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What to Know About Different Types of Weapon Lockers

What To Know About The Different Types of Firearm Lockers

firearm weapon locker storageAre you looking for a firearm locker but aren’t sure which unit is right for you? There are many configurations and applications to choose from. StoreMoreStore offers a wide selection of firearm storage and weapon lockers, from wall-mounted lockers ideal for offices to vehicle weapon lockers for mobile use. We created this guide to help you find the perfect firearm locker for your needs.

Who Can Benefit From Firearm Lockers?

Any agency, department, or office where personnel carry weapons, such as military buildings and correctional facilities, should look into firearm locker storage solutions. Law enforcement buildings like police stations can benefit from weapon lockers for police officers while they are off-duty. Courthouses and other government buildings should have space for personnel to store weapons while in court or other weapon-free zones. Even hunting lodges or sporting good stores with weapons in inventory need adequate weapons storage.

Why Should You Invest In Firearm Lockers?

types of weapon lockersFirearms are not like any other office supply, tool, or equipment. Firearm storage has a particular set of standards that must be followed to keep everyone safe. An ordinary shelf or filing cabinet just won’t cut it! The varying firearm locker components and features meet the unique requirements of weapon storage with extra-durable materials, strong locks, and heavy-duty doors. Our firearm lockers keep weapons secure, thereby keeping your facility more secure.

What Are the Benefits of Different Types of Weapon Lockers?

While exploring the various types of weapon lockers available, you’ll notice that each offers a unique set of benefits. Depending on your available storage space and requirements, certain weapon locker features will be best suited for specific applications. These are just some of the many types of secure storage solutions we offer:

Maximize Your Storage with Freestanding Lockers

freestanding firearm gun locker storageFreestanding lockers are an excellent choice for an office space or storage area. These units are available in an array of sizes, configurations, and locking mechanisms. Smaller handgun storage lockers are the perfect dimensions for shorter firearms, so you’re not wasting space with a larger cabinet than necessary.

If you do need space for larger firearms, long arm gun storage lockers and cabinets feature a tall frame, yet only a narrow footprint. These are the optimal height for long guns, shotguns, and more. If your facility stores weaponry, you’ll likely need ammunition storage as well. We also offer freestanding lockers suitable for ammo, designed to keep ammunition secure and separate from the firearms themselves.

Plus, since they can be positioned anywhere in the room, freestanding units provide flexibility and adaptability. You can add one wherever you have some extra space, and if you need to rearrange or change offices, you can move these units as you would any piece of furniture. Or, expand your storage horizons by combining multiple cabinets or lockers together via system mounting holes.

Store On-The-Go With Vehicle Weapon Lockers

gun weapon suv lockersWhen a law enforcement officer is responding to a call, they need secure yet rapid access to their weapons. Vehicle weapon lockers are specially crafted to mount into the rear of vehicles for convenient and safe weapon storage while on-the-go. These lightweight lockers allow for quick weapon retrieval while on duty, available with features like a wireless remote to automatically open the unit.

During transport, users can rest assured that firearms will stay in place with straps and carpet-lined drawers. All of our vehicle weapon lockers are made with durable, high-quality materials to withstand the tough conditions out in the field.

Our vehicle lockers are even designed for specific vehicle makes and models for a custom fit. For example, the Durango SUV Weapons Cabinet and Riser features exact dimensions for the Durango SUV, but it can also fit in a standard SUV police vehicle if needed. We also offer units intended for Charger sedans, Ford PIUs, Tahoe SUVs, Crown Vics, and many more!

Save Space With Wall-Mounted Lockers

fast access long gun rack RFID access

RFID Access Long Gun Rack

Tight on storage space? Looking to make room for other amenities? Wall-mounted lockers deliver firearm storage right onto the wall, which might otherwise be wasted space. For a seamless look, explore flush-mounted locker options. These units can be mounted directly into the wall for an extremely low-profile solution. Constructed with durable materials and featuring strong locks, flush-mounted lockers are the height of security and convenience.

For a similarly discreet profile with minimal construction requirements, surface-mounted lockers are the way to go. Instead of being installed inside the wall, these units can be mounted onto it, saving both floor space and installation costs.

These units save space and allow for greater accessibility by placing your equipment right within reach. In the event of an emergency or if an officer needs to head out on the field at a moment’s notice, wall-mounted lockers allow quick access whenever you need it. Plus, when you need to check inventory or locate a particular weapon, it’s right there at eye level for an easy scan.

Why Buy Firearm Lockers From StoreMoreStore?

Since 2012, StoreMoreStore has been a leading provider of storage solutions. We’ve helped customers across numerous industries and vertices discover the possibilities of an organized storage area. Our many types of firearm lockers and other secure storage units provide flexibility, security, and durability, so you can focus on serving the public. If you have more questions about weapons lockers or any of our products, reach out to our customer service experts today. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.