open shelves make it a breeze to check your stocks of a specific type of tire and to retrieve the exact item you need, boosting efficiency and saving time.

Keep Things Tidy

repair shop tool organizationYou put care into your auto mechanic garage layout. Storage solutions make the most of your layout and help you maintain an orderly appearance for customers, visitors, and employees. Storage solutions that are both practical and attractive, such as pegboard sliders, are a fine option for any mechanic’s garage. Simply hang your tools on the pegboard, and your supplies are immediately accessible and organized. When not in use, you can slide the pegboard back into the rack – and just like that, the clutter is out of sight!

Streamline Your Workflow

When you’re working on multiple cars at a time or bouncing between different areas in the shop, you shouldn’t have to make unnecessary trips back and forth to gather supplies. Mobile storage solutions move with you, so you can keep your workflow moving along uninterrupted. StoreMoreStore offers mobile cabinets in a wide range of sizes and capacities. For example, you might choose a heavy-duty cabinet for weighty equipment or opt for a light-duty cabinet for increased portability of lighter tools. Our mobile industrial parts cabinets are extremely sturdy, and include a thumb latch lock to keep drawers closed when not in use. Hot tip: add a partition or divider to take your organization up a notch!

Prevent Damage to Inventory

Your inventory is an investment – so store it properly! Automotive racks are engineered to keep your auto parts and equipment protected and in good condition. For example, battery storage racks enable you to store batteries using the FIFO (First In/First Out) method, which ensures even wear and maximizes your batteries’ lives. Similarly, car bumper automotive racks store bumpers on individual shelves, preventing scratching and other damage.

Why Buy Automotive Storage From StoreMoreStore?

Here at StoreMoreStore, we believe in the power of a strong organizational system. We know it can help save you time, money, and stress – because we’ve seen it happen for our customers! Since 2012, our storage solutions have helped businesses like yours stay organized and improve operations. If you want to know more about how to organize a repair shop, reach out to our customer service experts today by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.


What to Know About Bike Storage: Ideas and Best Practices

bike storage racksBikes are large, clunky items that often pose a tricky storage challenge. We’re well aware of the problems that can arise when you try to find a place for your two-wheeled ride, and we wanted to share some bike storage ideas and best practices that can help you store your bicycles safely and conveniently. Keep reading to learn how bike storage solutions for your space can make a world of difference!

Who Needs Bike Storage?

Whether you own a high-end triathlon bike or a basic cruiser that you take for rides around the neighborhood, your bicycle is an investment you should take good care of. Bike storage for the home makes it easy.

Places that need to store high numbers of bicycles can benefit from specialized storage products as well. As a building owner, university campus, or commercial garage manager, you need to provide residents and visitors with a proper place to secure their bikes. Retail stores like sporting goods shops that sell bikes, police property rooms, and unclaimed bike facilities also need adequate storage.

What Are The Benefits of Bike Storage?

vertical bike storage solutionsA traditional single-tier, horizontal bike rack is not a very efficient use of floor space, and uncovered outdoor storage leaves your bike exposed to the elements, where it can fall victim to rust and fading paint. Our innovative bike storage products don’t just keep your ride safe and in good condition; they also help you save space, reduce clutter, and keep your storage area organized. Install these products in a garage, shed, or commercial location to protect and store bikes for long- and short-term needs.

Reduce Clutter

A solid bike storage solution will reduce clutter in your home, garage, or facility. If you live in a smaller house or apartment, you likely don’t have room to keep your bike (or multiple bikes) in the living room or kitchen. Similarly, at a police station, condo complex, or school, you don’t want bicycles strewn around the property. A convenient storage option encourages good practices and saves headaches.

Keep Bikes Accessible

If your bike is difficult to access, you might be deterred from using it as often as you’d like. For example, if you live in an apartment building or dorm, you probably don’t want to carry your bike up the stairs to your place every day. Installing nearby apartment bike storage lets you avoid this dilemma and keep your bike in a safe, accessible location.

Save Space

Vertical bike storage saves space by minimizing the floor area that a bike requires. In a garage, bikes take up valuable real estate that needs to be saved for vehicles, sports gear, lawn care items, and more. Garage bike storage allows you to make better use of your space – no more pulling your bike out from under a pile of other equipment!

What Type of Storage is Right For Your Space?

StoreMoreStore offers a wide selection of bike racks. From vertical bike storage for one or two bikes to multi-tiered bike storage that can hold upwards of ten bikes, we have bike storage solutions that suit your space and meet your demands. Plus, our bike storage products are built to last and easy to install!

Wall-Mounted Bike Racks

wall mounted hanging bike racksWall-mounted bike racks are a space-saving solution ideal for apartments or condos. Bike wall-mounted hanging brackets allow you to hang bikes vertically along the wall. They are made of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel for durability, and you can add a padlock to the loop for extra security. Bonus tip: try staggering the brackets to maximize your storage space!

High Volume Bike Storage

Our bike storage racks are available in multiple sizes. With two tiers of bike slots, you can make the most out of your storage area and take up less floor space. Bikes easily roll into the wheel trays, and then a tear-shaped tire slot ensures they stay securely in place. If you need to store even larger quantities, our double-decker large metal bike rack stores 14 bikes.

If you need to store many bikes in a small space, check out our commercial bicycle racks. Their slim profiles and vertical storage allow you to store more bikes with a smaller footprint. Since these racks are freestanding, you can place one almost anywhere. Bonus storage shelves can also hold gear like helmets or bike accessories for even more storage possibilities.

Our commercial bike racks are available in a variety of finishes so that universities can use their school colors, or luxury apartment complexes can select a shade that matches their design aesthetics.

Bike Lifts

wall mount motorized bike liftFamilies with bikes for multiple children and parents can benefit from a wall-mounted six bike lift: it stores bikes overhead, saving room in your garage for parked cars and other items. Simply use a crank handle, drill, or motorized winch, and the bikes are up and out of the way. For a completely motorized option, try the motorized bike storage lift that is operated via a button and an electric motor.

How Can You Store Your Bike Properly?

To ensure your bicycles are preserved and protected in storage, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, you need to make sure that the bikes aren’t being scratched by the storage unit or other items in your storage area. Our hanging bike hooks are coated in vinyl to prevent scratching.

If you’re storing multiple bikes on the same bike rack, you’ll also want to make sure they don’t damage each other. The wheel trays on our bike storage racks are staggered to avoid this, leaving extra clearance between each bike.

Why Buy Bike Storage From StoreMoreStore?

Since 2012, StoreMoreStore’s storage solutions have helped businesses like yours achieve their organizational goals, save time, and protect their investments. If you would like to learn more about bike storage ideas, reach out to our customer service experts today by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.