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Five Benefits of Using Vertical Plan Storage Solutions

vertical-plan-drawing-cabinetsOur adjustable vertical storage solutions are designed to store paper works for museum archival facilities and add storage benefits to other industries. These vertical storage solutions are often used to stow Hollinger boxes, Solander cases, historical maps, rare drawings, boards, art, and posters. Another benefit of the design is that the shelves are entirely non-gassing to protect your valuable collections. 

Storage requirements are never the same. But the need to save space in a facility is always present. How effectively your premises operate can be heavily impacted by the storage you choose and how you use the space available. Changing storage arrangements or introducing new ways to organize existing requirements can drastically improve productivity and the experience everyone in the building has of their area. 

Opening up available space

Freeing up space is an obvious benefit of vertical storage – the more area you use vertically, the more you can make available horizontally. Instead of inefficient use of space that may require additional spending on a larger premise, vertical storage enables any business to find more room, whether that’s space for staff or revenue-generating activities

Improving the ergonomics of the area

Ergonomics is essentially designing a working environment around the needs of the employees working within it. Storage has a significant role in ergonomics, as it’s likely employees will regularly need to access items stored. The contributions to ergonomics vertical storage have, is enormous. Vertical Storage can help make more sense of the space available, introducing mechanisms and order to reduce lifting and reaching and help make the contents of storage equipment easier to access.hanging-blueprint-racks

Increasing security for items stored

Vertical storage units have many functions. An important one of these is to offer protection to items stored. There are options for introducing user permissions, so it’s possible to get a clear historical overview of all employees who have had access. An element of access control is straightforward to implement. Passwords are used to control access. ionsAlthough vertical storage systems are not impenetrable, they can considerably enhance existing security measures, especially given recent increases in data protection requirements.

Improved Accuracy

Specialized vertical storage can help improve inventory management, particularly when it comes to accuracy. Inventory management software and controllers make this part of inventory management much more efficient.

Improved operational efficiency

Vertical storage makes finding assets easy and helps to reduce the time it takes employees to find requested items. There are no distractions, and easy to see the requirements without spending hours looking to locate them. This can introduce significant productivity gains for the business, especially when storage is infrequent. Basic training can ensure that staff is efficient in tracking down what they need to move quickly to the next task.

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How Ergonomic Furniture Increases Office Productivity

ergonomic sit stand office workstation

Today’s workers spend more and more time sitting at desks, staring at monitors, and typing on keyboards. Sitting in a single position and performing repetitive tasks throughout the day can quickly lead to normal aches and pains as well as more serious conditions, like repetitive stress injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

One of the top ways businesses can invest in their workers is by investing in ergonomic furniture. High-quality ergonomic office furniture can prevent worker injuries, improve worker comfort, and boost your office’s productivity. Is the secret to more profits really a matter of your office furniture? The surprising answer might be yes!

What Is Ergonomic Furniture?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, ergonomics is the “science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population.” Another way of saying this is that ergonomic furniture is designed to fit the needs of your employees. Ideally, ergonomic office furniture:

  • Increases employee efficiency
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Reduces employee discomfort
  • Lowers rates of employee injuries

In a typical office setting, ergonomic furniture could refer to:

What Is Considered Ergonomic Furniture?

ergonomic furniture computer table

What differentiates ordinary office furniture from ergonomic furniture? The answer is that ergonomic furniture is designed to adjust to and accommodate the bodies of your employees. 

Let’s provide a familiar example: an office chair. 

If you’ve ever had to sit in a simple metal folding chair for several hours, then you know how uncomfortable they can be. After only a short while, you may notice your lower back beginning to ache. The next day, you may feel tightness in your shoulders, neck, hips, and ankles.

In comparison, an ergonomic office chair will offer lower lumbar support to protect your back. Its height will be adjustable, so you don’t have to tilt your head up or down to see your monitor. Many ergonomic office chairs include adjustable armrests and seats to fit a wide variety of bodies.

Likewise, adjustable desks are also growing in popularity. Many of today’s desks can be raised or lowered, allowing employees to sit and stand throughout the day. Simply changing position can help ease discomfort and prevent injuries.

