Automotive Storage

How Automotive Storage Can Improve Your Auto Shop

How Auto Shop Organization Can Free Up Work Space in Your Garage

auto shop organization hanging parts storageFrom the front bumper to the rear brake light, cars are intricate pieces of machinery that require large volumes of parts, tools, and equipment to stay functional. Anyone who works with cars, whether as a personal hobby or a professional business, needs auto shop organization solutions to manage all of the necessary supplies and components. 

Who Needs Auto Shop Organization?

If you’re a mechanic or shop owner looking to improve your auto repair shop organization, storage solutions are an excellent way to keep organized and make repairs efficiently. Auto repair shop managers, for example, know that proper storage is essential to keeping inventory protected and sorted. On the other hand, a hobbyist who wants to better their garage storage setup will also benefit from space-saving storage solutions. Whatever your needs are, there is an auto storage product that can make your life easier.

Why Should You Invest in Automotive Storage?

auto shop tire rack garage organizationWhen everything in your shop or garage has a designated storage area, it is much easier to work efficiently. If you need that one specific part to complete a rush job, or if a customer is anxiously awaiting the component they’ve ordered, you don’t want to waste time searching through unorganized piles. Automotive storage solutions help you avoid the stressful search and the headache that can often follow. The investment will pay off in time saved, money earned, and increased customer satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits of Auto Shop Organization?

Smart auto shop organization can make a world of difference in your daily operations. From small part storage to large equipment housing and everything in between, an efficient storage area for each item keeps you organized. StoreMoreStore’s automotive storage solutions make it easy to store parts, protect inventory, boost productivity, and more. The following are just a few of the many benefits:

Clear Floor Space

wall mounted bins garage shop storageStorage systems can keep your inventory organized while using less space. This frees up valuable floor area for projects, work stations, amenities, and more. As the name suggests, wall-mounted bin systems can be installed directly onto the wall instead of taking up square footage on the floor. What would otherwise be wasted wall space becomes a usable storage area, perfect for car parts in varying sizes or awkwardly-shaped tools. Our bin systems are available in an array of sizes and configurations, so you can find the wall-mounted solution that best suits your space and your storage needs.

Stay Organized

Auto parts storage systems give you the flexibility to organize every part in your inventory, from tiny screws to large tires. Rotary bin racks are a fantastic option for any small, loose parts you may have, such as screws or bolts. These racks feature a revolving design that makes it easy to locate what you need. Made from heavy-duty, industrial materials, these bins can hold even heavier parts. Bulky tires can also be cumbersome to store, but tire storage racks are an accessible, efficient storage option. The open shelves make it a breeze to check your stocks of a specific type of tire and to retrieve the exact item you need, boosting efficiency and saving time.

Keep Things Tidy

repair shop tool organizationYou put care into your auto mechanic garage layout. Storage solutions make the most of your layout and help you maintain an orderly appearance for customers, visitors, and employees. Storage solutions that are both practical and attractive, such as pegboard sliders, are a fine option for any mechanic’s garage. Simply hang your tools on the pegboard, and your supplies are immediately accessible and organized. When not in use, you can slide the pegboard back into the rack – and just like that, the clutter is out of sight!

Streamline Your Workflow

When you’re working on multiple cars at a time or bouncing between different areas in the shop, you shouldn’t have to make unnecessary trips back and forth to gather supplies. Mobile storage solutions move with you, so you can keep your workflow moving along uninterrupted. StoreMoreStore offers mobile cabinets in a wide range of sizes and capacities. For example, you might choose a heavy-duty cabinet for weighty equipment or opt for a light-duty cabinet for increased portability of lighter tools. Our mobile industrial parts cabinets are extremely sturdy, and include a thumb latch lock to keep drawers closed when not in use. Hot tip: add a partition or divider to take your organization up a notch!

Prevent Damage to Inventory

Your inventory is an investment – so store it properly! Automotive racks are engineered to keep your auto parts and equipment protected and in good condition. For example, battery storage racks enable you to store batteries using the FIFO (First In/First Out) method, which ensures even wear and maximizes your batteries’ lives. Similarly, car bumper automotive racks store bumpers on individual shelves, preventing scratching and other damage.

Why Buy Automotive Storage From StoreMoreStore?

Here at StoreMoreStore, we believe in the power of a strong organizational system. We know it can help save you time, money, and stress – because we’ve seen it happen for our customers! Since 2012, our storage solutions have helped businesses like yours stay organized and improve operations. If you want to know more about how to organize a repair shop, reach out to our customer service experts today by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.


Bulk Bin Carts Cabinets & Shelves Automotive & Industrial Parts Storage

Warehouse facilities that have a poor layout often lack storage space or use it inefficiently, causing a negative impact on profitability. Experts say users can have full footprint use if you factor in the floor and vertical space.  Then, simply optimize the area through affordable bulk bin carts, cabinets, or shelves integration. All provide efficient automotive and industrial parts storage with durable protection to eliminate handling damage and dust. Therefore, organized electronic components, cables, fuses, hardware, and more look cleaner.

