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Dust-Free Computer Cabinets & Carts for Warehouses

Prevent Computer Dust Build-Up

dust-free computer cabinetsDust and dirt particles can do more damage than most people think and can cause damage or failure of delicate computer systems. This is especially true in dusty industrial environments like warehouses. Dust-free computer cabinets and carts are an easy way to provide this needed protection and keep electronics running in top shape, available in wall-mounted, movable, or stationary options.

Even just everyday warehouse operations can cause the buildup of dust over moving parts and filters, which prevents air to flow through the computer. This can cause computers to overheat, crash, or, in worst-case scenario, even catch fire, taking all of your important data with it.

For these reasons, the dust-free computer cabinets aren’t just regular cabinets, as each one includes a built-in filtration system with a fan that creates a positive airflow, preventing dust from entering the cabinet even when the sealed doors are open. They also make computers, printers, and keyboards easy to find and access. If multiple workers need to use the computer during the day, then the carts with casters are perfect for efficient, quick, and safe transfer of computers across your warehouse or other facility.

Wall Mounted Cabinet Features

computer carts for warehouse dust protection

  • Mounted to walls
  • Available with laptop and keyboard trays
  • Filtered fan system creates positive air flow to prevent dust built-up
  • Available with or without doors
  • Doors available in locking see-through polycarbonate or with locking still flipper doors
  • Wide selection of painted steel colors available
  • 12″ six-outlet power strip included

Cart & Stationary Cabinet Features

  • Locking cabinets & sealed doors
  • Filtered fan system with positive air flow
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • Removable back panel
  • Two compartments with one locking polycarbonate see-through door and one locking metal door
  • Upper shelf & keyboard drawers included
  • Multiple painted steel finish colors available
  • Carts with casters use 4″ non-marking wheels

Dust-Free Computer Cabinets & Carts Available Online

Dust-free computer cabinets and carts are available to buy online and ship in 10-15 business days. For more information or if you need additional assistance, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Storage for Your Warehouse: Shelving, Racks & Cabinets

Storage for your warehouse is just as important as storage for your office. That’s why StoreMoreStore offers a variety of industrial storage solutions for your warehouse. All of our shelving, racks, and cabinets are designed to improve organization, increase efficiencies, and save shelving warehouse storage solution

Different Types of Shelving, Racks and Cabinets for Warehouse Storage


Open and Closed Shelving Units: Both starter and adder units that are perfect for storing and organizing all types of parts, boxes, and cartons.

Shelving with Drawers: This heavy-duty steel shelving combines storage for large, medium and small parts all in one unit.

Box Shelving: The shelving is specifically designed to efficiently store letter/legal archival record boxes.

steel bulk racks warehouse large part storageLateral Mobile Wire Shelving: These systems condense your storage footprint by stacking shelving units 2, 3, and 4 deep.


Wire Racking: Starter and adder racks that are a cost-effective storage solution for your warehouse.

Bulk Racks: The racks are ideal for storing large oversize heavy parts and boxes.

Automotive Racks: Multiple types of racks for storing tires, windshields, tail pipes, mufflers, floor mats, and everything else in your automotive facility.

Cabinetsheavy-duty mobile drawer cabinet industrial storage

Heavy Duty Drawer Cabinets: These cabinets are perfect for maintenance departments, supply parts rooms, warehouses, and anyplace where multiple sized parts are stored.

Mobile Drawer Cabinets: The cabinets offer the same storage as the cabinets and include casters, making them easy to move around your warehouse.

Shop for Your Warehouse Storage System Now

Find these and more industrial storage solutions for your warehouse online at StoreMoreStore. And if you need any help or have any questions, call 1-855-786-7667.