Benefits of Fire Station Lockers and Beds

firefighterbeds and lockersThe fire station lockers and beds are purposefully designed to meet firefighters’ needs. With the lockers, firefighters can keep their gear organized, store properly between calls, and have their items easily accessible. The beds are framed to fit comfortably within the firehouse sleeping quarters. These bed frames, made out of solid wood, have drawers built into the base for convenient and economical storage. 

Benefits of Fire Station Lockers

Fire station lockers have numerous benefits for firefighters and the items that need to be stored.  Some benefits are:

  1. Storing Gear – Firefighters need to keep their gear clean, dry, and quickly accessible. The kind of turnout gear that firefights use requires a storage space that allows gear to be stored while adequately drying. In addition, to turn out gear, EMS gloves, manuals, and other protective equipment need to be held in an organized, lockable space. Our fire station lockers meet all of these requirements proving beneficial for firefighters’ daily activities.
  2. Bunk Room Storage – In addition to holding work gear, we offer bunk room storage lockers. Firehouse bunkroom lockers are a perfect solution to accommodate firefighters to store their personal belongings. This enables work shift changes to happen seamlessly.

Architectural Revit Models

Benefits of Fire Station Beds

  1. The fire station bed has a design that allows them to be used within a flex space and is easy to use. Having drawers inside the bed base increases storage space without using up more floor real estate.
  2. These beds are cost-effective. While maximizing space, fire departments can offer comfort to their firefighters and save money at the same time.

An overall benefit of fire departments using our fire station beds and fire station lockers is healthier employees. Having quality sleep is vital for first responders. Not having it could negatively affect their performance. Also, having a place to store their personal belongings gives them a slight sense of having their own corner of the room. Spending long hours at the station and having your own space brings relief. 

StoremoreStore lockers are significantly more secure and robust than the competition. Thanks to new designs and materials, our lockers save space, provide more security, and meet the needs of the first responders. Our lockers are ideal for use in fire station overnight bunk rooms. Our fire station bunk beds are a perfect complement to the lockers. Both are constructed for efficient storage and comfortable bedding for fire stations. 

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Why Keyless Lockers Are the Future

electronic keyless lockersMany businesses and institutions want to offer locker services to their customers, employees, residents, and students. However, traditional lockers that require locks and keys can present a variety of headaches. What happens when a student loses a key or when an employee quits and won’t return their locker key? Keyless lockers offer convenience and flexibility. If you are looking to install lockers in your business or location, electronic keyless lockers are the way to go.

What Are Electronic Lockers?

Keyless lockers come in many different varieties. At StoreMoreStore, our electronic keyless lockers feature a digital keypad. Users type in their code to unlock and open the locker. This system makes it easy for locker users to open and close their lockers and saves management a great deal of time and effort.

Additionally, our electronic lockers can be programmed with permanent or temporary access codes, so management can control how long a customer or user can access them.

The Benefits of Keyless Lockers

Keyless lockers aren’t just a cool way to shift your locker system into the future. They offer several benefits over traditional lock-and-key systems.

No More Lost Keys or Locks

keyless locker keypad lockUsers will inevitably lose or misplace a key. At the least, this means management will have to use an extra key to open the locker. At the worst, if a key is lost or stolen, it means the entire lock must be replaced. Replacing locks over and over can add many costs to the operation of the locker system.

Easy Transfer to New Owners

When an employee leaves a company or a student graduates from school, administrators need to spend extra time and effort to retrieve their locker keys and locks. Inevitably, these keys sometimes disappear, forcing a company to pay for new locks and keys. Keyless lockers make it easy for management to transfer lockers to new users. After management switches to a new code, a user can immediately access their locker.

Less Management Oversight

A staff member will always need to be present to deal with the inevitable forgotten or lost key. In the case of businesses that offer locker keys to customers, such as at a gym, an employee must be dedicated to handing out, tracking, and collecting all keys when the customer is done. This type of overhead is expensive and cumbersome and can take your employees away from critical tasks.

Greater Convenience

What happens if a resident at an apartment complex loses their mail key and the desk attendant is away? They could miss critical mail and packages. Customers and employees appreciate the ease and convenience of electronic lockers. They can access their lockers whenever necessary and don’t have to worry about always remembering their key.

Greater Security

Electronic lockers allow management to track their lockers better. They can create temporary passcodes so users can’t get into a locker after their time limit has expired. Additionally, while locker keys are easy to steal, passcodes are not. Finally, suppose an employer needs to let an employee go. In that case, they can immediately change their locker passcode after the employee departs, so the ex-employee no longer has access to the locker.

Different Types of Keyless Lockers

digital electronic keyless lockersNow that you understand the benefits of keyless lockers, how do you know if these types of lockers are right for you? First of all, consider your locker needs. What type of locker system will work best for your customers, employees, students, or residents?

Some of our most popular electronic lockers include:

Keyless Cell Phone Lockers

Customers don’t always want to carry their cell phones, keys, or wallets with them, especially if they’re visiting an establishment like a pool or spa. A cell phone locker can allow customers to stash their small personal possessions so they can be unencumbered. Likewise, cell phone lockers can come in handy if you need employees or students to leave their cell phones at the door to limit distractions or prevent information leaks.

Keyless Backpack Lockers

Do your students, customers, or employees need a place to put their belongings? Keyless backpack lockers are an excellent option. These types of lockers work well at theme parks, where customers may want to stash purses and bags before jumping on rides, as well as in schools where students need to store books and backpacks between classes.

Keyless See-Through Lockers

Do you want to ensure that your students, employees, or guests don’t bring contraband onto your property? Keyless see-through lockers are a good deterrent for keeping illegal items out of school or out of your office. See-through lockers also make it easy for your security officer or management to see if users are storing anything illegal or banned in their lockers. If you want to increase the safety of your organization, see-through lockers might be the right choice.

All-Purpose Digital Lockers

keyless locker storageNeed keyless lockers for any other reason? All-purpose digital lockers are a great choice. They can work in a wide variety of settings. Add these to your apartment complex so residents can pick up packages without the need of a front desk attendant. Put them in your gym or spa so members can store their gym bags, clothing changes, and toiletries. Suppose you need your employees to keep their possessions before walking out on the floor. In that case, all-purpose lockers can fit small possessions, like keys and cell phones, as well as larger items, like purses, backpacks, and shopping bags.

