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How to Organize Business Documents and Forms | Oblique Shelf Organizer

Hang Folders on the Oblique Shelf OrganizerAn Oblique Shelf Organizer will Help Organize Business Documents and Forms

Does your office have brochures, literature, forms, or other documents that everyone in the office needs access to? If you are wondering how to organize business documents and forms that keeps them accessible to everyone in the office and doesn’t take up much space, consider an Oblique Shelf Organizer.

Oblique Shelf Organizer Features and OptionsEasy to Assemble Oblique Shelf Organizer

An Oblique Shelf Organizer will help you store and categorize all your important documents. It comes with a set of V-base and 2″ box bottom side tab type folders with additional folders available. Each Oblique folder has a magnified label holder viewing lens. The Shelf Organizer ships with a set of white name labels or you can purchase an optional pack of colored labels to categorize documents by color for easy recognition and quick retrieval. The standard widths are 33-3/4″, 39-3/4″, and 45-3/4″ with custom sizes available (customs widths are available).

Flexible Storage for Business Documents, Forms, and More

how to organize business documents and forms Because the Oblique Shelf Organizer can conveniently fit into any open shelving (or overhead desk shelf), you can keep it in a community area within your office. That way any time someone needs a brochure or form, they will be able to easily find it without having to search in multiple places or through stacks of paper. This is a very cost-effective option for small businesses that need to save space and increase employee productivity.

We Provide Companies with Oblique Shelf Organizers and Explain How to Organize Business Documents and Forms

If you are ready to see how well the Oblique Shelf Organizer will organize your business documents and forms, shop now online at StoreMoreStore! Also, contact us today by phone at 1-855-786-7667 or email us if you have any questions about how an Oblique Shelf Organizer will store your business documents and forms.