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Firearm Evidence Storage Racks for Hanging Rifle & Handgun Bags

firearm evidence storage racks hanging handgunsOnce you’ve collected firearm evidence, you have to put it somewhere. You must give careful consideration to chain of custody and preservation, especially with firearms. Many times officers store rifles and handguns in bags. The bags are easy to label and can be sealed up tight. But once the property room tech gets the bag, it can be cumbersome to store. The solution to this problem is our firearm evidence storage racks. These racks are specially designed for hanging rifle and handgun bags. (Get your firearm evidence storage racks here.)

Why Choose Firearm Evidence Storage Racks

Keeping the bags hanging makes it easy to organize and store them. And because firearm evidence is stored in bags, it takes up less space. But without the racks, you’ll have a much harder time managing the bags. The racks are adjustable, allowing you to customize your storage to fit your needs. Also, the firearm evidence storage racks are easy to assemble and move for when you need to make a change.

Features of the Firearm Evidence Storage Racks

The firearm evidence storage racks have adjustable rod assemblies for the various sized hanging rifle and handgun bags. (Find hanging bags online here.) The bags easily hook onto the rods similar to a clothing hanger. And with several sizes of firearm evidence storage racks available, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your property room.hanging rifles firearm evidence storage racks

Specifications for the racks include:

  • hanging rods are adjustable on 1.5″ centers.
  • all steel construction.
  • front bottom kick plate base.
  • choice of 20 standard colors
  • open or closed vertical side panels.

Shop Now for Firearm Evidence Storage Racks

You’ll find every style and size of firearm evidence storage racks at our online store here. We also have the rifle and handgun bags, if you need those too. And as always, we are here to answer any questions you might have or provide assistance in picking out a rack for your property room. Just give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.