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Our New Law Enforcement Storage Solutions for Property and Evidence

Storing Documents in Inmate Property BagsAt StoreMoreStore, we are committed to providing practical and inventive storage solutions to all types of markets. In fact, we have recently introduced a line of law enforcement storage solutions for property and evidence. Our Inmate Property Bags and Gun Evidence Bags will safely secure a wide range of items from hanging garments and valuables to rifles and handguns.

Inmate Property Bags for Multiple Types of Items

As inmates are booked at a detention center, officers will gather their personal property to store it until the time the inmate is released. In addition, inmates keep certain items in their cells that will need to be stored. This is why we offer a variety of Inmate Property Bags that will efficiently store multiple types of items. Some of our Inmate Property Bags include:Hanging Garment Inmate Property Bag

  • Hanging Garment Bags
  • In-Cell Mesh Organizers
  • Lockable Reusable Bags
  • Transparent Lunch Boxes
  • Hanging Bags with Document Sleeves
  • Disposable Property Bags

If you can’t find the type of Inmate Property Bag you are looking for, don’t worry. Just give us a call at 1-855-786-7667 to speak with a representative.

Benefits to Using Gun Evidence BagsGun Evidence Bags for Rifles and Handguns

Storing gun evidence can be challenging. Not only do the sizes make them awkward to store, but they need to be carefully covered to protect any possible DNA evidence. There are two generally accepted approaches for storing this valuable evidence: Gun Evidence Bags and storage boxes. While gun evidence has typically been stored in boxes, Gun Evidence Bags are also a great solution. And here is why,

  • Reduces Costs: Gun Evidence Bags can be washed to destroy any trace DNA evidence and reused many times over.
  • Construction Materials: The heavy-duty polyester fabric of the Gun Evidence Bags allows for air circulation and oil and solvents will not degrade its structure.
  • Hanging Storage Method: Access to any hand gun, shotgun, or assault rifle evidence is quick and easy with Gun Evidence Bags. It’s just like choosing a shirt from your closet at home.

Inmate Property Bags for In-Cell ItemsEvery department strives for a clean, professional, and organized evidence room, and the Gun Evidence Bags will help you achieve that goal.

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