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All Types of Steel Shelving File Dividers – Buy Metal File Dividers Online Shop Now!

File divider Shelving dividerBuy Metal Shelving File Divider Separators and Steel Filing Dividers Online

If you’ve just been handed a flat painted piece of steel and told, “we need some more of these things that clip into our shelves” and you don’t know where to go or what they are called, then come on over to StoreMoreStore because we can help you with all your metal file divider needs.filing dividers online shop file shelf dividers all brands tennsco tab spacesaver aurora richard wilcox mayline borroughs

Looking For File Dividers Online?  We’ve Got All The Brands

To start, the flat piece of steel you’ve just been handed is called a file divider; however, it is also known as a file support, file separator, shelving divider, or file shelf divider. We have all brands of metal filing shelf dividers including Spacesaver® Corporation, Aurora®, Richards-Wilcox, Datum, FEI, Tennsco, Directline, TAB Products®, Southern Metals, Mayline®, Borroughs, and more, in letter or legal sizes.File shelf divider File shelving clip in separators tab tennsco aurora spacesaver richards wilcox datum

Ensure You’re Getting the Right Metal File Divider for Your Steel Shelving

To help you determine which metal file divider is right for your steel shelving, we’ve dimensioned the most popular sizes so you can ensure you are purchasing the right file divider for your brand of shelving.  If you don’t see your particular file divider model Four post File shelving dividers Filing shelf separators spacesaver borroughs directline feidisplayed on the store, shoot us a note or call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 and we can help you find the divider you are looking for. We’ve been doing this shelving gig for over 40 years, so we are experts when it comes to steel file shelving dividers.

Visit our website, today or call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 so we can help you get the right file dividers for your shelving and filing storage needs! 

View the picture gallery below to review file divider dimensions and see how they can be used on your shelving.

file-dividers-four-post-shelving-supports-folders-sms sms-24-algl-50-2 filing-separators-file-shelving-spacesaver-datum-tennsco-borroughs-tab-fei-directline-aurora sms-24-algl-50-3 Scale Template of Divider sms-flgl-2 four-post-steel-shelving-file-dividers-side-tab-folders-metal-supports-sms sms-fltr-3 sms-mlgl-24-2 file-folders-supported-by-metal-shelf-dividers-sms sms-slgl-50-2 sms-sltr-50-3 file-shelving-unit-with-steel-file-dividers-four-post-file-folder-supports-sms sms-tltr-50-2 sms-tltr-50-3
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Shelving Dividers Manage Files for Increased Efficiency

file folder shelf divider shelving dividers legal letterShelf File Dividers Keep Your Folders Straight

Are you using four-post open shelving to manage your files? That’s a great first step in improving records management. However, there’s always a next step in making your file system work even better. Adding steel shelving dividers is the logical progression for keeping your files grouped and standing upright within their appropriate categories.

file folder shelf divider shelving dividers legal letter organization

Adjustable File Supports  Keep Your Files Organized

Being able to easily adjust the location of these file dividers keeps your files packed just snuggly enough for easy access. If they’re packed too close, it’s hard to get a folder out without accidentally pulling out more than one file. It’s also difficult to get folders back in their assigned place without damaging the corners and edges. Color coded filing systems rely on vertical support to keep the bars of colored labels in line.  If file supports are too far apart in a color coded filing system, the folders slide down and rest at an angle. That’s the kind of “bad posture” that will leave your color-coded labels out of alignment, defeating the purpose of color coding files.

file folder shelf divider shelving dividers legal letter organizationNeed More File Shelving Dividers?

There are a number of reasons you might want to acquire more shelving dividers. First, if you inherited your current shelving unit from a previous user or another office location, there’s a pretty good chance that the original metal dividers didn’t make it through the transition. They may have been packed separately and ended up lost. Or, maybe the number of dividers that came with your shelving system are inadequate for your needs. It’s kind of like when you go to a Tex-Mex restaurant and order fajitas for two people…and they bring you 3 tortillas to share. It’s just not enough to get the job done.

Fortunately, you can buy all different types of metal selving dividers from StoreMoreStore any time you need them. We’ve got sturdy steel file or shelf dividers from a variety of manufacturers. They are available in several standard colors in legal and letter sizes for single and double depth shelves. Our helpful customer service reps can help you figure out which model goes with your existing shelving system. Even if you’ve got a non-standard filing system, we’ll do our best to help you track down the file dividers you need.

Shelving or file dividers or shelf separators help organize and manage your files for efficient file or document  retrieval!

shelving divider shelf dividers legal letter file folder holdersshelving divider shelf dividers legal letter file folder holdersshelving divider shelf dividers legal letter file folder holders