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Locker Room Benches & Pedestals for Changing Room Seating in Rec Centers

locker-room-benches-pedestalsLocker room benches and pedestals are available for changing room seating in rec centers, gyms, country clubs, fitness centers, pools, and more. You can choose from five different types of pedestals to meet your exact requirements including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The bench tops include a solid hardwood maple finish and are sealed with a lacquer to provide protection from humidity, moisture, water stains, scratches, and abrasions.

Benchtop Features

The locker room bench tops are made of laminated all white northern hardwood maple (9 1/2″ wide, 1 1/4″ thick) and finished with a penetrating coat of hot sealer and two coats of high-impact hot lacquer.

It’s recommended that a bench top length of 3′ to 8′ has 2 pedestals, a bench top length of 9′ to 13′ has 3 pedestals, and a bench top length of 15′ has 4 pedestals.

Locker Room Benches Pedestal Types

There are five types of pedestals available for you to choose from

Standard Steel Pedestal

  • Color: Parchment
  • 10 gauge sheet steel upright tubes with welded flanges
  • Three holes in base pedestal flange for floor anchoring (anchors not included)
  • Three holes at top flange for attaching to bench top (hardware included)

Stainless Steel Movable Pedestalchanging-room-seating-rec-centers-gyms-pools

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • 16 gauge stainless steel
  • Includes hardware for attaching pedestal to benchtop (floor anchors not included)

Aluminum Movable Pedestal

  • Color: Parchment
  • Includes holes for optional permanent anchoring to floor (anchors not included)

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Pedestal

  • Color: Parchment
  • 6″ diameter top and bottom base flanges with three anchoring holes (includes hardware for attaching pedestal to bench top) (floor anchors not included)

Adjustable Pedestal

  • Color: Parchment
  • Cast aluminum base with 1.5″ adjustable schedule 40 pipe (vertical post)
  • Includes concealed anchoring to floor (anchors not included)
  • Hardware for attaching pedestal to bench top included

Buy Locker Room Benches & Pedestals for Changing Room Seating Online

Locker room benches and pedestals for changing room seating is available to buy online. No professional installers are needed, and benches ship with easy instructions for do-it-yourself installation. We are also happy to help you with anything you need if you give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.