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Gun Lockers & Cabinets for Courthouses | Safely Store Weapons in Courtrooms

What Happens When You Need to Store a Gun at Your Courthouse?

Gun Lockers and Cabinets for CourthousesGuns are not allowed in courthouses, although there is some variation to the law in each state regarding who (meaning which type of officer) is allowed to have a weapon. But what happens when someone is legally carrying a gun and needs to enter the courthouse? What are they supposed to do with their gun?

In most cases the courthouse provides gun lockers or cabinets for the general public, attorneys, public agency employees, and police officers to use. Making sure your courthouse is using a secure gun locker or cabinet is essential to protecting people’s safety. Because when a gun goes missing, it’s a major security concern like what happened at the Beaver County Courthouse.

Our Gun Lockers & Cabinets for Courthouses

StoreMoreStore has a variety of gun lockers and cabinets that will secure firearms in your courthouse. Here is just some of what we offer:

We can also work with you to custom design a gun locker or cabinet solution for your courthouse.

Features of Our Gun Lockers & Cabinets

All of our gun lockers and cabinets are designed for durability and rigidity to provide the highest level of security for stored weapons. And while the outside is tough, the inside is lined with neoprene to protect stored guns from damage. Also, depending on which type of gun locker or cabinet you choose, there are both keyed and combination locks available.

Buy Gun Lockers & Cabinets for Your Courthouse

Shop online now at StoreMoreStore to find the right gun locker or cabinet for your courthouse. And if you have any questions or need any help, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Special Deals Rifle Evidence Boxes | Great Prices Evident Long Gun Storage Box

Great deals on Evident rifle storage boxesSpecial Deals on Evident Long Gun and Rifle Evidence Storage Boxes

StoreMoreStore is currently running a great special on rifle and long gun evidence storage boxes manufactured by Evident. The long arm evidence storage boxes are 48” long by 7” wide by 2” deep, which will fit just about any rifle or long arm gun confiscated for evidence.

Guard Your Long Guns and Weapon Evidence with Evident Storage BoxesOrganize rifles and long guns with evidence storage boxes

The Evident Rifle and Long Gun Storage Boxes are made to protect your rifle and firearm weapon evidence and provide secure storage and transit to and from the evidence storage room. They are constructed of heavy-duty white corrugated cardboard and feature locking tabs that keep the lid securely closed. The integrity of the rifle is maintained because keeping the evidence in a closed box minimizes the number of people that will directly handle the rifle or long arm weapon.

Evident Rifle and Long Arm Evidence Storage Boxes Offer Efficient and Orderly Storage

Rifle and long arm storage lockers and cabinetsWhen your rifle and long arm weapon evidence is stored in boxes, it is easier to store on shelves or in cabinets because of the standardized size of the evidence storage box. The long arm evidence storage boxes are also easily to label for quick detection and retrieval. Keeping firearms in Evident Rifle Storage Boxes is an efficient and simple way for police, sheriffs, and any law enforcement facility to manage their collection of rifle and long arm evidence.

Long Arm Weapon Storage Lockers and Police Rifle Security Cabinets

We also have great prices on rifle storage lockers and cabinets. All of our long arm security lockers are built to be rugged and heavy duty enough to provide the highest level of security for weapon storage.

Visit us online at, email us, or call us at 1-855-786-7667 to shop for long gun and rifle evidence storage boxes! Share