Why Is Ergonomic Furniture Important?

ergonomic office seating

Is ergonomic office furniture worth the extra investment? The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries reviewed a whopping 250 different studies of ergonomic furniture, and the overwhelming conclusion is yes. The benefits of ergonomic office furniture are many. Here are just a few:

Less Pain Equals Less Absenteeism

Poor furniture design can cause your employees pain, resulting in them taking more time off work to recover. The right furniture can keep your employees healthy and happy so they will be ready to work. The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries report referenced above cites an OSHA case study of Blue Cross & Blue Shield workers in Rhode Island, which found a 70% reduction in lost workdays (from 345 a year to 104 a year) after implementing ergonomic equipment and training.

Fewer Injuries

Eventually, the pain from poor office furniture can result in injuries, including repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these injuries accounted for 33% of all worker injuries and illnesses in 2013. 

The takeaway: the right office furniture can protect your employees and reduce or even prevent injuries. An ergonomics intervention at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas reduced injuries from 103 a year to 52 a year.

Fewer Workers’ Compensation Claims

When workers become injured on the job, not only are they unable to work, but they also seek workers’ compensation, which can be a big drain on a company’s insurance policy. When ergonomic furniture prevents injuries, it also inevitably lowers workers’ compensation claims. No wonder Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas says their workers’ compensation claims dropped from $526,000 to $137,000 over a 10-year period after adopting ergonomic practices, including ergonomic furniture.

Fewer Errors

It can be difficult for your employees to focus when they’re in pain. An aching neck, stiff fingers, inflamed wrists, and a throbbing lower back can lead to errors that slow down your workforce’s productivity and cost you money. Healthy employees are less likely to make mistakes, which is why a Singapore Airlines computer center achieved an astounding 92.8% reduction in errors over a 12-month period after redesigning their work area and adding adjustable chairs.

Happier Employees

Healthy employees are happy employees. When employees can work without pain, they generally feel better about their job and enjoy their time at work more. It can be difficult to assess the exact value of happy employees. Still, common sense dictates that employees who are happier at work are generally more productive, more loyal, and more likely to work better on teams.

How Does Ergonomic Furniture Increase Productivity?

ergonomic adjustable stainless steel table

One of the biggest benefits of ergonomic office furniture is that it can increase your employees’ productivity. Employees who are more comfortable during the day can work harder and longer. 

The data backs up these facts. In a study called Promoting Health and Productivity in the Computerized Office: Models of Successful Ergonomic Interventions, the authors compared “optimal” and “suboptimal” workstations and found that the optimal workstations improved productivity by 23.3%.

Business leaders know that productive employees can make a huge difference to the bottom line, so if you want to boost your profits, consider upgrading the office furniture for your employees or buying ergonomic furniture for employees who are currently working from home.

Where to Get Ergonomic Furniture

There’s only one place to buy high-quality ergonomic office furniture at an affordable price. At StoreMoreStore, we offer an excellent variety of ergonomic furniture, from chairs to desks, tables, and more. Take a look at our many available options today and enjoy a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. Request a quote today by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or emailing us.


Rolling Training Tables Adjustable Desks for Seminars & Computer Labs

rolling-training-tablesRolling training tables and adjustable desks for seminars and computer labs are designed to give users unrestricted legroom while working or learning. Systems have offset or panel legs built-in to the design, allowing you more space underneath to dispel discomfort. Additionally, occupants can sit up straight and maintain proper posture without harming their knees. Furthermore, no one risks catching their clothing on the bottom surface and tearing it.

You have some design flexibility since inducated models allow casters integration. Adding the components would allow you to have a solution with the mobile flexibility to relocate and save space. Others have height adaptability instead, if you’re wanting a more ergonomic solution. Adidtionally, units’ standard features vary based on what series you choose. Some include:

  • Countertops that provide waterproof protection while resisting damaging scratches and stains to give you reliable service that lasts.
  • A lightweight and impact resistant design that simplifies handling and speeds installation.
  • Alternative countertops that have a smooth, hard, or flat design provide the best writing surface.

adjustable desks seminars computer labsConsult with storage experts to ensure you have the right rolling training tables or adjustable desks on hand for seminars and computer labs. Since they’re longer, all can accommodate a few people without causing anyone to feel  uncomfortable.  Therefore, facilities can use fewer systems to meet users’ needs and reduce equipment costs.