Furthermore, some options include front shelf rows that users can slide back and forth to save space and ensure safe aisle access. Others allow you to maximize small-space efficiency while integrating containers side-by-side. More have slanted shelves built into the design, so you can easily reach and see the supplies stored there. Additionally, a few even allow optional caster kit integration if you want static solutions to have space-saving flexibility. Experts can also right-size the bulk bin carts, cabinets, and shelves to ensure you put space to efficient use. Read on to learn more about the systems and pick what best fits your workflow needs and budget.

Steel bulk bin warehouse shelves

hi-tech bulk bin warehouse shelvesThrough simple divider modification, you can customize these durable bulk bin shelves’ compartments to store and organize warehouse inventory. This includes small and medium-size hardware that users need quick access to. Since the partitions are flexible, you can easily make each area narrower or wider. Able to do this, you’ll avoid wasting space and still have ready access to consolidated items. The racks allow flexible placement too, so you can have full access to available space and use it efficiently.

Units have open bin fronts to simplify access but closed construction everywhere else to protect stored inventory from dust. Therefore, everything is cleaner and safer to handle. Thus, pickers feel comfortable working with the materials. No one risks injury or selecting the wrong items either since everyone can see and reach them.  For a nominal cost, you can also add optional swinging security doors to prevent theft.

Angled bin shelving workbenches

slant bin shelving workbenchesConvert alternative angled shelving into bulk bin carts that provide more versatile space savings through simple caster kit integration. Unlike the others, these static racks slope to keep stored items in the front. It allows better ergonomic access and visibility to ensure faster and easier selection. They’re perfect for storing small inventory and supplies in medical, electronic, and manufacturing picking applications.

Specifying that orders include the convenient caster kits, does add to the cost. However, it’s worth the investment if you can afford it. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Units can provide safer and more efficient material transport while allowing you to bring everything right to work stations.
  • It also eliminates manual handling while ensuring personnel has more convenient access to materials whenever needed.
  • Furthermore, no one risks dropping stuff on the floor while walking through production areas and creating a safety hazard.

Durable steel and wire shelving options available to pick from. Read on to learn about the different benefits that can result from their use.

  • Those made from strong steel have shelves the tilt downward, so you can easily view and reach stored contents.
  • Others constructed from sanitary wire include shelves that provide efficient air circulation to minimize dust accumulation. They also allow light penetration to give you a better view. Additionally, you can adapt the components for more or less space to keep everything organized and safe.

Mobile wire shelves with angled bins

angled bin wire shelvesAlternative wire shelving options allow assorted plastic bin integration to give you cleaner and more organized automotive and industrial parts storage. Consult experts to determine what containers match the available options. Pick from many different sanitary configurations, including:

Ones that have adjustable, slanted shelves fit with angled bins large enough to give users a better view and ergonomic access to stored content. Like alternative models with a similar design, these allow optional caster integration. Therefore, you could easily relocate them elsewhere and then put the floor to more efficient use. Additionally, simply adapt the shelves for more or less space to keep consolidated materials organized and safe. Nothing gets covered with dust either since the components allow efficient and clean airflow to circulate.

Bulk bin wire carts

big tote wire shelving cartsAnother model features bulk bins that allow easy integration to the shelves, so you avoid wasting space and maximize efficiency. They’re the perfect size to accommodate larger items that you want to keep organized. This includes heavier materials found in the distribution, warehousing, and industrial facilities. An open design, plus the wide front on the bins ensures you’ll have easy access.

However, only applicable units can fit casters to give you bulk bin carts with the mobile flexibility to provide safe and efficient space savings. Others have chrome posts with adjustable foot levelers, so you correct imbalances on uneven floors. Either feature shelves that allow efficient airflow to eliminate dust and keep items clean. You can also adapt the components for more or less organizing space.

High-density wire racks with clear bins

clear plastic bin high density wire shelvesMore affordable, high-density wire racks have plastic bins with a clear and durable design. It gives you more visibility to clean and organized inventory stored inside. This includes everyday materials found in medical, electronic, and industrial applications. These economical solutions also allow you to add casters and utilize them as bulk bin carts. Able to do this, you can cost-effectively reuse it and save money on equipment. Users could even create instant space savings through simple and safe system relocation.

If converted into mobile forms, the high-density wire racks can provide more efficient transport. Therefore, preventing personnel from manual handling miscellaneous parts and supplies wherever needed. Rather, staff simply relocates the systems to bring stored materials to work areas. It helps ensure everyone has quick, easy item access while being productive.