Your One-Stop Shop for Electronic Lockers

Whether you are a school, apartment complex, gym, spa, laboratory, or any other institution that wants to offer locker space, electronic lockers are the way to go. At StoreMoreStore, we offer many kinds of keyless lockers, including phenolic lockerswood lockers, and laminate lockers. Your keyless electronic lockers will be highly functional and look stylish at the same time. Give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email to request a quote for keyless lockers today.


School Storage Solutions for Learning Labs Libraries & Classrooms

Though the academic year starts soon, educators still have time to find the right school storage solutions for learning labs, libraries, and classrooms. Several ship quickly, plus are flexible and durable enough to match your teaching approach even if it changes. Others can match peers’ productivity levels while encouraging teamwork through a versatile and stylish design. More can store, secure, and organize students’ personal belongings. This includes bikes, backpacks, and electronics that are easily lost or stolen if not put somewhere safe. You can browse through all online, helping simplify the selection process. Continue reading to gain more insight on the options and pick what best fits your needs and budget.

School lab microscope storage cabinets 

School storage solutions that allow reuse and are still more eco-friendly than built-in casework include a few new selections. To save you time while consulting with experts, we’ll discuss some. This includes cabinets, casegoods, and tables that ship fast to allow ready use. All have durability, flexibility, and style that you want to streamline lessons.

A couple comprehensive options perfect for use in student learning labs include:

learning lab microscope school storage cabinetsAttractive wood cabinets with glass doors that give users a clear look at the
contents without handling anything, keeping equipment undamaged, and everyone safe. Furthermore, the hinged oak components include three-point locking handles which you can secure to prevent valuable materials from being stolen or tampered with. Their tempered glass design has the strength to avoid breaking due to forceful impacts. Therefore, students can handle stored items without injury and get to work sooner. The units are good to use if you have microscopes to keep organized, safe, and easily accessible.

Additionally, you have access to interior shelves that provide efficient space to simplify your equipment’s organizational needs. Some even allow flexible placement to give you full footprint use and comfortable material access. All can support up to 180 lbs in weight capacity while the hardwood veneer cabinets have a chemical resistant clear UV finish. 

It promotes eco-friendliness while the wire adjustable dividers allow removal, giving you the shelves to use as general storage. This helps ensure you have the most versatile solution on hand to meet your changing needs. The partitions also allow you to store different-size microscopes in a convenient place, simplifying consolidation and ensuring material safety. Furthermore, systems ship assembled to simplify installation and allow ready use.

Mobile school science lab work tables 

school science learning lab mobile tablesMobile lab work tables provide an economical casework solution if you need stylish furniture with matching durability and flexibility but have a small budget. These have the same chemical-resistant, earth-friendly UV finish as the cabinets. Thus, they’re safe enough to use around students and faculty during science workshops.

School administrators have some design flexibility since configurations can come with or without mirrors and markerboards. Adding the components does increase the cost, but it’s worth the investment. Here’s why:

  • Integrating mirrors would allow teachers to keep an eye on students and intervene if they’re improperly handling liquids.
  • Adding markerboards would give students a convenient place to write notes while figuring out how to approach group exercises.

Additionally, all units have accessories built into the design to help maximize their functionality and reach your productivity goals. Some include:

  • A stainless steel sink with a hand pump, water bottles, and connecting hoses to ensure everyone keeps work areas clean and organized.
  • Ground fault interrupter (GFI) protected AC duplex electrical outlet with a 25′ extension cord that keeps students from being shocked.

The casegood school storage solutions also have interior shelves that allow full adjustability to give you maximum space use and ensure efficiency. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to save space through simple and safe relocation since models roll on heavy-duty swivel casters. The carts have doors with unbreakable aluminum sliding glides and lock to prevent theft. Simply moving the components back and forth, ensures users have easy access to organized supplies secured inside. You can also save space without compromising the clean and stylish look it provides during nonuse. 

School apron lab benches with book storage

apron learning lab storage benchesApron lab benches that have book compartment storage built into the design allow students safe and convenient space to secure reading materials. Items avoid taking up valuable workspace during nonuse but are close enough to access as needed. Therefore, students find referencing easier and have efficient, safe, and clean counter space to work on assignments alone or with others.

In addition, units include attractive solid oak legs with rubber boots and adjustable leveling feet to simplify creating safe, ergonomic work conditions. Users have some design flexibility too since configurations can have different style tops. Pick from options that include:

Plastic laminate with a pleasing, polished look resistant to stains and grease. They require minimal maintenance and are easy to keep clean with soap and water. Tabletops with this design are more affordable and versatile enough to cut into any shape.

Chemguard with the durability and chemical resistance to provide protection beyond the surface even if it’s scratched.

Epoxy resin which features unlimited design potential, allowing you to create furniture with a seamless look and high-gloss finish. It’s non-toxic and safe enough to use around food handled during family and consumer workshops. These tops are also heat resistant and easy to clean.

Pharmacy & medical school casegood kits

school pharmacy medication dispensary storage casegood kitsExperts can also provide kitted casegoods so pharmacy and medical students can practice bedside manner and medication dispensing skills. They’re good to use in classrooms designed to simulate a real-life work experience. Future pharmacy techs, doctors, and nurses can then perfect techniques under safe supervision. Continue reading to learn what benefits the school storage solutions can provide.

Architectural Revit Models

First, all have a modular design that simplifies reuse and reconfiguration if you need to change the shape now or in the future. You also can handle the process without any modification or construction to the building, helping ensure affordability.

Both pharmacy and medical exam room casegood kits use the highest quality hardware to give academic environments a simple, worry-free operation that lasts a lifetime. This includes:

  • Full-extension ball bearing slides with soft close options quiet enough to prevent users from slamming drawers and doors shut. Therefore, no one creates loud noises and risks disrupting others’ workflow. Furthermore, nothing stored in the compartment shifts from a place so there isn’t a mess to sort through or clean up. Additionally, nobody risks personal injury due to accidental and painful finger pinching.
  • Concealed hinges make minimal noise and increase cost-effectiveness while adding clean and pleasing aesthetics.

The pharmacy and medical casegood kits’ design can vary based on the pre-configured model you choose. However, all allow optional feature integration if you desire. Some available options include:

  • Counters equipped with an optional side splash if necessary to protect the walls from stains, water damage, and more.
  • Theft protection lock options available for cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Sinks and faucets so students can keep the work areas clean and organized while maintaining proper hygiene.

