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5 Types of Storage Shelving for Classroom Teaching Supplies

School’s Out for Summer! But Not for Much Longer…

classroom with studentsThe countdown until school starts has begun! Of course teachers are already back in their classrooms getting prepared for the start of the new year. Creating lesson plans, setting up desks, organizing teaching supplies…but wait…where are you going to put all those teaching supplies in your classroom?

How about in some storage shelving from StoreMoreStore? We’ve got tons of different types of shelving that will work great for storing all those teaching supplies you’ve just bought! (And if you’re a little behind, you can always buy teaching supplies from our partner OSFU). Keep reading for our top 5 picks for storage shelving you can use in your classroom for teaching supplies.

1. Rolled Poster Storage Shelving

rolled poster storage shelvingWhat teacher doesn’t have posters and maps? Whether they are motivational, funny, or a learning tool, most teachers are bound to have posters on the walls of their classroom. Storing them can be a pain if you want to keep extras on hand. Our rolled poster storage shelving takes away the hassle and makes it easy to store tons of different posters.

2. Wooden Bookcase Shelving

What would school be without all the books? There’s text books, coloring books, novels, etc. that all need to be stored in your classroom. That’s why we have wooden bookcase shelving in a variety of different sizes for all your book storage needs.

3. Adjustable File Shelving

School would be nothing without all the paperwork. That’s why we have adjustable file shelving. It will store any type of paper you’ve got. (And as a bonus you can buy a shelf organizer to store it all).

4. Industrial Storage Shelving

industrial storage shelving with heavy duty drawersDon’t worry; we didn’t forget about all those shop teachers out there. You don’t have the conventional classroom teaching supplies so you have different storage needs. We’ve got you covered with our industrial storage shelving!

5. Sliding Mobile Storage Shelving

Your classroom is small. And with more and more students each year, space is tight. Our solution is sliding mobile storage shelving. It will store all your teaching supplies in much less space than traditional storage shelving.

These are just some of the storage shelving options from StoreMoreStore. We have plenty more that you can use this year for storing your classroom teaching supplies. And if you have any questions or need any help, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.