Like some alternatives, these include adjustable foot levelers to simplify correcting imbalances on uneven floors. Additionally, its adjustable shelves provide efficient airflow to prevent dust buildup and keep materials clean. The components also allow light penetration to give users improved visibility, helping reduce picking errors. You can also adapt the shelving to create optimal storage conditions.

High-density wire shelves with color bins

color plastic bin high density wire shelvingSimilar wire shelves with color-coded plastic bins simplify inventory management. These also can accommodate optional casters to create carts with the flexibility to relocate and save you space. To maximize space efficiency, place containers in a single-file row. It creates a clean and organized look while preventing you from wasting the available footprint. Air can still flow through the area, helping keep everything clean so it’s safe to handle.

Systems include adjustable foot levelers to help simplify correcting imbalances and ergonomics on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, their shelves allow proper ventilation to promote cleanliness while providing better visibility. Users can also adapt the components to optimize the space according to their material organizational needs.

Economical steel shelves with plastic bins

waist high bulk bin shelvesWaist-high shelves with plastic bins organize small supplies in medical, electronic, and industrial applications to simplify order picking. Here, the containers have a specialized groove in the rear. It allows users to hang and tilt the components from the shelf above, so everyone has easier access. Additionally, all feature an open hopper front large enough to streamline the process and provide visibility to eliminate errors. It allows you to avoid injury and ensures nothing gets damaged, promoting safer retrieval.

Made from economical steel, the shelves allow adjustments from users that want more or less space to integrate the bins. Able to do this, you’ll have a comfortable and efficient space to place several in an organized row. It looks cleaner and the containers span the area, allowing you to maximize space. Efficient airflow can still circulate too, helping keep stored materials dust-free. Furthermore, units can support 400 lbs. per shelf and have a powder-coat finish that adds clean, pleasing aesthetics.

High capacity sliding bulk bin shelves

high capacity sliding bulk bin shelvesSliding bin shelves and cabinets promote footprint efficiency through space-saving aisle creation and elimination. Some have plastic bins that allow ergonomic angling while tipped out to give you quick and easy material access. Alternatives include adjustable shelves that you can adapt to create enough space to add the bins. All are great for keeping small electronic components, fuses, clamps, and more organized and safe.

The high-density systems include front shelving rows that users can move sideways to create wide aisles that give you access to the static rear racks. Simply roll them back into position to save space during nonuse. No one can then see materials in the rear, ensuring cost-effective theft protection. One model can even fit security doors that regulate access to solve this problem. It also allows expansion through extra module integration to ensure you maximize the footprint and have efficient consolidation space. The others allow users to remove the bins as needed to simplify cleaning and inventory restocking.

Architectural Revit Models

Bulk bin carts for auto repair parts

Bulk bin carts provide ergonomic and efficient storage deep enough to protect heavy parts during transit. They’re great as pick stations and can help simplify mail distribution or organize automotive repair equipment. Read on to learn more about the benefits that the available styles can provide.

large automotive repair parts bin cartsThe first option includes heavy-duty containers durable enough to withstand stacking, so you avoid wasting space. The components have a waterproof, corrosion-free design and allow extreme temperature use. In addition, all have side grips to help ensure simple and safe handling during use. Furthermore, none move from place during transit due to support from a stacking ledge and anti-slide lock. Everything then avoids being damaged as users navigate the transport systems wherever needed.

In addition, these mobile solutions have bolt-on casters made from polyurethane. Therefore, all provide floor protection, absorb shocks, and create less noise during transit. Users also have convenient access to ergonomic handles that simplify steering through busy warehouses. Systems have a corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish that provides a clean and pleasing look, too.

Different models utilize plastic totes that slide out from both sides to give you more ergonomic access to stored inventory. The lightweight tubs can stack together during nonuse to provide space-saving compact storage. They’re also easy to clean and durable enough to support larger materials that need safe and efficient transport to the point of need.

Wall hanging bin storage

wall hanging bin storageUnlike all other automotive and industrial parts storage solutions, wall-mounted bin systems hang high off the floor to save you space. Therefore, you can reclaim the area and use it in a more efficient, productive capacity. Users have easy, ergonomic access to organized materials too, resulting in injury-free collection.

The flexible solutions can fit different bins, so you utilize all the available wall space. To ensure proper and secure installation, simply mount the steel panels in place. Then, hook the containers onto the panel lovers to create a safe and clean storage environment that keeps supplies organized. They’re perfect to install above counters, in cramped areas, and more. Also, all stackable bins have grips throughout for easy and safer handling.

Small parts shelves with clear bins

small parts bin shelving organizersSmall parts shelves have clear bins that personnel can tilt out up to 45 degrees to simplify item access and identification. Use the single or double-sided units to organize whatever you have on hand. This includes washers and hardware to fuses and more that you’re wanting to keep clean and safe. Able to see materials secured inside, you’ll avoid picking errors that can slow workflow efficiency. Users can also remove the bins during production downtimes to simplify cleaning and refilling.