Legs: Units have 1′ x 2″ off-set panel legs with rectangular steel tubing and nylon leveling guides that provide balance to ensure steady use on floors. Each type also includes a knife-lock folding mechanism that leaves the tables open underneath, giving users maximum unrestricted leg room.

Casters: Four swivel casters (two locking) available as options on indicated models if you desire a solution with the mobile flexiblity to save space. Casters add 2″ to overall height.

Height Adjustment: Height adjustment on indicated models if you want a solution that allows users to create ergonomic and safe working or learning conditons.

Finish: Available in many finishes that add a clean and attractive look to any office or school space.

Assembly: Units ship unassembled.

Warranty: Two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Made in the USA

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Rolling training tables are available to buy online and ship within 3 to 5 days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Mobile Island Desk Workstations with Round & Square Tops

mobile island desk workstations clover top

These mobile island desk workstations are great for creating flexible, usable spaces that encourage collaboration. Choose from four types of unique tops: clover, round, square, or macaroon. They’re great for libraries, classrooms, labs, offices, and any application that needs a workspace that’s just as dynamic as its users. Just roll the island desks into place wherever you need them.

The workstations are available in a variety of configurations with different types of base cabinets depending on your needs. Choose any type of top with cupboard, drawer, tote, or open storage capabilities. Then select your desired height (29″, 36″, or 42″) and finishes.

Try combining these mobile workstations with the equally versatile curved bookcases for a fast and easy way to divide your space wherever you need it with unique, welcoming designs!


island work desks square top
  • Tops: 1-1/4″ thick 3-ply particleboard with .050″ high-pressure laminate surface and .030″ phenolic backer
  • Top Edge: 3mm PVC with 1/8″ radius top and bottom
  • Cabinets: 3/4″ thick 3-ply particleboard with high-pressure or thermally fused laminate throughout
  • Cabinet Base: 1-1/4″ thick
  • Doors: 3/4″ thick 3-ply particleboard with high-pressure or thermally fused laminate faces edged on all sides with 3mm PVC; hardware includes loop pulls and concealed hinges
  • Shelves: 3/4″ thick adjustable cupboard shelf
  • Drawers: 3/4″ thick, 15″ wide, 6″ high non-locking drawers with full-extension slide and loop pulls
  • Casters: Four 3″ locking swivel casters
  • Some assembly required
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Mobile island desks and workstations are available to buy online and ship within 6-8 weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Library Book Wall Shelving | Magazine Display Storage Adjustable Shelves

library book wall shelvingLibrary book wall shelving or magazine display storage includes adjustable shelves that users can adapt to maximize space and improve organization. Due to the flexible design, everyone still has easy visible access to stored collections. Furthermore, since configurations come in different styles, you have some design flexibility. Pick from affordable options that feature:

  • An environmentally friendly, smooth wood veneer finish.
  • A versatile and functional high-pressure laminate finish.
  • A durable melamine finish that provides cleaner aesthetics.

All come in convenient, pre-configured kits with starter and adder units that allow immediate installation. With access to instant rows, you also have ample capacity to consolidate everything into the existing footprint. This includes literature and supplies that office staff or school students need access to. Store published works in a standing or angled position to simplify title reading and prevent injury during retrieval. It helps reduce the time patients spend browsing through selections while waiting to see the doctor too.

Flexible library bookcases

magazine display storage adjustable shelvesYou even have the option to adapt the library book wall shelving with colored laminate and/or powder-coated steel shelves due to the modular design. Staff can create stylish accents without diminishing the bookcase’s value.  It provides a dynamic look while adding pleasing aesthetics.

To make optional leveling guides integration simple, experts pre-drill holes in the end and intermediate panels too. The specialized components allow users to correct balancing and positioning issues that the bookcases have. Furthermore, indicated models can fit mobile casters which allow safe relocation to give you convenient space savings. All configurations ship unassembled and have a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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Library book wall shelving is available to buy online and ships within six to eight week with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Library Services Help Desks | Office Tables Privacy Storage Partition Walls

library-services-help-desksLibrary services help desks and office tables with privacy storage partition walls provide more quiet working or studying conditions in public spaces. Users have some flexibility during design since configurations can fit different style dividers. Choose from:

  • Attractive fabric dividers included in the price to ensure affordability.
  • Magnetic whiteboard dividers that cost a little more, but provide users convenient space to record notes while collaborating on group projects.
  • Higher-priced translucent dividers provide consistent natural lighting and better energy efficiency while minimizing distractions to increase productivity.

