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Datum Filing Dividers | Steel Shelving Supports | Folder Separators

legal and letter size Datum filing dividersLooking for Datum Filing Dividers and Datum Steel Shelving Supports for use as Folder Separators?

If you are looking for Datum filing dividers that you can easily slip into your file shelving, then look no further than StoreMoreStore! We are the premier provider of Datum filing dividers and steel shelving supports for use as folder separators on steel file shelves. We have Datum filing dividers available for letter-size, legal-size, and x-ray four post shelving. The Datum steel shelving supports are available in 18 different colors to match your existing Datum shelving.

Assistance for Choosing the Right Datum Filing Dividers and Steel Shelving Supports

We have a simple process that will make it easier to make sure you to choose the right filing dividers and folder separators for your steel shelving. First, take an existing file divider and outline it on a piece of paper. Next, measure the file divider like the example below.

Measurement drawing for Datum Steel Shelving Supports

Then, all you have to do is compare your drawing to the measurements we have provided to find the right file folder separators for your steel shelving.

If this is your first time to buy filing dividers or steel shelving supports for your shelving, don’t worry because we can still help you! Just email us or give us a toll free call at 1-855-786-7667 and one of our representatives will work closely with you to find the right file dividers for your shelving.

Different Brands of Filing Dividers and Steel Shelving Supports for use as Folder SeparatorsXray Datum folder supports

In addition to Datum filing dividers, we carry Spacesaver®, Mayline®, Aurora®, Borroughs, FEI, Richard Wilcox, and Tennsco. We even have a universal magnetic divider, so that no matter what brand of shelving you have, we have a filing divider that you will be able to use as folder separators!