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Rolled Plan Drawing Storage Cabinets & Counters

Storing Rolled Plans & Flat Drawings

rolled plan drawing storage full height shelvesRolled plan drawing storage cabinets and counters will store rolled drawings, architectural blueprints, maps, flat drawings, and more within the same unit. While traditional shelving makes storing rolled materials difficult, these shelves are specifically designed for it. And with adjustable cubbies, you can customize the shelves to your exact needs.

If you work in industries like architecture, design, engineering, landscaping, construction, drafting, etc. then you know you need a convenient way to store oversized documents while keeping them undamaged. Storing these documents stacked on top of each other can make them difficult to find and organize. Documents laying flat on tables also leaves them prone to damage from accidents—most of us have probably spilled coffee on a paper document at some point. Additionally, flat shelving can take up a lot of space and may not fit extra large documents.

Full Height Rolled Plan Drawing Shelves

counter height rolled plan storage cabinetsThese full-height steel shelving units are designed to maximize the storage of bulky rolled drawings. You can also remove the dividers to store flat drawings within the same unit. Other features include:

  • Heights available from 24″ to 121″
  • Closed side panels adds stability & a clean appearance
  • Unit comes with twelve 6″ high and adjustable vertical dividers (2 per shelf)
  • Additional shelving options available
  • Removable and adjustable dividers can adjust to fit rolled or flat drawings and storing oversized documents
  • Adjustable steel shelves
  • Available in 19 standard colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Volume discounts available

Counter-Height Rolled Plan Drawing Units

Counter-high units are also available, and provide a convenient work surface when retrieving  and viewing items.

  • Units include 6″ high adjustable and removable partition dividers for storing rolled and flat drawings in the same unit
  • Steel shelves are adjustable on 1.5″ increments
  • Includes closed metal side panels and front base
  • Easy do-it-yourself instructions with quick set-up
  • Wide selection of colors and laminate finishes
  • Volume discounts available
  • Made in USA

Buy Rolled Plan Drawing Storage Units Online

Rolled plan drawing storage units are available to buy online and are easy to set up and use. For more information or to receive additional assistance, please call us toll free at 1-855-786-766.


Rolled Document Shelving | Rolled Plan Drawing Carts

Solutions for Storing and Transporting Rolled Documents and Rolled Plan Drawingsstore blueprints in Rolled Document Shelving

Are you looking for efficient solutions for storing and transporting rolled documents and rolled plan drawings in your office? At StoreMoreStore we have the perfect products to accomplish these tasks: Rolled Document Shelving and Rolled Plan Drawing Carts. With our Rolled Document Shelving and Rolled Plan Drawing Carts, you will be able to efficiently organize documents, save space, and easily move plan drawings around the office. (Shop online now for Rolled Document Shelving and Rolled Plan Drawing Carts)

Stay Organized and Save Space with Rolled Document Shelving

Close up of plan drawings in Rolled Document ShelvingThe Rolled Document Shelving has multiple adjustable partitioned storage openings where documents and plan drawings can be categorized and stored safely, so they won’t get crushed or damaged.  Also, our Rolled Document Shelving will maximize the number of documents, blueprints, plan drawings, and oversized papers you can store in a designated area. Rolled Document Shelving saves space because everything is organized and stored on vertical shelf levels instead of stacked flat. The shelving not only increases your storage capacity, but it will protect drawings from water, dirt, and rodents that can damaged your important papers.

Easily Transport Documents with Rolled Plan Drawing Cartstransport documents and drawings in Rolled Plan Drawing Carts

If you are working on several drawings and need to put them away or give them to a coworker, it can be a pain to carry them all while they are rolled up. Fortunately our Rolled Plan Drawing Carts make transporting rolled documents and rolled plan drawings easy. Our Rolled Plan Drawing Carts are available with either 36 openings or 60 openings to match your needs.

Shop Now for Rolled Document Shelving and Rolled Plan Drawing Carts Online

You can buy both Rolled Document Shelving and Rolled Plan Drawing Carts online at StoreMoreStore. Our goal is to provide solutions that will make storage in your office easy and efficient, so if you have any questions or need any help please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Rolled Plan Drawing Storage Ideas | Ways to Organize Blueprints

Ways to Organize Blueprints in cubby storage shelvingRolled Plan Drawing Storage Ideas: Cubby Storage Shelving and Cabinets

Are you are looking for rolled plan drawing storage ideas to store blueprints, maps, or posters? StoreMoreStore has cubby storage shelving and cabinets specifically designed to help you organize and store your rolled plan drawings and blueprints safely and efficiently.

Flexible Steel Shelving Creates Different Ways to Organize Blueprints oraganize blueprints in adjustable flexible cubby shelving

Our flexible steel shelving for rolled plan drawings and blueprints has adjustable horizontal shelves with vertical partitions so you can design your storage any way you want.  The flexible shelves will accommodate rolled and plan drawings laid flat in the same shelving unit.  So if you are looking for rolled plan drawing storage ideas, here is one. Store archive drawings rolled in the top and bottom cubbies, and store drawings that are still being worked on flat in the middle shelves. No matter which shelves you put them on, storing rolled plan drawings and blueprints on heavy-duty steel shelves keeps your important documents up off the floor and safe from being damaged by water and from being crushed.

Ways to Organize Blueprints to Centralize Storage and Save Floor Space

Rolled Plan Drawing Storage Ideas in cubby shelving and cabinetsIn addition to safely organizing your rolled plan drawings in convenient cubby shelves, centralizing the storage of rolled plan drawings and blueprints in shelving will maximize the number of documents you can store in a designated area.  This is because the plan drawing cubby shelves are 76” high, maximizing the vertical storage, as well as the horizontal space.

For More Rolled Plan Drawing Storage Ideas Contact Us Today

 Visit our website for more rolled plan drawing storage ideas or click here to order your cubby storage shelving now. StoreMoreStore has a wide variety of sizes, colors, and partitions to meet your blueprint and plan drawing storage needs. If you don’t see the exact cubby storage shelving or cabinets you are looking for, call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message and we can help design a shelving unit just for you.