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Solander Box Shelving Storing Flat Works on Paper

Flat Works on Paper Shelving

solander box shelving storage works on paperSome types of specific documents can’t be stored most efficiently on regular shelving. For example, many flat works on paper for museums, archival facilities, construction documents, and other applications require specialized storage to protect these materials from damage. More and more museums use Solander box shelving as a new standard to store historical documents and all types of flat and rolled storage.

The durable steel construction and non off-gassing finish makes the shelving perfect for storing Solander cases, Hollinger boxes, maps, mat boards, posters, drawings, blueprints, and other works that need to lay flat. This allows the materials to last longer and prevents damage from being folded or rolled up, which is especially crucial for historical archives. These shelves are also great for large format works that may not be suitable for other types of storage. Shelves are available in multiple sizes to accommodate oversized products up to 46″ x 36″.

Solander Box Shelving Featuresarchival shelves storing flat rolled works on paper

  • Adjustable shelves on 1 ½” increments allow you to store a variety of document and case sizes
  • Shelf width openings are 2″ less than the overall width of the unit (ex: 30″ wide shelf has an actual width of 28″)
  • Closed vertical uprights made from heavy-duty 10 gauge steel for extra durability
  • Available in heights of 76 ¼” and 88 ¼”
  • Bottom kick plates included to prevent objects from rolling under the unit
  • Units come with a closed back
  • Shelf reinforcements provide maximum load capacity of 1,500 lbs. for the entire unit
    • 48″ wide shelves: 450 lbs. weight load per shelf
    • 42″ wide shelves: 550 lbs. weight load per shelf
    • 30″ & 36″ wide shelves: 450 lbs. weight load per shelf
  • Powder coat provides no off-gassing finish to protect stored items from deterioration
  • Available in a variety of powder coat colors
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Buy Solander Box Shelving Online

Solander box shelving is available to buy online and comes with easy do-it-yourself instructions. For further assistance, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667. One of our storage experts will be able to help answer all of your questions.


Poster Storage Solutions | Cubby Shelves | Flat File Cabinets

Efficient and Space Saving Poster Storage Solutionsposter cubby shelves are a space saving poster storage solution

Are you having trouble finding an efficient way to store your posters? StoreMoreStore has numerous efficient and space-saving poster storage solutions for you. Whether you’re storing movie posters, sports memorabilia posters, educational information posters, music posters, historical posters, medical posters, our poster storage systems will meet your specific needs.

Poster Storage Solution 1: Storing them Rolled in Cubby Shelves

A great way to save space is by storing them rolled in cubby shelves. The cubby shelves are a cost-efficient way to make sure your valuable posters don’t get crushed or damaged. Our online store has a variety of dimensional and opening selections available for our cubby shelves. (Shop our selection of cubby shelves for storing rolled posters)

Architectural Revit Models

store posters in flat file cabinets

Poster Storage Solution 2: Keeping them in Flat File Cabinets

If you are worried about rolling up your posters to store them, we also have flat file cabinets available. These self-contained cabinets will keep your posters flat and orderly, so you can rest assured they won’t be torn or maimed. Also, the flat file cabinets won’t off-gas, which will also keep posters safe. (Find different sizes of flat file cabinets at our online store)

Architectural Revit Models

Poster Storage Solution 3: Oversized Compartmentsoversized compartments for poster storage

Maybe you already have storage shelving or a place you want to keep posters, but you’re looking for something to hold your posters. Well, we have oversized compartments that will work perfectly for poster storage. These oversized compartments will hold your posters flat for long-term protection and preservation. (Buy oversized compartments for poster storage)

Shop Online for All of Our Poster Storage Solutions

You can find all of these poster storage solutions online at StoreMoreStore. If you can’t find any of the poster storage solutions you are looking for, call us toll-free at 1-855-786-7667 to see what other options are available.


Rolled Plan Drawing Storage Ideas | Ways to Organize Blueprints

Ways to Organize Blueprints in cubby storage shelvingRolled Plan Drawing Storage Ideas: Cubby Storage Shelving and Cabinets

Are you are looking for rolled plan drawing storage ideas to store blueprints, maps, or posters? StoreMoreStore has cubby storage shelving and cabinets specifically designed to help you organize and store your rolled plan drawings and blueprints safely and efficiently.

Flexible Steel Shelving Creates Different Ways to Organize Blueprints oraganize blueprints in adjustable flexible cubby shelving

Our flexible steel shelving for rolled plan drawings and blueprints has adjustable horizontal shelves with vertical partitions so you can design your storage any way you want.  The flexible shelves will accommodate rolled and plan drawings laid flat in the same shelving unit.  So if you are looking for rolled plan drawing storage ideas, here is one. Store archive drawings rolled in the top and bottom cubbies, and store drawings that are still being worked on flat in the middle shelves. No matter which shelves you put them on, storing rolled plan drawings and blueprints on heavy-duty steel shelves keeps your important documents up off the floor and safe from being damaged by water and from being crushed.