In addition to giving users increased access to stored inventory, the double-side configurations allow optional caster kit integration. Adding the accessories does increase the cost, but it’s worth the investment. Here are some reasons why:

  • You can access either side with a simple rotation and retrieve materials with more efficiency. No one wastes time walking to the far side and risking an injury that can compromise their personal health.
  • You’ve converted once static solutions into more versatile small parts bin shelving carts that can save valuable floorspace in an instant. Through relocation, staff can reuse the area for more productive activities. Therefore, facilities put the existing footprint to more efficient use and avoid spending money on an expansion.
  • Users can transport materials to the point of need and have everything within convenient, ergonomic reach while working.

Industrial bulk bin storage cabinets

industrial bulk bin storage cabinetsConsolidate different-size industrial parts all in one convenient solution with these bulk bin cabinets. The heavy-duty, all-purpose storage solutions can include assorted features to help you maximize the interior space. A sampling of available configurations includes:

  • Those with containers stacked from top to bottom, so you can put the available space to more efficient use.
  • Ones that have the doors and lower half of the inside covered with assorted bins deep enough to protect and organize whatever you need. The same unit could have adjustable shelves integrated into the upper half of the interior wall. In which case, you’ll have separate yet convenient and flexible space to keep larger supplies tidy and safe.
  • Others feature drawer kits, ventilation, or see-through doors to give users safer visible access and ensure material order or cleanliness.
  • Some models even roll on casters or have fork truck liftable bases, giving you the flexibility to save space through safe relocation.
  • Many configurations also include locks to keep stored inventory safe from theft and tampering.

Collapsible bulk storage bin containers

collapsible bulk storage binsEliminate unnecessary material handling and improve productivity through alternative bulk storage bin container use. Made from high-density polyethylene, these heavy-duty solutions can simplify the material picking, distribution, and shipping processes. During nonuse, all have the capacity to collapse into a fraction of the size. Therefore, empty ones allow you to use the footprint to the fullest while taking up little space. They’re strong enough to withstand stacking too, so users can pile them several high to save floor space.

Through simple stacking, you can create organized piles that span floor to ceiling to maximize overhead vertical space. Everything looks neater and cleaner, helping streamline picking, distribution, and shipping processes. Furthermore, units have drop-down access doors that allow simpler and safer selection and loading. Therefore, no one feels too uncomfortable and risks injury while doing the activities. Systems have flat labeling areas to simplify material organization too, helping ensure accurate delivery. Models can also withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 250 degrees, so nothing spoils during transit.

Buy bulk bin carts cabinets & shelves online

Bulk bin cart cabinets and shelves are available to buy online and ship anywhere from five to 15 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Car Tire Battery Storage Sliding Tool Display Racks Parts Bin File Shelves

Here, we’ll discuss five affordable efficient solutions for storing and organizing automotive supplies. This includes everything from car tire and battery storage to sliding tool display racks and parts bin or file shelves. Some include adjustable components to ensure you have flexible access to the available space. Others have carriages that move along floor tracks to create an access aisle. Users can eliminate it during non-use to save space for more productive uses. Furthermore, all are available to browse through online and include pricing to simplify cost comparison. Read on to learn about specifics related to each and pick the one that best suits your application needs and budget.

Car tire & battery storage

car tire battery storageStandard products such as specialty car tire and battery storage have a steel
framework flexible enough to allow customization based on unique application needs. Due to being built with quite a versatile frame, experts can configure the solutions to efficiently organize whatever automotive car or truck parts you have. Some include:

  • Fenders and hoods
  • Floor mats
  • Hanging muffler exhaust pipes
  • Miscellaneous sheet metal
  • Windshields

If you’re storing tires, place them sideways or stack batteries standing up in a neat row. It helps maximize car tire and battery storage space while keeping everything organized. While in this position, items span the footprint to maximize efficiency, provide safer handling, and a cleaner look. Furthermore, air can still circulate, helping eliminate dust and ensure inventory lasts longer.

Pick from car tire and battery storage with single or double-sided designs that give users efficient, space-saving access to organized automotive supplies. All have a wide-open front to ensure you can see everything on display, simplifying selectivity. Nothing takes up valuable floor space either, allowing everyone safer access while browsing through selections. Furthermore, the versatile units even allow accessory component integration if you want to maximize functionality.

Space-saving car tire wall storage shelving

car tire wall storage shelvingAlternative car tire storage shelving allows secure installation to the wall without extensive tool use to simplify the process and save space. To ensure proper assembly, simply hook the beam rivet tabs into keyhole slots on the vertical posts. You don’t need many fasteners to assemble the units either, helping lower part costs. Rather, components tap together using a rubber mallet that ensures simplicity and convenience.

