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Classification Folders For Efficient Document Organization

classification folders folder dividers fasteners document organizationAre Classification Folders Worth The Extra Money?

Folders aren’t a high dollar item, but when you buy hundreds of them at a time, the expense can add up. If you’re organization works like most companies today, you look for the least expensive tools that will let you get the job done. For some filing jobs, that’s just a plain 1/3 cut folder with basic labeling, however, sometimes penny pinching with office supplies can lead to wasted productvity dollars from inefficient work processes.

human-resources-file-folders-partition-files-divided-seperate-documentsInternal File Dividers Make Finding Documents Easy!

At StoreMoreStore, we offer lots of end tab folders for open shelf filing that let you quickly find the right file. But it’s not uncommon to open a folder and find dozens of pages that are just stuffed in there in no discernable order. Sifting through to find the exact page you need could take way more time than you want to spend. Using classification folders with internal dividers keeps documents well organized for optimial productivity and secure to ensure records are where they are suppose to be.


classification folder file folders with fasteners dividers top tab end tabsManaging Records & Documents With Classification Folders

Human Resources is a great example of a department that can benefit from better classification of records. The first section in each employee folder could be devoted to basic information and forms such as emergency contacts, W4, policy acknowledgements, and so forth – with the most current versions on top. The next section could be for benefits enrollment and participation information. The third section could be reserved for performance evaluations and disciplinary actions. The fourth section might be the right place to store any FMLA or WC paperwork.

Construction project files and legal files could have documents segregated in a similar manner based on date, type, or other criteria. At StoreMoreStore, we’ve got classification folders with one divider or two so you can choose how many different document sections you want to create within a file. When your information is well organized, your employees can access the papers they need easily, to provide more efficient customer service to clients.

Heavy-Duty Classification Folders For Active Applications

The best application for classification folders are where information is accessed frequently and/or kept for a long period of time. Classification folders can withstand heavy useage and be reused when a project becomes non-active and moved to long term storage. We’ve got the lowest online pricing for these high quality folders, so you can save money even when you spend more than usual to get the best supplies.


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