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Artwork Storage 101: How to Improve Art Organization

How to Improve Your Museum’s Art Storage

art storage organization shelving racksAs a gallery or museum owner, you might not always have the necessary space to display every piece in your collection. When the time comes to put artwork into short- or long-term storage, thoughtful organization is key. To reduce the likelihood of damage, it is important to know how to store art safely and which types of units are best for your unique needs.

Who Can Benefit From Art Storage?

Art and museum storage is a great option for any individual or organization specializing in the stewardship of art. Galleries in need of fine art storage and museums looking for museum storage can benefit, as well as universities, libraries, private collectors, archival facilities, art stores, and more.

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Why Is Artwork Storage a Good Investment?

Each piece of art in your collection is an irreplaceable, delicate work––and probably the result of a hefty investment! As such, it is critical to protect and securely store artwork. Proper art storage ensures that each piece lasts as long as possible so that generations to come can enjoy it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in proper artwork storage:museum artwork storage carts

1. Preserve and protect your artwork.

An artist worked hard to create the work, and now you must take good care of it. Our artwork storage is specially designed to meet the special requirements of museum and fine art storage, with durable materials that keep out light, dust, and other dangers. The right unit will also protect a piece from creasing and folds.

2. Keep your inventory organized.

Artwork storage helps you manage your collections. If you manage a large gallery with numerous pieces, you need to know where each work is located. When it’s time to set up a new exhibit or show the work to a potential buyer, you need to be able to find it swiftly.

3. Save space in your storage area.

A shelving unit with room for multiple paintings will keep paintings safer and make smarter use of your floor space. In addition, proper artwork storage can save space in your storage area––and potentially reduce costs if you’re able to downsize your storage facility.

How To Store Artwork Safely

Proper art storage requires a specific set of conditions. Fragile pieces of art need to be protected from the elements to minimize damage. If a piece is exposed to too much humidity, light, dust, or other types of conditions, it can be damaged beyond repair. You don’t want faded paintings, torn canvas, or brittle paper, which means you need to create a storage environment that protects your collections from these risks.

Types of Art Storage

works on paper storage shelvesSelecting the proper art storage unit for your collection is essential. Once you’ve established the proper conditions for artwork storage, you’ll want to select a unit that fits your needs. StoreMoreStore’s art racks and wall display panels are available in many shapes and sizes to match your storage goals.

1. Store works horizontally with flat shelving.

Flat shelving neatly stores prints, drawings, documents, and more. Works on paper shelving feature flat, open storage for works on paper. Individual shelves keep your pieces organized and orderly, while non-gassing materials protect against damage. If you prefer an option with drawers, explore our flat plan file cabinets. These units are available in a variety of dimensions, so you can find an appropriately sized unit for your needs and prevent creasing. Convenient label holders on each drawer front make it easy to stay organized.

2. Transport collections easily with framed artwork storage carts.

When you need to move your collections from one storage area to another, between restoration labs, or back to the gallery, framed artwork storage carts simplify transit. Just slide a painting or work into the individual slot, and you can roll right along to your destination. These units feature adjustable dividers that keep the painting upright and allow you to store multiple items on each cart without accidental touching or falling.

3. Organize your works with artwork shelving.flat file museum cabinets

Artwork shelving is a highly versatile storage choice for all types of framed and unframed works. These units keep art shelved and off of the ground, safe from potentially harmful light and dust. When you need to find a specific work for your next exhibit, it’s easy to scope out the correct piece among your collection, thanks to the open shelves that provide excellent visibility. The large––and often adjustable––cubbies offer plenty of room for paintings of different heights within one unit, making great use of your storage space.

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4. Display art safely with art display panels.

What’s the point of having a magnificent work in your collection if no one can see it? Art display panels can keep your art visible, even while safely in storage. You can hang pieces right onto the mesh with art hooks; no nails are required! StoreMoreStore offers both wall-mounted panels and freestanding panels so that you can show off your works in any high-traffic area.

Why Buy Art Storage From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that preserving art is essential. Since 2012, StoreMoreStore’s artwork storage solutions have helped museums, galleries, and more protect their investments and keep artworks safe. We can help your business store art safely, too! To find out how, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.


Framed Artwork Storage Cubbies & Shelves

Artwork & Painting Cubbies with Dividers

framed artwork storage cubbies shelvesWhen it comes to storing valuable artwork and paintings, not just any type of shelving will do. Paintings need to be able to stay upright and protected from damage, dust, and corrosion, while also not taking up a lot of space. Framed artwork storage cubbies with steel partition dividers are the perfect solution for protecting, organizing, and storing art and paintings (framed or unframed) in less space.

