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Vertical Bed Stackers | High Capacity Hospital Bed Storage

Vertical Bed Stackers Store 5 Hospital Beds in the Space of 1vertical bed-stackers provide high-capacity hospital bed storage

Do you have hospital beds that aren’t in use or waiting for repair lining your hospital’s corridors? The beds not only look like clutter, they can be a major hazard for staff and patients. What if there was a way to get them out of the way while storing them in less space? Now there is with Vertical Bed Stackers from StoreMoreStore. The Vertical Bed Stackers provide high capacity hospital bed storage. In fact, you can store up to 5 beds in the same space as 1 with this innovative new product.

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loading hospital beds into vertical bed stackers is easyHigh Capacity Hospital Bed Storage Made Easy

Vertical Bed Stackers are extremely easy for almost any employee to operate. Simply position the first bed onto the stacker, push a button, and watch as it is lifted. Then, all you have to do is repeat the same process until all the hospital beds are loaded in the stacker. Depending on your needs, the Vertical Bed Stackers are available in 3, 4, and 5 capacities.

Benefits of the Vertical Bed Stackers for Hospital Bed Storagestore more hospital beds in less space with Vertical Bed Stackers

  • Maximizes bed storage and recoups floor space for more productive uses
  • Clears beds from cluttering corridors and hallways and enhances safety
  • Organizes hospital beds in one centralized storage area for better inventory control
  • Allows maintenance teams to repair beds from below to improve workplace ergonomics
  • Easy for anyone to use because of the simple push button controls

Shop Online Now for Vertical Bed Stackers for Your Hospital

Shop online now at StoreMoreStore for all of our available Vertical Bed Stackers! Not sure which Vertical Bed Stacker is right for your hospital? Don’t worry; just give us a call at 1-855-786-7667 to speak to one of our experienced representatives who can help.