Classroom mobile work island counters

school classroom mobile work island countersIf you need a casework-type solution to facilitate collaboration in the classroom, look no further than these stylish mobile workcenter islands. They’re built with flexible work and storage space, plus have a clean design. It easily integrates with your existing decor too, allowing you to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Furthermore, all give you some design flexibility since configurations can have different style tops. Pick from attractive clover, oval, round or square shapes that provide visual appeal and a personalized touch. Additionally, you can use the systems’ adjustable shelf and drawer space to store items. Doing this, ensures students have easy and quick access to materials while collaborating from the safety of their seat. 

Adapted to casters, units allow simple and safe relocation to save you space or create a more intimate, safe place that students can use to collaborate. Simply rolling them elsewhere gives you increased capacity to do more within the same space too. Therefore, you change the area without rearranging a lot and reuse it to accommodate other productive activities.

School digital media shelving

school CD sliding shelves

Use maximum space to organize digital footage through other school storage solutions such as media shelving that expand with simple component integration. They’re great to use in video production departments that have film tapes and CDs to archive. Continue reading to learn how the available styles differ.

The first option allows you some design flexibility since it’s available in many durable configurations. Pick from:

  • Half-high racks with enough compartment space to hold 300 CD-size jewel cases.
  • Alternative full-height storage shelves that can accommodate twice that number.
  • Space-saving, double-deep sliding models with a rolling unit in the front that you can move left and right to access materials in the rear.  You can even add an optional kit to expand the system so it spans more of the footprint while providing extra space to organize items.

Multimedia file shelving

narrow school multimedia file storage shelvesAlternative multimedia file shelves have a narrow or tall design that can fit tighter areas to help you avoid wasting space. This includes smaller corners which often go unused due to being an awkward size. Like the others, these allow easy expansion if you need more organizing space. Furthermore, the open design ensures no one needs to sacrifice visibility and access to materials while adding modules to maximize the footprint.

Units feature cold-rolled steel construction durable enough to provide reliable service that lasts. Additionally, the systems have one movable divider per opening. You can relocate it to optimize space and create the most organized conditions. Displayed items avoid getting dusty too since the open shelf design allows efficient and clean air to circulate. All models also have a durable powder coat finish that provides a clean, pleasing look.

Ask experts about other file and binder shelving options that can efficiently store any records you have in less space to give you full footprint use. Some available choices include:

  • Legal and letter-size shelves
  • Sliding mobile shelving
  • Slant file shelving

Retractable school music sheet shelves

retractable school music sheet storage shelvesUtilize different school storage solutions like pull-out retractable shelves to store song sheets that music students need to reference. Unlike alternatives that have a similar space-saving compact design, these move while you’re holding a pull handle. It gives you quick access to stuff stored inside while compacted rows slide out from the wall and into the aisle. To save space and keep aisles clear during nonuse, simply place the open rows back against the wall. 

Due to the systems’ slim profile, none take up a lot of space. Therefore, you can place adjacent shelves within the same footprint to maximize use. All have bases constructed from durable steel to give you reliable service. The components require secure anchoring to the floor with included hardware. Units’ pull handles also allow vertical or horizontal installation to match users comfort levels. In addition, if you need more or less space to organize the song sheets during consolidation, simply adapt the adjustable shelves.

Architectural Revit Models

Rotating school supply storage cabinets

rotating school supply storage cabinetsTwo-sided rotating cabinets have more versatility than traditional alternatives to accommodate art supplies and more in the same space. This includes anything that you want to keep safe in a dust-free environment. Available models come in six styles with selections ranging from:

  • Ones that have a partition height wardrobe design allow you efficient space to store garments on one side and assorted items on the other.
  • Those designed for pharmacy use are a great addition to school nurse offices and regulate users access to powerful medications.
  • Legal and letter-size file drawer and shelving configurations

All can rotate a full 360 degrees to give you space-saving access to twice the storage in an instant, helping simplify item consolidation and retrieval. Users can open and close systems in moments with a gentle spin too, ensuring controlled access. Configurations have a durable double-sided design. It allows you to store everything in the compact footprint, maximizing space efficiency.

Architectural Revit Models

Furthermore, every unit includes a built-in lock that provides efficient security to prevent anything from being stolen or tampered with. Additionally, many have shelves and drawers that you can adapt for more or less space to keep your stuff organized. Some even allow extra file dividers if you need help optimizing space and keeping items damage-free. One also includes a positive positioning safety feature via an ergonomic foot pedal or optional ADA hand release. It allows disabled and able-bodied persons to have inclusive access and avoid personal injury during use.

Vertical school bike storage racks

vertical school bike storage racksYou’ll also find vertical bike racks online which allow students to secure their bicycles in a safe hanging or up right position. It keeps the valuables from being damaged and off the floor to save you space. The bikes won’t clutter up central pathways that everyone must walk to get to class. Students also have reliable transportation close at hand to carry them to and from school. Pick from:

  • Ones that have dust cover shelves and adjustable racks and hooks to secure bikes and safety gear in place.
  • Those with a two-tier design have wheel trays that include a teardrop tire slot to hold road, racing, and mountain bikes in place.
  • Others allow you to attach bikes right to the wall using heavy-duty steel brackets.

School laptop charging cabinets

school laptop charging storage cartsDo you have library or classroom laptops that need charging, so students’ can continue to access the latest technology while studying? If yes, then spend time reviewing the laptop charging cabinets available online.

These school storage solutions have powered compartments large enough to keep electronics safe and ready to use. In addition, all provide efficient ventilation to prevent dust buildup and ensure nothing overheats. Static and mobile options available with basic or advanced locks to prevent theft. Those designed as carts allow you to have versatile space savings through simple and safe relocation since they’re adapted to casters.

Keyless school backpack lockers

keyless school backpack lockersAlternative keyless backpack lockers provide you the same benefit but through a more discrete approach. Unlike the others, these have a channel to simplify concealing electrical wiring. Channels include punch-outs to ensure easy and clean electrical outlet integration. Additionally, a top-shelf provides efficient space to store and power electronics with a low battery. It’s designed with vented sides that promote airflow to keep the charging area cool. Users must also enter a simple, secure pin to access the equipment inside, keeping it all safe from theft and tampering.

