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pH Neutral Folders For Archival Document Preservation

archival storage folders envelopes blueprints pictures plan drawings document preservationTrust Oblique pH Neutral Folders To Protect Your Archive Documents

Everyone knows that paper starts to turn yellow and disintegrate as it ages. What you might not know is that the chemical process making this occur is called oxidation. As the paper combines with molecules of oxygen from the air, this causes the paper fibers to break down. It’s actually similar to what happens if a piece of paper catches fire – the combustion process just takes years instead of seconds. Preventing this “slow burn” from happening is critical for important archive documents.

archival storage folders envelopes blueprints pictures plan drawings document preservationHow Oblique pH Neutral Folders Help

The acid found in most paper products speeds up the oxidation process. This discolors paper and causes it to become brittle faster. After a while, the paper may simply fall apart at the slightest touch. Using archival folders with a neutral pH of 7.0 (not acid and not alkaline) keeps paper in a much better state of preservation over the long term.

At StoreMoreStore, we offer a wide variety of Oblique pH neutral folders and envelopes for protecting your archival documents, photographs, drawings, maps, and artwork.   From letter-size documents to large over-sized maps and drawings, we have a pH neutral solution for your archival storage requirements.  In addition to our wide variety of sizes, we have pH neutral envelopes and heavy-duty pH cardboard compartments up to 36″ by 42″ to help manage the storage of delicate artwork and important documents the smart way.


archival storage folders envelopes blueprints pictures plan drawings document preservationpH Neutral Archival Storage Applications:

  • Museums can preserve historical maps, archival documents and newspaper clippings safe  in pH neutral envelopes and compartments
  • Local governments can store historical county records and old photographs in pH neutral envelopes and folders
  • Law enforcement can store and protect critical evidence using pH neutral envelopes
  • Photographers can store film negatives and photographs without worrying about deterioration in pH neutral folders
  • Architectural design, engineering, and construction firms can safely store blueprints, maps, drafts, and more using over-sized pH neutral folders
  • Artists can store sketches, drawings and other artwork in pH neutral envelopes and compartments

archives storage folders envelopes blueprints pictures plan drawings document preservationFor the best long term results, keep moisture and temperature levels low in archival document storage areas. Protect papers from direct sunlight and from prolonged exposure to fluorescent light. Last but not least, always ensure good air circulation to discourage mold.

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