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Police Car Weapon Safes | Gun Lockers for Your Trunk

Gun Lockers for Your Trunk Keep Police Weapons Safe and Securekeep weapons safe with gun lockers for your trunk

Police Car Weapon Safes are gun lockers for your trunk. The Police Car Weapon Safes store pistols, rifles, ammunition, shotguns, magazines and other equipment safely and securely in your trunk. Every Police Car Weapon Safe includes three points of entry: remote entry, hidden push button, and a master-key (in case of a dead battery). The lock will withstand severe tampering because it is made of hardened steel. (Shop now at StoreMoreStore for Police Car Weapon Safes)

Additional Benefits of the Police Car Weapon Safes

police car weapon lockers for your trunkIn addition to providing safe and secure storage for your guns and ammo, the Police Car Weapon Safes will save space in your trunk. This allows you to keep your guns ready for use without having to sacrifice important trunk storage space. Our Police Car Weapon Safes make sure there is enough room between the roof of the trunk and the top of the box so that your radio will still easily fit. Also the divider system eliminates the need to cut foam or strap down weapons and gives you secure storage for extra ammo, magazines, grenades, etc.

Features of the Police Car Weapon Safesstore guns, ammo, and equipment in police car weapon safes

  • Vehicle trunk mounted gun safes can be accessed by the press of a button.
  • Designed to mount in the trunk to allow enough room for law enforcement radios.
  • Uses no floor space in trunk, allowing more storage space.
  • Includes master-key override in case of a dead battery.
  • Hardened steel tamper-resistant lock.

Buy Police Car Weapon Safes Online

You can buy Police Car Weapon Safes online at StoreMoreStore. Our goal is to provide your law enforcement agency with quality products, so if you need any help or have any questions about how Police Car Weapon Safes will benefit you give us a call at 1-855-786-7667 today.