Buy school storage solutions online

School storage solutions for learning labs, libraries, and classrooms are available to buy online. Most ship anywhere from five business days or six thru eight weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


12 Cabinets for Antimicrobial Rustproof Industrial & Business Storage

Here, you’ll learn about 12 cabinets for antimicrobial, rustproof, industrial, and business storage applications. Available options have the durability to last in or outside and efficient capacity to store whatever you have. This includes supplies that office, hospital, and plant staff need ready access to. Five common ones referred to here are:

  • Binders
  • Books
  • Literature
  • Small tools and parts
  • Garments

Furthermore, many have shelves that give you full adjustability to maximize space and ensure organization. All ensure affordability and are available to browse through online to simplify selection. Read on to learn more and pick the one that best fits your needs and price point.

Antimicrobial Cabinets

antimicrobial office warehouse combination cabinetsThe first of 12 cabinets have an antimicrobial finish and come in many styles to give offices and warehouses design flexibility. Pick from standard-duty configurations that include:

  • Stationary models with storage, wardrobe, or combination-style designs that have efficient space to store, organize, and protect whatever you need.
  • Mobile storage options, which you can relocate to save space.

Additionally, users can even specify what doors the units should have for maximum design flexibility. Available options to pick from include:

  • Lockers with solid construction that provides a cleaner look and added security to ensure material safety.
  • Lockers with an observation window to help ensure everyone’s health and safety while allowing users to view contents from the outside.
  • Ventilated models that allow efficient and clean airflow to keep supplies dry while preventing mild and mildrew buildup. It ensures materials have a longer lifespan, allowing facilities to get the most from their investment.

Furthermore, the standard-duty storage solutions have many features that enhance value without adding to the cost. These include:

  • No visible bolt or rivet heads on the front or sides of the cabinets to prevent tampering.
  • Sturdy steel 20-gauge doors, body, and shelves that give you reliable service.
  • Shelves that are adjustable every 2″ if you need more or less space to keep supplies organized and safe during consolidation.
  • Corner to gussets provide added rigidity and stability.
  • 250 lb. shelf capacity with even weight distribution.
  • A 3-point locking handle (top, center and bottom) with built-in key cylinder lock for theft protection.
  • Lockable swivel casters on applicable mobile cabinets that each have a 350 lb rating and can provide safe relocation to save you space.
  • Assembled shipping for an extra charge.
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Plastic Lockers

plastic antimicrobial hospital cabinetsAlternative plastic cabinets and lockers that have an antimicrobial finish allow use in environments more prone to humid, wet, and corrosive conditions. This includes oil rigs, food processing facilities, hospitals, pools, and outdoor areas to name a few. Furthermore, all have a lightweight, yet durable design that is resistant to impact, weather, and chemical damage. Additonally, units ship assembled and ready to use to simplify installation.

Users have some design flexiblity too, since configurations can have standard or Z- style doors. Choosing the latter option means you’ll have access to extra space and can consolidate everything into one place. Cabinet doors also have a frameless design with perimeter ventilation, helping keep your belongings clean and dry.

Additionally, these have lift control latching that meets ADA requirements to ensure abled-bodied and disabled users have safe, inclusive access. Alternative box lockers 18″ and under use a stainless finger pull with a padlock hasp to regulate access (padlocks are not included).

To help keep your belongings organized, some models have one shelf and/or two single prong hooks. All come with engraved aluminum number plates to ensure organized use. Furthermore, you can request other accessories if you want to maximize functionality. Some available options include:

  • Sloped tops to provide a sleek exterior look, don’t collect dust as easily, and are simpler to keep clean. The angled design discourages anyone from walking on the tops. Therefore, they’re good to use if you have concerns about users’ safety. This style top also creates a styled surface that prevents clutter.
  • End panels to provide an attractive and clean finish.
  • Bases that lift lockers higher to give you easier access.

Rust-Resistant Cabinets

Also included as part of the 12 cabinets are many options with rustproof storage protection built into the design to simplify application use. To help you save time during the selection process, we’ll focus on four options here. Read on to gain more insight on the different styles and pick what best fits your needs and budget.

counter high rust resistant industrial storage cabinetsThe first option comes in different styles similar to those with antimicrobial
storage protection, giving you some design flexibility. Pick from:

  • Standard all-welded storage models with adjustable full-width shelves that you can adapt for more or less space to keep items tidy and accesible during consolidation.
  • All-welded combination units with a full-width upper shelf spacious enough to store whatever you need. They also have a center vertical partition that separates space to keep everything tidy and safe. If you need more or less space to consolidate supplies, simply adapt the shelves. Furthermore, units come with one partial-width coat rod sturdy enough to support hanging garments.
  • All-welded counter-high systems have adjustable shelves that allow flexible placement to give you full access to the available space.

All lockers have a heavy-duty or optional extra heavy-duty galvannealed sheet steel design durable enough to give you reliable, industrial service. Furthermore, the attractive charcoal finish includes a zinc-iron alloy coating that provides protection against humid and wet climates. Experts can add optional drawers to help keep things organized.

Configurations have bases that come pre-punched to allow for optional bolt-on legs. Models also have a pry-resistant padlock hasp turn handle with 3-point latching to prevent theft. You can also request optional keyless digital locks for increased security.

Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Cabinets

heavy-duty weather resistant storage cabinetsDifferent heavy-duty weather resistant cabinets have the durability to give you reliable service outdoors or in areas with humid conditons. All have features that help safeguard items from damaging environmental elements. Some include:

  • Sloped tops to allow the exterior to maintain a clean and pleasing look while preventing dust and water collection.
  • Gasket-sealed door frames that help keep moisture from reaching the interior and causing damage to everyday work tools stored inside.
  • Filtered vents that provide efficient airflow to eliminate dust and keep stored items clean and dry.

Furthermore, units have shelves bolted into place which you can adapt for more or less space to keep items organized and safe from damage. The durable solutions have full-height flush doors with leaf hinges to prevent sagging. In addition, the components open 180 degrees to give users full access and visibility to materials. To protect stored items from theft, they’re also equipped with a 3-point locking system and padlockable handle.

All have forkliftable bases and legs with pre-punched holes to simplify anchoring to the floor. Depending on your chosen configuration, their shelves can support anywhere from 1,200 to 1,900 lbs per shelf. Systems have a corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish and ship assembled too.