Pick from single or double-sided wall units that can store and organize 24 to 96 average-size passenger wheels to simplify the selection process. Configurations come in many heights that span floor to ceiling while secured to the wall or one another to maximize space. It optimizes the area around the perimeter to ensure footprint efficiency and give browsers safer access to the floor. No one then risks injury while viewing selections on display in retail stores.

Units also have an open design that allows airflow to eliminate dust and ensure the tires on display have a longer lifespan. Systems include ties or racks with beams to ensure proper, space-saving connectivity to the wall or one another. Furthermore, store wheels sideways to maximize space and keep everything organized. It looks cleaner and more appealing to customers in the market to buy merchandise.

Heavy-duty boltless auto tire wall storage

heavy-duty boltless car tire wall storage racksHeavy-duty car tire wall storage racks have the durable versatility to efficiently store, organize, and display bulky and light vehicle wheels in auto repair shops and more. Unlike the others, though, these allow even simpler assembly due to the boltless design that requires no tools. Rather, users ensure proper installation to the wall with support from a few parts. Flexible in design, the components help streamline the process while providing added capacity to ensure efficiency.

Through the systems’ horizontal Z-beams, users have up to 3,800 lbs in capacity per level to keep stored tires organized. Due to the components’ flexibility, you can adapt the area to create the most efficient product display conditions. Along with the open design, which allows airflow to eliminate dust, it gives browsers a better view and access to selections.

Furthermore, the units adjustable horizontal beams have hooks at each end to ensure positive connectivity to brackets that allow secure wall installation. It free up the floor, allowing dealerships and garages to do more with the existing footprint. Customers also have safer access to the area, helping prevent injury during browsing.

Counter-high car battery storage racks

counter high car battery storage racksCounter-high car battery storage racks have sloped platform shelves perfect for keeping the parts organized. For convenient picking access, users can easily feed inventory through the rear and then allow gravity to bring everything to the front. Items stored in the back will slide forward to ensure you can reach and allow more ergonomic retrieval. It promotes safer handling,  preventing everyone from being injured and feeling unable to work.

To maximize space efficiency and ensure full footprint use, stack the automotive parts in single-file rows. It simplifies material consolidation and allows everything to look cleaner and more organized. Furthermore, the open design allows airflow to eliminate dust and keep supplies clean. It also provides visibility, helping users avoid picking errors that can cause production delays.

 Sliding pegboard tool display racks

round hole sliding tool display racksIndustrial pegboard sliding tool display racks allow you the efficient capacity to organize hanging automotive parts and supplies in a space-saving footprint. This includes belts, gaskets, and more that users want better visibility and access to. Pick from round-hole options or units with a square-hole design that allows convenient accessory kit integration. Read on to learn about the two styles and pick the one that best fits your needs.

If using role-hole options, experts can mount sturdy metal pegboards to the frames or sides of the pull-out frames that have space-saving flexibility. To reduce the space you use as storage, simply nest the panels close to one another. It keeps facilities from wasting premium floor space while ensuring more efficient use.

To access the stored equipment, you must grip ergonomic pull handles which facilitate movement to ensure safe relocation into the aisle. Once bringing the partitions out into the open, users have materials within their sights and reach. It eliminates picking errors and ensures safe, injury-free handling during retrieval. For instant space savings after selecting what you need, simply push the panel back into place.

Automotive sliding tool display racks

square hole sliding tool display racksAlternative square-hole sliding tool display racks nest within the sturdy steel framework to maximize storage space usage. You also have some design flexibility since the systems can accommodate up to 10 adjustable panels to ensure custom use. Furthermore, the flexible panels have pull handles that facilitate full extension out into the aisle to give you visible access to stored equipment.

To ensure storage efficiency and prevent automotive facilities from wasting space, the freestanding steel frames allow panel integration, removal, and adjustability. Users can even add hook and holder accessory kits that ensure more efficient organization. During the consolidation process, you’ll find securing equipment in a hanging position simple to do too.

Units include a wheel that provides smooth movement on floor surfaces to ensure safe, space-saving use. Furthermore, systems’ panels have a perforated design that allows airflow to keep equipment clean during nonuse. Systems also do not need anchoring the floor and ship with easy do-it-yourself instructions to simplify assembly.

 Automotive track sliding parts bin shelves

sliding parts bin shelvesSliding parts bin shelves allow you to organize and optimize your storage area through space-saving track aisle use and elimination. They’re perfect if you have small electronic components, fuses, and more that need organizing. To ensure the right solution can store whatever you need, choose from many customizable options and sizes.  Read on to learn more about the available styles and pick what best fits your application needs.

The first has leveling track, heavy-duty carriages in front that move sideways to give you space-saving aisle access to the rear stationary unit. To eliminate aisles and save space, simply move the front shelf section back into position. You can even adapt the shelves to create the most optimal conditions for organizing automotive supplies. The components allow flexible placement, helping streamline the process.

