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Mail Room Ideas: 5 Tips to Improving Mailroom Workflow

5 Mail Room Ideas to Improve Workflow

mail room ideasYou never want to miss an important invoice, a bill, or a time-sensitive letter––as a business owner, you know that misplaced mail can prove costly. That’s why an organized mail center is a key part of any well-run organization.

As you can imagine, it’s vital to maintain a functional workflow in the mailroom. StoreMoreStore’s mailroom sorting systems are the foundation of an optimized mailroom, giving you the ability to sort, secure, and store mail.

Why Are Mailroom Sorting Systems a Good Investment?

A mailroom keeps everyone connected and organized––and a strong mailroom is the backbone of a strong business. An organized mailroom is essential for any business or office, and apartment buildings, university campuses, and more.

Mailroom storage solutions enable you to make the most of your space, keep mail protected, and even reduce costs. By investing in your mailroom, you are setting your business up for success. Plus, mailroom storage is a flexible solution that can grow with you as your needs expand. Select exactly the pieces that suit your needs or pick out a complete set; either way, you’ll likely see quick improvement in your mailroom operations with these mailroom ideas.

Architectural Revit Models

Mail Room Ideas To Improve Mailroom Layout Design And Workflow

A smart mailroom layout design enables employees to work smarter, not harder. StoreMoreStore’s mailroom storage solutions deliver enhanced functionality and capacity so that you can create a more efficient, organized workplace. The following are some great mail room ideas to help inspire you:

1. Maximize your existing mailroom space.mail room bulk sorters

Chances are, you don’t have an entire floor to dedicate to your mailroom. With a smart office mailroom design, you don’t have to! Instead, you can make efficient use of available space. Bulk sorting shelving fits a high volume of mail and packages into one unit, optimizing floor space and potentially saving you money in storage costs. Since you can sort and store more mail in one organized unit, bulk sorting shelving can also reduce the need for additional furniture.

2. Increase organization with designated slots.

When there is a space for every recipient, it is easier to sort the mail quickly and successfully––and mail is more likely to arrive at its intended destination. StoreMoreStore’s stand-alone sorters feature a full unit of mail slots. They deliver maximum slot volume in a single unit, and all shelves are adjustable. Use the label holders and strips to identify each slot, so users can ensure any piece of mail reaches the correct person or department. Available with or without doors, additional shelves, and storage areas, these units are a great choice for any mailroom looking to create a more organized workflow.

3. Lock and secure mail for enhanced security. locking mail slot cabinets

It is imperative that mail and packages get to their intended destination, especially at businesses with confidential mail like law offices or medical facilities. A mailroom employee shouldn’t have to double as a security guard and keep tabs on who exactly is picking up mail. Mailroom solutions that lock, like our locking mail slot cabinets, can protect sensitive mail and boost security. StoreMoreStore’s locking mail slot cabinets feature individual mail slots so that each individual or department has its own mailbox. This allows for faster, more secure mail distribution.

4. Add on to your existing mailroom storage.

If you have an existing mailroom area but need to expand to keep up with growth, it’s easy to supplement with mailroom storing systems. Our modular mailroom casework pieces are a great way to add to your organizational system. Choose from a variety of options like cabinets, tables, and shelves that can integrate into your mailroom. Another beneficial option is a tabletop sorter, available in various legal, letter, and oversized sizes. These units have plenty of shelf space for mail, perfect for offices that need to increase their mail capacity without taking up too large of a footprint.mailroom layout design

5. Create an all-in-one mail sorting area.

When all of your mailroom storage is in one convenient area, it is much easier to be efficient. If you don’t currently have a designated mailroom or are looking to revamp your existing setup, mailroom furniture kits are a great one-step solution. Since they are pre-made and arrive at your door ready to install, they are a quick way to create a complete mailroom with everything you need. We offer a wide array of kits so that you can find the right features for your needs, such as adjustable shelves, cabinets, sorting bins, and more.

Why Buy Mailroom Storage Solutions From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that an organized mailroom is a vital hub of communication for any business. Ready to run efficient mailroom operations? The team of experts here at StoreMoreStore is happy to help you discover office mail room ideas and more. Give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.