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Golf Bag Storage Ideas for Country Clubs & Resorts

golf bag storage ideasResorts and country clubs with golf courses share a challenge: storing their accumulation of large, valuable golf bags in an organized, efficient manner that’s easy for members to access and maintains an appropriate level of security. StoreMoreStore has met this challenge numerous times with its array of storage solutions for golf bag storage ideas. From simple racks to high-density sliding shelving, we have a product to match your clubhouse and budget.

A major consideration when designing a club storage area is environmental management. Extremes of temperature and humidity will damage golf clubs, so your storage area must be climate-controlled. High heat will weaken the glue that binds club grips and club heads to the shaft, while cold will cause steel club shafts to contract and become brittle. High humidity, if sustained over long periods, will cause clubs to rust. All these undesirable outcomes are avoided by maintaining moderate temperature and humidity levels in your clubhouse storage area.

Golf Bag Storage Ideas

With the preliminaries out of the way, here are a few of our best golf bag storage ideas:

Racksgolf bag racks

Golf bag storage rack systems are easy to install, long-lasting, and available in many different sizes. StoreMoreStore bag racks range in width from four to eight feet and have one or two levels. For example, a small rack holds four bags on one level and weighs 62 pounds, while our largest rack holds 36 bags over two levels and weighs 244 pounds. 

All racks have a steel construction that is simple, durable, and requires no maintenance. Many racks feature adjustable shelves, PVC bag separators, and a variety of powder-coat finish colors. All racks hold bags upright for ease of access and provide excellent air circulation to prevent buildups of moisture and mold. 

Sliding Shelving

high density gold bag storageOur most advanced bag storage system is high-density sliding shelving. These shelves slide on tracks from side to side, allowing easy access to all shelves while keeping the total storage footprint compact. Your storage capacity is effectively doubled compared to traditional shelving because no fixed aisles take up space. Another advantage is that you travel less distance to pick up the bags, meaning members can get out to the course more quickly.

Mobile golf bag shelves have two tiers to make the most of your vertical space and come in widths from eight to 24 feet. As an example of the incredible space efficiency of these designs, the 12-foot model with three rows of shelves holds up to 42 bags.

Wood Lockers

golf bag storage wood lockersAn all-wood golf club storage cabinet offers classic looks, ample space, and excellent security. Wood lockers are visually appealing, as golf bags are concealed behind handsome wooden doors, giving your storage area a clean, uniform appearance. Optional base and crown moldings are available to refine the look of the lockers further.

Another advantage to wood lockers is that members can store additional items beyond bags, like golf shoes or clothes. Because the lockers are dedicated to individual members and have key locks, they are among the most secure options for club storage.

Metal Lockers

Metal golf bag lockers offer high durability and security. They feature one fixed and two adjustable shelves for storage of golf accessories, and ventilated doors prevent moisture and mold accumulation. The locker is made of cold-rolled 14-gauge sheet steel for a lifetime of locker storage


Country clubs and resorts work hard to create a visually appealing setting with a cohesive look and branding. So it bears mentioning that there are several style considerations when selecting a golf bag room storage system. Do you want the bags to be visible or covered up? A rack system leaves the bags out in the open, which is ideal for air circulation but may not be your desired look. Alternatively, sliding shelving minimizes the space required for bag storage and has a modern appearance. 

Meanwhile, wood lockers provide a classic aesthetic. Should your storage solution match the colors of your branding? Racks are available in many different colors. Careful consideration of how you want the storage area to look will help you select the ideal storage method for your club.


Is the bag storage area going to be accessed by members directly, or will it be managed by staff? If your golf bag storage is self-service, you’ll need to put thought into security systems to prevent the loss and theft of expensive and portable equipment. 

You can place the storage area behind keypad access, use a video monitoring system, or locate the storage area in part of the clubhouse that can only be accessed by members. Golf bag storage cabinets or lockers are generally the most secure storage option, as members can place a lock on their individual locker.

Choose a Golf Bag Storage System From StoreMoreStore 

We’ve covered a variety of golf bag room storage systems, from racks to shelving to lockers. Each method has its advantages. Racks are cost-effective, easy to install, long-lasting, and available in many sizes. Wood lockers bring a refined style to your golf bag room and allow for the storage of additional items beyond bags, such as shoes and clothes. Metal lockers are highly secure and durable. High-density sliding shelves are the most modern product, achieving maximum golf bag storage in the minimum of space.

