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Gravity Flow Racks Slanted Roller Shelves FIFO Loading & Picking

Increase Efficiency with Gravity Flow Racks

gravity flow racksWith the increasing pressure on businesses to be more productive, solutions like automated storage and inventory management software are becoming the norm. While these are great systems, you can also cut inefficiencies with some simple gravity flow racks.

The gravity flow racks with roller shelves are easy to implement and essential to FIFO techniques and lean manufacturing. With its slanted roller shelves, they bring items to the employee and eliminate frequent stoppages common with restocking stations. An employee simple places an item on the loading slide, and it slides down to the front of the unit for another employee to pick. This greatly reduces transportation and search time, which is one of lean manufacturing’s biggest wastes. Additionally, using gravity flow racks will also save space in your production line by allowing you to store more boxes, totes, and cartons in less floorspace.

The gravity flow racks also improve ergonomics in addition to efficiency. Since inventory rolls to them, they don’t need to walk across the warehouse to retrieve items. Workers also don’t need to bend and reach across shelves, which can lead to strain and injury. Lastly, the roller shelves are entirely adjustable to each user’s individual needs.fifo gravity flow rack


  • Heavy-duty steel 12-gauge Unistrut framework
  • Galvanized steel adjustable roller shelves
  • None sets of rollers per shelf level
  • Optional 48″ x 12″ laminate work shelf
  • Powder coated steel components
  • White shelves with black edge molding (more colors available at an additional cost)
  • Units ship unassembled
  • Manufacturer’s limited 11-year warranty on framework, 5-year warranty on rollers, and 1-year warranty on laminate work surfaces

Buy Gravity Flow Racks Online

Gravity flow racks are available to buy online with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.