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Art Storage Systems for Storing Museum & Gallery Collections

A Variety of Art Storage Systems for Efficiently Storing Museum and Gallery Collections

Storing museum and gallery collections can be a challenge because you need to maximize space while keeping valuable artwork protected. At StoreMoreStore we offer a variety of Art Storage Systems that will meet your requirements and your budget. Each of our Art Storage Systems – Pull-out Art Racks, Adjustable Art Shelving, and Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels – has unique features for efficiently storing museum and gallery collections.

Art Storage System #1: Pull-out Art Racksa space saving art storage system is pull out art racks

Pull-out Art Racks are designed to maximize space for storing museum and gallery collections. Each panel on the rack has heavy duty braided mesh to allow for hanging artwork on both sides. The Pull-out Art Racks anchor to the floor with no need for ceiling support, and the linear motion design helps each rack to slide in and out without disturbing the other racks. Because there are no access aisles in between each row, you will easily be able to increase your storage capacity in less space. Also, the Pull-out Art Racks slide smoothly and quietly, which makes them an excellent art storage system.

Art Storage System #2: Adjustable Art Shelving

storing museum and gallery collections in adjustable art shelvingAdjustable Art Shelving is a flexible and dependable art storage system. Each horizontal shelf can be adjusted up or down on 1 ½ inch increments so that each opening can be customized for storing you museum and gallery collection. In addition, the Adjustable Art Shelving has a powder coat paint finish that does not put off gases to ensure your collection will be protected long-term. Best of all, the Art Storage Shelves come with a lifetime warranty, which means these shelves are really made to last.

The standard Adjustable Art Shelving unit is 88 ¼ inches tall; however, any height from 48 to 121 inches is available. Each unit width is 12 inches across and depth options are 18, 24, 30, and 36 inches deep. Also, there are 13 different colors to choose from for your Adjustable Art Shelving to match any décor.

Art Storage System #3: Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panelskeep museum art safe and secure with wall mounted hanging art panels

Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels are a cost-effective solution for storing museum and gallery collections. Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels can be put anywhere you need efficient museum gallery framed painting storage. One option is to have the Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels stacked on top of each other and placed side by side down a large empty wall. Then you can use hooks to effortlessly hang framed paintings.

The main benefit to using the Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels art storage system is that framed paintings are lifted off the floor to keep them protected in case there is something like a flood of water in your museum or gallery’s storage area. The Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels allow your museum gallery to keep framed paintings on display so that you can easily and quickly rotate your collection whenever needed. Also, storing framed paintings off the floor and mounted on a wall still gives you access to electrical outlets. Finally, using an empty wall as storage will save floor space in your museum gallery.

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