Outdoor Weatherproof Industrial Storage

outdoor weatherproof industrial storageAlternative outdoor weatherproof options have the same protective features that help elimniate dust and moisture buildup. It allows valuable tools and machine parts to avoid exposure to inclement conditons that can cause damage. Everything maintains its integriety and performs up to standard whenever needed. Furthermore, no one risks their health and safety while handling materials since it all remains clean.

Systems’ full-height access doors have a 3-point locking system with a padlockable handle to safeguard materials from theft and tampering. The units’ shelves also allow adjustments to give you full access to the space. All have a corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish and ship assembled.

Furthermore, units have legs welded to the bottom that provide mobility as you’re lifting them to simplify relocation from one place to another. For maximum space efficiency, you can stack same-size tool boxes two high. Doing this allows everything to look cleaner and more organized, helping simpify access and speed retreival.

Stackable Indoor & Outdoor Storage Cubes

stackable indoor outdoor storage cubesSmaller, more affordable rustproof storage models have a flexible design that allows you to save space by stacking them. All can withstand forceful impacts, mildew damage and more since they are made from high density polyethylene. They’re perfect to use inside or outside, as well as in areas with humid conditions. Access doors with simple handle pulls include a padlock hasp. To keep materials safe from theft and tampering, users can add a padlock to it. In addition, configurations ship assembled and ready to use.

Cabinets with Part Storage Bins

These industrial cabinets have bins deep enough to protect and organize parts that you want to keep clean. They’re great to use for maximizing space while combining small, medium, and large materials into one convenient solution. Read on to learn about a few styles and pick what fits your needs and price point.

heavy duty mobile industrial parts bin storageThe first option moves on wheels, allowing you to save space in an instant through simple relocation. The heavy-duty solutions also have durable bins that can be stacked in the interior to maximize space efficiency. It simplifies consolidation while allowing you to keep everything in one safe place.

Experts can provide industrial storage cabinets with shelves and/or a combination of both components if you need something more versatile. These have full-height doors that open 180 degrees to give you full material access and visibility. They also have a three-point latching system with keyed handles that ensure secure use to eliminate theft. Furthermore, a side push handle ensures you’ll feel comfortable maneuvering units through crowded work areas. All lockers ship assembled and have a powder coat finish with a clean, pleasing look.

All-Purpose Storage Cabinets & Benches

industrial parts bin drawer storage benchesAlternative all-purpose storage cabinets and benches have bins and drawers integrated into the interior to simpify material organization. Like the other heavy-duty options, these give you safe space to consolidate any-size parts. However, here, the bins hang from the inside of the door to give you full access to the available shelf space. The drawers occupy one side, leaving you space to add more to the other side and consolidate everything. This means you’ll spend less time searching and can retreive items quicker.

Some models can even have features that include:

  • Spacious storage shelves integrated to the door to help ensure maximum footprint efficiency and improved organization.
  • Convenient drawer kits.
  • Vented doors that allow air to circulate, keeping stored items clean and dry.
  • Clear see-through doors that provide users with safer visible access.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Drawer Cabinets

heavy-duty industrial drawer cabinetsOther heavy-duty modular drawer cabinets provide industrial storage versatile enough to store tools, parts, and more all in the same safe space to increase efficiency. They’re good to use in maintenance departments, warehouses, distribution facilities, and more. Pick from five configurations that measure from 24″ wide up to 60″ wide to fit your facility space and inventory needs.

To prevent material theft, all include a built-in security key lock and an accessible forklift base to simplify and speed space-saving relocation. Cabinet drawers have a 400 lbs. capacity and allow full extension to give you easy material access. Furthermore, the roll-out components come with an easy to remove cover. It clips over the label holder part of the drawer handle to protect them from grease and dirt. You can even modify the drawers’ interior to match your needs through partition and divider use.

For maximum design flexibility and system functionality, users can add optional accessories if desired. Some include:

  • An optional safety feature to prevent more than one drawer from opening at one time.
  • Many color choices that provide an attractive and clean look.
  • Casters for mobile flexibility to save space through instant relocation.
  • Pull-out shelf if you need extra space to consolidate everything in one solution.
  • Plastic drawer bins (conductive and non-conductive) deep enough to protect and organize whatever you have.

Business Literature Storage Organizers

To round out the 12 cabinets, we’ll focus on a three designed to help businesses with sorting and organizing files, literature, forms, and binders. Some organizers give you some design flexibility with open adjustable shelves or pull-out drawers and allow space-saving stacking. Others give you the option to add locking doors that help eliminate theft and tampering. Read on to learn how the models differ and pick what best fits your departmental needs and budget.

office literature sorter cabinetsOffice organizers with open adjustable shelves or pull-out drawers allow you to have access to internal documents and more while keeping it tidy. They’re great to use if you have incoming mail, magazines, and envelopes to sort through or distribute. All allow individual use or you can stack organizers with the same depth one on top of the other. This saves space and ensures footprint efficiency. Furthermore, knockouts on the top, sides, and back allow you to join units from top-to-bottom, side-to-side, and back-to-back in many ways to maximize capacity.

The business literature storage cabinets with an open design fit shelves which you can adjust for more or less space to keep everything organized. Users can even specify optional extra shelves if desiring more versatile storage. The drawer models have an integrated steel handle and label holder to ensure ergonomic access and order. A safety stop keeps users from accidentally pulling out the removable drawers too.

You can also add optional dividers which separate space to ensure full footprint use while keeping consolidated materials organized. Additionally, the raised bases protect materials while keeping them off the floor. To simplify installation and allow ready use, units ship assembled too.

Metal Mail Sorter Shelving

office mail sorter shelvingOther metal mail sorter shelving allows optional hinged door integration during checkout to protect stored materials from unlawful theft. They’re perfect for organizing office binders, files and literature. The multipurpose office cabinets have a steel design sturdy enough to give you service that lasts. Furthermore, if you need more or less space to keep everything organized, simply adjust the sorting shelves. They have a steel design with a beveled front edge for labeling and a thumb-cut to make grabbing papers easy and fast.

Mixed Media File Drawer Cabinets

mixed media file drawer cabinetsAlternative mixed media cabinets allow you to store and organize files, books, office supplies, and more in one convenient solution. Units’ door and drawer locks unlock using the same security key to simplify access. To simplify installation and allow ready use, systems ship assembled.

