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Mixed Media Cabinets with Combination Shelves & File Drawers

Mixed Media Cabinets for Combination Storage

mixed media cabinetsAn easy way to save space is to combine your storage as much as possible. But since different items have different storage needs, they may require multiple types of solutions that, in turn, take up more space. Mixed media cabinets have multiple storage options to choose from, such as shelves, file drawers, and locking doors that combine your storage needs. Instead of multiple cabinets and shelves that store confidential records, books, binders, and other supplies separately, the mixed media cabinets have a variety of combination options.

For example, the top shelves provide storage for books and display items while the locking bottom drawers store and secure other sensitive materials. This allows you to control who has access to specific items. The bottom locking compartments can be in your choice of adjustable shelving or file lateral drawers depending on your needs. A variety of combinations and sizes are available, so make sure to check out our product page so you can decide which configuration is best for you. Since the shelves are adjustable on 2″ centers, it’s easy to customize the shelving sizes to fit varying sizes.

Featurescombination mixed media locking cabinet

  • All welded steel construction
  • Leveling guides included
  • Hinged doors with three-point latching system
  • Doors include key lock
  • Adjustable shelves on 2″ increments
  • 150 lb. shelf capacity
  • Optional dolly bases for cabinets on wheels
  • Several powder-coated finishes available
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to set in place
  • Environmentally friendly (certified SCS Indoor Advantage Gold for indoor air quality and low VOC emissions)
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Buy Mixed Media Cabinets Online

Mixed media cabinets are available to buy online and ship fully assembled in 15-20 business days (free dock-to-dock shipping). If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


4 Worth-It Office Storage Cabinets for Your Workplace

Office Storage CabinetsHundreds of people are searching online for workplace and office organization tips. What does that tell us? That we could use a little help getting organized, but we have no idea where to start. One place to begin is with your storage cabinets. Are there better, more modern cabinets you should be using? The answer is YES! Here are 4 office storage cabinets for your workplace that are well worth-it because they will definitely help get you organized – and use less space.

1. Rotary File Cabinets

Rotary file cabinets offer two-sided locking storage for everything in your office including files, office supplies, boxes, binders, books computer media, and more. Because these office storage cabinets have two sides and pivot 360 degrees, they provide almost double the storage capacity of a traditional file cabinet in the same amount of floor space. Also, rotary file cabinets are equipped with a lock to prevent anyone without authorization from accessing stored items.

Architectural Revit Models

2. Tambour Door Cabinets

Tambour door cabinets are stylish multi-functional office storage cabinets used for all types of materials – files, books, binders, computer media, and much more. The tambour doors slide into the side walls of the cabinet to avoid intruding into the room’s space. And the cabinets are available as individual cabinets or on space saving sliding track systems.

3. Flipper Door Cabinets

Flipper door cabinets work great for both saving space and ensuring that your office presents a clean, professional appearance. Because the doors flip closed, you can keep any clutter hidden away. And just like the tambour door cabinets, you can use the flipper door cabinets as individual storage systems or put them on a sliding track system.

4. Sliding Lateral File Cabinets

If you’re already using lateral file cabinets but don’t have the enough space to add more, you can just add a row of sliding cabinets. The sliding lateral file cabinets an extremely cost-effective solution to get more storage capacity in a small office space.

You can find all of these office storage cabinets and much more online from StoreMoreStore! And if you have any questions or need assistance, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.