Configurations do not include plastic or cardboard bins that provide a cleaner environment to prevent damage and ensure efficient organization. To prevent material theft, loss, and dust buildup, systems also allow simple security door integration. The convenient roll-up door kits provide a neat and clean look while ensuring affordable protection to keep items safe. Each includes:

  • Two end panels that provide efficient dust protection.
  • A door with a lock that you can secure to prevent unlawful access, material theft, and tampering.
  • Hardware to simplify and speed installation.
  • Easy-to-use manual operation.

High-density sliding parts bin shelves

high density sliding parts bin shelvesAlternative high-density freestanding or gondola-style sliding parts bin shelves roll from side-to-side to give you space-saving aisle access to the rear double-wide rack. They’re great to use if you have small to medium parts to organize in a smaller footprint. All have clear containers that provide improved visibility to allow error-free picking and safer handling. The components allow secure integration into the mobile racks and tip out up to 45 degrees to give users easy material access.

Due to the ergonomic tiltability the components have, no one gets hurt while placing inventory into storage or during retrieval. Rather, everyone maintains their personal health and safety while being productive. Furthermore, users can remove the containers to simplify product restocking and cleaning during production downtimes.

Automotive sliding file shelves

automotive-sliding-file-shelvesAutomotive sliding file shelves with traditional four-post or more modern stacked designs are also available to meet your application needs. Flexible in design, all have front carriages that move back and forth to save space during use. Since the front shelf sections allow relocation, you can create and eliminate access aisles in an instant to maximize filing capacity within a smaller footprint.

Benefits that can result from doing this if using the more traditional four-post shelving include:

  • Improved organization
  • Increased convenience
  • Better appearance

The four-post configurations also have shelves that allow flexible placement to ensure you have full access to the available space. Furthermore, users can add optional dividers to help containers upright and organized.

Thin-profile automotive sliding file shelves

thin profile automotive sliding file shelvesThe more modern sliding file shelves have a thinner profile that reduces the overall height to ensure users have easier access to side tab file folders. Due to its modularity, you can add modules to the front or sides if needing more storage. Furthermore, standard units include welded dividers that provide instant organization while separating space to maximize use. Additionally, most units include 2″ leveling bases that allow reliable and safe use on uneven surfaces to reduce injury, noise, and unnatural wear.

Buy car tire & battery storage online

Car tire and battery storage is available to buy online and ships anywhere from 10 business days to six weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Heavy-Duty Adjustable Tire Racks Large Truck Wheel Display Wall Storage Shelving

Heavy-duty adjustable tire racks

Create sturdy and flexible large truck wheel display wall storage shelving with heavy-duty adjustable tire racks that have a tool-less boltless design. Users can assemble it in moments using minimal and easy-to-install parts that provide added capacity. With up to 3800 lbs. in capacity per level, personnel has efficient space to organize everything. It keeps the floor clean and accessible to browsers wanting a closer look at the in-stock selection. A wide-open front provides improved visibility and ensures safer handling during retrieval to prevent injury.

The heavy-duty adjustable tire racks have versatile horizontal beams that accommodate changes in 2″ increments with hooks on the ends to ensure a positive connection. With wall brackets to facilitate proper installation, users can optimize underused spaces. It provides a more efficient alternative to letting these areas go to waste. Facilities get to maximize use with shelves sturdy enough to keep everything safe and organized.


Construction: Made from heavy-duty steel durable enough to provide long-lasting reliable service.

Posts: Sturdy 14-gauge steel uprights measuring 1 – 3/4″ x 1 – 3/4″.

Shelves: Boltless heavy-duty 12-gauge horizontal beams allow adjustments in 2″ increments with three hooks on the ends for positive connection.

Wall Brackets:  Four rack-to-wall brackets included to speed installation.

Weight Capacity:

  • Units measuring 96″ wide: Can support 2,150 lbs. per level.
  • Systems that measure 72″ wide: Hold 2,750 lbs. per level.
  • Units measuring 60″ wide: Can support 3,800 lbs. per level.

Tire Capacity (based on standard passenger tires):

  • Systems measuring 60″ x 18″ x 72″: Can accommodate 21 tires.
  • Units that measure 72″ x 18″ x 72″: Hold 27 tires.
  • Systems measuring 96″ x 18″ x 72″: Can accommodate as many as 36 tires.
  • Units that measure 60″ x 24″ 120″: Hold 21 tires.
  • Systems measuring 72″ x 24″ x 120″: Can accommodate 27 tires.
  • Units that measure 96″ x 24″ x 120″: Hold 36 tires.

Finish: Gray powder coat finish provides an attractive and clean look.