The steel powder-coated, archival quality framed artwork storage cubbies uses a vertical design that saves space while storing and protecting your valuable art. The steel construction is durable with a non-off-gassing powder coat finish to guarantee long-lasting use that is ideal for museums, art galleries, art collection storage, and more. The partition dividers support the paintings upright, and the vertical construction takes up much less space than other storage solutions. An intermediate shelf between levels allows for double the amount of framed painting storage in a smaller area.

Artwork Storage Cubbies Featuresmuseum art gallery painting storage with dividers

Additional features of the framed artwork storage cubbies include:

  • Shelves are adjustable vertically on 1 ½” increments to meet your sizing requirements
  • Each shelf rated to hold a minimum of 250 lbs with a total carrying weight of 1,500 lbs.
  • Additional shelves can be added
  • Available in widths of 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″
  • Adjustable intermediate shelf
  • 6 gauge metal divider rods
  • Rods are designed to be used in sets of fours from front to back
  • 30″ wide shelves come with 16 rode; 36″ wide shelves come with 20 rods; 42″ wide shelves come with 24 rods; and 48″ wide shelves come with 28 rods
  • 18 gauge heavy-duty steel closed uprights
  • Two bottom 2 ¾” hugh kick plates designed to prevent objects from rolling under the unut
  • Textured powder coat finish meets archival standards for no off-gassing
  • Easy do-it-yourself construction
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Framed Artwork Storage Cubbies Online

Artwork cubbies and shelves are available to buy online at our store and ship with easy do-it-yourself instructions. If you need additional information or just want some help with deciding which configuration would be right for you , call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Art Storage Systems for Storing Museum & Gallery Collections

A Variety of Art Storage Systems for Efficiently Storing Museum and Gallery Collections

Storing museum and gallery collections can be a challenge because you need to maximize space while keeping valuable artwork protected. At StoreMoreStore we offer a variety of Art Storage Systems that will meet your requirements and your budget. Each of our Art Storage Systems – Pull-out Art Racks, Adjustable Art Shelving, and Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels – has unique features for efficiently storing museum and gallery collections.

Art Storage System #1: Pull-out Art Racksa space saving art storage system is pull out art racks

Pull-out Art Racks are designed to maximize space for storing museum and gallery collections. Each panel on the rack has heavy duty braided mesh to allow for hanging artwork on both sides. The Pull-out Art Racks anchor to the floor with no need for ceiling support, and the linear motion design helps each rack to slide in and out without disturbing the other racks. Because there are no access aisles in between each row, you will easily be able to increase your storage capacity in less space. Also, the Pull-out Art Racks slide smoothly and quietly, which makes them an excellent art storage system.

Art Storage System #2: Adjustable Art Shelving

storing museum and gallery collections in adjustable art shelvingAdjustable Art Shelving is a flexible and dependable art storage system. Each horizontal shelf can be adjusted up or down on 1 ½ inch increments so that each opening can be customized for storing you museum and gallery collection. In addition, the Adjustable Art Shelving has a powder coat paint finish that does not put off gases to ensure your collection will be protected long-term. Best of all, the Art Storage Shelves come with a lifetime warranty, which means these shelves are really made to last.

The standard Adjustable Art Shelving unit is 88 ¼ inches tall; however, any height from 48 to 121 inches is available. Each unit width is 12 inches across and depth options are 18, 24, 30, and 36 inches deep. Also, there are 13 different colors to choose from for your Adjustable Art Shelving to match any décor.

Art Storage System #3: Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panelskeep museum art safe and secure with wall mounted hanging art panels

Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels are a cost-effective solution for storing museum and gallery collections. Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels can be put anywhere you need efficient museum gallery framed painting storage. One option is to have the Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels stacked on top of each other and placed side by side down a large empty wall. Then you can use hooks to effortlessly hang framed paintings.

The main benefit to using the Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels art storage system is that framed paintings are lifted off the floor to keep them protected in case there is something like a flood of water in your museum or gallery’s storage area. The Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels allow your museum gallery to keep framed paintings on display so that you can easily and quickly rotate your collection whenever needed. Also, storing framed paintings off the floor and mounted on a wall still gives you access to electrical outlets. Finally, using an empty wall as storage will save floor space in your museum gallery.

