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Redrope File Pockets with Tabbies Handles for Efficient File Storage

Organize Paperwork and Files with Redrope Pocketsredrope file pockets online at StoreMoreStore

Are you looking for an easy efficient way to organize your files? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could group all your files relating to one case or topic together so that you don’t have to spend your time searching for multiple files? Well you can do that with Smead redrope file pockets.

Smead Red Rivet File Pocket Benefits

Redrope File pockets with expanding gussetsThere are many benefits to organizing your files with redrope file pockets such as:

• Holds more files and paperwork than a regular folder
• Enables grouping of folders so they are all in one place
• Organizes bulky paperwork to look more professional
• Pockets are reinforced for extra strength and durability
• Expanding gussets extend twice as far as standard pockets

Tabbies® File Pocket HandlesTabbies redrope file pocket gusset protection color coded handles

Once you have your folders and paperwork situated in redrope file pockets you don’t want the gussets to tear. A great way to prevent gusset tearing is with Tabbies file pocket handles. Tabbies File Pocket handles allow you to retrieve redrope files with ease because they are made with Tyvek® material (the same material that is used in high quality shipping envelopes), which prevents damage to the redrope pocket gussets. The Tabbies Tyvek handles also serve as an easy way to identify file name labels and are color coded for quick and easy recognition.

Tabbies tear resistant redrope file pocket handlesHow the Tabbies Handles Work

The Tabbies handles let you pull the tear resistant label that adheres to each side of your redrope file pockets instead of the expanding gusset. Because they are designed to be pulled, they won’t be damaged and you can protect your redrope pockets.

The Tabbies handles come in 6 different colors for easy identification and classification for your redrope file pockets. The Tabbies pocket handles also have space for you to write on to label the contents of your file pocket.

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