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Spacesaver® FrameWRX™ Storage Hanging Plastic Bins Available at StoreMoreStore

Spacesaver Hanging Plastic Storage Bins for FrameWRX Medical Supplies

Medical Supply Spacesaver FrameWRX storage binsAre you looking for hanging plastic bins for your Spacesaver FrameWRX™ Shelving?  Well look no further because StoreMoreStore has all the FrameWRX storage bins at unbelievably low prices.  We have a large selection of colored plastic bins and clear plastic storage bins.  Also, we have bin dividers, bin partitions, bin labels, and clear plastic bin windows accessories for your bins.Spacesaver FrameWRX hospital supply storage clear bins

Spacesaver Plastic Bin Windows and Dividers

Spacesaver clear plastic bin windows allow you to view the contents of the bin while protecting medical supplies from dust and dirt.  Spacesaver bin dividers and bin partitions help you maximize the storage capacity of bins while keeping medical supplies separated and organized within the bins.

Organize plastic bins with dividers and partitionsOrganize and Categorize Your Medical Supplies with Colored FrameWRX Bins

We have numerous colors of FrameWRX bins to help you categorize and find medical supplies quickly using color recognition.  We also have a wide selection of sizes to properly store large and small medical supplies.  Plastic bins come with front, back, and side grips for easy handling and are waterproof to resist rust and corrosion.Protect medical supplies with bin windows

Need Help With Selecting the Right Plastic Bins?

As always if you need help deciding on the right Spacesaver FrameWRX bins or bin accessories, just send us an email or call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 and we will make sure you get the right size of bins to meet your specific needs.

Label medical supplies in plastic binsVisit StoreMoreStore today to shop for Spacesaver plastic storage bins!


Used Spacesaver® High Density Shelving For Sale



high density storage shelving racks systems file shelves compact Used Spacesaver High Density Shelving For Sale

We have two gently used high density shelving systems (also called used mobile shelving and used compact shelving) that have been well kept in an air-conditioned office environment.  The shelving systems are in excellent shape and ready to save you valuable office or warehouse storage space.  Both of the used Spacesaver high density storage systems are equipped with mechanical-assist three spoke control handles which can move multiple rows of shelving (thousands of pounds) with the touch of a finger on the control handle.used compact warehouse shelving storage movable aisle supply shelves

Used Mobile Shelving Is Reconfigurable

These used mobile shelving systems can be reconfigured to fit into your floor space and the items you are storing.  One of the used mobile storage shelving systems was originally designed for file folders and the other was used for supplies. Both of these systems can be easily adjusted or modified to store record boxes, part bins, or any materials requiring a 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, or 48” shelf depth.  The used Spacesaver mobile shelving is very flexible to reconfigure.   You can cut the shelving height down, shorten the length of shelving rows, or use the shelving in a fixed application.  Heavy-duty steel shelves are easily adjustable on 1-1/2” centers.  For more information, contact us toll free 1-855-786-7667.

Used High Density Shelving (System #1)

high density storage shelving racks systems file shelves compact This used high density shelving was originally designed to store file folders, but this system could be easily adjusted or modified to store record boxes, part bins, or any materials requiring a 12”, 24”, or 48” shelf depth.

These Used Compact Shelving Systems are Bargains and Will Go Quickly!

Used High Density Shelving (System #2)compact shelving space saving reduce carbon footprint sustainable design




This used high density shelving was originally designed to store supplies and would be perfect for any office or warehouse storage requiring 18” or 36” deep shelves.

Call toll free today 1-855-786-7667, for pricing and more information on these Spacesaver used compact storage shelving systems (systems will be available for sale in August 2011).

Looking for used storage equipment? StoreMoreStore always has used high density shelving, used vertical carousels, and used storage racks available Click here to view and bookmark our specials page!