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Vehicle Gun Safes for Cars & Trucks for Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Weapons Storage

vehicle gun safes for cars suvsConcealed carry is a protected right in many places, but there are still areas where firearms aren’t allowed at all. Whenever you visit the post office, church, a federal building, or some businesses, you will be required to leave your gun in your car. While it’s stored and unattended, you should keep your firearms as secure as possible. Vehicle gun safes are a quick and easy way to keep your firearms in your car or truck out of sight and with enhanced protection.

Trunk Lockers for Cars

Trunk-mounted lockers are great for both police and civilian vehicles or SUVs. The trunk lockers typically hold 2 long guns and multiple handguns so you can securely store pistols, rifles, ammo, shotguns, and magazines. This not only keeps your weapons secure, but also keeps them in one organized place.

Each safe includes three points of entry: remote, a hidden push-button, and a master key that can be used in the event of a dead battery. The safe also has a compact design that uses no floor space in your trunk, which allows more room for storing other items. A hardened steel and tamper-resistant lock ensures complete security at all times.trunk firearm gun safe lockers

Gun Safes for Pickup Trucks

If you drive a pickup truck, you can still ensure that your firearms are secure. The units will store two long guns with ammo and mount onto the wheel well in the bed of the truck.

Heavy-duty .75″ galvanized steel, Velcro fun sleeve closures, and Line-X bed liner protects the safe and stored firearms from rust and environmental elements. Wireless remote control provides high security with a tamper-proof door accessed via remote control.

Buy Vehicle Gun Safes Online

Vehicle gun safes for cars, trucks, and SUVs are available to buy online. Visit our product page for more information and specifications. If you need assistance or require customized features, toll free at 1-855-786-766.


Unbeatable Deals on Rifle and Handgun Evidence Storage Boxes

Gun storage boxes police Weapon evidence storage sheriff Evident handgun storage boxEvidence Rifle and Pistol Storage Box Deals

At StoreMoreStore we are running a special on both hand gun storage boxes and rifle storage boxes for your weapon evidence storage needs. Our sale includes two sizes, 1) hand gun storage boxes, 13” long by 8” wide by 2” deep, and 2) rifle storage boxes, 48” long by 7” wide by 2” deep.  These evidence storage boxes are manufactured by Evident, and available while our supplies last.

More About Evident Weapons Storage Boxes

Evident Weapon Storage Boxes are constructed from white corrugated cardboard and feature locking tabs that keep the lid securely closed. Because your important evidence is stored in a secure box, it limits the amount of people touching the guns, which maintains the integrity of the evidence. Now you can safely secure, store, and transport hand guns and rifles from the crime scene to the lab or courtroom knowing your evidence has been properly maintained in an Evident Weapon Storage Box.

Rifle box Rifle storage boxes Evident rifle storage box law enforcement evidence roomPolice gun storage Law enforcement weapon storage sheriff department evidence roomWell-organized Weapon and Gun Storage

Another benefit of keeping weapons in evidence boxes is that they are easier to store on your evidence room shelving.  Weapon storage boxes organize and label hand guns and rifles for easy and quick retrieval. You can use your shelf space in a more efficient way because the storage boxes are consistent in size and shape.

Resourceful Evidence Management

Property and evidence management is a critical aspect of law enforcement. Properly storing weapons and guns in a well-managed and organized property room is important in order to maintain the integrity of case evidence. Hand guns and rifles are a part of the evidence accumulated by police officers and they can be some of the most difficult items to store because of their odd shapes. Using Evident Weapon Boxes is an easy and efficient way for law enforcement to store the hand guns and rifles they’ve collected as evidence.

Visit today to save money on your new weapon storage boxes!law enforcement gun storage boxes Police gun storage Evidence boxes


Firearm Cabinets – Secure Locking Gun Storage for all Weapon Sizes

firearm storage locker cabinet gun locker police locking rack weapongun cabinet weapon locker pistol storage gun racks shotgun rifle lockersOur Favorite Weapon Rack

We have several firearm cabinets that you can customize to your space and needs, however,our 13 Compartment Handgun, Rifle  and Long Gun Locker is a great base unit  that will allow you to increase  inventory space while maintaining a safe and secure  weapon storage.

Whether you are a gun owner or police chief, these  firearm lockers are designed and developed to provide the most quality and secure storage of handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, etc.

gun cabinet weapon locker pistol storage gun racks shotgun rifle lockersrifle shotgun cabinets weapons lockers gun safe firearm storageFirearm Cabinet Highlights

Space– Thirteen compartments with five for long guns of about 42’’ and the rest for short weapons of up to 14’’. The cabinet is 12’’ deep with a full sized door.

Durability– The cabinet has a welded 18 gauge steel construction door. Also, the shelves are lined with 1/8″ neoprene. An extra heavy duty hinge on the gun locker’s main door gives it the strength and durability you need.

Security– Each weapon rack compartment has an individual combination or unique key lock along with one master lock for the whole  storage cabinet.

The product is available in also 13 different colors. With the convenience of shopping online, you can get the best deal on this firearm storage cabinet at Not only that you will get the best prices and quality, you will also get other benefits including FREE SHIPPING! The product itself has lifetime warranty on the frame and a five year limited warranty on the moving parts.

Check out this weapon rack as well as our other firearm cabinets HERE at StoreMoreStore!