Ways to Organize Blueprints to Centralize Storage and Save Floor Space

Rolled Plan Drawing Storage Ideas in cubby shelving and cabinetsIn addition to safely organizing your rolled plan drawings in convenient cubby shelves, centralizing the storage of rolled plan drawings and blueprints in shelving will maximize the number of documents you can store in a designated area.  This is because the plan drawing cubby shelves are 76” high, maximizing the vertical storage, as well as the horizontal space.

For More Rolled Plan Drawing Storage Ideas Contact Us Today

 Visit our website for more rolled plan drawing storage ideas or click here to order your cubby storage shelving now. StoreMoreStore has a wide variety of sizes, colors, and partitions to meet your blueprint and plan drawing storage needs. If you don’t see the exact cubby storage shelving or cabinets you are looking for, call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message and we can help design a shelving unit just for you.


Storing Engineering Plan Drawings | Engineer Rolled Blueprint Shelving

storing engineering plan drawings in adjustable shelvesStoring Engineering Plan Drawings in Rolled Blueprint Shelving

Are you are looking for an easy way of storing engineering plan drawings? StoreMoreStore has engineer rolled blueprint shelving and racks designed to help you organize and store engineering plan drawings while maximizing your storage space.

Adjustable Engineer Rolled Blueprint Shelving Offers Flexibility for Storing Engineering Plan Drawingslarge documents in engineer rolled blueprint shelving

Our engineer rolled blueprint shelving has adjustable steel shelves with multiple adjustable partitioned dividers to arrange your rolled drawing storage openings the way you want.  For example, you can easily arrange your shelving to hold infrequent rolled up plan drawings on the top and bottom shelf levels, while leaving the waist high levels for active engineering drawings laid flat on the shelf.  Laying current plan drawings flat on a shelf allows quick access and helps prevent curling of drawing edges.  When the engineering project is finished simply roll the blueprints or drawings up and place them on a top or bottom shelf and put your new active project flat on the active waist high shelf level.

Storing Engineering Plan Drawings in Rolled Blueprint Shelving Saves Space

storing engineering plan drawings rolled up in shelvingOur engineer rolled blueprint shelving will maximize the number of plan drawings you can store in a designated area because they are organized and stored on vertical shelf levels, which saves space. The shelving not only maximizes storage of large documents, but also protects drawings from water, dirt, and rodents that can damaged your important large documents.

Order Your Engineer Rolled Blueprint Shelving for Storing Engineering Plan Drawings Online Today

Our rolled blueprint shelving and racks are available in 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” widths and 30” and 36” depths to accommodate any storage area.   Also, we have 19 colors available to match your office décor at no additional upcharge or ship time.  If you have a question or can’t find the exact rolled blueprint shelving for storing engineering plan drawings you need, call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message and we will help you create the rolled blueprint shelving rack exactly the way you want.


Rolled Poster Storage Cubby Shelving

Efficient rolled poster storage with poster cubby shelving and rolled print racksOrganize Your Poster Collection in Cubbies with Rolled Poster Shelving

Are you having trouble finding an efficient way to organize and store your collection of rolled up posters? Well StoreMoreStore has poster cubby shelving to help you get control of all those rolled up prints and posters.  Whether you’re storing movie posters, sports memorabilia posters, educational information signage posters, music posters, historical posters, medical posters, or any other kind of posters, our flexible and adjustable steel poster storage shelving will help you organize your posters for quick access and maximize your storage space.

Architectural Revit Models

Organize and Protect Your Rolled Posters and Prints in Cubbies

A perfect way to organize and protect your rolled posters and prints is to store them in Adjustable rolled poster storage cubbies to organize and efficiently store rolled posters and printsposter cubbies.  Poster cubby racks have multiple adjustable partitioned storage openings where posters and prints can be categorized and stored safely, so they won’t get crushed or damaged.  StoreMoreStore has poster cubby racks in a variety of sizes and options for your rolled poster needs.  If you don’t see the exact poster storage rack you are looking for, call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 and we will help you design a poster storage rack exactly the way you want.

Organize Your Rolled Posters and Prints in Racks to Maximize Your Storage Space

Store rolled posters efficiently in cubby shelving and print storage racksBesides organizing your posters, rolled poster storage shelving will maximize the number of posters you can store in a designated area because posters are stored on vertical shelving.  Vertical poster shelving and racks are easily adjustable and can be configured to store a variety of items (posters stored flat and other poster related storage materials) all in the same storage unit.

Other Poster Related Storage ProductsOrganize rolled posters with storage cubby racks for all types of music prints and sports posters

People who are interested in rolled up poster shelving might also be interest in flat file drawer cabinets and hanging poster compartments also available from StoreMoreStore.  Flat drawer cabinets store historical posters and master print documents safe and flat, so you can rest assured they won’t be torn or maimed. Hanging poster compartments keep posters in a flat unrolled storage environment but store the posters vertically in acid free compartments.  Storing posters vertically in hanging compartments will save space compared to storing posters horizontally flat on shelves.  Shelving for the hanging poster compartments are not on our online store yet so give us a call at 1-855-786-7667 or send us an email and we will be glad to get you a quote on the shelving.

Visit or call us today at 1-855-786-7667 for more information on protecting and storing your posters in poster shelving and racks. Share