Furthermore, all have steel construction with leveling glides that allow you to correct balancing issues and ensure steady use on uneven surfaces. If you need more or less space to keep everything organized, you can adjust the interior shelves. Additionally, its lateral file drawer includes a clear plastic label holder to simplify labeling and improve material organization. Furthermore, side hanging folder bars fit letter or legal-size folders in a space-saving side-to-side filing capacity.

Buy Antimicrobial Rustproof Industrial & Business Storage Online

Antimicrobial rustproof industrial and business storage is available to buy online and ships anywhere from five business days to 13 weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Employee Dispatch Lockers with Pass-Thru Wire Mesh Compartments

employee dispatch lockers

Employee dispatch lockers are a great way to improve security, organization, and space savings while also saving time in your daily operations. With individually-locking and pass-thru wire mesh compartments, it’s fast and easy for employees to find and pick up daily work orders, equipment, or personal items. Optional single rear doors also allow managers to quickly load work orders and tools from one side without having to open each compartment.

Additionally, the lockers’ wire mesh construction allows air to flow freely through the compartments while maintaining security. Users can make quick visual inspections of stored contents, and items remain securely locked behind the tamper-proof wire. The welded frames also provide enhanced strength and durability to stand up to harsh environments.

With a variety of configurations of one to three tiers available, these lockers can be used for many different applications and are ideal for industrial and commercial operations. If you want to add more lockers later on, the pre-punched components also make it easy to connect additional units.

Don’t have time to assemble the lockers yourself? Choose the “ship assembled” option and we’ll take care of it. All you have to do is bolt it to the floor and you’re ready to go.

wire mesh pass-thru lockers


  • 14-gauge 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ steel frame
  • 12-gauge welded wire mesh with 1″ x 1″ grid opening
  • 14-gauge 1-1/2″ x 1″ channel door frames
  • Doors are reversible and can hinge left or right
  • Padlock lugs included
  • Solid 14-gauge galvanized sheet metal shelves
  • Powder-coated grey finish
  • Ships assembled (assembly options available for an extra charge)
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Employee Dispatch Lockers Online

Employee dispatch lockers are available to buy online and ship within 12-15 days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Tablet Phone Wall Lockers | Storage Cabinets Key Padlock Compartments

tablet-phone-wall-lockersElectronic tablet and phone wall lockers or storage cabinets with key and padlock secured compartments protect valuables from theft while saving space. Unlike others designed to do the same, these provide more security through two locking mechanisms. Due to the added theft protection systems provide, users have more peace of mind about the safety of their possessions. If stuff gets lost or damaged, facilities have limited to no liability since locks are keyed differently.

It should provide many with reason enough to invest in the durable solutions. This includes schools and more which prohibit electronics use to keep everyone safe. Read on if you need more assurance in the units’ ability to meet security and space needs.

Space-saving storage cabinets

To save space, the durable steel storage cabinets with key and padlock accessible compartments allow secure installation to walls or flat surfaces. While hanging there or sitting elsewhere, users have safer access to the floor. System doors open wide enough to allow everyone comfortable access to the interior and anything it holds, helping eliminate injury.

Furthermore, leaning iPads against the interior compartment wall allows students enough space to store wallets, car keys and sunglasses in one convenient place. No one then risks losing anything and jeopardizing their safety while changing classes. Since openings allow independent use, everyone avoids sacrificing personal privacy while on school grounds.

Tablet & phone wall lockers

storage-cabinets-key-padlock-compartmentsThe electronic tablet and phone wall lockers have blank metal number plates to ensure organized use in crowded school hallways. Furthermore, systems include hardware and mounting brackets to simplify installation and speed use.

Construction: Made from with 20 gauge steel body and 21 gauge steel doors durable enough to provide reliable service that lasts.

Mountable: Systems allow wall mounting or can sit on a flat surface to save space.

Openings: Inside dimensions of openings measure 5″ wide by 10″ high.

Lock Type: Locks keyed differently (two keys per door); one master key to allow secure yet convenient access in an emergency.

Assembly: Units ship assembled to allow simple installation and faster use.

Color: Configurations come in a sleek black color that provides a polished look.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Buy tablet & phone wall lockers online

Tablet and phone wall lockers are available to buy online and ship within five to seven days. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786- 7667.


Steel Laminate Rustproof Lockers Heavy Duty Bulk Wire Storage Cabinets

Through the years, locker designs have grown to include more than metal ones with a lasting reputation. Today, you can find everything from steel, laminate, and rustproof lockers to heavy duty or bulk wire storage cabinets online. All have an efficient capacity to protect stored materials from theft and tampering.

Furthermore, as more professionals embrace the “working smarter” concept, businesses have made changes to the office infrastructure and tools. Even lockers have more functionality and modern aesthetics. Experts say it’s due to increased demands for privacy, security, versatility and more. Read on to learn about some on the market that best meet these needs.

Economical Steel Lockers

steel budget lockersDepending on the chosen configuration, the ever-popular steel lockers can address affordability, bacteria growth prevention, electronics safety concerns and more. Continue reading to learn more.

Budgetary steel lockers are a good choice to use in schools that often must economize to meet students’ growing needs. Unlike higher-priced alternatives, units feature a no-frills door handle. Simple in design, the friction pull handle includes a padlock lug that fits theft protection padlocks.

Furthermore, the affordable systems have doors with a louvered design that allow airflow. It prevents dust accumulation to keep items secured inside clean. You’ll also find shelves and hooks to hang or store and organize clothing, books, and more on the interior.

All have 6″ legs as a standard but are available without them for a nominal charge. Some other features that help enhance value without adding to the cost include:

  • Aluminum number plates with silver etched numbers provided with hardware to ensure organized use during crowded times. Students then avoid opening the wrong compartment when running behind and can get to class without delay.
  • All locker parts are coated with a seven stage zinc/iron phosphate solution to prevent corrosion that occurs from placing metals under too much stress, which can cause it to crack.
  • The economy-style steel lockers can even have matching closed side and front base plate accessories added if you want a more versatile solution.

Lockers Protect Against Bacterial Growth

steel anti-microbial lockersOther durable steel lockers provide lasting protection against bacteria, mold, yeast and mildew growth due to its anti-microbial powder coating. Furthermore, units provide a safe and sanitary storage environment. Anyone from nursing homes to hospital emergency rooms can use it to secure and organize medical equipment and more. Systems’ compartment doors lock with a personal padlock or optional built-in locks to prevent valuable supplies from being stolen or tampered with.