Shop Now for One Of Our Art Storage Systems for Your Museum or Gallery

You can buy all of our art storage systems online at StoreMoreStore. Shop now for Pull-out Art Racks, Adjustable Art Shelving, and Wall Mounted Hanging Art Panels, and if you need any help please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Pull-Out Art Panel Racks | Hanging Artwork Storage System

A Hanging Artwork Storage System for Museums, Libraries, and Galleries

Hanging Artwork Storage SystemAre you looking for a hanging artwork storage system for your museum, library, or gallery? Pull-Out Art Panel Racks from StoreMoreStore offer the best protection for your artwork while saving valuable floor space. Each panel on the rack has heavy duty braided mesh to allow for hanging artwork on both sides. They anchor to the floor with no need for ceiling support, and the linear motion design helps each rack to slide in and out without disturbing the other racks. The Pull-Out Art Panel Racks are easy to install. Pull-Out Art Panel Racks slide smoothly and quietly, which makes them an excellent hanging artwork storage system for museums, libraries, and galleries.

Pull-Out Art Panel Racks Powder Coat Paint Finishes

The Wire Mesh on the Pull-Out Art Panel Racks

Pull-Out Art Panel Racks has one of the best powder coat paint finishes in the industry. Our Green ISO 14001:2004 registered processes exceed current environmental standards, and our powder coat contains no ingredients banned by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our innovative reclamation technology reclaims unused powder and helps lead the way in the industry towards real green solutions. The Pull-Out Art Panel Racks finished surfaces will not emit any chemical compounds or VOC’s into the air during product use, which could harm people or stored artwork.

Pull-Out Art Panel Racks Features

pull-out art panel racks for hanging artwork storage

  • Pull-Out Art Panel Racks extend 100% from the storage footprint using the normal egress aisle to access hanging artwork.
  • Additional Pull-Out Art Panel Racks units can be added whenever you need to increase the size of your hanging artwork storage system.
  • The aluminum base construction offers greater strength, but with lighter weight for effortless operation.
  • The panels are constructed from tubular steel with welded heavy duty braided wire mesh to ensure they remain strong and long-lasting.
  • Pull-Out Art Panel Racks bases have air pistons to create a soft stop movement to protect hanging artwork.
  • Wheels on the bases have maintenance free sealed roller bearings.
  • The furniture quality powder coat paint finish on the Pull-Out Art Panel Racks is inert and non off-gassing.
  • All Pull-Out Art Panel Racks include a leveling frame for easy leveling and quick installation.
  • Customize the number of carriages to meet your exact hanging artwork storage system needs.

Shop Now for Pull-Out Art Panel Racks for Your Museum, Library, or Gallery

Shop online now at StoreMoreStore for Pull-Out Art Panel Racks for your museum, library, or gallery! If you want assistance or have any questions, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Art Storage | Oblique X3 and X3SL Compartments and Safestor Folders

safestor folders oblique art storageOur Art Storage Products Will Meet All Your Needs

StoreMoreStore’s art storage solutions, Oblique X3 and X3SL Compartments and Safestor Folders, are designed for architects, graphics artists, printers, ad agencies, art departments, museums, photographers, and engineers. There are numerous storage applications for these Oblique products including posters, photographs, blueprints, plan drawings, maps, artwork, graphics, advertisements, newspapers, and more. The Oblique X3 and X3SL Compartments and Safestor Folders store art pieces flat and vertical for long term protection while saving space. In addition, Oblique is the only manufacturer of hanging files in the world to warranty their product against defects for 10 full years.

Oblique X3 and X3SL Compartments Features and Specificationsart storage oblique x3 and x3sl compartments

• Oblique X3 and X3SL Compartments are made of 220 gr/m kraft manila.
• The connecting system is made of steel snaps that hold the compartments together.
• A 6″ magnifying label-holder for easy identification is on ever compartment.
• The Oblique X3 and X3SL Compartments are manufactured from heavy duty materials using the finest hardware.
• Oblique X3 and X3SL Compartments are rated to hold a static load of 20 lbs.

Oblique Safestor Folders Features and Specifications

• Oblique Safestor Folders are made of pH neutral material, which ensures that no unwanted acid will permeate the documents.oblique safestor folders store artwork
• Velcro closures on the folders keep materials from slumping and allow vertical storage on shelves or inside Oblique compartments.
• The notched handles on the folder allow for easy transport of materials around the office, or around town.
• Oblique Safestor Folders can be cut down to suit smaller materials.

Shop Online Now for Oblique Art Storage Products

You can find Oblique X3 and X3SL Compartments and Safestor Folders for art storage online at StoreMoreStore. As always, if you have any questions give us a call at our toll free number 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.