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Wire Mesh Bulk Lockers for Apartment Tenant Storage

wire mesh bulk lockers
Many apartments and condominiums provide storage areas for storing seasonal tenant items and gear, but this can be a challenge for buildings with limited space and an ever-growing number of residents. Wire mesh bulk lockers provide a secure and economical solution for apartment tenant storage that keeps stored items organized and space-efficient. They are ideal for storing any items, including large or bulky items such as bikes, automotive supplies, tools, grills, camping gear, kayaks, sport equipment, and more.

What Makes Our Wire Mesh Lockers A Cut Above the Rest

The wire mesh bulk lockers are constructed of SafeMesh™ material, making them stronger and safer than regular expanded metal. The bulk lockers’ 1/2″ flattened expanded metal diamond design keeps fingers out and uses 100% more steel for enhanced safety, strength, rigidity, and security. Lockers are available in single and double-tier starter and adder units in 12 different sizes, so they can easily be expanded as your storage area grows.wire partition lockers for apartment tenant storage

Wire Mesh Locker Features

  • Door with heavy-duty hinges with welded door stops for extra strength & security (3-1/2″ with seven knuckles, made of 13 gauge & welded to door and frame)
  • Optional 1/2″ expanded metal top to add rigidity
  • Door handles formed from one solid piece of steel and welded to frame for extra strength
  • Adder units easily bolt to starter units
  • Double tier lockers include galvanized center shelf to separate upper and lower openings
  • Ergonomic steel handle with latching padlock hasp
  • Optional ceiling panels
  • Ships knocked down with easy do-it-yourself assembly instructions
  • GREEDGUARD Children & School Certified
  • 6 standard starter sizes available with custom sizes on request
  • Includes two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free dock to dock shipping

Buy Wire Mesh Bulk Lockers Online

Click here to check out our available wire mesh bulk lockers and buy online. If you need assistance or have any questions about which locker is right for your unique application, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.