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Convert Top Tab File Folders to End Tab File Folders

end tab file filing converters manilla folder conversionConvert Those Top Tab File Folders To Efficient Side Tab Files

At StoreMoreStore, we believe that everyone can benefit from a conversion experience – conversion to color coded labeling file tabs in a shelf based filing system, that is. This is a business decision that’s remarkably easy to justify. It’s not absolutely necessary to replace all of your existing folders when you switch to open file shelving. Try our StoreMoreStore End Tab File Folder Converters. These heavyweight folder extension tabs adhere to any size  file folder, jacket, wallet, or red rope pocket. They offer you an easy way to convert your top tab file folders with minimal disruption to your present filing system. New side tab file folders can be purchased after the manila conversion pieces or attached to your top tab files.

end tab file filing converters manilla folder conversionFacts About Converting From Top Tab to Side Tab Filing

The typical horizontal or vertical four drawer file cabinet system requires 140-150 square feet to store 10,000 records. With open file shelving and end tab folders available from StoreMoreStore, it takes less than 70 square feet to store the same records. That’s because you don’t have to allow extra wide access aisles to open file drawers to access stored files.

Color coded file folder labeling saves a significant amount of labor time for administrative personnel. They can tell at a glance which section holds the file they want – even from across the room. Over 80% of the cost of records maintenance is spent on wages for admin workers. Imagine what other tasks you could put these employees in charge of if they weren’t spending so much time looking for misplaced files.

end tab file filing converters manilla folder conversionOne of the hidden costs of less efficient record keeping is what happens when you can’t find a file you need. Sometimes, the file is completely lost and will never be found. Other times, it just isn’t where you can put your hands on it when you need it – which can be just as bad. In either case, you want to try to provide efficient file solutions that will provide quick service to keep your customers coming back to do business with you.

According to one estimate, the cost associated with finding or replacing lost files is over $125 per file. Even if only 2% of your file folders are misfiled over the course of a year, that could add up to a whopping expense.

Make a change to End Tab File Converters from StoreMoreStore!

end tab file filing converters manilla folder conversion