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How to Set Up a File Management System

choosing a file management systemEven today, almost every business deals with physical documents. How can you ensure that you have an organized file management system in your office?

Loss in productivity due to document trouble: 20%

What Is a File Management System?

A sound file management system requires you to develop, organize, and administer a method of handling physical documents. A good document management strategy improves operational efficiency and office workflow.

The average time it takes professionals to locate a document: 18 minutes

poor file management identification

The Risks of a Poor File Management System:

  • Lost documents and files
  • Wasted time
  • Lower employee morale
  • Increase in errors
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Lost productivity

The percent of all paper documents that are lost: 7.5%

Best Ways to Organize Your Files

file management systemStep 1: Assess the needs and habits of your office

Step 2: Determine the types of documents you need to retain and file

Step 3: Appoint a location for your filing system

Step 4: Determine whether you need to invest in filing storage, like shelves or cases.

Step 5: Create main categories for your files (like invoices, receipts, case files)

Step 6: Create sub-categories for files (like sales receipts, marketing receipts, product management receipts)

Step 7: Determine the best organizational system for your needs.

Step 8: Buy the supplies you need to implement your organizational system.

Step 9: Implement your organizational system.

Step 10: Document your file management process so someone can recreate it if needed.

Step 11: Train your staff to understand and maintain your organizational system.

Step 12: Assign an employee to review and clean up the filing system regularly.

Step 13: Consider digitizing your most critical documents.

Percent of business owners want to access files remotely: 77%

What Office Filing System Template Works Best for You?

setting up a file management systemThe type of document management system you use will depend on the specific needs of your company. Several popular methods are:

  • Color-coded by department
  • Color-coded by category
  • Color-coded by priority
  • Alphabetical
  • Organized by date

What Filing Supplies Do You Need?

To create and maintain a file management system, consider buying these supplies: