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Office Sorting Units with Adjustable Shelves and Full Width Labels

Office Sorting Units for Organizing Literature, Mail, Forms and Other Documents

Office Sorting Units help manage and organize literature, mail, forms, and numerous other types of documents. StoreMoreStore offers a variety of Office Sorting Units that will meet your specific needs. We also provide a variety of accessories including shelves and labels that will help you neatly and efficiently categorize documents.

Freestanding Office Sorting Units with Retractable Work Surfaces

Office Sorting Units for Organizing Literature, Mail, Forms and Other DocumentsA great floor saving unit is the freestanding Office Sorting Unit. You can choose from many different types of freestanding Office Sorting Units that have the right amount of storage space for your specific needs. Also, the unit has a retractable work surface for looking through mail and literature that holds about 40 lbs. You can use the surface and then push it back in when you don’t need it anymore.

Adjustable Shelves in the Office Sorting Unit

The shelves come in three different sizes: standard, legal, and oversize that are available in many different colors. The neat thing is that you can also have all the shelves be clear. Why would you want a clear shelf? It’s a competitive advantage. Someone who is shorter can look up into the top shelf of the Office Sorting Unit to see if there is something hiding underneath.Adjustable Shelves in the Office Sorting Unit

Also, the shelves are adjustable on 1 inch increments with full support on both sides. The lip of the shelf fits and slides easily into the slots. You can also easily adjust the shelf even if it’s fully loaded with papers, which is a great feature that you are not going to be able to get with traditional millwork.

Keep Documents Categorized with Full Width Labels

Categorize Documents with Full Width LabelsThe Office Sorting Unit has labels to help you index. There are letter and legal labels for indexing along with a version for oversize shelves that goes all the way to the edge of the shelves. The indexing label clips onto the edge of the shelves so that you can easily change them without having to use anything sticky like glue or tape.
You can also use the indexing labels for color-coding information. For example, different regions or different departments can use different colors. The plastic label is also magnified so that when you look at it, it is larger and easier to see.

Shop Now for Office Sorting Units with Work Surfaces, Adjustable Shelves and LabelsOffice Sorting Units with Retractable Work Surfaces

Shop online now to see all of our Office Sorting Units with retractable work surfaces, adjustable shelves, and full width labels. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.