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Adjustable Art Storage Shelves | Storing Framed Artwork Collections

Adjustable Art Storage Shelves for Storing Framed Artwork Collections, Photos, Sculptures, and MoreAdjustable Art Storage Shelves and Artwork Racks

At StoreMoreStore, we want to make storing things easy for you. Storing framed artwork collections, photos, sculptures, etc can be a challenge because nothing is the same size and everything needs to be protected. This is why we offer Adjustable Art Storage Shelves that will easily house your artwork collection while keeping it safe.

Adjustable Art Storage Shelves are Flexible and Dependable

Art Storage Shelves Store Framed Collections Photos and SculpturesEach horizontal shelf can be adjusted up or down on 1 ½ inch increments so that each opening can be customized to meet your art storage requirements. In addition, the Adjustable Art Storage Shelves have a powder coat paint finish that does not put off gases to ensure your collection will be protected long-term. Best of all, the Art Storage Shelves come with a lifetime warranty, which means these shelves are really made to last.

Numerous Art Storage Shelves Sizes and Colors Available

The standard Art Storage Shelves unit is 88 ¼ inches tall; however, any height from 48 to 121 inches is available. Each unit width is 12 inches across and depth options are 18, 24, 30, and 36 inches deep. In addition, there are 13 different colors to choose from for your Adjustable Art Storage Shelves to match any décor.

Benefits of Adjustable Art Storage Shelves for Storing Framed Artwork CollectionsStoring framed artwork in Ajustable Art Storage Shelves

• Flexibility to adjust the shelves up and down ensures that you can store any size artwork
• Powder coat paint finish that meets archival and museum quality standards with no off-gassing protects your collection
• Assembly only requires a rubber mallet and typically takes about 10 minutes per unit
• Each art storage shelf will hold 250 lbs of art x 3 adjustable levels, which means total the unit will hold 750 pounds

Shop Online Now for Adjustable Art Storage Shelves

You can find these Adjustable Art Storage Shelves online at StoreMoreStore. As always, if you have any questions give us a call at our toll free number 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.