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4 MORE Lateral Cabinet Alternatives to Save Office Space

4 more alternatives to lateral cabinetsBack in October, we told you about four space saving alternatives to lateral cabinets. And based on the popularity of that post, we’ve decided to tell you about four more storage systems you can use instead of lateral cabinets.

Pull-Out Shelving

Pull-out shelving is very simple; each section of shelving pulls out when you need access to stored items and retracts back in when not in use. And even though you’re using shelving instead of cabinets, you can still lock up each section.

As an added bonus, if you have tight spaces like alcoves or wall columns, pull-out storage shelving is a great solution. The shelving fits in these typically unusable spaces and turns them into productive storage areas.

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Flipper Door Cabinets

There are many advantages to using flipper door cabinets:

  • Increased storage capacity: offer 60% more folder storage capacity in the same space as lateral file cabinets.
  • Better use of vertical space: extend higher than traditional lateral cabinets to use extra vertical space as storage space.
  • Filing options: you can use a more efficient color-coded end tab filing system.

Box Shelving

In many offices, boxes are just stacked on top of lateral cabinets. But really, boxes should be stored in their own shelving. Box shelving makes better use of space and makes it easier for employees to access the boxes. Not to mention how much better your office will look without all those unsightly boxes piled everywhere.

Roller Shelves

Typically, books and binders are kept facing up, which doesn’t necessarily make the best use of your space Roller shelves, on the other hand, store large books and binders flat on their side. The openings are smaller, but they maximize the number of books that will fit in the unit.

The reason they are called roller shelves is because each shelf has a set of rollers. Books and binders sit on top of the rollers. So that way, when you reach to grab a big, heavy book stored way up high, you have some extra help!

Same as before, you can find all of these storage alternatives to lateral cabinets online from StoreMoreStore! And if you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-786-7667.