Like the budgetary steel lockers, these configurations have doors with louvered design. It allows airflow to prevent dust buildup and keep equipment clean and dry. Each includes a stainless steel handle that promotes cleanliness to keep germs from spreading between shift staff. It features a recessed design that adds a seamless look without risking premature breakage or ineffective performance. This style handle also protects the finish from being marred by the user-provided security padlock.

You’ll find shelves and hooks that provide a safe space to hang or store and organize uniforms, garments and more on the interior. Users can even specify that the inside has optional coat rods for a nominal cost if wanting more versatile storage. All units have 6″ legs as a standard but are available without them for a nominal fee.

Steel Cell Phone Tablet & Wallet Lockers

steel cell phone tablet & wallet wall lockersDo you have small electronics and valuables that need secure accommodation while on police patrol, teaching, or swimming at a community recreation center? An increasing number of facilities have sturdy steel lockers to store tablets, wallets, and more. With convenient and secure access to the storage, you can keep cell phones and car keys safe. It prevents everyone from getting distracted or losing personal property while on shift, leading academic lessons, or exercising.

Police agencies, schools, and gyms that still need the storage can choose from many configurations. This includes steel cell phone lockers that can stand alone on the floor or mount to the wall to save space. Those that attach to the wall or sit on another flat surface have doors that are keyed differently to prevent unauthorized access. Furthermore, units include a padlock hasp and key lock that provide more security against material theft and tampering.

Management can use the master key to open all locker compartments in an emergency or unexpected facility closure due to inclement weather. Units have blank metal number plates to ensure organized use, plus hardware and mounting brackets to speed installation. All ship assembled to allow simple installation and faster use.

Freestanding Steel Cell Phone Lockers

steel cell phone & tablet lockersThe freestanding steel cell phone and tablet lockers come with sloped tops to prevent users from leaving belongings there. Unable to store anything on it, no one gets injured from items that could fall off. Units also feature hinged doors that open wide enough to allow users ergonomic item access, preventing injury during operation.

Systems include padlock lugs that can accommodate user-provided security padlocks to keep stored materials from being stolen or tampered with. Users can also open and close each compartment independently, ensuring privacy in public spaces. Configurations ship assembled to allow easy installation and faster use.

Steel Phone Wall Lockers

steel cell phone & wallet wall lockersTo save space, mount other mini compartment cell phone and wallet steel lockers to the wall. It frees up the floor, allowing users safer access and facilities to use the footprint in a more productive capacity. Since units can fit many locking options, you have the flexibility to pick the one that meets specific security needs. Choose from:

  • Padlock hasps that can accommodate a user-provided padlock to prevent stored valuables from being vandalized or stolen.
  • Security key locks with optional master keys
  • Keypad electronic locks with pin code controlled keyless access

Furthermore, systems include individual number plates to ensure organized use in crowded military bases, police departments, and factories. All configurations ship assembled to simplify the installation process and ensure faster use.

Attractive Wood Laminate Lockers

wood laminate lockersWood laminate lockers have an attractive look that offices, gyms, hospitals, and more want. These environments feel warmer and more inviting due to its pleasing aesthetics. Furthermore, employees and health club members feel more comfortable using the amenities to secure backpacks.

System doors include a hasp with optional key locks and padlock locks to prevent theft and tampering. Single-tier units’ interior has shelving and coat hook accessories for organized access to your belongings. Double-tier options can include coat hooks to hang jackets or sweaters that users want to keep organized. These items then avoid falling onto the floor while hanging on the back of work desk chairs and creating a safety hazard.

The attractive wood laminate lockers include non-fastened 4″ high black bases in the price to ensure affordability. Configurations have 1/2″ opening between the door and frame on the top and bottom to ensure unresisted airflow. Nothing gets covered in dust while secured inside them, promoting clean material use during retrieval.

Systems allow some flexibility during design with optional accessories. These include matching end panels, fillers, and back panels to cap ends and backs, as well as fill gaps between the wall and lockers.

Laminate Parcel Management Lockers

laminate parcel management lockersOther laminate lockers that have grown in popularity due to an increase in online shopping include those which simplify parcel management. Retailers and more can use them to streamline package drop-off and delivery 24/7.

Consumers or property tenants get notified about mail deliveries through text message or email. Recipients then use a four-digit pin code provided in the communication to open the locked compartment and retrieve the contents. Systems have keyless electronic locks that regulate access to prevent improper package handling.

Rustproof lockers

rustproof lockersMade from galvannealed steel with a powder coat finish, rustproof lockers provide maximum protection against corrosion. Since systems can prevent rust buildup, they’re an excellent choice to use outdoors, in humid spaces or near wet pool areas. All have the long-lasting durability to withstand scratch damage from heavy use in hot or moist conditions.

Configurations have doors with a louvered design that allows airflow to keep stuff secured inside clean and dry. This includes towels and clothing that users need to change into after swimming. Some units have stainless steel recessed handles with gravity lift latching mechanisms secure enough to prevent theft. Others come with a projecting catch pull that can fit a security padlock or built-in lock. A few also include hooks to hang garments that users want organized access to.

Oversized Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets

oversized heavy duty storage cabinetsHeavy duty storage cabinets or lockers come in many styles designed to meet military, police, first- responder, and industrial application needs. Options range from ones large enough to secure bulky duty bags to others that store uniforms and more. Read on to learn the difference between configurations and pick the one that fits your budget and application needs.

The first heavy duty storage cabinets or lockers have a larger design that can store and secure oversized items. This includes gear bags that police, servicemen, or first-responders use and suitcases which airport passengers travel with. Users have some flexibility during design since configurations can have optional door styles. These include:

  • Ones with a solid design provide extra security, keeping stored belongings from public view. Unable to see anything inside, no one feels compelled to investigate the contents further. Nothing gets damaged due to improper handling, ensuring efficient performance during tactical missions or medical emergencies.
  • Those with a louvered design allow airflow to prevent dust accumulation, keeping everything clean and dry during storage. Nothing smells stale, ensuring sanitary use with every wear.
  • Others that have a perforated design provide the same benefit, plus efficient visibility to simplify inventory verification. It allows users to avoid touching secured equipment while doing mandatory checks before shift or deployment.

Every durable unit can include optional solid or ventilated diamond perforation side panels too if you want security or airflow throughout. All have lever-type handles with padlock lugs that include a 3-point latching system to prevent unlawful access. Systems have a paint finish applied using a specialized coating process that resists corrosion and improves paint adhesion.

Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Cabinets

heavy duty industrial storage cabinetsOther durable heavy duty storage cabinets or lockers designed to store uniforms, personal protection equipment and more come in many configurations.

Heavy duty wardrobe uniform lockers have the durability to last a lifetime, even under heavy use in industrial oil refineries, labs, and more. Some systems have doors with a louvered design, allowing airflow to prevent dust buildup. Others have an open design and provide the same benefit to keep items stored in harsh workplaces clean.

Do you need some way to discourage employees from leaving belongings on locker tops? Experts can provide sloped tops that prevent users from doing this on designated lockers. No one ends up getting injured, allowing facilities to ensure everyone’s health and safety. For a nominal fee, other locker types can have the same component too.

All configurations have door handles that include a 3-point locking system with a padlockable handle that can fit a user padlock to prevent theft. Some come with hanger rods, wall or ceiling hooks on the interior to hang garments that employees want organized access to. Systems ship assembled to allow easy installation and faster use.

Bulk Wire Storage Cabinets

bulk wire storage cabinetsBulk wire storage cabinets allow affordable, safe, and secure use in condos and apartment complexes. Tenants who live in these communities can use the space it provides to protect seasonal household wares and more. Systems allow air to circulate, preventing stored items from collecting dust during prolonged non-use. Units have an ergonomically formed steel handle with a single-point thru-the-handle latching padlock hasp that can fit a security padlock.

Buy steel laminate & rustproof lockers online

Steel, laminate and rustproof lockers are available to buy online and ship within two to four weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Recessed Weapon Lockers | In-Wall Gun Storage Cabinets

Recessed Gun Lockers

These recessed weapon lockers provide secure and low-profile storage for rifles, pistols, long guns, ammunition, and other weapon accessories. When installed, the lockers nest between wall studs and are mounted into the wall for plenty of storage space while remaining discreet.

In order to provide superior and long-lasting durability, the recessed weapon lockers are built with a 20-gauge steel frame and 16-gauge steel door. The full-height, piano-hinged door also prevents tampering and can be changed from left to right hinged in the field. Lockers are also available in multiple colors with a durable powder coat finish.

You can choose from two locking options (key or digital) depending on your security needs. Additionally, you can set the digital locks in “station” or “locker” mode at any time, which makes it an ideal option for applications with multiple users.

When set in “station” mode, a user can lock and unlock any available locker with a user-selected 4-digit PIN. When the user is finished with the locker after the door has been reopened, the PIN is erased to leave the locker available for the next user. This is an ideal option for public facilities such as courthouses and government buildings. When in “locker” mode, an assigned user accesses the locker for repeated use with a pre-programmed gun lockers


  • 20-gauge steel frame
  • Available in 16″ and 24″ widths; 18″, 36″, and 54″ heights; and 4″ depths
  • Full-height piano-hinge 16-gauge steel door with 1/4″ diameter steel locking rods
  • Doors can be changed from left to right-hinged in the field
  • Available with key locks or digital locks with station or locker mode
  • Durable powder coat finish available in several colors
  • Ships assembled
  • 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Recessed Weapon Lockers Online

Recessed weapon lockers are available to buy online and ship within 20-30 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Wall Mounted Fold-Up Desks with Writing Work Surface

Fold-Up Desks with Writing Space

wall mounted fold-up desksThe wall mounted fold-up desks have a convenient writing work surface that also provides temporary storage for office supplies, files, charts, MSDS binders, tools, and more. They are ideal for use in crowded areas as a communication hub, emergency first aid center, tool kit storage, or file storage in hospitals, police stations, government facilities, and a wide variety of other applications.

With its folding work surface, the wall mounted fold-up desks save valuable space while offering the same convenience of a traditional desk. Install them nearly anywhere in a sitting or standing height on a wall, column, or shelving. When not in use, the work surface simply folds up and out of the way.

For healthcare applications, HIPAA compliant fold-up desks are also available with locking doors on indicated models. Secure storage and a flat work or writing surface are ideal for use in hospitals, nurse stations, exam rooms, and anywhere sensitive patient files are stored.

Featureswriting work surface folding desk

  • 20-gauge cold rolled steel body
  • 18-gauge steel door
  • Doors include two recessed magnets to keep them closed when shut
  • Available with key locks, double key locks (on drug units), or without locks
  • Optional self-closing door mechanism available on indicated models
  • Accessories include chart holders, whiteboards, laminate panels, and locks available on indicated models
  • ADA accessible design
  • Writing surface with 50 lbs. capacity
  • Durable powder coat finish available in a variety of colors
  • Ships assembled
  • Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Wall Mounted Fold-Up Desks Online

Wall mounted fold-up desks are available to buy online and ship within 20-30 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Industrial Steel Lockers Heavy-Duty Personal Gear Storage

Industrial Locker Storage

industrial steel lockersAll-welded industrial steel lockers are designed for durability and performance with a heavy-duty design and construction that makes them ideal for applications in military, police, refineries, labs, manufacturing, and more. Visit our store to choose from lockers available in various sizes and styles, or we can design custom-sized lockers to meet your exact requirements.

With 6″ high legs, you can also load the industrial steel lockers onto a forklift for easy mobility. Even though the lockers are heavy-duty, this provides an extra level of flexibility for your changing needs. And since they ship entirely assembled, all you have to do is set them in place before they’re ready to use. Additionally, the louvered doors allow easy airflow through each compartment. This ventilation helps prevent the buildup of dust, mold, and other bacteria, which is not only a health hazard but can also cause some rather unpleasant smells. Designated models also include sloped tops, which prevents users from stacking items on top of the lockers.

Featuresindustrial heavy duty lockers

  • All-welded 12-gauge steel construction
  • Louvered doors provide airflow and ventilation
  • Door handles include a 3-point pad-lockable handle (padlock not included)
  • Single-tier lockers include one hanger rod per opening; double-tier lockers include two wall hooks per opening; triple-tier lockers include one double prong ceiling hook
  • Single-tier lockers include one upper hat shelf
  • 7-gauge, 6″ high legs
  • Sloped tops included on indicated models or can be provided at an additional charge
  • Smooth, durable dark gray finish applied using a wet spray and baked on enamel
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to use
  • Lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Industrial Steel Lockers Online

Industrial steel lockers are available to buy online and ship in 6 to 7 weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.