Library services help desks allow comfort

Experts can provide library services help desks or office tables without privacy storage partition wall too, due to the modular design. They’re more suited to use during small group meetings. Choosing not to use the dividers in the workstations’ design provides employees or students more open space to work. Everyone avoids feeling uncomfortable due to the increased open access available while seated there. All can share ideas and feel included in productive discussions without invading others personal space.

office-tables-privacy-storage-partition-wallsThe sleek configurations even have a durable white laminate finish and satin black legs with adjustable non-marring feet that promote ergonomic use. It allows users to eliminate any wobbling that exists in moments with a simple modification. Everyone avoids injury and can focus on work rather than the noise unsteady workstations make.


Construction: Laminate work surface and heavy-duty steel tube legs with adjustable non-marring feet that allow ergonomic use.

Finish: A durable white work surface and satin black legs give the easy-to-clean and personalize workstations a sleek look.

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

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Library services help desks are available to buy online and ship within five to seven days. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Height Adjustable Workbenches Electric & Manual

Height Adjustable Workbenches

height adjustable workbenchesAre you looking for an easy way to improve ergonomics and performance in your workplace? Check out height adjustable workbenches with electric or manual adjustment to allow comfort for anyone and everyone.

By now, you probably know that sitting at a desk all day can be harmful from poor posture or repetitive manual tasks. Nowadays, it’s common to see sit-stand desks in offices, libraries, warehouses, and other workplaces. And for good reason. Within seconds, users easily adjust their desk to their preferred height whether sitting or standing depending on their comfort. After all, standing for long periods of time isn’t good for you, either; generally, it’s best to alternate between sitting and standing positions throughout the day, and the height adjustable workbenches make this easy to do.

With its versatile and customizable range of motion, these workbenches are great for multiple-shift, multiple-operator applications such as manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping and receiving, packing, assembly, laboratories, and more. Indicated models also include casters, allowing you to transport the workstation wherever you need it!

Now you just need to decide if a manual or electric workbench is right for you. See below for manual and electric workbench features.

General Featureselectric manual adjustable workstations

  • Heavy-duty 7 to 18-gauge steel framework
  • Cantilevered telescoping legs
  • 1-1/8″ engineered particleboard worksurface with GP50 high pressure laminate on top of backer sheet to create a 1-1/4″ thick panel
  • 2mm worksurface radius edge with high impact-resistant 3mm thick PVC edging
  • Epoxy powder coat finish available in multiple colors with gray worksurface (additional worksurface colors available with a longer ship time and/or additional cost)
  • Ships unassembled
  • Weight capacities of up to 1,200 lbs. depending on model (see product pages for details)
  • Lights add 2″ to 5″ to bench height
  • ADA compliant
  • Designed to meet ANSI/HFS 100-1988
  • 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Electric Workbenches

  • Cord length: 10′
  • Linear actuator with integral limit switches, 24 VDC low voltage control
  • 1/2″ per second travel time
  • Work surface adjusts from 29.5″ to 45.5″
  • Bench uprights can be set at 33″ or 42″

Manual Workbenches

  • Height adjustment with a plunger knob that unlocks the legs and turns to adjust the height
  • Work surface adjusts from 29.5″ to 44.5″
  • Bench uprights can be set at 33″ or 42″

Buy Height Adjustable Workbenches Online

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Mobile Folding Conference Tables on Wheels with Flip Tops

Mobile Folding Tables

mobile folding conference tablesMobile folding conference tables are an easy way to quickly set up workspaces when and where you need them, and store them in a compact space when you don’t. Simply fold the tables out and roll them into place and nest them together when you’re finished. When nested together, the tables take up only a fraction of the space.

The mobile folding conference tables are ideal for use in classrooms, training rooms, meetings, offices, and much more. Each table also includes two ganging clips, which allow you to connect the tables together. This allows you the flexibility to create tables of multiple sizes for a variety of applications. Since the tables are on wheels, it’s also easy to transport them where they’re needed.

