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Fire Hose Storage Shelving Racks

firehose storage shelf shelves rack racks fire hose department station shelvingFire Hose Racks Increases Readiness

In a fire house, keeping work areas neat and tidy isn’t just about looking professional. It’s about ensuring every piece of fire station equipment is functional and accessible when you need it. There’s no time to sort through a pile of fire hoses on the floor or in a bin to find the right size in an emergency. Plus, improper fire hose storage increases the risk of damage to critical equipment. A leaky or defective fire hose isn’t something you want to discover in the middle of a run. Fire hose racks are the obvious solution for keeping fire hoses in good condition and making sure everyone on the crew can find the fire hoses immediately. Fire hose rack storage also makes routine equipment checks, inventory control, and maintenance simpler.

What Does an Ideal Fire Hose Rack Lookfirehose storage shelf shelves rack racks fire hose vertical shelving station department Like?

The quickest, most efficient way to store a fire hose is to coil it up and store it vertically into shelving. The obvious problem with using traditional racks with flat shelves is the hoses aren’t held securely in place. A fire hose cradle style shelf that conforms to the circular profile of a coiled fire hose makes more sense. You can grab any fire hose without worrying that the one next to it will accidentally get pulled off the shelf too. This type of shelf contour also helps keep fire hose coils upright allowing you to fit more into the available storage area. If you still need flat shelf space to store spare components or tool packs, you can always order a flat shelf or set them on the top shelf. Lastly, fire hose racks allow fire hoses to be easily accessible for inventory rotation.

firehose storage shelf shelves rack racks fire hose vertical shelving station department

Fire Hose Rack Adjustability & Durability

Then, there’s the fire station hose shelving adjustability factor. Fixed shelf fire hose racks don’t take into account the fact that your coiled hoses may not all have the same diameter. To make the most out of your fire hose shelving space, you need to be able to adjust shelves up or down as needed. Finally, there’s the matter of hose rack durability. Heavy duty steel shelving with a powder coated finish makes for a sturdy, durable,  fire hose storage solution. Another advantage of solid steel shelving construction is that it means this type of fire hose shelving is a lifetime investment. That makes high value, affordable priced fire hose shelving attractive to the folks holding the purse strings in your local government.firehose storage shelf fir hose shelves rack racks fire hose vertical shelving station department

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