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Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer Organizing Literature, Forms, Mail, and Files with Oblique Shelf Organizer

Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer: The Best Way to Organize working Files, Forms, Literature, and Mail on Your Desk

Organize Paperwork on Open Shelving with Oblique Shelf OrganizerEver been in the situation where no matter what you try and do paper work and files keep piling up and taking over your work space, so not only is your desk overcrowded but you can never find what you’re looking for? Well StoreMoreStore has a solution for you that will save you space while keeping you organized, Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer. The Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer is a space efficient paper management system that organizes documents, files, forms, literature, and mail for quick access and space savings.

Easy to Assemble Easy to Use Forms and Literature Organizer

The Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer is easy to assemble and sets in your workstation overhead or on a shelf. The Oblique Shelf Organizer comes with a starter set of Oblique V-base and Box-Base side tab folders.  The side tab folders have magnified label holder viewing lenses that make reading easy on the eyes.  Simply categorize your paperwork into the hanging file folders and hang them on the Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer.Easy to Assemble Oblique Shelf Organizer

Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer Saves Space Compared to Shelving Storage

Are you curious to know exactly how much space you can save with Oblique Shelf Organizers? Well here is an example for you. 60” of literature stored on six shelves, uses about 21 square feet with an estimated shelving cost of $450. Just one 40” Organizer unit can store about 39” of literature in just 4 square feet with an estimated cost of $200. Unlike shelving that needs additional air space to access literature, the Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer saves space by side tab labeled folders that expand and contract to compact literature.

Hang Compartments on Oblique Shelf Organizer in ShelvesThe Oblique FastFile Shelf Organizer come in three standard widths of 33-3/4”, 39-34”, and 45-3/4”, but special sizes are available, just email us or call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 for a custom size to fit your space.

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Oblique Shelf Organizers for Your Overhead Cubical Shelves

Forms, Literature, Mail, and File Organizers for Workstation Overhead Shelves

Hang Oblique V-base Folders and Box Base Folders Are you tired of papers, files, and mail cluttering what little desk space you have?  Well we have a product that will rid you of the clutter and help you organize your information more efficiently.   The Oblique Shelf Organizer is a standalone unit that conveniently fits on your desk or in an overhead workstation shelf.  The unit organizes documents, forms, literature, and mail for quick and easy access in less space.

Set in Cubical Workstation Overhead and Start Organizing Information

Just assemble the Oblique Shelf unit and add the hanging folders to start organizing. Each Oblique Shelf Organizer includes a starter set of V-Base and Box Base hanging file folders.  Additional V-Base and Box Base hanging folders can be purchased in packages of five to customize the unit just the way you want it.  Each hanging folder comes with a 6” label and a magnified label holder viewing lens.Efficient Compact File Organizer

The Oblique Shelf Organizer is available in three standard sizes 33-3/4”, 39-3/4”, and 45-3/4” (special sizes are available on request).  If you are looking for a special size, just email us or call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667.

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