Additionally, the tables include 1″ thick laminate/particle board tops and PVC edge banding that adds stability and a smooth, finished look. A metal modesty panel with an integral cable trough also keeps cables neat and tidy.

Featuresflip top mobile folding tables

  • Available in 48″, 60″, and 72″ lengths
  • 1″ thick laminate/particle board top
  • PVC edge banding
  • Metal base
  • Modesty panel with integrated cable trough
  • 4 locking casters
  • 2 ganging clips included to connect tables together
  • Cherry or gray finish
  • Ships unassembled
  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Mobile Folding Conference Tables Online

Mobile folding conference tables are available to buy online and ship within 5-7 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Multimedia Lecterns & Modern Portable Speaker Podiums

Multimedia Lecterns & Podiums

multimedia lecterns

Modern multimedia lecterns and portable speaker podiums are ideal to use as speaker platforms, customer service desks, presentations, conferences, classrooms, and more. With its versatile design, it’s easy to integrate all types of electronics and multimedia equipment according to your needs. Choose from a variety of lectern and podium designs available online. Additionally, most items ship assembled and include a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Optional Features

The multimedia lecterns and podiums are available with a wide variety of optional features as listed below. Please note that not all of these options are available on every model. Contact us for more information on available options if you wish to include them in your order.modern portable podiums

  • Folding side shelf kit
  • Additional interior shelf
  • Sliding shelf
  • Vented metal utility shelf
  • Wireless charging station
  • Table top cable well
  • Round cable well
  • Power panel
  • Surface-mounted 3-outlet 120V power bar
  • Power panel with surge protection and USB port
  • 6-outlet 110V power bar
  • Sliding drawer
  • 120mm AC cooling fan
  • Countdown timer and clock
  • Adjustable gooseneck light
  • Adjustable gooseneck microphone
  • 19-25″ monitor/camera bracket
  • Monitor mount
  • LCD monitor mount
  • Adjustable dual monitor arm
  • Adjustable monitor arm
  • Floor levelers for stationary applications
  • Dongle lighting
  • 19″ long lacing support bar
  • Set of multimedia equipment rack rails
  • 12 and 14-space multimedia equipment rack frame kits
  • Custom cutouts for electronics and other items
  • 60mm round grommet (black, white, or grey)
  • Metal casters
  • Additional magnetic key for hidden locks
  • Removable wedge console
  • 8, 10, and 12-space drop-in multimedia equipment racks
  • 10-space drop-in/desktop rack

Buy Multimedia Lecterns Online

Multimedia lecterns and podiums are available to buy online and ship within 15-20 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Electric Height Adjustable Desks for Sitting & Standing Workspace

Electronic Height Adjustable Desks

electric height adjustable desksWant more variation in your workspace? Electric height adjustable desks are just the thing you need. With its push-button height adjustment, users are seconds away from a workspace that fits their exact needs.

Especially in the past few years, you’ve probably heard about “sitting disease.” Sitting for long periods of time has not only shown to increase some health risks—it’s also just plain uncomfortable. So is improper posture regardless of whether you’re sitting, standing, or doing yoga. Everyone has different needs; adjustable desks make it easy to meet all of them for an efficient and productive work environment. This is doubly important in workspaces that cycle between multiple users so everyone’s needs are met.

With its electronic components, the desks are also incredibly easy for anyone to use. The desks are capable of four pre-programmed heights so frequent users can simply push a button to set up their workspace. Then, users can manually tune the desk height to the exact inch at a rate of 1.5″ per second. Additionally, the desks come pre-wired and are fast and easy to set up; just attach the legs and feet. Choose from multiple models and colors depending on your needs, including desks with capacities up to 275 lbs. and optional sliding desk drawers.

Featuresadjustable sit stand electric desk

  • Solid industrial-strength aluminum construction
  • Leveling feet included
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF) work surface
  • Digital controller with LED display and 4 height memory settings
  • Single heavy-duty gear motor allows fast adjustment of work surface 1.5″ per second
  • 175 lbs. weight capacity
  • Ships unassembled
  • CARD approved
  • Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards
  • 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on non-electronic components
  • 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on electronic components

Buy Electric Height Adjustable Desks Online

Electric height adjustable desks are available to buy online and ship within 5-7 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.