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Made in the USA

Buy heavy-duty adjustable tire racks online

Heavy-duty adjustable tire racks are available to buy online and ship within 3-4 weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking out the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Overhead Car Parking Wire Cage Garage Storage

Wire Wall Garage Cages

overhead car parking wire cage lockerWhether a residential or commercial garage, space runs out fast. Instead of cramming all of your storage into space you don’t have, the overhead car parking wire cages are designed to provide extra storage without taking up your valuable space. The cages mount to the wall above your parked cars, allowing you to make use of underutilized wall space while still providing ample room for parked vehicles.

This extra space requires no expensive building modifications so you can assemble and install the cages quickly and easily. Store automotive supplies, sports gear, or outdoor items in one convenient area that is accessible but remains out of the way.

wire cage garage storage locker

The wire mesh construction also provides visibility, safety, and security. The durable wire protects stored items from damage or theft and allows air to flow into and out of the cage, preventing the buildup of dust, bacteria, and odors. Its design works great with existing ventilation, lighting, and fire suppression systems. The wire mesh visibility allows users to view stored items without sacrificing security, making them ideal for residential storage.


  • 8 gauge welded wire mesh welded to 1 ½” x 1 ½” 14 gauge steel angles
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity when evenly distributed
  • Included with two sliding-type doors with padlock hasps
  • Powder coat gray finish is durable and long-lasting
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Ships in 12 to 15 days

Buy Overhead Car Parking Cages Online

Click here to shop for overhead car parking cages online. For further assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message to speak to one of our storage experts.


Tire Storage Display Racks & Freestanding Wheel Shelving

Tire Storage & Display Racks

Automotive repair shops often have multiple types of tires that all need to be stored at one time. Since space is limited, this sometimes results in a messy tire storage area that is difficult to navigate. Staff members resort to stacking tires on top of each other in whatever corners they can find. While stacking can damage tires during storage due to their weight, it also prevents staff from safely and efficiently retrieving them.

The tire storage racks provide a full solution for space savings and proper storage. Instead of stacking, users store tires upright in their own space. With tires stored next to each other, there’s no space wasted in between. Users can simply grab a tire and go instead of having to stop and move other tires out of the way.

Featurestire storage racks wheel display shelving

  • Available in single-sided or double-sided units
  • Choose from four heights: 7′, 10′, 12′, and 16′
  • Tire racks store 24 to 96 average size tires
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly with fasteners
  • 14-gauge steel angle upright posts
  • Single-sided tire racks include four 9″ long wall ties
  • Double-sided tire racks include two racks with four 18″ beams to tie the racks together
  • Tailpipe racks include front-to-back center support for top level
  • Optional decks available for storing mufflers and other parts
  • Tan color
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Tire Storage Racks Online

Tire storage racks are available to buy online and ship in 4-5 business days. For further assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message to speak to one of our experts.


Specialty Storage Racks for Storing Automotive Parts & Equipment

Specialty Storage Racks for Automotive Parts

specialty storage racks storing automotive partsAutomotive parts and equipment can be difficult to store due to their bulkiness and shape. Improper storage could lead to parts damage or even injury upon retrieval. As specialists in automotive storage systems, we have a variety of specialty storage racks for storing whatever you need efficiently and in less space than traditional racks and shelving.

Floor Mats Rack

Storing floor mats? On regular racks, the shelves in between can either be too big or too small to fit all of your mats. These racks are designed specifically for storing floor mats. Adjustable shelves allow you to set your desired height so you don’t waste any space above or below.

Hanging Parts Rack

Due to their non-standard shapes, storing automotive parts on shelves can end up wasting a lot of space. It’s also difficult for staff to access parts and provides low visibility. Hanging parts racks are great for mufflers, tail pipes, fenders, and other parts that are difficult to store on shelves. Hanging your parts instead of storing them horizontally allows you to make better use of space and makes parts easier to see for faster inventory and retrieval.

Tire Storage Rack

automotive parts equipment specialty racksTires are heavy and expensive. Improper storage, like stacking, also risks damage to tires. Either you have to buy new tires, or a customer recieves an unknowingly damaged tire. Instead of stacking tires on top of each other, the tire storage racks allow you to store the tires horizontally in their own space.

Windshield Storage Racks

Since windshields are glass, it’s especially important that they be stored properly and not stacked or in areas where they can be easily damaged. The windshield storage rack allows a space for every windshield you need to store in its own vertical space. Its double-tiered design saves space to store these bulky items efficiently.

Buy Specialty Storage Racks Online

A wide variety of specialty storage racks for automotive parts are available to buy online. For more information or additional assistance, call us toll free at 1-855-786-766.


