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5 Outdoor Storage Solutions for Spring Cleaning

It’s time for your annual spring cleaning! The fresh start of a new season is a great opportunity to take stock of your current storage setup and figure out how you can improve on it to make your life easier. Want a tip? Don’t neglect your outdoor storage areas!

Yes, now is the time to tackle that unorganized garage, shed, patio, or other outdoor space. Keep reading to learn more about the many types of outdoor storage solutions available and how they can benefit you.

Why Is Outdoor Storage a Good Investment?

Outdoor storage solutions are just as essential as your indoor storage setup. Whether you’re an apartment manager in need of maintenance equipment or an auto repair shop employee who needs additional storage space, outdoor storage is a great way to improve organization while protecting your gear with the proper storage. 

What Are The Benefits of Outdoor Storage Solutions?

StoreMoreStore offers a wide array of outdoor storage solutions to help you get clutter under control. Each of our products is designed to save space, keep your belongings organized, and protect your items from the elements. An added bonus of outdoor storage is that it allows you to keep your items conveniently located right where you’ll be using them.

These are just some of the many outdoor storage bike racksoutside storage ideas that can help you stay organized this spring:

1. Efficiently store awkwardly shaped items.

Lots of equipment and outdoor items can be bulky and awkwardly shaped, which poses a unique storage dilemma if you have limited space to work with. Specialized storage solutions for these items allow you to save space while still keeping these items organized and accessible. For example, bike racks are the ultimate space-saving unit for bikes. Choose from horizontal and vertical options, or select a wall-mounted option for a minimal footprint. Bike racks are also great for places that require storage for multiple bikes, such as sports or gym facilities, universities, apartments, and condos.

2. Keep gear organized.

bin storage organization cabinetFor auto shops with high volumes of car parts or gyms that host outdoor classes, keeping equipment organized is crucial. Bin storage cabinets include many bins inside of one cabinet, ideal for various sizes of parts. They are made with heavy-duty, durable materials, perfect for rigorous environments like a garage. In addition, we offer a variety of configurations, sizes, and accessories like wheels so that you can make the most of your outdoor space.

3. Add additional storage.

Every business can benefit from additional storage––so why not use available outdoor areas to increase your storage capacity? Bulk racks are an excellent option to maximize the potential of your outdoor area, ideal for any workplace with limited space. These units offer high-capacity storage with plenty of room for plastic totes or boxes. Since there is more storage space in one unit, bulk racks can help get clutter under control to free up room for other things as your business grows.

4. Tidy asphalt and other surfaces.

outdoor push sweeperIn addition to organizing your belongings, your outdoor spring cleaning might also encompass tidying up your space. Units like our outdoor push sweeper make it easy to clean surfaces like concrete, asphalt, tile, and commercial carpets. With convenient front swivel wheels, a six-gallon trash hopper capacity, and belt-driven manual power, this sweeper is great for clearing out dust and grime both indoors and out.

5. Protect and store equipment.

When you store items outdoors, a primary concern is protecting them from the elements like rain, dust, sun, and humidity. Our heavy-duty outdoor cabinets are made with weather-resistant steel and filtered vents in order to keep out moisture and dust. Most feature a sloped top and a rain guard to keep water out, while sealed frames lock out debris. That way, your items stay safe inside.heavy-duty outdoor storage cabinets

Plus, with multiple configurations of shelves and drawers available, these cabinets also keep your belongings orderly. These are great for many applications including industrial workplaces looking to store inventory overflow outdoors, commercial spaces with outdoor functions, or public pools and sports facilities.

Why Buy Outdoor Storage From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that great storage solutions shouldn’t be limited to the indoors. The team of experts at StoreMoreStore can help you find outdoor storage solutions that save you space and keep you organized. If you have more questions about these outdoor storage ideas or any of our products, feel free to reach out to our customer service experts today. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.