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Rolling Storage System | Triple Deep Moveable File Shelving

Efficient Rolling Storage System Using Triple Deep Moveable File Shelving Saves Floor Space

rolling storage system to store boxesAre you running out of office floor space to store files, paperwork, and records? Do you wish you could centralize file storage to make your office more space efficient and productive? StoreMoreStore’s rolling storage system is designed to create space efficient file storage in your office to save floor space and increase productivity. If your office is ready to step up to a new and improved rolling file storage system, then check out our triple deep moveable file shelving.

How Triple Deep Moveable File Shelving is Arranged

Triple deep moveable file shelving consists of three rows of file shelving. The front two sections of shelving roll back and forth on tracks, which allows you access to the back row of stationary file shelves. This rolling file storage arrangement has the benefits of increasing your storage capacity and centralizing your files, all in less floor space.rolling storage system is easy to install

Rolling Storage System Features

This triple deep moveable file shelving is modular in design and easy to operate.  File shelving tracks and rolling storage carriages are heavy-duty, designed to ensure smooth rolling movement.  File shelves are easily adjustable vertically on 1-1/2” to accommodate files, record boxes, notebooks, or supplies.  The moveable file shelving units are made in the U.S.A. and available in 19 different color choices at no extra cost.

Ready to Order Triple Deep Moveable File Shelving?

Triple Deep Moveable File ShelvingYou can find our entire rolling storage product listing of triple deep moveable file shelving in legal, letter, and box sizes online at StoreMoreStore. Need help determining which rolling storage system will work best for your office?  Just give us a call at our toll free number 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.

More Rolling Storage System Options

If you are looking for a unique design or smaller rolling storage system, we also have double deep moveable file shelving that comes in letter, legal and box sizes.