Supply Storage Racks & Carts with Wire Baskets Promote Cleanliness

Wire Supply Storage Racks & Carts

supply storage racks cartsSupply storage racks and carts with wire baskets are now available to facilitate improved organization and access to stored items. Their easy-cleaning construction makes them ideal for use in healthcare applications such as operating rooms, PAR, sterile services, and medical specialty departments, as well as in commercial, industrial, and food storage.

Benefits of Wire Construction

Why should wire construction be your storage method of choice? Supply storage racks with wire baskets promote a clean environment by minimizing dirt or dust accumulation and are easier to clean than solid materials. This makes cleaning up spills hassle-free, helps keep medical supplies and tools hygienic, and prevents stored materials from getting dusty and dirty.

racks carts with wire baskets promote cleanlinessAdditionally, the wire basket shelves are adjustable and can be mounted in three different standard positions to achieve your ideal access position. The supply storage racks are available in single- or double-sided configurations depending on what your storage needs are. A starter unit must be purchased first, which can easily be added on to with adder units as your storage needs increase. The racks are available as freestanding storage or can be outfitted with wheels for easy transport. More features include:

  • Hanging basket shelves available in 11-7/8″ and 17-7/8″ depths, as well as 17.375″ and 35.5″ widths (back of baskets are 7.375″ high)
  • Shelves are adjustable along three standard positions: flat, 10 degree slope, 30 degree slops
  • 125 lb. loading capacity for each basket
  • Chrome finish
  • Optional dividers and sloped top dust shelves (sold separately)
  • Optional caster kits

Buy Supply Storage Racks & Carts Online

Supply racks with wire baskets are now available to buy online at StoreMoreStore. If you need additional assistance, would like more information, or just want help deciding which configuration would work best for you, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Specialty Automotive Racks for Storing Car & Truck Parts

buy specialty automotive racks onlineOur specialty automotive racks offer a complete solution for storing car and truck parts such as fenders, tires, bumpers, mufflers, batteries, molding, sheet metal, hoods, and much more. They’re more than just storage racks; they’re a complete system that stores and organizes all of your parts for a more efficient parts department.

Unique Specialty Automotive Racks

What makes the specialty automotive racks unique is their ability to adapt to your work environment and are built with flexibility in mind to change with your needs. Included are racks for bumpers and pipes, sheet metal, batteries and tires, and more. Numerous standard dimensions and sizes are available, along with a wide variety of accessories that allow you to create a customized layout without the customized price. The steel framework also allows a wide range of accessories and components to be easily added. The racks come in starter units and are easily expanded with additional add-on units.

Multiple Uses & Configurations

Specialty automotive racks can be configured for many unique uses in your parts department, including:

  • Single & double hanging racks
  • Single & double carpet racks
  • High density floor mat racks
  • Battery racks
  • Tire racks (single or double row)
  • Windshield racks
  • Sheet metal racks
  • Bumper & pipe racks
  • Bumper cover double racks
  • Wall-mounted bumper racks
  • Hanging parts & tail pipe storage racks
  • Molding racks
  • Hood racks

Buy Specialty Automotive Racks Online

We have many other unique automotive storage solutions that are perfect for your parts department, such as modular cabinets, heavy-duty industrial cabinets, and more. All specialty automotive racks are available for purchase online at StoreMoreStore. Do-it-yourself instructions are included with the automotive racks, so no professional installers are needed. We are also happy to help you decide which automotive racks would work best for you and your specific automotive storage application. Call us at 1-855-786-7667.


5 Types of Automotive Parts Storage Solutions

Whether you’re an auto dealer, repair shop, parts center, having the item your customers need on-hand is essential to providing good service. Quickly accessible parts that are kept well organized is not only important for employee productivity, it’s important for your bottom line. StoreMoreStore has 5 types of automotive parts storage solutions that will improve the way you do business.

automotive parts storage solutions

1. Tire Storage Racks

Using tire storage racks is a great way to keep tires off the floor. The tires will be easier to retrieve and inventory will be easier to count. Also, you reduce the risk of employees tripping on tires when they are neatly organized in the racks.

2. Hanging Parts Racks

The hanging parts racks are excellent for storing a variety of auto parts like

  • Fenders
  • Mufflers
  • exhaust tail pipes
  • bumpers
  • windshields
  • car moldings

3. Windshield Storage Racks

Windshield storage racks house both car and truck windshields. The racks will keep the glass windshields safe and secure so that there is no damage to them.

4. Floor Mat Racks

The floor mat racks will organize and efficiently store and display all sizes of automotive mats in the carton and on hanging hooks and rods.

5. Bumper Racks

With both wall mounted and stationary options, the bumper racks are the ideal solution for securing bumpers. Keeping bumpers on the wall makes them easy to lift. The stationary racks are double sided to offer more storage capacity.

Find More Automotive Parts Storage Solutions from StoreMoreStore

These are just some of the automotive parts storage solutions you can find from StoreMoreStore. If you have any questions or need assistance, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.