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How to Put on Disposable Shoe Covers & Booties Without the Hassle

different types of disposable shoe coversWhat do medical personnel, construction workers, laboratory technicians and real estate agents all have in common? Give up? The answer is disposable shoe covers! Each one of these professions uses these disposable shoe covers or “booties” as a way to walk around without contaminating the area with whatever is on their shoes. Of course putting them on can be a hassle.

Why Disposable Shoe Covers Can Be Such a Pain

Imagine that you’re a realtor at an open house – with brand new carpet. You’re responsible for making sure every potential buyer that walks in is wearing protective shoe covers. You have to hand them out and make sure the buyers take the time to put them on. And let’s hope there is something to sit on; otherwise, everyone will have to awkwardly lean on you to get them on.

Or you work in a laboratory clean room; going in and out of rooms all day. Each time you enter and exit you have to take off the shoe covers and put a new pair back on. Talk about time consuming and frustrating.

Not to mention if you work in construction and are renovating a room the immense hassle it becomes to make sure everyone on your team is wearing their shoe covers. No one wants to be the one nagging the crew about something referred to as booties.

How to Do Away with the Hassle of Putting on Shoe Covers

But what can you do? Shoe covers are a reality there’s no escaping from. You might not be able to do away with the shoe covers, but you can do away with the hassle of putting them on with a hands-free shoe cover dispenser! That’s right; in 3 easy steps you can put on shoe covers 4 times faster. And you don’t even have to use your hands! Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to use a shoe cover dispenser.

Two Models of Hands-Free Shoe Cover Dispensers

hands-free shoe cover dispenser steps putting on bootiesThere are two different models, depending on your needs. The Fusion shoe cover dispenser is designed to be light-weight and portable so you can take it with you anywhere. Realtors can take the dispenser to open houses and set it up right by the door, eliminating the hassle of carrying enough booties for everyone that might enter the house. Construction workers can take them to the job site and make it easy for the crew to use.

Hospitals, laboratories, and clean room environments where the shoe covers are stored on an open shelf next to a bench can easily replace the bench with the Stay shoe cover dispenser. Like its name, it’s designed to “stay” right where you put it. Keeping the dispenser at the entrance to a room is easy because of its low profile. And it’s equipped with a handle so if you need to steady yourself while using the dispenser, you can.

Find Hands-Free Shoe Cover Dispensers from StoreMoreStore

You can find both of these hands-free shoe cover dispensers, along with the shoe covers online at StoreMoreStore. And if you need any help or have any questions, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.