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Library Book Wall Shelving | Magazine Display Storage Adjustable Shelves

library book wall shelvingLibrary book wall shelving or magazine display storage includes adjustable shelves that users can adapt to maximize space and improve organization. Due to the flexible design, everyone still has easy visible access to stored collections. Furthermore, since configurations come in different styles, you have some design flexibility. Pick from affordable options that feature:

  • An environmentally friendly, smooth wood veneer finish.
  • A versatile and functional high-pressure laminate finish.
  • A durable melamine finish that provides cleaner aesthetics.

All come in convenient, pre-configured kits with starter and adder units that allow immediate installation. With access to instant rows, you also have ample capacity to consolidate everything into the existing footprint. This includes literature and supplies that office staff or school students need access to. Store published works in a standing or angled position to simplify title reading and prevent injury during retrieval. It helps reduce the time patients spend browsing through selections while waiting to see the doctor too.

Flexible library bookcases

magazine display storage adjustable shelvesYou even have the option to adapt the library book wall shelving with colored laminate and/or powder-coated steel shelves due to the modular design. Staff can create stylish accents without diminishing the bookcase’s value.  It provides a dynamic look while adding pleasing aesthetics.

To make optional leveling guides integration simple, experts pre-drill holes in the end and intermediate panels too. The specialized components allow users to correct balancing and positioning issues that the bookcases have. Furthermore, indicated models can fit mobile casters which allow safe relocation to give you convenient space savings. All configurations ship unassembled and have a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Buy library book wall shelving online

Library book wall shelving is available to buy online and ships within six to eight week with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Open File Shelving | Shelf Organizers and Dividers | Office Furniture

Office Furniture to Keep You Efficient and OrganizedDouble Deep Sliding Open File Shelving Office Furniture

Not only do lateral file cabinets take up a substantial amount of your office’s floor space, they also make documents hard to find because everything is hidden inside a drawer. If you are looking for office furniture that will enhance your efficiency, consider Open File Shelving from StoreMoreStore. Open File Shelving will save floor space and provide a professional appearance for your office. In addition, we also have Shelf Organizers and Dividers for every type of Open File Shelving that will keep your documents, files, literature, folders, or paperwork arranged in the shelves for easy retrieval.

All Types of Open File ShelvingOpen File Shelving for storing rolled plan drawings

Open File Shelving is designed with flexible shelves. You can add new shelves to reconfigure your shelving for any item you need to store. The shelves can be installed with ease because most of them don’t require any special tools, just a rubber mallet. StoreMoreStore has numerous types of Open File Shelving that will meet your specific needs including,

Stationary Steel 4-Post Shelves
Box Storage Racks
Rolled Plan Drawing Shelves
Deed and Docket Book Roller Shelving
Sliding Mobile Shelves

Add a Shelf Organizer to Your Open File Shelving for Organizing Documents

The Oblique Shelf Organizer sits easily on Open File ShelvingOrganize your stored documents in your Open File Shelving with a Shelf Organizer sold exclusively at StoreMoreStore. The Shelf Organizer unit sits perfectly in your Open File Shelving. It comes with Oblique side tab hanging folders with easy to read 6” magnified label holders. The Oblique Folders hang on rails and expand and contract to maximize the available shelf space while keeping your information organized. The Shelf Organizers are available in standard widths are 33-3/4″, 39-3/4″, and 45-3/4″ with custom sizes available.

Use Dividers to Keep Documents Grouped Together and Standing UprightWe have Dividers for all types of Open File Shelving

Adding Dividers to your Open File Shelving is one of the best ways to keep your documents grouped and standing upright within their appropriate categories. In addition, Dividers keep your files packed just snuggly enough for easy access. If they’re packed too close, it’s hard to get a folder out without accidentally pulling out more than one file. We have Dividers for every type of Open File Shelving.

Shop Online Now for Open File Shelving, Shelf Organizers, and Dividers

Shop online now at StoreMoreStore for new office furniture including Open File Shelving, Shelf Organizers, and Dividers! If you have any questions give us a call at our toll free number 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.


Used Spacesaver® High Density Shelving For Sale



high density storage shelving racks systems file shelves compact Used Spacesaver High Density Shelving For Sale

We have two gently used high density shelving systems (also called used mobile shelving and used compact shelving) that have been well kept in an air-conditioned office environment.  The shelving systems are in excellent shape and ready to save you valuable office or warehouse storage space.  Both of the used Spacesaver high density storage systems are equipped with mechanical-assist three spoke control handles which can move multiple rows of shelving (thousands of pounds) with the touch of a finger on the control handle.used compact warehouse shelving storage movable aisle supply shelves

Used Mobile Shelving Is Reconfigurable

These used mobile shelving systems can be reconfigured to fit into your floor space and the items you are storing.  One of the used mobile storage shelving systems was originally designed for file folders and the other was used for supplies. Both of these systems can be easily adjusted or modified to store record boxes, part bins, or any materials requiring a 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, or 48” shelf depth.  The used Spacesaver mobile shelving is very flexible to reconfigure.   You can cut the shelving height down, shorten the length of shelving rows, or use the shelving in a fixed application.  Heavy-duty steel shelves are easily adjustable on 1-1/2” centers.  For more information, contact us toll free 1-855-786-7667.

Used High Density Shelving (System #1)

high density storage shelving racks systems file shelves compact This used high density shelving was originally designed to store file folders, but this system could be easily adjusted or modified to store record boxes, part bins, or any materials requiring a 12”, 24”, or 48” shelf depth.

These Used Compact Shelving Systems are Bargains and Will Go Quickly!

Used High Density Shelving (System #2)compact shelving space saving reduce carbon footprint sustainable design




This used high density shelving was originally designed to store supplies and would be perfect for any office or warehouse storage requiring 18” or 36” deep shelves.

Call toll free today 1-855-786-7667, for pricing and more information on these Spacesaver used compact storage shelving systems (systems will be available for sale in August 2011).

Looking for used storage equipment? StoreMoreStore always has used high density shelving, used vertical carousels, and used storage racks available Click here to view and bookmark our specials page!