Between all these choices, there’s sure to be a storage method that fits your club’s style, budget, and available space. StoreMoreStore’s consultants are happy to review the options with you and make recommendations suitable for the goals and circumstances of your resort.


Golf Bag Sliding Shelving Storage Lateral Racks on Tracks

Sliding Shelving for Golf Club Bags

golf bag sliding shelving storageGolf clubs are expensive, bulky, and difficult to store as they need to be kept upright, secure, and safe from damage. Understandably, many patrons judge the quality of a golf course by its look of professionalism, protection of their gear, and ease of use. The golf bag sliding shelving is a unique solution that provides all of the above and, in addition, saves you a ton of space.

With lateral tracks, the shelves in front slide side-to-side with a stationary unit in the back. This means that you don’t have to waste your valuable space with static aisles between shelves. To access the back shelves, just slide the units in front of them out of the way. Then, users can easily access their equipment. On average, users store about double the capacity of traditional shelves in half the floorspace.

Also, the shelves hold golf bags in the upright and proper position, giving each bag its own space. This ensures that the golf bags aren’t cluttered or falling on top of each other during storage. Because what’s the point in saving space if the system is unappealing and difficult to use?

We can also configure the golf bag sliding shelving with roll-up locking doors to provide security. The space savings, ease of use, and professional looks make the shelves great for country clubs, municipal golf courses, and universities.

Additional shelving features include:


  • Available in five different widths from 8’4″ to 24’8″ and in two and three-deep configurations
  • Shelves adjustable vertically in 1½” increments
  • Each shelf rated to hold 300 lbs.
  • Closed type uprights with solid panels of heavy-duty 18 gauge steel
  • Modular design allows users to add to or recongifure the shelving at any time
  • Leveling track, heavy-duty carriages, and specially engineered rubber stops ensure smooth movement that keeps stored golf bags from jostling or falling
  • Ball bearings and four wheels per carriage improves mobility
  • All parts powder coated with a textured finish for long-lasting durability and aesthetics
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Golf Bag Sliding Shelving Online

Golf bag sliding shelving is available to buy online with volume discounts available. For more information or if you need assistance, call us toll-free at 1-855-786-766.


Golf Bag Organizer Racks for Multi-Tier Club Storage

Golf Bag Storage Made Easy

golf bag organizer racksGolf bags and clubs are expensive and take up a lot of space, especially for applications like country clubs or golf courses that store many at once. The golf bag organizer racks are a great way to keep bags stored upright, which saves space and prevents damage.

Organizing is also much easier with the golf bag racks. Instead of cluttered on your floor area or stored in multiple places, the golf bag organizer racks store them in one compact solution. The racks are double-tiered, allowing you to store more bags in a smaller footprint by utilizing your vertical space. Dividers also keep the golf bags stored upright so they’re not leaning against each other. Each bag gets its own divider section. When someone needs to retrieve their bag, it’s easy for them to find and remove it without disturbing the other stored bags.

The golf bag racks are available in multiple sizes depending on how many bags you need to store. All come with two levels of storage and widths up to 6′, which stores 12 bags. See the features below for more information on widths and bag storage racks

Golf Bag Rack Features

  • Upright posts: Heavy-duty tubular T-shaped posts made from 14 gauge steel
  • Includes floor plate anchors and concrete anchors
  • Steel beams are rated to support 900 lbs. for 4′ wide units; 800 lbs. for 5′ wide units; and 650 lbs. for 6′ wide units
  • Storage levels are adjustable in 2″ increments
  • Each storage level comes with 20 gauge steel decks
  • Adjustable golf bag dividers keep bags in the upright position
  • 2 dividers per level for 4′ wide units; 3 dividers per level for 5′ wide levels; and 5 dividers per level for 6′ wide units
  • A wide selection of powder-coat finishes available

Buy Golf Bag Organizer Racks Online

Golf bag organizer racks are available to buy online with optional shelving volume discounts.  For further assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message to speak to one of our experts.