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Sliding Mobile Garment Racks Retail Backroom Compact Storage

Compact Garment Storage Racks

sliding mobile garment racksCustomers often ask employees to check for out-of-stock items in “the back.” Unfortunately, many retail backrooms are cluttered, disorganized, and difficult to navigate. But with limited amounts of space, retailers don’t have many options when it comes to storage. Sliding mobile garment racks are an easy way to instantly increase storage space with one simple solution.

What takes up the most space in your backroom? You might have already noticed that the aisles between rows of shelving and racks take up a significant amount of space. Additionally, employees don’t need to access all aisles at the same time. For the most part, no one is using a great majority of the shelves at any point.

By mounting wire shelving on floor tracks, the sliding mobile garment racks eliminate the need for this extra space. When not in use, the racks remain compacted together in a small footprint. Employees simply slide the shelves across the floor tracks and open an aisle where it’s needed. This means that there is no extra space wasted, and employees can still access the storage area easily. And if you decide to expand the system at a later date, it’s easy to add additional shelving units. The sliding storage racks are great for retail backrooms, lab coats, costume storage, choir robes, uniforms, and much more.

Featuresretail backroom hanging garment racks

  • Includes wire shelving and floor tracks
  • Adjustable 1″ diameter hanger rod
  • Industrial-type bearings allow fully-loaded shelving to roll easily on tracks
  • Low-profile ADA compliant tracks made of non-corrosive stainless steel and anodized aluminum
  • Eliminates aisle space to maximize floor space
  • Easy installation
  • Shelving lengths up to 12′ long
  • Easily install add-on tracks and shelving units at any time
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty on chrome shelving
  • Five-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on tracks and wheels
  • National Sanitation Foundation certified

Buy Sliding Mobile Garment Racks Online

Sliding mobile garment racks are available to buy online and ship within 7 to 10 business days. Free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Sliding Mobile Shelving with Remote Controlled Security Doors

The Solution to Your Office’s Lack of Storage Space and SecurityRemote Controlled Security Doors Half Way Open

Does your office have the problem of a lack of storage space combined with a lack of security? Sliding Mobile Shelving with remote controlled security doors from StoreMoreStore is the solution to both of these problems. The Sliding Mobile Shelving is designed to make your file storage area more space efficient while the remote controlled security doors will make sure all stored items are safe and secure.

Architectural Revit Models

Remote Controlled Security Doors Compared to Hinge Doors

Sliding Mobile Shelving with Remote Controlled Security DoorsThe remote controlled security doors come in widths up to 12’ long and up to 20’ high. You can use them in place of hinged doors. This means no more opening and closing multiple doors to find what you are looking for or having to keep track of all the different keys. With just the simple push of a button, you can roll up multiple doors all at the same time! Also the doors are designed to roll up on top of the shelving instead of swinging out into the aisle way.

Features of the Sliding Mobile Shelving

The Sliding Mobile Shelving is extremely versatile to meet all of your storage needs. Here are just some of the features:Transparent Remote Controlled Security Doors

  • Each of the shelves is adjustable on 1 ½” increments to provide extra flexibility.
  • The Sliding Mobile Shelving is available in numerous colors that have a textured powder coat finish to make sure it’s long lasting.
  • All shelves are supported with 2 heavy duty double rivet shelf supports.
  • Each shelf is rated to hold 250 lbs.
  • Because the Sliding Mobile Shelving is modular, you can add storage capability at any time.
  • A leveling track, heavy-duty carriages and specially engineered rubber stops ensure smooth movement.
  • Quality construction includes ball bearings and four wheels per carriage to improve mobility.

Sliding Mobile Shelving Storing Boxes and FilesContact Us Today for Sliding Mobile Shelving with Remote Controlled Security Doors

StoreMoreStore has a variety of Sliding Mobile Shelving and remote controlled security doors to meet your specific storage needs. Contact us today at 1-855-786-7667 to learn more!



Sliding Mobile Shelving System | Double Deep Movable File Shelves

double deep movable file shelves slide on tracksSliding Mobile Shelving System Saves Floor Space Using Double Deep File Shelves

Do you need more filing space to store files, records and documents, but you don’t have the available floor space for them? Are you tired of searching in multiple locations for a document because your filing systems is dispersed all over your office building? StoreMoreStore’s sliding mobile shelving system using double deep movable file shelves is the solution to both your space and access problems. If you are interested in a sliding mobile shelving system for your office, then consider a double deep movable file shelves.

How the Double Deep Movable File Shelves are Configuredtip for how to use sliding mobile shelving

Double deep movable file shelves consist of two rows of shelving. The front moveable file shelves slide back and forth on a track, which allows you access to the back row of stationary file shelves. The result of this filing system configuration is an increase in file storage capacity while using less floor space. Also, because the moveable file shelves are now grouped together accessing files and documents takes less time.

Sliding Mobile Shelving System Features

a sliding mobile shelving system is easy to install• Adjustable File Shelves: Each shelf is adjustable vertically in 1-1/2″ increments

• Textured Powder Coat Finish: All parts are powder coated with a textured finish resulting in a durable long lasting finish.

• Multiple Color Choices: There are 19 different color choices available at no extra cost.

• Shelf Supports: All shelves are supported with 2 heavy duty double rivet shelf supports.

• Uprights: Uprights are made of heavy duty 18 Gauge construction available in closed and open style. Key slots are positioned on 1-1/2″ centers allowing for shelves to be adjusted up or down as needed.

• Modular Design: Because sliding mobile shelving is modular, you can add file shelves at any time to expand your filing system requirements.

• Ease of Operation: Leveling track, heavy-duty mobile shelving carriages and specially engineered rubber stops ensure a smooth-rolling movement for the moveable file shelves. Quality construction includes ball bearings and four wheels per mobile shelving carriage, improving mobility.

• Made in the size sliding mobile shelving system

Ready to Order Double Deep Movable File Shelves?

You can find all of our double deep movable file shelves in legal, letter, and box sizes online at StoreMoreStore. If you need help determing which mobile shelving system is best for your office, give us a call toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.

Other Sliding Mobile Shelving System Options

If you are looking for a different application or a bigger sliding mobile shelving system, we also have triple deep movable file shelves that come in letter, legal and box sizes.