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Movable Shelving: What Type is Right for Your Storage Needs?

movable shelving storing boxesMovable shelving is a great concept. Basically, shelves are stacked in front of each other on tracks so that they can move back and forth. And because the front rows move, you gain access to the back rows. What the movable shelving accomplishes is the elimination of static aisles in between shelving, and in effect reduces the amount of floor space needed for storage.

Because there are different types of movable shelving, it can be hard to know exactly which one will be right for your business. Fear not! We are here to help you determine which type of movable shelving will work best for your business’ storage needs (and budget needs).

Movable Shelving for Letter and Legal Size Files

movable shelving for letter legal files and boxesThe most popular type of movable shelving is designed for letter and legal size files. This shelving is excellent for doctor’s offices, small businesses, accounting departments, human resources departments, or anywhere that has a file storage need but not a large amount of space. (There is also a version that is made for boxes).

Also, any of these movable shelving systems can be used to store binders, office supplies, computer media, and much more. Their versatility is what makes them an extremely popular choice for a variety of office storage needs.

However, this type of movable shelving is not the cheapest. But it’s still a much more cost-effective solution than high density mobile shelving.

Architectural Revit Models

Wire Movable Shelving wire movable shelving

Instead of a solid surface, the shelves on this system are made of wire. The wire reduces moisture and dust, making it an excellent option for medical facilities and businesses that need to store electronics. Wire shelving is also frequently used in food storage applications because it can stand to be in refrigerators and freezers.

Because the wire movable shelving is very inexpensive, it’s also a fantastic solution for industrial applications. Bins for storing parts and tools can sit on the shelves along with large boxes.

The only down side to the wire movable shelving is that it doesn’t work well for office applications like storing files or small items.

Tambour Door Movable Shelving

tambour door shelvingThe biggest benefit to this type of movable shelving is the tambour doors. The doors easily slide open and lock when closed to secure anything stored on the shelves. Tambour door movable shelving is the perfect choice if your organization needs secure storage. For example, this shelving is excellent for healthcare facilities that need to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Also, the shelves are adjustable, making it possible to store a variety of items in the tambour door shelving. So any business that needs to restrict access to stored items would benefit from this type of movable shelving.

Another thing that the doors do is hide stored items. This works well for businesses that need to store items while presenting a clean, uncluttered appearance.

If you don’t need the extra security or appearance provided by the doors, than one of the other types of movable shelving will be a better option for your facility.

Movable Lateral File CabinetsLateral file cabinets

While the movable lateral file cabinets are not technically shelving, they still function on the same concept as the movable shelving, which is why we are including them. The other reason we are including them is because they are the easiest and cheapest way to bump up your storage capacity.

Since you can just add a row of the movable lateral file cabinets in front of any stationary storage system you have – other lateral cabinets, vertical file cabinets, open shelving – you can maximize your existing space without a lot of effort.

The drawback is that these are still lateral cabinets and come with all the same limitations. But if your office just needs more space for files and doesn’t want to or can’t afford to make any big changes, the movable lateral file cabinets are the perfect solution.

We hope this answers some of your questions about which movable shelving is right for your business. But if you have any additional questions or need help, please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Movable Shelving System | Double Deep Sliding File Shelves

Movable Shelving System Saves Space Using Double Deep Sliding File Shelves

movable shelving system for storing boxesAre you spending money to store record boxes and other documents offsite because you are out of office storage floor space? StoreMoreStore’s movable shelving system using of double deep sliding file shelves will solve your floor space dilemma and allow you to reduce or even eliminate offsite storage costs by bringing records back onsite.

How Double Deep Sliding File Shelves are Designed

Double deep sliding file shelves consist of two rows of shelving. The front file shelves move back and forth on a track, which allows you access to the back row of stationary shelves. These sliding file shelves are designed to increase your storage capacity using less floor space.  We recommend our clients consider storing inactive files or record storage boxes in the back fixed file shelves and storing active files in the front movable shelving units. This double deep movable shelving system configuration will provide easy access to active files while maximizing your file storage capacity.

Architectural Revit Models

double deep sliding file shelves on tracks

Features of the Movable Shelving System

• Ease to Operate and Adjust: Sliding file shelves’ tracks and movable shelving carriages are specially engineered to ensure a smooth-rolling movement for the sliding file shelves. Each movable shelving carriage has four ball bearing wheels for easy movement.  File shelves are easily adjustable up and down vertically on 1-1/2″ increments so you can store file boxes, notebooks, or other supplies.

• Multiple Color Choices: There are 19 different textured powder coated color choices available at no extra cost for your movable shelving system.

• Modular Design: Because the movable shelving system is modular, you can add sliding file shelves at any time to meet future requirements.

• Made in the U.S.A.

a movable shelving system is easy to installReady to Order Double Deep Sliding File Shelves?

You can find all of our double deep sliding file shelves in legal, letter, and box sizes online at StoreMoreStore. If you need help, call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message and we will help you pick the movable shelving system that meets your requirements.

More Movable Shelving System Options

If you are looking for a special design or a larger movable shelving system, we also have triple deep sliding file shelves that come in letter, legal and box sizes.