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How to Organize Documents in Your Shelving

how to organize documents in shelvingSo you’ve got some shelving and a bunch of documents. Too bad that’s not all you need to actually organize all that paper. It won’t do any good to just stack a pile of papers on you shelving. You need documents to be easily accessible; otherwise, you would have just got rid of them. There are numerous ways to organize documents in your shelving, but here are some of our favorites.

Store Groups of Folders, Forms, Brochures, and Documents in Oblique Compartments

Oblique compartments hang in your shelving. The compartments are large enough to hold folders and many, many documents. This makes them a great solution for organizing forms and brochures. The magnified color-coded labels on all Oblique compartments keep all your documents easy to find too.

Store Large Documents, Drawings, and Blueprints Rolled in Cubby Shelves

If you have large documents like drawings and blue prints, your best bet is to store them rolled up. They’re safe from damage and take up way less space. But you can’t just store them rolled up in a pile on the floor or on any type of shelving. Specially designed cubby shelves are the ideal solution for storing rolled up large documents.

Store Legal File Folders in Redrope Pockets with Tabbies Handles

If you have legal case files, you want to keep them grouped together. That way nothing gets lost. But when you have so many folders, it can be hard to do. That’s why redrope pockets are a great solution for storing documents in your shelving. The expanding gusset lets you store all your legal file folders in one place. And if you add a Tabbies handle, you can use it as a color coded label that will not only make finding files easier, the handle will also protect your redrope pockets!

Find All These and More Solutions Online From StoreMoreStore

These are just a few of the ways to organize documents in your shelving. And you can find them all online at StoreMoreStore. If you need any help or have questions about storing your documents, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Adjustable Cubby Shelving for Large Document Storage

A Great Way to Organize Blueprints and Large Documents Adjustable Cubby Shelving Offers Flexibility for Large Documents

Are you are looking for an easy way to store and organize large documents like blueprints, drawings, maps, posters, or banners? StoreMoreStore has Adjustable Cubby Shelving that is designed to help you efficiently arrange your documents while maximizing your storage space. (Shop online now for your Adjustable Cubby Shelving).

Adjustable Cubby Shelving Offers Flexibility for Large Document Storage

Our Adjustable Cubby Shelving has multiple adjustable partitioned storage openings, which provide you with flexibility when arranging your blueprints and documents. In addition, large documents and blueprints can be categorized and stored rolled up in the shelving, so they won’t get damaged or smashed.

Centralize Your Large Document Storage to Save Space

Centralize Your Large Document Storage in Adjustable Cubby Shelving Our Adjustable Cubby Shelving will maximize the number of blueprints and documents you can store in a designated area because they are stored on vertical shelving. Also, our storage shelving is easily adjustable, and it can be configured to store a variety of items (documents stored flat and other related storage materials) all in the same unit.

Contact Us Today to Order Your Adjustable Cubby Shelving

Our Adjustable Cubby Shelving comes in numerous sizes and colors to meet your storage requirements. If you can’t find the exactly what you need, call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 we will help you create a storage system exactly the way you want.


pH Neutral Folders For Archival Document Preservation

archival storage folders envelopes blueprints pictures plan drawings document preservationTrust Oblique pH Neutral Folders To Protect Your Archive Documents

Everyone knows that paper starts to turn yellow and disintegrate as it ages. What you might not know is that the chemical process making this occur is called oxidation. As the paper combines with molecules of oxygen from the air, this causes the paper fibers to break down. It’s actually similar to what happens if a piece of paper catches fire – the combustion process just takes years instead of seconds. Preventing this “slow burn” from happening is critical for important archive documents.

archival storage folders envelopes blueprints pictures plan drawings document preservationHow Oblique pH Neutral Folders Help

The acid found in most paper products speeds up the oxidation process. This discolors paper and causes it to become brittle faster. After a while, the paper may simply fall apart at the slightest touch. Using archival folders with a neutral pH of 7.0 (not acid and not alkaline) keeps paper in a much better state of preservation over the long term.

At StoreMoreStore, we offer a wide variety of Oblique pH neutral folders and envelopes for protecting your archival documents, photographs, drawings, maps, and artwork.   From letter-size documents to large over-sized maps and drawings, we have a pH neutral solution for your archival storage requirements.  In addition to our wide variety of sizes, we have pH neutral envelopes and heavy-duty pH cardboard compartments up to 36″ by 42″ to help manage the storage of delicate artwork and important documents the smart way.


archival storage folders envelopes blueprints pictures plan drawings document preservationpH Neutral Archival Storage Applications:

  • Museums can preserve historical maps, archival documents and newspaper clippings safe  in pH neutral envelopes and compartments
  • Local governments can store historical county records and old photographs in pH neutral envelopes and folders
  • Law enforcement can store and protect critical evidence using pH neutral envelopes
  • Photographers can store film negatives and photographs without worrying about deterioration in pH neutral folders
  • Architectural design, engineering, and construction firms can safely store blueprints, maps, drafts, and more using over-sized pH neutral folders
  • Artists can store sketches, drawings and other artwork in pH neutral envelopes and compartments

archives storage folders envelopes blueprints pictures plan drawings document preservationFor the best long term results, keep moisture and temperature levels low in archival document storage areas. Protect papers from direct sunlight and from prolonged exposure to fluorescent light. Last but not least, always ensure good air circulation to discourage mold.

Pick up your Oblique archival envelopes and folders today at!


Used Spacesaver® High Density Shelving For Sale



high density storage shelving racks systems file shelves compact Used Spacesaver High Density Shelving For Sale

We have two gently used high density shelving systems (also called used mobile shelving and used compact shelving) that have been well kept in an air-conditioned office environment.  The shelving systems are in excellent shape and ready to save you valuable office or warehouse storage space.  Both of the used Spacesaver high density storage systems are equipped with mechanical-assist three spoke control handles which can move multiple rows of shelving (thousands of pounds) with the touch of a finger on the control handle.used compact warehouse shelving storage movable aisle supply shelves

Used Mobile Shelving Is Reconfigurable

These used mobile shelving systems can be reconfigured to fit into your floor space and the items you are storing.  One of the used mobile storage shelving systems was originally designed for file folders and the other was used for supplies. Both of these systems can be easily adjusted or modified to store record boxes, part bins, or any materials requiring a 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, or 48” shelf depth.  The used Spacesaver mobile shelving is very flexible to reconfigure.   You can cut the shelving height down, shorten the length of shelving rows, or use the shelving in a fixed application.  Heavy-duty steel shelves are easily adjustable on 1-1/2” centers.  For more information, contact us toll free 1-855-786-7667.

Used High Density Shelving (System #1)

high density storage shelving racks systems file shelves compact This used high density shelving was originally designed to store file folders, but this system could be easily adjusted or modified to store record boxes, part bins, or any materials requiring a 12”, 24”, or 48” shelf depth.

These Used Compact Shelving Systems are Bargains and Will Go Quickly!

Used High Density Shelving (System #2)compact shelving space saving reduce carbon footprint sustainable design




This used high density shelving was originally designed to store supplies and would be perfect for any office or warehouse storage requiring 18” or 36” deep shelves.

Call toll free today 1-855-786-7667, for pricing and more information on these Spacesaver used compact storage shelving systems (systems will be available for sale in August 2011).

Looking for used storage equipment? StoreMoreStore always has used high density shelving, used vertical carousels, and used storage racks available Click here to view and bookmark our specials page!